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Wearables as a market in India is yet to fully take off. You would not see too many people with a smartwatch adorned on their wrists. While most of the people are aware of the likes of Apple Watch or even the Motorola Moto 360, other than some real geeks, you will not really find too many people interested in wearing a smartwatch or kind of a smart wear. We have seen some of the fitness trackers being popular in the land and largely that is to do with their lower prices and nothing more. Xiaomi Mi band is a fine example.

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Apple Launches the Magnetic Charging Dock for Apple Watch

Apple has announced a new magnetic charging dock for the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch went on sale in the United States this year around February, though it was only in November that the much-hyped watch made its way to India. When the watch made it to the market, in the retail box you got the magnetic inductive charger that basically attached to the back of your watch to allow charging. This was not the most comfortable charger for those who wanted a full fledged dock like arrangement for their watch so that it could rest on the dock rather than being half on the table and provide added security.

Apple Watch Magnetic Chrging Dock

Apple has heard them and have introduced a new Magnetic Charging Dock for the Apple Watch which allows you to dock the watch both, vertically as well as lying flat on its back. The dock does have an inductive charger inbuilt into it and is powered by a USB to lightning connector cable. One bummer is, that there is no power brick included in the package so you need to use the 5W power brick that comes with the watch itself in the package. The dock is available at Apple Stores in the United States for a price of $79. The good part is, that one dock is capable of charging both, the Apple Watch 38 mm as well as the 42 mm variant.

Pebble Announces Pebble Time Round: The First Pebble with a Round Dial and World’s Thinnest Smartwatch

The Pebble was the first ever usable wearable device, well before the likes of Galaxy Gear, Android Wear and Apple Watch happened. With its e-ink display, the Pebble watches were famous for having battery life that would easily outlast the likes of Apple Watches, Android Wear devices and pretty much any other wearable device that you could think of now. However, with the original Pebble and then the Pebble Steel followed by the Pebble Time, one complain that has been persistent has been the complain with the looks of the watches. Pebble is fixing this with Pebble Time Round.


It is the first Pebble watch to sport a round dial but the bezels on the side really kill the look. Just like the Apple Watch, Pebble will be making the Time Steel in several color options including Black, Silver and Rosegold Pink. The straps too are available in several colors and combinations and will be available soon. The Pebble Time Round will continue to support both Android phones as well as iOS devices. Those who wish to book their watches can do so at Pebble’s site or the likes of Amazon in the US.

The downside of the watch is definitely a 2 day battery life, which was sacrificed to probably make the watch really thin. However, the Time Round will be able to completely charge in 15 minutes flat, giving you enough time. Not sure about licensing or who are the new partners on board, but you would expect all the existing apps that worked well with the last generation of Pebbles to continue their support.

Apple Watch 2 Rumours Suggest Built in Camera

Apple Watch has been easily the most sold smart wearable out there even though it is not officially available in a lot of countries. The preorders alone broke the backbone of Android Wear but looks like Apple is not sitting on its laurels and is already planning for the future and what is coming up next. According to several reports, Apple has realised that a major drawback with the first Apple Watch was the over dependence on the iPhone and it is looking to making the phone independent in its next generation which is expected to be out somewhere towards the end of the year when the next version of the iPhone comes out.

Apple Watch

If the report from 9to5Mac is to be believed, the Apple Watch 2 will have a Facetime Camera as well as an inbuilt WiFi chip so that you will be able to make Facetime audio and video calls directly from the watch itself without having to depend on your phone. Android Wear had gone a similar route where it made the wearable independent of the WiFi usage on the smartphone and was greeted with a lot of positivity.

Other than this, all the other features are expected to remain the same, including the screen, resolution, battery life as well as the editions.

See How Accurate is the Heart Rate Monitor on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been pretty much the talk of the town as far as the wearables go. The Watch has had relatively higher success than any Android Wear device in the first few weeks of it being released. The comparisons between Apple Watch and Android Wear are pretty much warranted given that they offer largely similar sort of features and capabilities. Though one thing that the initial reviews of the Apple watch have established so far is the fact that the Apple Watches are much more accurate at their game as far as the sensors and their readings are concerned. We had pretty eccentric time with both the Heart rate and step counting on Android Wear but according to a report Apple Watch is as accurate a Heart rate monitor as any.

Mio Alpha vs Apple Watch

Brad Larson – the founder of SonoPlot, has been putting his Apple Watch through the paces and shared an interesting graph of how close to the exact heart rate readings do the Apple Watch produce when compared to Mio Alpha which is possibly the most accurate heart monitor out there. Larson has said that he, “extracted the raw Apple Watch HealthKit heartrate samples after a run and compared it to an HR monitor I had on”. He went on to add that, “aside from the Apple Watch capturing heartrate once per 5 s, and the Mio Alpha every 3 s, the readings are nearly identical. Impressed”

You can find the graphical comparison in the readings above.

Via: Redmondpie

Apple Watch Pre Order Crosses 2.3 Million Units

It was stated that the Apple Watch would be the first smartwatch that people would take seriously and will set a barometer which any player who is aspiring to enter the watch or wearables space will have to diligently compete against. The Apple Watch went for pre order last Friday on the 10th of April and since then several people have had the opportunity to try the watch out in the Apple Stores before the delivery starts on April 24th. In this period, there has been a lot of buzz around the watch with the media especially been pretty vocal about how it would take time to get used to a completely new interface.

