How to Backup your Android Smartphone with Mobogenie

Mobogenie is a Windows PC software that lets you connect your Android smartphone with your PC via USB. It works very much like traditional PC suites that came with Symbian devices. You get to create backups of your devices and restore them to an earlier point. What sets Mobogenie apart from the horde of PC Suites available is that it works with any device running Android 2.1 and above. Also, you can send text messages right from your PC. Not just this, add in stuff like free wallpapers, ringtones, apps and games and a YouTube Video Downloader and you have among the best PC Suites for your smartphone out there.

Mobogenie Dload

To backup your Android Smartphone just follow these steps.

  1. Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device.

  2. Connect it to your PC via USB cable.

  3. Launch Mobogenie app after granting it with administrator rights on your Windows PC.

  4. Mobogenie will automatically download and install all the drivers it require, it may take some time, so be patient.

  5. Once Mobogenie is up and running, click on the icon of Backup.

  6. Select the stuff you want to back up, you have several options here.

  7. Hit backup and now wait patiently.

  8. Check back on your screen, your backup should be done.

Mobogenie lets you backup not just your phone contacts and text messages but also your apps, pictures, music files and videos. You can download Mobogenie from here

Why Should You Have A Backup Of All Your Data?

We often play around with our smart phones and computers. Be is small tweaking, theme-ing or even something major like say changing the ROM or switching the kernels etc. A Nerd’s life is always lived on the edge in the sense that his device is just one step away from being bricked and losing hundreds of dollars he spent acquiring it. But what is worse is the fact that he may also end up losing his entire data which in my eyes is way more precious than any device could ever be. So there is a terrible need to keep all your data backed up. And if you don’t believe my word, here is an amazing video that would make you realize the need to back up all your data.

So I guess watching that all of you would jump to back up all your data be it on smart phones or the computers. Do you back up your data? Do let us know.

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Create Backup of Your Browser Profile Using Hekasoft

These days we have plenty of browsers as options to browse the web in a better manner. Some famous and efficient one are Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Internet explorer, on the other hand is a famous browser but it doesn’t provide customization options as others do. For example, Chrome provides options to sync all our browser data (such as passwords, bookmarks, form data) in cloud.

Sometimes it happens that you forget to enable the sync option in your browser and you might start your browsing from the scratch. This is very painful because losing all your important browsing data ultimately affect your productivity. The simple solution for this problem is Hekasoft Backup & Restore.

Hekasoft Backup & Restore is a simple application for Windows computer that lets you backup and restore your profile very easily. This tool supports many browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Comodo Dragon etc.

To backup the profile of any browser, first you have to select it from the drop down. Then check the backup option and close your browser before proceeding. Click on “Start” button to start the backup process. It will take few seconds to complete the process. Restoring from backup is also easy. You have to select “Restore” instead of “Backup”.

Download Hekasoft Backup & Restore.

TrueSafe: A safe and Free Backup Utility

There are many backup utilities available on the internet today that allow users to create backups of their files for free. TrueSafe is another such utility that allows for easy and quick backup of files from computers and is also a safe to use. This application requires Microsoft .Net Framework installed on the system to run properly. Once installed, just follow these simple steps to backup your files onto the computer:

1. First, you will have to register to the TrueSafe website. Once you have created your account on the website, you can login using your username and password to the app.

2. Now, you can start the process of backing up your files. First, select the files that you want to backup from your computer. You can add specific files as well as add complete folders. Once you are done with this step, click Next to proceed.


3. You will then be asked to choose a backup destination. This could be anywhere on your computer or to a remote computer connected to the one you are operating on. Select the drive in which you want to backup your files and click Next.

trusafe backup destination

4. In the next step, you will be required to set a schedule for the backup to take place. You can set the exact date and time or set the backup to run and regular intervals on the folders that you have chosen.

truesafe schedule

5. In the final step, you can change the name of the backup and set it to one that you want. You can add an image to the backup file so you won’t have a problem identifying it.

trusafe name

Now you backup is complete. The folders that you have selected will be monitored at regular intervals and if there are any changes, TrueSafe will ensure that those changes are backed up too.

Download TrueSafe.

How To Backup Your Android Phone Contacts on SD Card

Gone are the days when people used telephone diaries to keep the numbers of the people they contact. Today, smart phones are the easiest way to maintain a digital diary of the numbers. And with smart phones becoming a commodity of constant change, it is very possible that we may lose our contacts when moving to our new smart phone.

