Check Your Blog Broken Links With WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken links are those links which are mistakenly typed incomplete. These links are either not a link or a wrong link redirecting to error page. When I checked Broken links of my blogs I found several broken link on my blog and corrected it with the help of WordPress plugin known as Broken link checker.

This plugin automatically  find all the broken links on the blog and display it when requested.

broken link

You may see option panel in which it tells you about all the present links and broken links present in the blog.


You can edit all the broken links manually . It is very easy task.



  • 1) Monitors links in your posts, pages, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).
  • 2) Detects links that don’t work and missing images.
  • 3) Notifies you on the Dashboard if any are found.
  • 4) Also detects redirected links.
  • 5) Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).
  • 6) Link checking intervals can be configured.
  • 7) New/modified posts are checked ASAP.
  • 8) You view broken links, redirects, and a complete list of links used on your site, in the Tools -> Broken Links tab.
  • 9) Searching and filtering links by URL, anchor text and so on is also possible.
  • 10) Each link can be edited or unlinked directly via the plugin’s page, without manually editing each post.

So install this plugin immediately and check all the broken links of your blog. It will definitely a good step to help out your blog’s SEO.

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6 Impressive Ways You Can Use Your Blog

Blog is a nice medium to express all your knowledge and emotions. You can use your blog in many ways. You can use it to tell stories or you can tell the reality to people. You can use your blog as a medium to boost your business as well as making lots of money. You can use it to deliver information for your blog visitors. You can make any type of blog according to your choice. You can make any humorous blog or  any sports blog. Its totally depend on your interest and choice. Here I am mentioning 6 impressive ways you can use your blog to make it a killer medium to deliver your thoughts:

blog Image Credit: Annie Mole

1) Personal Blog

Blog is a medium to tell different things to the visitors of blog. Blog is a perfect way to express all your emotions to the people around the world. If you are planning to make a diary which is open to all than blog is a perfect medium to do so. You can write on your blog in a chronological order. You can write all the happenings of your life. These days there are lots of celebrities like Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan who write their all the important activities on Blogs.

2) Write about your hobby

Every person has a particular hobby. It’s either listening to music, watching movies, playing basketball or cricket or doing some adventurous activities. You can write about your hobby on your blog. Suppose if you are a music lover and you are a fan of Avril or Michael Jackson then you can write about your favorite stars or favorite music you want to listen.

3) Delivering Breaking News

People love reading blogs for news updates. Also search engines such as Google and Yahoo love those blogs which update very often. Giving all the important news through your blog is a very nice way to increase search engine traffic on your blog. You can give news of any kind. It’s either related to politics, country specific news or giving news on some topics like technology, Web 2.0, sports news, Hollywood news, Bollywood news etc. Techcrunch, Readwriteweb, Gizmodo are some famous blogs which deliver breaking news.

4) Niche Blogging (Providing Information)

Niche blogging means providing information on a particular topic. You can give information on a particular topic like Blogging, Technology, politics, news, movies, music, Medical, Apple, Nokia or any topic you like. You can use your blog just as a newspaper which provides important update to the people. Blogging is also a journalism where people share information with blog visitors. Problogger is a great example of niche blogging.

5) Making Money Online

Blog is a perfect way of making money online. One can make a small to very huge amount of money from his blog.  Amount of money people making  totally depend on the person’s hard work. You can make money in many  ways, some of the favorite ways are: advertisement programs, direct advertisement, blogging for companies, writing for newspapers and magazines, affiliate marketing etc.

6) Portfolio Blog

Portfolio blog is a type of personal blog which is use to boost the online business. There are many web designers who make this kind of blog to increase the work exposure. They fetch all the details of clients on their blog. Also they show the example of their work on blog. Suppose if the blogger is a designer then he make a very appealing design for his blog. Here is a list of 10 impressive portfolio blogs.

So these are the great ways you can use your blog. So blog is also a medium to boost your business. Blogs are revolutionary medium to express your views. Blog is ready to take place of print media. More and more people are willing to read blogs because of its originality and ease of providing feedback. What is your way to use your blog? Express your view in comment section.

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6 Basic Things You Should Know About Blog

What is a Blog? This is a very basic question ask by newbie. This is a common question for those people who heard about blogs and its advantages. People generally heard from others that a person is making great amount of money from his blog. So just from curiosity they want to know about blog. So what really the blog is?

Blog is a combination of two terms Web+Log. Blog is just like a diary on which people write their thoughts in a chronological order. The older article goes downward and the newer article appear on the top.


