Sync Your Mobile To Your Computer With Wi-Fi Syncer

In the modern digital world we tend to spend as much time today on our smart phone than that we spend on the personal computers. As a result we may have scattered data and that is really a problem if we want to access all our data on the go. One way out is probably using cloud services like DropBox but usually they have limited data plan and they are not really out in full force.


So a very nice way is to sync the data over the Wi-Fi and WiFi Syncer does exactly that from your desktop to the Android device. WiFi Syncr is a free, easy-to-use tool that establishes a one-way sync from your computer to your device over a Wi-Fi network. In a way it downloads the file remotely from your desktop to the SD card of the mobile device.

It has a rather easy set up and working on it was really very easy. The app also lets you create multiple profiles due to which you can sync several folders of your computer on your smart phone. You can simply sync every folder once you have updated it by clicking on the sync button in the context menu.


One thing to note though is that this is a one way sync app and if you happen to edit or change the document on your phone, the changes would not be reflected on your desktop. So as a result the data on your desktop is absolutely safe. There are various other cool features like the inclusion of Astro file manager and remote notifier which are extremely handy features.

Worth noting is that you must have your laptop and the phone connected to the same WiFi network for this application to work.

Some of the features of this application are as follows:

  • Profiles for network shares / folders
  • Support for share authentication (password protected shares)
  • Network explorer
  • Sync all profiles at once
  • Syncs deletion of files at the PC

Download WifiSyncr.

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