You Can Finally Access Multiple Instagram Accounts From the Official App

Many of us have several Instagram accounts. Our personal account and sometimes the account of our organisation, alias or just another venture. At this time, in order to maintain the other account, either we need to resort to having another device or simply log out and log in every time with the new credentials. This is a very tedious process and can be highly irritating too. Just like Twitter, it was suggested a while ago that Instagram would bring support for multiple accounts, where you can simply log into several accounts at a time and juggle between them.

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Linkedin Launches LinkedIn Placements: An App to Help Indian Students Find their First Jobt

Call it the flaw of the system or just how our mentality works, but in India you are never really a college graduate or for that matter good enough to come out of your college until you have secured yoruself a placement. While the market is populated with several well-known solutions for folks to look at their next jobs and pick them up via job portals, there is not really a concrete solution for those who have just come out of their classes and are looking for their first jobs. With several colleges not having a proper placement cell, freshers face a tough time finding the perfect first job.


This is where, LinkedIn has come to the rescue of these freshers. With a user base of over 30 million, which makes India its second largest market after the United States, LinkedIn has decided to launch LinkedIn Placements app which will basically allow freshly graduated kids to look and find their first job. The move to launch yet another app is well within the strategy of LinkedIn where they have tried to move several features that were initially a part of the original LinkedIn app only to new apps and clearly demark the features. Developed by around 40 employees, the Linkedin Placements app will hit India first, before a global rollout happens.

Ganesan Venakatasubramanian, head, engineering, LinkedIn India said, “Our conversations with students, placement officers and recruiters involved in campus recruitment point to an unmet need for efficiency and effectiveness”.

LinkedIn has over 340 million users globally as of now, making it one of the biggest social media networks.


iOS 9 Will Allow you to Temporarily Delete Apps to make Space for System Updates

One of the major complaints that the users of iOS devices have had in the past couple of years has been that the system updates have required too much space on the ROM. This has prevented several users from upgrading to the latest versions of OS as far as users are concerned. Apple has heavily addressed this issue with iOS 9 which is the latest version of iOS.


Not only has Apple assured that system updates would now be lighter and therefore, require lower space on the internal memory. While this is a positive, another major step that Apple has taken is adding the ability in iOS 9 whereby the users will be able to delete the applications temporarily while you are installing the system update to make space. This way, your applications will come back once the update has been applied on its own without the user having to intervene at all. Not just this, the user’s app data will also not be lost and be restored along with the application itself making the entire experience really seamless.

iOS 9 will automatically prompt you to delete apps that you would like to forego in case the memory on the device is low. You can select it, delete the application, and then automatically restore the apps when the update has been applied.

Snapchat will Now Allow Users to Send Money to Each Other

Ask any teenager, which are his top 5 favorite applications, and chances are Snapchat will figure in there somewhere on that list. The self-destructing image sharing application has become a mainstay as users attempt to share across selfies, pictures of food or picture of anything else they find with their friends, without having to worry about the image being saved.


To Snapchat’s credit, they have always added new features and kept the application fresh. We had features like Stories and videos that came in recently and now the application allows users to go ahead and send money to your friends and family members who are added on Snapchat. The entire process of sharing money via Snapchat is extremely simple and all you really need to do is to enter your debit card details and from there onwards you can just enter the amount you wish to share with your friends for instant money transfer. The service currently is available only in the US for those who are 18 and above. The money sharing part of the story will be handled by Square in partnership with Snapchat.

Here is a video below that Snapchat has released to give you a bit of an idea on how the service works and why is it a joy to use the same when you need to quickly transfer money.

Make your Lockscreen Transparent for Android Smartphone

Just about every OEM has a unique lockscreen. It is a part of the gift that comes with all the customizations and skins on Android. However, what if you did not want a lockscreen but still wanted it? Yes, it does sound a little confusing, but it has happened with us. There have been times when we have wanted things to be locked but not under a special screen. To help this, one of the devs at XDA Forums has come up with a Transparent Lockscreen.

transparent lockscreen

This is indeed a very interesting way of using lockscreen, where all the elements of the device are locked under a transparent sheet. You need a special gesture to unlock it. For now though, there are only four of them available. You simply have to disable your lockscreen on the device from within security to be able to use this transparent lockscreen, and it works fantastically well.

Some of the gestures available are:

“- Swipe Right : Swipe from left side to right side horizontally with any finger on lock screen
– Swipe Left : Swipe from right side to left side horizontally with any finger on lock screen
– Swipe Up : Swipe from down side to up side vertically with any finger on lock screen
– Swipe Down : Swipe from up side to down side vertically with any finger on lock screen”

You need to be running Android version 2.2+ to be able to use this app. You can download the app for free from the Play Store here

Check Out The In And Out Details Of Apple App Store in 2012

As we are on the threshold of a brand new year in less than a few hours, it would be a good send off by looking at what all made this year all the more technologically advanced than any other year before it. Android came very close to catching Apple when it comes to number of applications produced but at least at the end of 2012 we can safely say that Apple just about edged and had a better selection of applications than Android. Surely y 2013 this choice would be slightly tougher, but for now, Apple can take the number 1 spot.

However, if you are the one who loves his numbers and stats, and would like to know the in depth analysis of how exactly did the Apple’s famed App store perform, then we have some very interesting data for you. A net total of Rewind 340,000 applications were published in the app store this year and about two third of those applications were absolutely free. As compared to last year this number is significantly larger too. Angry Birds was yet again the top game of the year, which makes us wonder how people have not got bored of it already. Perhaps the launch of Star Wars Edition did help Rovio keep the pole position. Draw Something too made a lot of noises this year and was seen to be the top free game in the Apple Store. In the utility App without question, the Google maps app really was a massive hit as it finally gave the mapping solutions to Apple customers which they could trust. Here is an interesting infographic that would give you more such information about how the year has been in the Apple’s mega famous app store.