Image Credit

Types of blogs

There are many types of blog present. One can categorize blogs from niche blogs. One can write on various topics like Social media, cooking, bikes, WordPress, Medication, Technology, Web 2.0. etc. Blogs can also categorize as Text blog, Photo blog, Video Blog, Podcast blog etc.

Blog vs. Websites

Blogs are different from any normal website. The content of blog is published in a manner that old content get backward and newer content appear on the top whereas in Website there is a static homepage where lots of links appears. We can say that all blogs are websites but all websites are not blog. Blog content always rank higher in search engines because their content is updated so fast.

Formal or Informal

Blogs need not to be formal. It should be written in your own words. You are free to express your views on your blog. You can write article on any topic according to your choice. You can write any number of words or paragraphs. There is no restriction at all. But your article should attractive so that any blog visitor should find it attractive.

Advantage of Blogging

What would you get after writing an article on Blog. It sound stupid that a person is writing article on a blog and wasting time without any profit. Actually blogging has lots of advantages. Anyone can make money online, build his career, get exposure, learn lots of things, become a professional blogger after writing articles on blog.

What is effective blogging

One can do effective blogging by various methods. Choosing a correct blog platform, correct web hosting, market your post effectively and writing killer content easily increase visitors on blog. More the visitors on blog more the money you can make.

How to make money through Blogging

There are lots of ways through which you can make money online. Some of the best ways of making money online are Google ads on blog, Affiliate marketing, Writing for other blogs, freelancing, writing for newspaper and magazines etc.

There are lot of things you should know about blog. Just like Blogging platform, feedburner, marketing, domain name selection, Hosting services, sitemap, Gravatar, Plugins, Social media, Google analytics, SEO, Robot.txt, Favicon, themes, articles. These are some basic terms used in blogs and they are very important for any blogger to take care of these basic terms.

Blogging is a great career and lots of people select blogging as a career and become a professional blogger. What are your views for blogs and blogging. Is blogging is a medium of knowledge, entertainment or also source of making online money for you. Feel free to share your views. We appreciate your comments.

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6 Important Points To Remember Before Making A Unique Blog

Blog brings lots of competition from different niche blogs. One need to be unique in all the way of delivering the contents. Many bloggers play affiliate marketing games on their blog, but affiliate marketing is not just recommendation of products. Why any visitor believe in you and buy any product by your recommendations. He must find something useful and trustful so that you can make them buy products. Here I am mentioning five things which is very necessary to make a unique blog.

1) Unique content

Content should be unique and different. I am not saying that topic should differ but whatever you write should explain that you write worthy and useful things on your blog.

2) List post

List post is a very unique method to attract visitors on your blog. Try making list of various tools and various techniques which are useful to your visitors. Try to influence them with top 10 list or top 20 list. People love various information on the same place.

3) Niche Blogging

The main advantage of niche blogging is regular and loyal visitors. People love to visit your blog again and again. Also they don’t mind subscribing your blog for regular feed update.

4) Post regular

People like those blog which update on regular basis and vice versa. So if you are running a successful blog, you should make a proper draft of post so that whenever you become busy you shouldn’t run out of post.

5) Marketing

Marketing is very very necessary thing for success of any business. Don’t ever think that whenever you write any good thing people visit you. If you don’t do proper marketing then you will be fail in your niche. It doesn’t matter how much good you write on your niche.

6) Don’t promote too much

Affiliate marketing is a nice target of niche blogger but don’t do anything on excess. People don’t like too much crowd of ads on your blogs. Try to become an invisible marketer. Try to monetize your most traffic page. Monetizing most traffic page means try to get more and more ads on those pages which get maximum visits.

These are some great way of making a unique blog. Unique niche and unique content are the pillar of any successful blog. Try to fulfill these two criteria. Rest of all depends on practice. Be positive, try to explore your blog and always learn from your competitors.

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How To Prevent Hotlinking Inside Your WordPress Blog

Hotlinking is a term used when an image from your site used in other site without changing its URL. The main disadvantage of hotlinking is your bandwidth used on another website. So ultimately it creates load on server.

To understand hotlinking you may assume any image with URL

Suppose any other user upload this picture and instead of hosting this image to his own site he link the image  to its original URL then whenever the image will open it use bandwidth of Blogtechnika instead of his site. So it will effect the speed of server. Sometimes it may effect the load time of your website.


You can prevent hotlinking of your website by using .htaccess method. You can also check my previous article  on .htaccess method on How To Restrict WordPress Admin Use By IP Address.For those who don’t know about .htaccess files please refer to my previous article.