Apple Watch1

However, none of that seems to have deterred anybody from the watch and looks like the marketing and large SOV in the tech world has worked for Apple with more than 2.3 million units going up for pre-order already, with another week to almost run. Putting everything into perspective, especially the fact that only .8 million Android Wear watches, combined have been sold so far gives you a great indication of where Apple stands and how the Apple Watch is killing the competition. The Sport Edition has accounted for almost 85% of the pre orders.

The 2.3 million figure comes from a report by Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated:

We estimate production of Apple Watch around 2.3mn units in March-May. Mass production of Apple Watch began in March and will likely reach 2.3mn by end of May.


Catch the Complete “Spring Forward” Keynote by Apple

Apple held a keynote for the leading media in the world yesterday at San Francisco. The event was called “Spring Forward” after the invite that was sent out by the Cupertino-based company. The event was said to completely focus upon the Apple Watch, but in truth, it was the other announcements that caught everyone’s fancy more.


Apple announced that the Apple TV was seeing a major price cut and will retail for $69, which perhaps is indicative of the fact that they are not selling in the quantum values that Apple would like. Apple also announced the MacBook, a new laptop which is in between the MacBook Air and Pro. The machine will come with an edge to edge keyboard with a new butterfly mechanism with LED for every key. There is a 12 inch display with a 1440 pixels across and 9 hours of battery. It is the thinnest and the lightest Mac at 2 pounds that has been made. It features the USB C type port for all connectivities and will be available in three colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray and will retail starting at $1299 from April 10th.

Tim Cook also finally announced the Apple Watch’s retail availability, it would go on pre-order on April 10th with shipping starting on April 24th. The Apple Watch sports edition will start at $349 and will give you about 18 hours of battery life. The watch will be available in 32 different variants and will have all the features that we have seen during the launch. You will need iOS 8.2 to run Apple watch, which was also announced yesterday. You can check out the entire keynote in the video right below:

It’s Apple Watch Day Today: Here is How you can Watch it

Apple is all set to roll out the Apple Watch today in San Francisco. Last week, Apple had issued invites to the selected media which alluded to a press conference in San Francisco, starting at 10 AM local time in SF. While the invite did not clearly mention anything about the watch, nor were there any signs for us to act the cryptographers, it is fairly sure, after Tim Cook’s announcement that the Apple Watch will start retailing sometime in April, that this is finally the event where we get to know specifics of the watch such as all the form factors, final pricing, battery and other specs.

Apple Invite

Not just this, we also expect iOS 8.1 to be rolled out today with minor changes as well as perhaps a brand new Retina Macbook Air 12 inches, though we are not holding our breaths just as yet on that one. Expect a fair few demos on the watch of apps that run seamlessly during the show.

We know you would love to watch the event, and you would be able to do so if you own any Apple device including an iPad, iPhone or a Macbook. On your Mac you will need to be on the Safari browser and go to the Apple Live page, right here to enjoy the live stream. You can add the event to your calendar right from the site.

Apple Schedules a Press Event on March 9th

Apple just knows perfectly how to cut the wind out of the sails of anything interesting that the world of Android comes up with. It was just a bit of common sense and you could tell with the timelines that Apple would be active around MWC to draw all the attention to itself, and that is exactly what has happened. The first week of March is all set to about MWC and the latest and greatest in the mobile world, but surely one event that everybody would now be looking forward to the most would be the announced Apple Press/ Media event on March 9th.

Apple Event Invite

Apple is expected to announce the Apple Watch in the event.

The invite is titled, ‘Spring Forward’ as 9th happens to be exactly a day after the clocks are jumped an hour forward for daylight saving in the United States. As all Apple events, this one too will take place at 10 AM in San Francisco. It would be of keen interest to everyone as this is the event where more about the Apple watch will be known. Things like battery life, final pricing and shipping dates have been kept under the wraps so far. Tim Cook only recently had said that the watch will ship sometime in April, though the final dates havent been disclosed. It is also expected that the company could announce a new music streaming service with an expected coming together of Beats Music as well as Apple Radio.

Apple Reuploads its Apple Watch Videos with Smaller Renders than before

Apple has re-uploaded the video of its Apple watch to youtube today, with few added features and illustrations. However, several people have observed that the renders in the newly uploaded video have the display size of the Apple watch much smaller than what it was initially. Apple Watch has an air of secrecy around it despite its launch recently on September 9th, mainly because the device has not gone on sale just as yet.

The watch is expected to go on sale sometime next year in January or early February and reportedly the production has not even started yet. this begs the question whether the issue was with just the renders, or maybe Apple has decided to actually shrink the display a little bit in order to improve the battery life of the device in order to make it a little more attractive.

If you have not checked out the video, you can see the new one right here below. It talks about the watch and the functionality in detail as well as what the thinking was behind the UI and other elements that the watch has been added. As always, the presentation from Apple is neat and immaculately done.

Via: 9to5Mac