Via: RedmondPie


Mobile Application Testing Process (An Infographic)

Mobile apps are pretty much the lifeline of the modern day smart phones. What we would be doing without our trusted old applications is a difficult thing to imagine. For example, life without Flipboard or Pocket seems utterly waste, and this really hit me when i was away from my smart phone for a couple of days. But what we do not realize in using these applications is the rigorous hard work that the developers put into the development as well as the time they spend on it. Despite that an application is not quite ready to be used till it is tested. We all love to volunteer as the beta testers of applications and it is one of the most important steps in testing an application. For those of you wondering how exactly an app is tested before it is published in an application store, then here is the perfect infographic to tell you everything you need to know about testing applications.

Via: Visual

State Of Mobile Apps: A Head To Head (Infographic)

We all spend majority of our time on our smartphones either using an application or just generally downloading and searching for stuff. And these very applications are what has propelled the likes of Android and iOS over the established giants that Symbian was. They have quickly become a massive selling point of a phone just like it is for PC. However, what exactly is the state of these applications? And which OS has better ones and what exactly are these numbers seeing the progress of the industry. Here is an interesting infographic that would help you gauge an idea.

(Infographic via: Designluga)

Android Applications That You Must Download When You Buy A New Phone

Android is without a shadow of doubt now the best selling mobile Operating system landing more market shares than even the iPhone. However, some complain that there is so much to do in Android, that at times we do not know from where to start. Here is our guide to what you must do with your brand new Android phone.

1) A New Launcher:

A new launcher is an absolute necessity for a brand new Android device. We know the customisation ability of an android smartphone, but loads of companies take an undue advantage of this and install custom UI over it. You might have seen UI like HTC Sense, Motoblur, Samsung Touch WIz etc. however, it’s not a necessity that you might like these so a launcher is an easy way out. Some of the good launchers out there are Go Launcher, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher etc. You can download most of these for absolute free from the market place.

2) Weather Widgets:

Smartphones are not just devices used to make phone calls or send texts. We use them for information of various kinds, and one of the things that is really helpful is finding out the weather and weather forecasts. There are some great weather widgets like accuweather, the weather channel and beautiful widgets which are an amazing choice if you want a weather widget on your home screen.

3) An Alternate Keyboard:

We wrote a comprehensive guide on choosing various keyboards that are available for an android smart phones here. The keyboard on gingerbread devices is honestly a little sketchy and typing can be a little cumbersome since the keys are not spaced out properly. I personally would recommend slideIT as well as Swift keyboard for much better and accurate typing. However, if you are using an ICS built then the stock keyboard is amazing in itself.

4) Your Social Networking Applications:

It is strange that today we cannot imagine our world without social networking. I mean, we all did live at a time when Facebook or twitter did not even exist, but for some reason that age seem so alien now. There are various third party applications that are available for Facebook or twitter but in my opinion the official clients work the best and are most efficient. It should be one of the first things you must do when you buy a new android smartphone, configure your smartphone.

5) K9 Email client:

If you regularly communicate via emails just like me, you might want a client that is clean and has push notifications enabled. The gmail client that comes pre installed in your device, works really well, but what if you do not have an account on gmail and would like to customise your other email accounts, then k9 is one of the first applications that you must install. The applications extremely easy to use and the UI is very simple and works better than any of the email clients out there.

6) Good Time Passing Games:

There is always a situation in life when we have to pass time, be that while we are waiting for someone or maybe evens hen we are idle, our only companion in times like those is our smart phone. So in order to help us pass that time, we must have some games that are a good time pass and do to hit too hard where the battery is concerned. Games like Ninjump or even the ever famous angry birds make for an excellent time pass.

7) A Good Video Player:

The stock video player on Android does lack customization. It is a pretty standard player and there is very little you can do. If you like to listen to your music your way then the chances are you would want to download a music application that lets you change the video formats and play various video formats. The best recommendation for this is MX Video Player. It works brilliantly well and lets you to change the equalisers as well as plays some of the most commonly known formats of video like you want. You can also customize the clicks if you are using a music controllable headphones. Over all it made my music experience far more enjoyable.

8.) A Notes Taking Application:

Android does lack a good application where you could take or make notes. The standard reminder system is integrated with the calendar and there is only so much you can do using that. I would suggest downloading Colour Note. They not only let you take notes, but also let you post them as post it’s on your desktop in the form of widgets. This is really useful if you have a bad memory and need to be constantly reminded of certain things.

9) A Task Killer:

A task killer is extremely important if you are using an Android smartphone which is below the 2.3 version. Ginger bread does have an inbuilt coding which smartly manages your application, however Froyo and Eclair do have a tendency of running applications in the background which in turn is a sucker for the battery. To help you kill tasks efficiently the are plenty of application in the market. The one I suggest would be Advanced Task Killer, it is available for free and works ally well. The UI is smooth and there is not much you can mess in your system by it.

10) Uninstaller:

An inbuilt Uninstaller is available only since the release of Ice Cream Sandwich. However, since most of the phones are still running Froyo or Gingerbread, downloading and installer is a must. What Uninstaller does is that it readily and easily removes applications from your device otherwise you have to go all the way in to system setting and applications and remove every application individually which can be boring and very time consuming. There are plenty of good uninstallers available from the market ace. You can try out Easy Uninstaller which works well and does what it’s name suggests.

So this was the list of applications that we feel you must install on your newly bought Android smartphone if you wish to make your experience even better. Not only they improve the beauty of your device but also in plenty of ways make it a lot more easy to use. Do you have a particular application that you feel maybe we have not covered and you downloaded when you bought your smartphone? Do let us know in the comments section.