1) Create a small image of any format, telling no hotlinking please.


2) Check the root folder of your blog. If there is any .htaccess file then open it on any text editor. Now copy and paste a code on  .htaccess file .

RewriteEngine On
#Replace ?mysite\.com/ with your blog url
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(.+\.)?mysite\.com/ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
#Replace /images/nohotlink.jpg with your "don't hotlink" image url
RewriteRule .*\.(jpe?g|gif|bmp|png)$ /images/nohotlink.jpg [L]

Now load this file to the root folder of your blog. All done.

via Wprecepies

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Blog Comment Strategy- Why Comment Is Necessary To Build Strong Networking

Commenting is a nice strategy to attract visitors to our blog. Some people leave comment on a blog very smartly to get immediate attention. And the technique generally works. Yesterday I left a comment on Problogger (I was a third commentator on that post) and I get a huge traffic (More than 60 visits) on my blog. So the lesson is, always try to be first commentator on a high traffic blog. It will surely work to bring some nice traffic on your blog.

fishes (1)

Second thing I want to tell is never leave spam comments or the comments like “Nice post” or “Great Article”. It will only ruin your reputation and you will not attract any traffic from such comments. So what is the correct method to comment on any blogs? Always try to comment something valuable that adds value to the post. It is necessary to build a strong relationship with the blog owner.

Relationship! Yes from commenting on blog, you can easily impress the owner of the blog or the writer of the article and you can build a decent relationship with him(Strong relationship is necessary for networking). But this doesn’t happen overnight. This is a step by step process. You need to be very clear on your goal. Your goal is to add value to the blog post by some genuine comment and make a healthy relationship with the blog owner to increase your network.

Spam Commenting

I daily receives lots of comments telling “Nice article”, “What a great post”. I generally accept these comments but never go to their blog to see about the commentator (Curiosity dies).

Some bloggers are far away from that. They write a comment on the notepad and just copy paste the same comment on several blogs to increase the back links of the blog. This is the perfect example of comment spam. Bloggers forget that they might lose their online reputation by doing this type of cheap activities.

There are following points you should take care about comments:

1) Comment on High traffic blog.

2) Be the first commentator.

3) Build relationship.

4) Don’t spam.

5) Comment Brings Traffic.

6) Comment bring back links.

7) Don’t comment “Nice post” or “Great article”.

8 ) Comment daily.

9) Add value to the post through your comment.

10) Comments are a source of networking.

Sometimes commenting first on the blog do not work. This is an obvious phenomenon. Don’t lose your heart if you are not getting traffic from a high traffic blog after commenting first. This might happen because you left something natural. Every good blogger want their readers to say something through comment so they left some space for readers to say about the topic. Try to grab the point and add a value from the comment.

Always  remember that don’t comment on other blogs by only thinking that you are increasing back link or you will get traffic on your blog. Always think in your mind that you are contributing something on the blog and add value to the article. This is a long term aspects of comment and it will give a long term result.

I made some fantastic friends through commenting on other blogs. It really works but it take time. So start commenting on others blog without expectation of traffic and back link. Start networking with bloggers of those blogs and see the result.

What is your comment strategy? Are you agree with the above mentioned points? Feel free to share your views in a comment section. And remember don’t leave comments such as “Nice post” or “I like your post” 🙂

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5 Main Differences Between Established Blogger And a Newbie Blogger

Established bloggers are those persons who are an owner of a established blogs.  These established blog have better ranking in search engines. Established blogs always get lots of exposure through social media. Whereas newbie bloggers are those who just started their carrier with a new blog . They always struggle to make a brand name and get exposure from the outer world.

Each blogger face newbie phase in his life. The newbie phase is always dark for most of the bloggers, they always struggle for traffic and comments on their blog. They always try to find various tricks to bring traffic on their blog. I am a person who had a work experience of both the newbie and established blog. I have done many freelance projects for established blog and saw a difference clearly. Here I am mentioning few points which I have experienced while working on established and a new blogs.

Happiness_1 sad-face

1. More Exposure

Established bloggers never struggle for traffic, they have huge fan following and already build community on their blog. Every post of any quality get a huge exposure and they get read many times. While the story of newbie blog is just opposite, bloggers every time struggle for traffic. They try to find different tactics to bring traffic on their blog.

