Instagram Has a Nasty Bug if You Use Multiple Accounts

Instagram bringing support to multiple accounts was a great news, especially for those in the space of Social Media management or those who manage a different crowdsourced page. The update finally landed for everyone last week and it was discovered over the weekend that there is something nasty about the account switching. It is fairly common a practice in the world of Social Media management or even if you own a group for a couple of people at least to know the details of a particular Instagram account.

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Hangouts v7.0 Brings the Ability to Quickly Reply From Notifications

Android introduced actionable notifications when they announced Android 5.0 about a couple of years ago and since then several applications have implemented it successfully. Most of the texting or IM applications have added the support whereby users can simply read the message in the notification and reply right from within the notifications box, via the action button available. However, Hangouts is a little late to party and has only implemented the quick reply to notifications in an update rolling out this week. The update will take your Hangouts app to version 7.0, though the update is being rolled out in phases, so you may have to wait till you receive it.

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Truecaller Brings Caller ID Support in Hindi Language

Truecaller is one of the most popular applications on the Google Play Store. The application has helped solve a major problem of unknown callers as it helps identify who is calling you, even if the number is not stored on your device thanks to its large database. The app currently helps block over 120 million spam calls in India alone in a month and has a database that is larger than 1.7 billion numbers and growing. And with 100 million users achieved last month, Truecaller is already aiming to increase that to 150 million active users by the end of the year.

In order to achieve that figure, Truecaller is focussing on a deeper penetration into Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. And one of the ways that this is being pushed for is the support for Hindi Language on the app. This means that users will have the option of setting the default language to Hindi when a notification of the caller arises as the call comes in rather than the default setting of English. Truecaller also plans to add several other local Indian languages in order to cater to those who are not the most comfortable reading English. In order to get the support for Hindi, you simply need to update your Truecaller app to the latest version which is 6.10.

Truecaller believes that by touching base with the language that most Indians are comfortable with, they would be able to rope more users and that is why we saw a new TVC come on for Truecaller which featured the famous Bollywood actor, Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

Boomerang is an Interesting new app from Instagram that allows you to create One Second Gifs

At the recent F8 conference facebook stressed the need of becoming a platform for other apps to run on to. they encouraged developers to build apps on top of the platform rather than bundling features within one app alone. It looks like a similar approach is being followed by Instagram, which is now a Fecebook product. Instead of bundling all the features into one application, Instagram has been rolling out new applications like Hyperlapse and Layout. An addition to that list now is Boomerang, which is the new application that lets you record one second GIFs.


The application in itself is extrmely simple in the sense you really have just two controls. You have the control to switch the cameras on your device and simply start and stop recording. The one second clip will then be shared either on across on either Facebook or Instagram itself. Make note that there is no explorer for users to see the GIFs in the app itself. The moment you fire the application up, you are required to record the GIF and then simply share it.

In fact Boomerang is one of the very few apps that at release itself is available both on Android and iOS for download right at the launch.

Download Boomerang for Android

Download Boomerang for iOS

Minimum In Store Purchase Dropped to Rs 10 in Google Play Store

Google Play Store is immensely popular in India. In fact, India is one of the top countries when it come sth the number of people who are growing Google Play Store at any given point of time. However, one issue that has plagued the Play Store in India has been the inability of people to purchase applications. Fighting this and coming up with a viable solution to the problem, Google has decided to reduce the minimum price of an app purchase or an in app purchase in India from Rs 50 to Rs. 10.

Android Apps

There have been several factors why Indians have been a little apprehensive when it comes to purchasing applications. Given the fact most of the apps have their apk available somewhere or the other fro free, lack of carrier billing, lack of international debit card transactions and on occasions fear of complication transactions, has made the likes of Google and Apple treat the Indian market with special attention. Apple recently dropped the minimum app value as well as in app purchases to Rs 10 and Google has decided to do the same.

This has been done to lure the impulse buyers as well as those who do have valid payment mechanisms but just choose not to buy the application because they feel it is too expensive. The developers can now go on to their Developer Console and change the pricing of the app or the in app purchase to Rs 10. The minimum price for Google Play Store in the United States remains at $.99 despite this fall in the Indian market.

Talk only in Yes or No? Try out Yes/No Messenger

There have been more than a few conversations that we have had with our dear ones where the only agenda was to get the person, on the other side to say a Yes or a No. These are usually monologues where one person does all the talking, which usually translates to throwing a lot of question while the guilty party either agrees or disagrees. And while we are obviously not short of any Instant Messengers, one could actually see the utility of a Yes/ No messenger which you could strictly use for the time when you are in no mood for taking any bullshit or beating around the bush.

Yes No App

The application is available for both Android and iOS and has an extremely uncluttered user interface. The entire experience of using the app was butter smooth and you could actually see a proper use case of the application unlike a lot of IM apps that do exactly the same sort of thing. You can set the expiry time of the question as well as sned the question to your friends via SMS.

