HTC M8 Google Play Edition Gets Update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Remember Google Play Edition devices? The experiment that Google ran as a parallel line to the Nexus phones and the one that failed to pick up at all? If you do and care about it, there really can be only one reason for it, and that is you own one of the Google Play Edition Devices. And if you do, then finally there is some good news for you. The last premium product to come out of the Google Play Edition lineup was the HTC One M8 and now the device has received the update to Android Marshmallow 6.0.


Since all the Google Play Edition phones run pure stock Android out of the box, it was pretty much expected that the Google Play Edition phones would be some of the first to get the update to the latest Android Marshmallow post the Nexus phones. This time though, the Android One devices beat the GPE devices too and got the update before.

The likes of Motorola are expected to follow the tradition and be the next in line for the update to Marshmallow as they are all running pretty much close to stock Android out of the box, which means there are not a lot of changes to the code that the OEM needs to make before rolling the update out. For the HTC M8 Google Play Edition, the update is 450 MB plus in size and being rolled out in stages.

Xiaomi’s MIUI to get an Update to MIUI 7 in August 2015?

A major hook to people buying Xiaomi phones, other than extremely competitive pricing and fantastic specifications was the fact that their phones always were up to date with the latest and greatest features as well as Android versions. This was very much true till about Android Kitkat release, post which it has been almost a year that Xiaomi has not updated its product line with a newer Android version. We have seen all the major OEMs embrace the Android l update at least on their flagship products if not on the entire line which means that Xiaomi has lagged behind in the version game.


To their justification, Xiaomi has always maintained that most of the lollipop features are already a part of MIUI 6 so they have taken their own sweet time with the update rolling. However, with Android M already official and set for a public release in the coming months, the pressure has been fairly intense on the team of Mi to release Android l for their devices.

The wish is just about set to be granted with MIUI 7 just around the corner. The latest iteration to MIUI is set to be built upon Android Lollipop 5.1 which would bring some of the missing features like colored status bars, animations and general smoothness of Android 5.1. According to a report in MyDrivers it has been reported that on August 16th will be the date when the update will be announced. There is no clear indication on whether the update will start rolling out on the same day, but in most likely circumstances that will not happen. It is also interesting to note that it was on August 16th 2014 when Xiaomi had announced the MIUI 6 update which pretty much points out towards an annual release cycle for software updates.

It is not clear what will be the features of MIUI 7 or whether it will indeed be that big an update, as barely any screenshots of the same have made it online yet. It is not clear whether the update will be rolled out for all the devices in the current lineup or not. Guess, we will have to wait till the middle of August to find that out.

Android M to Make an Appearance at the Google I/O?

The Google I/O is just around the corner and while the excitement is all around maybe a new device or two or even a new Android version, there has been no clear indications that any of the two will happen. Untill now. Google yesterday put up the final schedule of the Google I/O to give the developers a clarity on what each of the sessions will offer and it was here where Google dropped a major hint that maybe, the next Android version which is most likely to be called Android M to start off with will be shown off.

Android M

Android M made an appearance in the description of the new Android For Work session which is slated to happen on May 28th. Since the event is post the Keynote, which starts at 9:30 AM, it would not be wrong to think that maybe there was something more to it that just Google trolling the internet with Android M, with guess work already beginning if Android M will stand for Android M&M or Android Malai Kulfi.

Google had announced the Android L at Google I/O last year and since then barely 10% of the currently active devcies are running the latest from the labs of Google and you would be right to be concerned about the rollout and adaptation percent especially if a new version of Android is out while the previous one is not even the most popular OS version present.

Android 5.0 Rolls out for the HTC M7 in India

Possibly our most favorite Android phone, in terms of at least the build quality, aesthetics and feel, HTC One M7 is set to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update in India. Some of the users are already reporting the update is being received as an OTA, while the others are still in line, given the batch rollout. It has already been confirmed by HTC, that the HTC M7 is at the end of its life cycle with the Lollipop update set to be the last for the device. It is not too bad for a phone that is now two generations old, though when you see the iPhone 4s still received the iOS 8.1 update, you do see why Android fans may feel a little aggrieved.