However, for all the Android users, there is an easy way to make sure your contacts are absolutely safe. UiA-Backup Contacts is your best friend in case you have to migrate from one phone to another.


You can download back up contacts for absolutely free from the market place and use it to back all the contacts to your SD card. The contacts saved are in .csv form and saved in a folder on your SD card. There is also an additional option to send all these contacts in the same .csv format to your email id in case you want to keep a back up online which is even safer.

The UI is extremely simple and the ways around the application are very easy. In fact I knew the moment what has to be done the moment I opened the application for the absolutely first time.

Some of the features of Backup contacts are as written by the developer are:

• Export contacts to the SD-Card
• Look at the CSV file in a text editor
• Upload the CSV file to Dropbox
• Send the CSV file as email attachment
• Gmail or Outlook column headers
• Setup a custom CSV file

Download UiA Backup Contacts.

Save and Backup SMS of Your Android Phone

Texting has gradually become the most popular way of communication; not only among youth but also adults who realize its convenience and importance. In fact i have my friend’s phones which have messages in a multiple of thousands in the inbox. We simply love all our texts way too much to delete them all off and the bad side of this is that is radically slows down the phone as internal memory is gradually filled.


A good solution to this problem at least for our Android user friends is SMS backup & Restore. This is a very handy application for those devices which have a rather low internal memory space. What this wonderful application does is that it backs up all your texts in a .xml format saves them on your micro SD card and then you have the option to delete the texts later on clearing your inbox memory. The back-up file created barely takes any space and in fact is in Kb’s.

You can create multiple backups so you do not lose any important texts. It is also possible to delete these back up files in case you feel it is not required. The application is extremely easy to use and for any first time user, it is really a peace of case. The UI is very very simple and all tabs and buttons are very easy to understand and their functions are as the name suggests.


The application is extremely handy in various situations like if you wish to switch your phone to another android one or need to clear or wipe your internal memory for flashing a new ROM.

The application works brilliantly and in all my uses, i didn’t experience even a single crash or hang. The best thing about this app apart from saving your texts? Well yes, it’s absolutely free for download from the market place.

Download SMS Backup & Restore.

Use GoodSync to Sync or Backup Folders of Your Computer

To protect your files from any unwanted loss (hard disk crash, theft etc.), you should sync or backup files time to time. There are many software that claims to sync or backup your data and GoodSync is one of the best among them. It is available free of cost and comes with many features.

Download and install the tool on your computer. It is available for Windows and Mac computers. It also comes as a portable version.

On first run, it will ask you for the job name and job type. There are two job types: synchronize and backup. Synchronize provides two way file transfer. It means if it finds any difference between the two folders then it tries to make changes in folders by transferring the missing files on any of the folder. Whereas backup is a one way file transfer, you have to select two folders and then it transfers file from one folder to another.


I selected “Synchronize” option in the above step. Click on the left “Browse” button to select the folder you want to sync.


Windows explorer will appear. Go to the folder and then click on it to select. Click OK.


Now click on the right “Browse” button to select the second folder.


Windows explorer will appear. You can either choose your computer’s folder or you can select the external hard drive to synchronize your file. It means if you make any changes in your computer’s folder or external drive’s folder then the change will appear on the other side.


If you select any external hard drive then a dialog box will appear as shown in the screenshot given below.  Read the instructions and click OK.


Now you have to analyze both the folder. This process is very crucial because it gives you the clear picture of a files to be transfer. Click on the “Analyze” button.


It will tell which file is going to transfer in which location. It gives you a clear picture with the help of arrow. Green arrow directions displays the direction of files to be transferred. In the screenshot given below there are total 6 arrows and all are directed towards right. It means when you click on the “Sync” button it will transfer the file from left selected folder to right selected folder. Click on the “Sync” button to start the process.


The process of file synchronization will start. It will take time according to the size of file you are syncing. Similarly you can backup any file or folder using this tool.

Apart from sync and backup this tool is equipped with many other features such as

  • Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices.
  • Lightning Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement.
  • Syncs FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, S3.
  • Syncs with your Windows Mobile Phone and Pocket PC.
  • Selective File Synchronization.

Download GoodSync file sync and backup tool.

How to Instantly Backup Any Folder in Windows 7

To save your computer’s important data, it is always a good idea to take a backup and keep it safe. We know about Dropbox, a tool by which you can backup your important data in a cloud easily. But if you want to transfer data from your computer to some external hard drive or USB drive then instead of gratifyng into copying and pasting data, it is good to use any tool that performs the task quickly and easily. There are several backup software available but most of them don’t have user friendly interface and they are difficult to use.

