Blackberry Anoounces Blackberry Classic with 3.5 Inches Display For $499

Blackberry is back in the game and this time it is looking to its roots for inspiration. After, several failed attempts with the likes of BlackBerry Passport and the other Z and Q series of devices, BlackBerry is doing what it does the best. The latest smartphone to come from Blackberry is an aptly named device called the Blackberry Classic which does what BlackBerry is known to do, bring brilliant keyboards.


The Blackberry Classic brings back the age old design of the Bold and Curve line of devices and the 32 key backlit panel. the device runs the latest Blackberry OS 10 and has a 720×720 3.5 inch display. The display while not being the sharpest is adequately good for the purpose that the device is made. The device is driven by a Snapdragon S4 processor with 2 GB of RAM.

The device also brings back the trackpad and the four BlackBerry keys. There is 16 GB of memory on board with expansion via Micro SD up to 128 GB. The camera on board is an 8 MP snapper and a 2 MP front facing camera. The battery on board is a 2515 mAh. The phone will also ship with Amazon App Store to download Android apps. The device is already in pre-order stage in the US, UK and parts of Germany and would be on sale next week. The Blackberry Classic will go on sale for $499.