In order to check for the OTA update, you must go to Settings > About > Software Updates > and then select “Check now” and most likely you will receive the notification for update if you have not tampered with any system files. The update is pretty huge so we would recommend you to use WiFi in order to download it. It would also not be a bad idea to backup your phone before you update the device, even though there is no chance that your data would be lost or compromised.

CyanDelta Updater is an Android App you must have if you are running CyanogenMod

Staying on the topic of CyanogenMod, one thing that does get a little over the top when you have CM running on your Android phone is the updates. And downloading the entire ROM update every night can be a bit of a pain in a country like India where the internet connectivity is not a luxury that everyone has. However, what if you knew magically every file that has been changed by the CM team in the nightly update and only those are downloaded and updated on your Android phone running CM ROM and update is patched with the latest version?


In theory it sounds great, in practicality, it is even better. Up steps, an application called CyanDelta which as the name suggests, will only download the delta files when the ROM is being updated. The application will then go on to update your smartphone, ensuring you are always on the latest CM files and do not have to depend upon large bandwidth internet connections.

Main features of the application, as written down by the developers are as follows from Google Play, mind you CyanDelta is recommended by CyanogenMod themselves, though it is not directly produced or affiliated to them:

? Security: all downloaded data is digitally signed by us to prevent manomissions.
? Recovery zip install: it can automatically reboot to recovery, install the ROM zip and other additional zips (kernel, modem), wipe dalvik cache and reboot (requires root).
? Changelog: if you have a NIGHTLY build, when an update is available, CyanDelta will show you the list of changes between the ROM version you have installed and the new one.
? Update notification: when a ROM update is available, CyanDelta will notify you.
? High efficiency deltas: it uses the RFC3284 VCDIFF algorithm and some magic to produce really small deltas.
? Supports TWRP and CWM-based recovery, but NOT the closed-source ClockworkMod (the name is similar to CWM-based, but it’s a different thing!), since it’s locked down by its author to only work with ROM Manager. If you have an unsupported recovery you can just manually install the zips generated by CyanDelta.
? Supports all official CyanogenMod ROMs and devices listed in

Download the application from Google Play here.

Motorola Announces Android 5.0 Lollipop Update for all the 2013 and 2014 Devices

After announcing update for the Moto G II generation, there had been a lull in the world of updates on the Motorola devices. Till last year, Motorola was one of the first OEMs to push the latest updates on their devices as seen with the KitKat updates and that has earned them the reputation of being the first to bring the updates after Nexus smartphones. However, call it the after effects of the fact that Motorola is now Lenovo owned or just plain an exceptional case, the updates have been lousy and slow to come out now.

Motorola update



However, finally the giant seems to have woken up and today Motorola announced via social media that they would be releasing the updates to the 2013 and 2014 devices. This would include the likes of 1st generation of Moto X, Moto G as well as the Moto E. Motorola Engineer Luciano Carvalho took to his Google+ page to announce the news.

He announced that the company is gradually rolling out the updates primarily because of the bugs that have been found. As a result it would be a little while before your region will get the update depending upon where you live as the bugs are being found and worked upon as and when users send the feedback.

OnePlus Releases the Alpha Build of its new ROM Independent of CyanogenMod

After the long drawn out saga in India which resulted in a temporary ban on OnePlus from selling the OnePlus One in India due to a complaint from Micromax over the use of CyanogenMod, OnePlus has released the Alpha build of its own new ROM. OnePlus had promised the users of India that it would be making available a brand new ROM flashable via an OTA after CyanogenMod had withdrawn any future support from the device in the country.

