Google Announces Android M at Google I/o 2015

Google has announced the next iteration of Android in the form of Android M as it was expected at the Google I/O 2015. The OS update was announced at the keynote session of the Annual Developer’s meet of Google. Android M obviously is the working name of the oS and later on as expected, it will be given an official name which would be loosely based on a sweet dish or sweet of some sort.

Android M

Android M brings in several new features, though Sundar Pichai did confirm that with Android M, the focus at all times has been to do basic things well. This is why one of the major talking points was improvised standby battery performance as well as granular permissions to applications installed on your device. Chrome Custom Tabs is another interesting development which basically allows developers to insert web view within an application releasing the true power of Chrome so that the users do not have to switch browsers every time they want to look up a content inside app.

Intents, which is the app linking system has also been upgraded so that everytime you click on a link that could be actioned by an app, that is what would happen instead of giving the users an option. Android Pay, just like Apple Pay before that was announced as Google enters the world of cashless transactions with full throttle. Over 700,000 stores in the USA have signed up for the program already. There is native support for USB C Type as well as finger print scanners built in. The most interesting feature of Android M is without a doubt Now on Tap which basically launches a Google Search right within an app if you long press Home Key to bring up a Google Window to help you in the context of the conversation. For example, if you are talking about booking a seat for two at the nearby restaurant with your friends on Whatsapp, firing up Now on Tap will give you the reviews of the same restaurant, its address and even offer you a way to book it.

Android M developer preview is already available for Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player for developers to try out.

Source: The Verge

Yu Yureka Will be Available for Open Sale on May 6th

Yu, the sister brand of Micromax Mobile has decided to make its current flagship device, the Yureka available for open sale on May 6th and 7th. The device so far was available only on the days of the flash sale for which you needed to register to be eligible. With several Yu Yureka devices already sold and the next Yu device just about around the corner, it is sure shot that this is the way to totally get rid of the stocks. Also with registrations and quick buyout time, you would think that plenty of people have disillusioned themselves about Yu and, as a result the sales may have dropped, which possibly is another factor for hosting an open sale.

Yu Yureka

Recently OnePlus One went on an open sale whereby you can pick up the device absolutely any time you wish to from Amazon, and while there is no confirmation Yu will do something similar for Yureka, it would not be a bad strategy once the next flagship is out.

The Yu Yureka will be available for open sale for everyone on May 6th via Amazon, which is the official E-Com partner for Amazon. The sale will start at 10 AM, though there is no confirmation on the amount of inventory that will be on sale.


LG G4 Announced with a 16 MP Rear Camera

The worst kept secret on the planet was announced yesterday as LG finally lifted the lid on the latest flagship from the company called the LG G4. The invites for the press event have been out, right since the beginning of the month and since then we have been treated to an avalanche of leaks and posts about the device, virtually giving up so much information that the event yesterday felt like a grand recap of the past rumors in the 15 days of LG G4.


The phone features exactly the things that were leaked out about it. You have an interesting leather back and a polycarbonate battery. It has a slightly curved chassis which makes for a good grip on the device as well as makes sure that the phone is sturdy. The navigation buttons of the phone including the power button are located at the back, just like the ones we have seen on the LG G2 and LG G3. You have your regular connectivity options as well as LTE on board. The G4 does run the latest Android Lollipop with LG’s own UI on top

The display is a 5.5 inch unit with a Quad HD resolution. The screen does have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The LG G4 is powered by a Snapdragon 808 hexacore SoC and 3 GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage you get 32 GB which can be further expanded using the Micro SD slot. The rear and front camera configuration sees a 16 MP and an 8 MP sensor. You do have a removable 3,000 mAh battery on board with fast charging capability which gives you 60% battery in 30 mins. The pricing of the device has not been announced yet, though the phone is most likely to hit the markets sometime in June.

LG G4’s Leather Back Panel Takes 12 Days to Manufacture

In what is possibly one of the most interesting revelations right before the announcement of the LG G4 happening tomorrow, LG has accepted that the G4 is not just another run of the mill device and the back panel of the device takes almost 12 days to manufacture which is almost 10 times that of the industry standard. The reason for the astonishing period is that LG has used only the finest cow leather in the process with the pore size of paltry .001 centimeter, which makes it possibly the finest leather at least to be used on a mobile device.

LG G4 Back Manufacturing

LG shed more light upon the back panel stating that:

G4 leather back cover takes a manufacturing process of a total of 12 weeks. Quality to make the final product from the supply of good leather back cover, competition among the core process takes time even more than 10 times the normal rear cover of the production period (4 days). LG Electronics has added a lot of handmade work here. Working directly for sewing leather stitching, and a coating material so that the rim all unravel need a lot of hand by hand, such as paint.

The LG G4 is set to be announced tomorrow, that is April 28th.

Google Discontinues Nexus 7 From its Online Store

Google has decided to pull the marquee tablet, Nexus 7 from its Online Stores giving the first clear indications that the tablet has run its course. It is worth arguing that the Nexus 7 has been the only successful tablet to come out of the Nexus lineup and with it being discontinued too, it may spell an end for the game of tablets at least as far as Google goes.

New Nexus 7

It is worth noting that there are some sites, for example, the likes of Amazon that are still selling the Nexus 7 while in India, the likes of Flipkart still have the inventory of the 32 GB Wifi as well as the LTE variant. With the news trickling in that Google is pretty much pulling the shutters on the tablet, if you are looking to pick up a 7 inch device, this would be as good a time as any for you to get the device given most likely the inventories will run out soon.

Engadget has published a quote of a Google spokesman who insisted that while there is some inventory that is left over of the Nexus 7, the focus currently is on the Nexus 9 and boosting its sales, though there was no commitment on whether the Nexus 7 will come back into stock.

