Have You Checked These Awesome Chrome Experiments

Browsers are becoming advance day by day. One of the most advanced browser present is Google Chrome which is really superfast. WebGL (a technology that extends the power of Javascript without any use of plugin) feature is something which makes this browser really advanced and fast.

Here are some awesome Chrome Experimets which you should check out right now. Also, you can access rest of the experiments here

The WebGL Globe


Google Gravity





WebGL Aquarium



3 Dreams of Black

Overskreen Is A Unique Browser For Android

Smartphones are most often used for way many more things than just making a phone call and sending text messages. They are the source of information on the go and we barely spend any time when we are not surfing or searching something or the other on our device. The one application that we use more than most for searching and looking through the information is the Web Browser. Unlike its counterpart which mainly restricts the use of third party web browsers, Android allows its users to use browsers according to your need.

One such unique browser not a lot of people know about is the Overskreen Browser. Overskreen browser is a unique browser unlike any found on the market because it works in a pop up like window. This means that you can have your game running or even a Youtube application running and you can have your browser window open right above that so you can browse while there is something going in the background and keep an eye on the both. The browser is no muck and has all the features you would require from a mobile browser like bookmarks, tabs etc. The window of the browser can be re sized just like any window can be re sized on Windows platform on PC. The browser can similarly be minimized and can be bought back by clicking on a notification in the notification bar. This is especially handy as we can then invoke our browser easily whenever we want from the notification bar.

You can try out this wonderful browser here. It is not a free app, but definitely worth the little it costs. The browser is also commonly called Floating Browser. How did you find this app suggestion? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Xtravo is Windows Browser With Many Impressive Features

Xtravo is a browser for Windows that has a ton of many new and impressive features that could possibly attract the attention of users. Xtravo is fast and reliable and is light on your computer.


Getting started with Xtravo is easy. The homepage of Xtravo is set to the Jawoco search engine that will search for your files and display results with relevance to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  So you are always connected to your friends. You can change the homepage by going to the tools menu on the browser. The interface of the Xtravo browser is simple and easy to use with its multi-tabbed interface. Open new tabs easily and open as many tabs as you want without compromising on the performance.

jawoco search

You can select your homepage from a variety of search engines in the tools menu. The search engines like Bing, Jawoco, Google, Yahoo!, Ask etc. are preset on the browser. If you want, you can even set any other page as your homepage from the tools menu.

One of the unique features of Xtravo is that by registering to the website and downloading their OS which works from Windows, you get 60 Gb of Cloud space for free. This feature is quite unique in the fact that no other website or application offers so much of space on the Cloud.

Download Xtravo

Maxthon: A Safe and Secure Web Browser

There are so many web browsers available on the internet today, that people have a problem trying to choose and differentiate them from each other. Even though the open source browser competition is mainly between the Google Chrome and Firefox, there are many browsers out there that people might not know about, which are equally as good as the popular names. Maxthon is one such browser that is safe, has a neat interface and provides many more features that other browsers don’t.


Maxthon comes with a simple interface that is easy to use and navigate around. Various essential tools for browsers like bookmarking tools, subscribing to RSS feeds and the Download Manager are all present on the left side of the browser window. It even has an online notepad that you can use to take notes. The most commonly visited websites are all present in boxes on your homepage for easy access. You can even add your own websites to these blocks.

Now, coming to the most important feature of this browser, the Cloud feature. This is what separates this browser distinctly from the others and really makes it stand out. Users can now store their bookmarks, contacts, passwords, browsing settings, history etc. to the cloud and access this data from any other computer in the world which has a Maxthon browser.

maxthon passport

This feature, known as the Maxthon passport is a simple way to store all your important browsing data to the cloud so you can access it later.

This browser might just the next best thing in improving the browsing experience.

Download Maxthon.

Open Your Favorite Websites Using Key Combinations in Windows

Every one of us has a list of favorite websites which we visit often. People normally bookmark those websites for quick access. But if you need to access them as early as possible, bookmarking is not the best option.You can create shortcuts to your favorite websites in the Internet Explorer using key combinations and call them anywhere in the system even if you specify any other browser as the standard program. However, Internet Explorer is required for the setup part. To do this, follow the following steps:

1) Open your favorite website and save the address with Favorites –> Add to favorites.


2) Right click the new bookmark and select Properties.


3) Open a Web Document tab. In the Shortcut Key area, enter a combination of keys which is not is use. For example, I entered Ctrl + Shift + F11.
Repeat this process for the other websites also.


After you confirm the shortcut key, you can press this key combination while in any other application. Windows will execute the command associated with the key combination provided that there is no other function defined by the same combination. This is a really fast way to open your favorite websites and can save you a lot of time.

What is Difference Between Add-on and Plugin

Add-on and plug-ins are two widely used terms in browsers. Both the terms boost the performance of browser. In Firefox you install add-ons to add extra features as well as add plug-ins to add some missing functionalities. Despite of their matching properties, both the terms are not same.

Plug-in is a complete program and add-on is not a program. For example Flash is an plug-in which is a complete program. Flash player is required to play a video which is made by a company known as Adobe. Also Java is a plug-in made by Sun Microsystem which is used to run programs based on Java. Plug-in is not bounded for browsers only. Flash can be installed in computers to play flash files. Similarly Java can be installed to run Java files.

On the other hand add-on is not a complete program. It is used to add a particular functionality to a browser. If you suppose to install add-on on other work environment, say, your operating system, you can’t do it. It means, add-ons are limited to a certain boundary.