2) Comment

Comment is very important for any blog. It is also necessary for building community near a blog to get huge exposure. Established bloggers always get huge exposure and other’s comments also. People don’t mind to leave comment on the high traffic blog. Whereas new blogs always struggle for a single comment on their blog. Newbie blogger adopt a habit of leaving comments on others blog so that they can get more comment in reply.

3) More Trust

Trust or brand name is a property of established blogs. People rarely doubt on ability of established blog. People easily except the recommended brand by established blogs . This is a helpful phenomenon for affiliate marketing. While newbie blog never build that much amount of trust on their blog.

4) Better ranking

Established blogs never struggle for Alexa or search engine ranking because both of them are better in this case. While newbie blogger always check their stats by various tools to know the current traffic and alexa rank. They are always curious to make their ranking better.

5) More Retweets

This is a common thing I have experienced in established blogs. They get more RTs on their every post. I experienced blogs such as Problogger, Mashable or Techcrunch immediately get hundreds of RTs after publishing the post. While the newbie blogger struggled to get a single RTs.


Every blogger face a stage of newbie so don’t need to worry about anything, starting of blog need lots of struggle. Starting need promotion. Try to write regularly on your blog and leave comments on other post. Any blog need at least six months to get required exposure.  Also adopt some killer marketing strategies to market your post very effectively. Write attractive articles to bring more visitors on your blog. Join Retweet club for getting immediate RTs.

Now its your turn. Do you face any of above mentioned situations on your blog. What is your thinking on the above mentioned topic. Feel free to start a discussion on a comment section.

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10 Unique Tips To Write An Attractive Article For Visitors

Are your post attractive enough to attract the attention of your blog visitors. Are you using those old format to write the post which is sufficient to repel you blog visitors from your blog. Here I am going to discuss some crucial factors about writing post on which your article beauty depends:


1. Topic of the post

Select a topic belongs to your niche, never select any random topic. Always do some great research before writing any post. Here research means go to some great blogs in your niche and find what they are writing about. You can easily find some great blog in your niche by visiting Alltop.

2. Post Title

Now Title is most important thing in terms of marketing and SEO. Always select attractive title, which brings lots of visitors. Here I want to give you example of my article in which I select an unattractive topic. My topic was Blogging tools where I wrote about blogging 25 blogging tools which are essential for blogging. Later I realized my mistake that I could make the title more attractive by giving it a title 25 killer and Must Use Blogging tools By Bloggers.

3. First Paragraph

First paragraph decides the intention of writer. First paragraph should tell the story of the article. Whatever you want to express you should talk about it in your first paragraph. This is a correct way to tell people what you are going to express in your rest of the article.

4. Hyper linking Text

Hyper linking text is a nice practice for SEO. Google love links, links may be outbound or inbound link, it increase the authority of article. Make a habit to hyper linking your keywords. These links are also known as Anchor text. Use WordPress Auto link plugin or

SEO Smart Links which can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

5. Insert Image

Always use image in an article. Picture tells everything, pictures boost the performance of article by 100%. Use some attractive photographs on your post which can able to tell the story you want to tell the readers. There are some great resources to find free licensed photographs for your blog.

6. Length of Article

Always keep the length of article short and explanative. 500-700 words article is sufficient to tell your readers everything. Try to write list post with heading on each point. Sometimes reader is in hurry so that he can’t able to read your entire post. If you are a live writer user you can easily check the word count in the footer of the editor.

7. End paragraph

End paragraph is also as important as starting paragraph, Always try to write the conclusion of your article in end paragraph, do not forget to ask questions from readers, you can also give your subscribe to feed link and your twitter profile link at the end of your article.

8. Checking errors

Error checking is the crucial check points before publishing any article. I use Microsoft Word Review feature and Grammar checking tool to check my all the spelling, punctuation and Grammar mistakes.

9. SEO setting

Some people generally publish the post from Windows Livewriter by using Publish button. This is not a nice habit. Always use post draft to blog feature of  Live Writer which automatically send your article to WordPress draft. Now go to WordPress setting for editing post and make sure all the data for you all in one SEO setting is filled by you in a proper manner. Never leave the post description area blank.

10. Now what

You have written a beautiful post, corrected all your mistakes and published the post finally. Now what you have to do is go to some killer marketing strategies to market your post very effectively so that it could attract lots and lots of visitors to see your post.

These are some great strategies I use on my blog before publishing any content. Do you use any of the above mention points on your blog to write an attractive an efficient post? Do you have your own strategies? Please share your strategies in comment section so that every would get benefitted. If you like this post Subscribe to feed and also you can follow me on Twitter @techim .