Here is the entire piece from Engadget:

Update: A Google spokesperson tells us that there’s still “some inventory” in stores and at carriers, but its emphasis is on the Nexus 9 “at this time.” In short, you’d better act fast if you find a Nexus 7 available… it probably won’t stick around for much longer.

Yu YUreka Receives the Lollipop Update

Just a couple of days after the CyanogenMod 12 update hit the shores of the OnePlus  One here in India, the Yu Yureka, another device powered by CyanogenMod OS has been updated with the goodness of Lollipop. Yu had been teasing the update for a while now on Social Media and looks like it was the certification signing which held up the release for CM 12 here in India. Yu clearly mentioned in their press release that the rollout will be in the form of phases which would see all the devices receive the update in the next three days.

yu yureka

The update will take the Yu Yureka to Android version 5.0.2, which by the way is not the latest Android build, with it being Android 5.1, though there has been no significant news on whether Android 5.1 would be released at all for the devices that are running CyanogenMod ROMs.

The update is obviously OTA so you will need to check for the same under Settings and About device where you can look for the update. Once it is available you will have to accept that you are in and the update will be downloaded. You get all the goodness of Android L on your device, though in addition you also get the new CyanogenMod E-Mail as well as a new Theming app from Cyanogen when you update to CM 12.

OnePlus One Users Can Expect the Update to CM 12S Soon

OnePlus One users have been really patient for a while. First they had to wait ages for the Oxygen OS which is the first foray of OnePlus in the world of creating its own ROM. While OnePlus may say that it developed the ROM to ensure a larger vertical stability, which means a device which has both hardware and software controlled from bottom up, you would know the real reason has been less than amicable split from Cyanogenmod which set them back a couple of months easily when it comes to updates.

It was later announced that all those who are running CM 11s on their devices, will also get update to CM 12s, but that was delayed because of an issue with certifications. The certifications have finally come in, and if you do own the OnePlus One with CM 11, you can expect the update very soon. Carl Pei announced via his Twitter account that you can expect the update in coming days. When one of the followers asked if it could be done over the weekend, the response came in negative as apparently not everyone works on the weekend like the OnePlus team.

Those with the OnePlus One in India will receive the update too to CM 12 despite all  the controversies around, and if you cannot wait, you can go ahead and flash Oxygen ROM which is on Android 5.0.2 already.

Oxygen ROM for OnePlus One Release Delayed?

OnePlus had made quite a noise in the market when it announced that they would be releasing the Oxygen ROM which would largely be developed by the Paranoid Android team as the divorce with CyanogenMod turned absolutely ugly. As a result, OnePlus was very public that they will be moving their device away from the CyanogenMod ROM to something that was developed in-house. The oxygen ROM was to be announced today that is, March 27th, and the company had promised that if it failed to deliver, it would give away 5 OnePlus One devices.

OnePlus AMA

It looks like the time has come to get those devices out from the warehouse and give them away as the OnePlus team has confirmed that technical snags and then delay in getting the certifications cleared up mean that the update may not come for a few more days, maybe even longer.

In the recently conducted AMA, OnePlus One gave away that initially some issues with the drivers and with the camera module meant that the team was late getting to the certification stage, and as a result, looks all set to miss out on the deadline. It is extremely simple for you to register for this giveaway, just follow the thread link below and comment to be eligible.

Thread Link

Smart Lock with ’On Body Detection’ is rolling out to Android Lollipop Devices

Android device running Lollipop is silently getting a new feature whereby the phone detects post being unlocked whether it is in your hands or in the bag and, therefore stays unlocked. Google is calling it ‘On Body Detection’ which basically means that as long as you are likely to use the device and have it unlocked, it shall stay unlocked. This prevents you from continuously having to input your PIN code or the pattern that you may have registered on the device for security purposes.


The way it works is that once you have unlocked the phone, it will detect via the accelerometer if the device is still in use despite being screen off, in this case and scenario, the device shall not apply any of the locking restrictions. Obviously it is extremely easy to bypass this lock mechanism but it could be extremely handy in case you live alone and are drop dead sure nothing can go wrong.

Like any security feature, you can decide to turn the feature on or off based on your requirement, though we personally would prefer keeping the device only to unlock when it detects a wearable, a G Watch in our case. The feature as we mentioned, is being rolled out in phases so if your device has not received it, fret not, it would be available very soon. Once you get the feature, it will show up at Settings>Security> Smart Lock for you to enable or disable it.

Source: Android Central

HTC M9 Reportedly Reaches a Temperature of 130 Degree Fahrenheit under Stress

Snapdragon 810, right from the day of the announcement has been under a fair bit of stress and pressure. The coveted and much looked forward to SoC has been under the keen observation especially cause of the temperatures that it can reach when the device is put under extreme stress. It is reported that the same problem had occurred while Samsung was testing a Snapdragon 810 variant for their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge range of devices, and this is precisely why they went ahead with the Exynos variant itself rather than the usual two sets of models, where in America and Europe, they go with the Snapdragon devices while Asia and the rest get the Exynos one.

Temperature test

A Dutch website seems to have validated the claims of everyone who said that Snapdragon 810 gets really hot as they have posted the temperature scales which show that the HTC M9 running the SoC goes as high as 130 degree Fahrenheit which is roughly 56 degree celsius. The temperature was measured using a temperature gun which was marked when running the highly intensive GFXBench benchmark application.

In comparison, the likes of LG G3 reached a temperature of 42.2 degree celsius while the iPhone 6 Plus clocked at 39.4 degree celsius. The HTC M8, the previous flagship performed much better with temperature of 38.7 degree celsius.