These days there are many browsers which comes with add-on features. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and the recently born RockMelt has add-on facility. In Chrome add-on is known as extension. There is no difference between add-on and extension. Both are the same terms used differently in different browsers.

How To Install Password Manager Software Lastpass on Your Computer

Sometime ago I told you how to setup and use Xmarks in Google Chrome browser. I am a big fan of Xmarks which is a brilliant tool for synchronizing bookmarks and passwords across various OS and browsers. But if you want a best online password manager to store, sync and manage your passwords in cloud then no one comes near to LastPass.

You can use this tool to protect or encrypt all the passwords and can be accessed with the help of master password. It automatically fills the credentials when you open the login page and also has ability yo fill forms.

There are two ways to get this tool on your computer. It comes as an extension for all the major browsers ( LastPass for Chrome, LastPass for Firefox, Safari and IE) and as a software which you can install on your PC. If you use a single browser on your computer then it is advisable to install an extension. Otherwise go for the software version.

Download the latest version.

Double click on the setup file to install the tool.


Select your language and click “Next”.


It will show you some benefits of the software. Click “Next” button.


Now select the browsers for which you want to install the plug-in. If you want to sync passwords along all the browsers then check the boxes next to each browser names and then click the “Next” button.


If any of the selected browser is open then it will ask you to close it immediately to continue the installation procedure. You can click the “Close programs” button to close the browser immediately (save your work before closing your browser).


If you don’t have Lastpass account then select the first option and click “Next”.


Enter your registration email ID, password, and a password reminder. Note that password and password reminder is very important because you can retrieve all the passwords easily. Keep your password secret.


It will ask you to re enter your master password. Read the instructions carefully and click “Save” button.


You can import all the save passwords in your browser’s password manager to the Lastpass. We advice you to disable password manager or use master password feature in Firefox to reduce password threat risk. Select the option next to “Yes, let me choose which items I want imported into LastPass” and click “Next”.


It will show all the saved passwords. Click Next.


After importing all the saved passwords, it is better to remove them from the browsers. Select the proper option and click “Next”.


After completing all the steps Lastpass is finally installed in your computer. Now it will ask you to select few options. First select the option “Automatically log me out of Lastpass” when I close my browser and “Do not set Lastpass Vault as my homepage” for enhancing your security. Click Done.


That’s it. Password manager is installed on your computer. Now you can go to any website and when you enter the login credentials and press enter, Laspass will ask you to save the password in the vault.

Here’s a nice video which tells you how to use this tool.

How to Stop Storing Encrypted Pages To Disk in Internet Explorer

When you browse the internet lots of temporary data gets stored inside your computer (as temporary internet files). IE also stores data from secure web pages (SSL pages). This may cause security threat as some malware could access the data stored on your computer and may expose your data. This data may be your form data, personal information, credit card number or any password. You have to tell your browser not to save the encrypted data on your computer.

To stop saving encrypted page to your computer you have to make some minor changes in the settings of your Internet Explorer browser. On IE click on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Here you’ll find plenty of options. Scroll down to the Security section to check the box next to “Do not save encrypted pages to disk”. Click OK.


That’s all. Now Internet Explorer will not save any encrypted page locally on your computer. Now if your computer may get attacked by any malware you don’t need to worry. But it is advisable that you should use a nice Antivirus software to make your PC secure from virus attacks.

How to Delete All Your Browsers Traces At One Click

When you browse the web you leave traces in the form of cookies, cache, history, downloads etc. It means any other person who can access your computer can easily know about the sites you visited or the preferences you stored inside your browser cookies. One nice way to overcome this problem is using Incognito mode or private browsing or disable browsing history feature in your browser. But still user prefer normal browsing mode and hence all the important browser data save inside the computer locally. Most of the browsers provide option to delete browsing history but you can’t delete the history of all the browsers present on your computer at one time.

There is a nice utility in Windows by which you can delete all the browser data of your computer at one click. The tool is known as Web Browser Traces Eraser. It automatically scans all the available browsers and check all the traces. All you need to do is click on the “Clean” button and the tool will clean all the traces from your computer.


Currently it supports all the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Flock etc. Apart from browser traces it can also scan and delete basic Windows traces such as clipboard cache, DNS logs, Recycle Bin items, paint history, recent folders, wordpad history etc.

Click on Settings button given on the right to access some more options. For example you can create system restore point before deleting traces, reduce memory usage during cleaning process, save selected traces to INI file, minimize the program tray, set it to start with Windows. You can also schedule deletion process (delete all the traces while windows starts or shut down).

The tool is available in installer as well as portable version. Note: Before using this tool think once that do you really need to delete the cache, cookies or history data of your browser. If you  as they can help you if you browse the web next time.

Download Web Browsers Traces Eraser.

How To Disable Chrome Password Manager

Chrome password manager may turned out to be biggest security loophole as it doesn’t ask for any passkey if anyone wants to see all the the saved password. It means if you are using Google Chrome and save all the passwords inside your browser then anyone can visit the password manager easily and break into your web accounts. It is better not to use it. The other alternative of Chrome password manager is Xmarks password manager which comes inbuilt in amazing extension Xmarks.

To disable the inbuilt password manager in Google Chrome, click on the wrench icon at the top right. Click on Options.

chrome options

Go to the Personal Stuff tab and select the option “Never save passwords” under Password section. Then click the Clsoe button given at the bottom.


That’s it. Now Chrome won’t ask you to save your password everytime you login into any new web service. If you want to use password manager for your browser then we recommend Xmarks Chrome extension, here’s a nice guide to setup and use Xmarks.