You can involve just one person as per the way you want or even start a yes/ no conversation among a group of friends which would be an easy way of finding out the answer to a difficult question or coordinating among yourself for things like a dinner or even a movie plan. You can check out the working of the messenger right here.

Download Link: Android & iOS

Flipkart Brings an Interesting Image Search Feature to its Application

There has always been that moment where we have looked at a dress or a suit and wished, if only we could own the same. It is too embarrassing then to go and ask the person where did you pick the dress from and worst is asking the cost of the same. This is where Flipkart’s update to its mobile app would prove to be a life saver, at least to the girls who always have an eye for the next awesome dress.


Taking cue from the Amazon Firephone, whereby you can scan objects with the camera and search for it on the Amazon site, Flipkart has brought in a feature where you will be able to click the picture of a dress and further go on to scan the same through the website to find matching dress for yourself. The search primarily throws up results based on colour, pattern and style and currently is limited to Fashion. CPO of Flipkart, Punit Soni, said:

A lot of fashion purchase decisions are influenced by similar products seen by users. The image search feature provides a way to find similar products on Flipkart as well as reduces the search/ browsing time, making the overall product discovery and shopping experience simple. This is in line with our ambition to create a very intuitive thoughtful mobile experience that is universally accessible to everybody, regardless of whether they use text or visuals to communicate with us.

The feature is currently in Beta and will roll out for all the users with the next app update.

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You can Sign Up for Facebook Messenger Without the need of an E-Mail or FB Account

Facebook has been pretty adamant that Facebook Messenger is an independent service when compared to facebook. That is why, Messenger is being treated as a platform more than anything else post the announcement at F8. Since then several apps have come up which have used Messenger as a platform and while Facebook looks to create it as an independent entity, it is looking to totally cut any common chords that the app would have even with the parent that is Facebook. It does look like the kid has finally grown up enough to go its own route, as starting today, you will be able to sign up for Facebook Messenger without the need of a Facebook account or an E-Mail ID.

Facebook Messenger

You simply will be needing your mobile number to use Messenger, a bit like how it is done on Whatsapp. You will obviously not be able to sync your Facebook contacts and their pictures unless you connect your Facebook account, but will be able to connect to the people who are on your phonebook. Facebook said the following in their blog post:

With Messenger, we’ve been focused on creating the best messaging experience possible by giving people a fun and easy way to connect and express themselves with friends and contacts. If you’re in Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, we are starting to roll out a new way for you to sign up for Messenger – without a Facebook account

Currently, only users from US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru will be able to use the feature which will come, both to Android as well as iOS.

BeThere is an Interesting App that Informs your Friends of your Plans

We have all used the likes of Facebook or even Swarm to checkin to the places that we are currently in so that we would be able to collaborate or quickly fix a meeting with people we know of, just in case they happen to be at the same venue at the time. However, the major problem with Facebook or even Swarm is that you can only check into a place when you have reached the place. What if you have made the plan and know that you would be sipping on Starbucks Coffee at 5 PM in the evening today at Palladium? BeThere is an application that would help you do that and checkin well into the future so that your friends can know of the activity and maybe join in around the same time if they are nearby.


This way your friends will always have a heads up on your plans and not everything will be impromptu. The application works very much like Swarm or Facebook checkin, though you only have to select the time and the place manually here. The application also reminds you to snap a picture when you reach the venue so that you have that memorable photograph to share. You can import the same from Facebook or Instagram too if you use the platform a lot.

Not just this, the application also integrates well with your Facebook feed and your checkin will be visible on the Timeline of your friends saying that you have a plan to be at X place at Y time. BeThere is available both for Android and iOS devices for absolutely free. You can find the links for downloading the applications for your respective platforms right here.

Microsoft Announces that Windows 10 will run iOS and Android Apps

In what was easily the most interesting announcement of last night’s BUILD Conference where Microsoft gave out more details to the developers about its upcoming Windows 10 release, it was announced that Windows 10 as an Operating System will now support both iOS and Android applications, which would in some ways help bridge the gap between mobile and desktop app availability. Microsoft announced that it has come up with a quick way which would basically allow Windows 10 to quickly compile Android apps that are written in Java or C++ so that you can enjoy them on your desktops or laptops.


To do this, Windows developers can largely reuse the Android code, but will have to use some of the Windows Platform tools to be able to run the apps, but this is definitely so much better than having to start from the scratch and develop an app right from the ground up.

Not just the Android apps, Microsoft will include supporting APIs for iOS apps so that iOS apps can also be used. We have already seen the likes of Blackberry and even Android go this route from the days where only iOS and then Android apps were in majority as it saves the developers a lot of time and efforts when they cannot afford to code the apps uniquely for the platform.

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