OnePlus one

The first build of the independent ROM is basically an AOSP ROM with absolutely no customizations from the OEM. It is basically as Nexus as Nexus would be. While this is obviously not the final build and far from ready for everyday use, the ROM is definitely a peek into the future plans that OnePlus is planning. The ROM currently is on Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The major differentiator for OnePlus One has been its high-end specifications, low price point as well as the customizations possible thanks to CyanogenMod. With the new ROM largely AOSP, a major part of the differentiation is gone, but you would hope that by the time the final build is released, the ROM would bring some new interesting features which would differentiate it from a Nexus experience. The ROM is flashable via TWRP but has major drawbacks such as issues with camera and problems with capacitive and on-screen buttons. You can find the ROM and download the same from the XDA thread here.

Motorola Rolls out the Android 5.0 Update for the First Gen Moto G

After rolling out a firmware update last week which promised to bring the impending Android 5.0 Lollipop update to the first generation of Motorola Moto G, the device is now receiving an OTA for the lollipop sweetness. Motorola has generally been bang on time when it comes to rolling out the latest Android updates for its device post its return to the personal technology game, largely due to the fact that it runs Vanilla Android out of the box, with very little customizations.


The second generation of Motorola Moto G to has received the Lollipop update in parts of the world and it comes as no surprise that perhaps the hottest selling Motorola device is globally receiving the update now. Motorola updated its blog stating that the update is essential and “Android 5.0  Lollipop is one of the most significant in recent Android history. It improves your experience in many areas including visual style and how you interact with your device.”

The update brings the much spoken of material design as well as performance enhancements. Motorola has listed all the changes on their blog right here, though most of these are in convergence with everything that the other devices receiving the update have got. No major update is expected in any of the Motorola based service post the Android 5.0 OTA. We urge all our readers to make it a point that they have at least 50% battery backup on their smartphones before they attempt the update.


The Latest Update for Whatsapp on Android Alerts you when the Recipient has Read your Message

The worst nightmare of a husband ignoring a whatsapp from the wife, or that of a boyfriend ignoring a message from the girlfriend nagging him while he hits off on Xbox with his friends has just come true. Yes, Whatsapp has taken the conventional route and followed the likes of Hike and BBM, giving you clear indicator of when the recipient of your message has opened the chat and read it. So, no more the excuses such as, ‘I may not have read or skipped the message’ are relevant.

Whatsapp Update

The latest update to Whatsapp was rolled OTA today morning, and it took a lot of people by surprise including yours truly. The update has brought this feature to Android phones only for now, though we are pretty sure it would hit the iOS shores pretty quick. However, if you are an iOS or iPhone user, and IMing someone on Android, they will be able to recognize that you have read the message. The way it works is, the two tick marks, which showed that the message has been delivered successfully turn blue indicating the message have been read.

The latest version of the app: 2.11.431 is what you need to get the feature, though in case you have not received the update over the air, you can download the apk manually by going here. Just install the apk on your phone and override the previous one and enjoy watching when friends or family have read your whatsapp IM.

HTC M8 Users in India and Europe are Receiving Android 4.4.3 Updates

HTC M8 users in India and Europe are reporting that they are now receiving the Android 4.4.3 update on their devices. The update comes as no surprise as HTC had announced its intentions to bring the update which will also cater to a fair few important improvements in the device. The update is being rolled out in batches so you must remain patient in case your device has not got the update yet. To check for the update on your device, go into the settings and from there, in about section of the device, click on Software Updates.

HTC m8 update

Few of the users who have received the update so far have complained of issues with the camera performance post the update saying that the device is no more able to focus as well and as fast as it used to. HTC Sense has been tweaked a fair bit to allow for a louder boomsound experience, better motion sensing capabilities and a reworked power saver mode fixing the wakelocks that were being caused due to it. Image gallery as well as the HTC Sync Manager have been updated too.

It is interesting that HTC has added all the security optimizations, including that to the Wifi as well as other wireless connectivities from Android 4.4.4 right here in the 4.4.3 update, giving way to rumors that post this update, the users will directly be taken to Android L.