There is a visual basic script available for Windows computer that handles the task easily. All you need to do is run the script on your computer, select the backup folder and output folder and run the process. This guide will tell you step by step method to perform the backup task by running that script.

By using this tool you can transfer large or small files of your computer from one place to other quickly. First you have to accumulate the data at a single place (or folder) as this tool transfer all the files and subfolders of one folder to any other output folder.

1. Download visual basic script for backing up a folder and all its subfolders.

2. Extract the file folder_bkup.vbs from the downloaded zip file.

3. Double click on the folder_bkup.vbs file to run it. Read the instructions on the dialog box and click OK.


4. Select the source folder (a folder for which you want to create a backup). You can create backup of any folder of your computer. After selecting it, click OK.


5. It will display the folder you selected in previous step. If everything is file, click OK.


6. Now select a folder where you want to save your backup. I selected external hard drive as output folder. You can create a “Backup” named folder inside your external drive and choose it as backup folder so that you can easily recognize your backup files.

Note: You can also select any folder of your computer as backup folder. It is not necessary to select external drive as a backup folder.


7. It will show you the output folder location. If everything is right, click OK.


8. A small blank page of IE will appear telling you that “Files are being copied”.


That’s it. It will take some time depending upon the size of files you are copying. After completion of process you can check your external drive. It will contain all the files.

How to Backup Your Firefox Browser

When you switch to one PC to other PC, one thing you miss the most is your old Firefox add-ons, saved password, cookies, bookmarks, history and other precious information. Mozbackup is a free utility for creating backups of your Firefox browser. You can also restore the backup using this tool. Here’s how you can take the backup using this tool:

Download Mozbackup and extract the zip file.

Open the extracted folder and double click on the Mozbackup icon. It will start the tool.


In the Mozbackup welcome page click on the “Next” button.


Select the Backup a profile option and select the Mozilla Firefox application in the list of given applications. You can also create backup of your Thunderbird profile. Click “Next”.


Select the profile in the list of given profiles. If you haven’t created any new profile it will show “default” profile in the profile area. Choose the location where you want to save the profile by hitting the “Browser” button. Click “Next” button.


It will ask you to create a password-protection for your backup file. Click Yes if you want to keep your backup secure.


Set the password and click OK.


Now select the items you want to backup. You can include General settings, bookmarks, history, extensions, saved passwords, cookies, saved form details, certificates, cache, emails, address books etc. After checking the box, click “Next”.


It will create a backup within seconds. You can start creating new backup or click the “Finish” button to complete the process.


That’s it. You’ll get the backup at desired location in .pcv format. Save this backup in your email or external hard drive. By using this file you can restore your Firefox browser easily. All you need to do is install Mozbackup tool in another computer and restore the profile using backup. Your all the older settings will appear.

How To Backup Your Windows 7 PC

Windows 7 comes with a superb backup utility by which you can create backup of your system in few easy steps. Backup your data means creating a compressed file on a hard disk or external drive so that you can retrieve all the data whenever your computer hard disk crashes and any such any trouble occurs. Also you can create system image which might be helpful if your computer shows any system error and failed to start. Here’s how you can backup your Windows 7 PC.

1. Click on Start button and type backup in the search box and press Enter.


2. Backup and restore window will open. Click on “Set up backup”.


3. Select the location of backup. It is recommended to use external hard having lot of space disk for this purpose. You can also select hard disk partition as a backup location. After selecting the location, click “Next”.


4.To select the files to be backed up, select the option “Let me choose”. This option allows you to select libraries and folders and system image to include in backup. Click “Next”.


5. Select the library items. For example I selected documents, music, picture, video libraries and some additional locations such as AppData folder, contacts to include in the backup. Also I checked the check box next to “Include a system image of drives” to backup of drives required for Windows to run.


6. The backup is automatically scheduled to Sunday 7:00 PM every week. To change the schedule, click on “Change Schedule” link.


7. Select the schedule of backup with the help of drop down and click OK.


8. Now click on “Save settings and run backup”.


9. It will start your computer backup. It will take some time depending upon the size of data you backup. You can view the progress detail by clicking  the “View details” button.


10. It shows you the progress detail in a nice progress bar.


That’s it. After some time your backup will be finished. You can see the backup file in the backup location.