Now Use Licensed Photographs For Free On Your Blog

Images tells everything, but images are very hard to find. There are certain copyright restrictions due to which we can’t use every images from Google Image search result (common mistake by a newbie blogger).

Have you seen these signs anywhere. They are a symbol of Creative commons. To know more about creative common images go to

attrib standard noncomm nomod

attrib This image is most important for bloggers meaning which they copy, distribute, display, and perform your copyrighted work – and derivative works based upon it – but only if they give you credit. So if you find any image on Flickr having range of search within Creative Commons-licensed content, you can easily use this photo by giving proper credit to the account holder.

Any more solution

Here I am going to tell you one more solution which is very efficient and easier to find really cool images for blogs. This service is known as picapp. Picapp pictures are free of cost. By using a picture from PicApp, You must agree to the terms and conditions of Picapp before using it. You must link back to the PicApp site every time you use it.


According to Picapp  Images are SEO booster (All PicApp images include the right meta-data to assist search engines index the images and your posts better.) and bring more traffic to blog(High quality images improve your blog content and assure readers will keep coming back to your blog.)

Picapp has partnered with many company such as Gettyimages, Newscom , corbis, jupiterimage, imagesource. These are the prime source of all the pictures coming on Picapp.

Watch this video

Watch this amazing video to know the functionality of this service.

This is a really great service for blogger who found problem in searching cool images for their blogs. PicApp provide millions of free images without any cost. This service is also available as a WordPress plugin. Share this post among maximum persons via tweet so that they get benefitted by this service.

15 Incredible And Unmatched Qualities Of Professional Bloggers

Bloggers are those persons who work very hard and try to boost the performance of their blogs by various methods. These persons have some unique qualities which are common to most of them. I am not telling that bloggers are aliens who come from different World but I am trying to say that every Blogger is special and have some special qualities which make them different from the outer World.


Image Credit: Extra Ketchup

1. Writer: Bloggers are born writers; every blogger has some unique way to express their views to the outer world. Luckily they get a strong medium in a form of blog to express their views.

2. Communicator: Bloggers have a special ability to communicate with others. Its either promotion of blog or comments on other blog or connection via Twitter and Facebook, bloggers are excited to communicate with every new person.

3. Speaker: Bloggers are good speakers. It is not a must having criteria for bloggers but most of them are good speakers. They can express their speaking power in different seminars. Also they make different videos tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo to teach perfectly.

4. Disciplined: Blogger are a disciplined person. Blogging requires discipline in life. Post frequency should maintain by every blogger. It may be one or two articles per day. They fix their schedule to complete their target.

5. Hard Working: Hard-work is the must have criteria for bloggers. Blogging demands lots of hard work and dedication. It’s either research for the new article or promoting articles on Twitter and Facebook. All requires hard work.

6. Tech savvy: Blogging require lots of computer and software work. It is not necessary for every blogger to be tech savvy but a basic knowledge of WordPress and other software is must required thing for each blogger.

7. Serious: Seriousness towards work is a quality of any professional blogger. Any blogger may jolly or funny among his friends but should very serious and dedicated towards his blogging work.

8. Learner: Every blogger is a great learner. He learns things very quickly in comparison to others. Blogger is curious to surf different websites on internet and learn and grasp some knowledge.

9. Reader: Not only writing, bloggers love reading articles from different websites. They compile knowledge by visiting different sites and discover and read some really cool articles.

10. Organized: Bloggers are organized persons. There are plenty of serious bloggers who work from their home and maintain proper work schedule. They life are very much scheduled and they have proper steps in their daily blogging life.

11. Social: There are two types of persons: extrovert and introvert. Bloggers should be extrovert in nature. Its either replying comments and emails or become an active participate in Twitter and Facebook, blogger is a social person.

12. Creative: Bloggers are creative and innovative. They have their own technique to promote their blogs. They do something new to attract new visitors. They know very well what visitors want from them and they give exactly same.

13. Consistent: Consistency is a prime criterion of blogging. If blog is not doing well and rarely attract any visitors then blogger should consistence and tries to find the exact problem due to which the problem occurs. Bloggers should consistent in their work also.

14.  Honest: Blogging is a voice of a blogger. Blogger should be honest enough to bring all the things among their readers. Giving back link to the original article is a nice practice.

15. Transparent: Bloggers have a unique quality to tell things clearly. You should tell clearly that who you are and what your aim is. Everyone wants to know about the writer’s intention. Don’t be lazy to tell your intentions clearly.