Sync your Bookmark with Google Chrome

Whoa! Bookmark synchronization is now available in Google Chrome. Chrome is experimenting new things. You can install  extensions in Chromium, which is an open source project for Chrome.

So what can Bookmark sync do for your browser? Remember the famous Firefox extension Xmarks. You can synchronize your bookmarks on different computers and also you can store them on Google docs.


Here is what Google explain on Chromium official blog

As of today’s dev channel build, we’re adding a brand new feature to Google Chrome: bookmark sync. Many users have several machines, one at home and one at work for example. This new feature makes it easy to keep the same set of bookmarks on all your machines, and stores them alongside your Google Docs for easy web access.

To activate this feature, launch Google Chrome with the –enable-sync command-line flag. Once you set up sync from the Tools menu, Chrome will then upload and store your bookmarks in your Google Account. Anytime you add or change a bookmark, your changes will be sent to the cloud and immediately broadcast to all other computers for which you’ve activated bookmark sync (using the same XMPP technology as Google Talk).

Before installing extensions it is advisable to install only those extensions which are really useful to you as there are lots of bugs found on some extensions which can cause your browser crash. For un installation of Chrome extension, on address bar write chrome://extensions and you can disable any extensions from your browser.

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