Typosaur.us is a Website that Tells you the Number of Spelling Errors on your Website

If you are in the business of creating websites or even writing or maintaining your own publication, the dreaded nightmare for you would be a spelling error. We are not to judgemental about them here at Blogtechnika, simply because of the fact that we usually keep our spell checks on and if it passes the same, we usually conclude that the thing must have been written pretty alright. However, in case you have a client delivery on the content, you cannot take chances with something as minute yet into the eye as a spelling. This is where Typosaur.us comes into the picture.


It is a very simple tool or a website, that basically tells you the number of spelling errors on your website as a measure of the quality of the content on your website. While the entire tool is still under construction, you can get the Google Chrome extension for the same.


The way the tool works is that you need to enter anything between one to 100 websites in the tool and it gives you an analysis of errors and the number of pages that it has scanned so that you can go ahead and change the errors. You can also tweet out the error picked and suggestions, just in case you would want to ask those on your Timeline for suggestions.

You can find more on the tool right here.

DayDream for Chrome Lets you Focus on your Five Most Important Tasks

We all make our daily list of tasks that we need to accomplish. It is a totally different thing, half of this stuff ends up being procrastinated to the next day, but we all do make a list. And one of the reasons why half the work we plan is not accomplished is because we are too caught up surfing the web for things that are not productive like cat videos. DayDream is a lifesaver in this situation.


This extension for Chrome basically replaces the default screen when you open a new tab on Chrome. Here, you have to enter five tasks that you wish to accomplish that day. This is helpful as you always have in front of you the things that are pending for the day, warning you before you spend that one precious hour on Reddit away. The extension also allows you to edit the tasks or even delete them so that you can fit in even more than five tasks. Once the task is complete you can click on the finish button on the tab to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

There is also a focus mode here that basically allows you to enter just one major task so that it is always in front of your eyes every time you open a new tab on your Chrome Browser. The extension is available for free from the Chrome Webstore and there are not too many settings that you can fiddle around with. The extension is simple and easy way to boost your productivity.

Download DayDream for Chrome here

Give the new Chrome Tab a Visual Overhaul with Shader

We all are in a habit of pressing Cmd/Ctrl plus T for any information we are looking for. This is the shortcut for opening new tab. If you are using Google Chrome, by default, the new tab opens a set of box like arranged windows of your most frequently visited websites. Most of us are not comfortable with this and would like a more simplistic solution.


Shader- 3D New Tab is exactly that. This extension is available for free in the Google Chrome webstore and basically changes how the new tab appears for you. The extension removes all the links and replaces that with a sweet 3D background and on top of it are the most essential information including the day, time, google search bar as well as a greeting message to give you an idea of the time of the day. Sadly, there is no date available here, and the time too is in 24 hour format with no option of changing it to 12 hour. In addition to the search bar, there are also shortcuts to some of the most commonly used Social Network apps such as Twitter, Facebook etc.

The extension is extremely simple, with the only thing you can change, being the background image. The best thing about installing Shader is that it does not hog memory of your computer. One of the major complains about Chrome extension sin the past have been that they suck up the resources of the PC making Chrome very heavy on memory, that is surely not the case here. The extension is really simple to use, and you can download it for free from the store right here.

Follow How your Favorite Team is doing at the FIFA World Cup using Google Now

Google Now is one of the best ways to glance the information that you may need. Starting from keeping a tab on the stock market performances of the companies you are interested in to getting the information on weather to traffic situations, Google Now has become an integral part of how we use Android, both on smartphones and desktops running Chrome.

Google Now- World Cup

The best thing about Google Now is the ability to evolve. As things go on happening, they are added to Google Now, unlike Siri where you usually have to wait for the next major update of the OS. Google Now recently added the ability to follow your favorite IPL cricket team by subscribing to them in the app, and now has swiftly added all the 32 teams that will be participating at the FIFA World Cup so you can catch the action live. To add a team, go to Google Now, click on the customize button, that is located at the bottom of the window, click on sports and add.

Just like with other premier league or spanish football teams, you simply have to search for the country and its sports team and then subscribe to the updates. You can catch the action live as the scores will be updated regularly of the games the teams are participating in. Google Now also gives you a glance at the group position as well as the schedule of when the team will play the next game. This information is obviously subjective to be shown only during the periods when the teams will be playing and will not be omnipresent.

How to Turn your Chrome Browser into a Notepad?

We all like to take notes constantly. Yet, most of us prefer to have a stand alone Note taking application to help us take notes and maybe sync across different devices. Several free apps like Notepad for Windows or Simplenote are available for Mac. You could also use something like Evernote for a more feature packed writing and sync it with your mobile device via cloud. But what if, that is not what you are looking for and just want to quickly scribble something temporarily and get rid of it when done. It could be anything, maybe in a boring lecture to look busy for the sake of it, we have all done it!

Notes on Chrome

To help you with this, you can simply turn the browser window on your Chrome browser into a note taking application. To convert the tab into a note taking background with light background, you need to paste the following code into the tab without the quote marks obviously.

Paste this in the URL Window and press enter:


You can go on and type away to glory once you have done this. However, what if you like writing with dark backgrounds. This is especially handy for night time scribbling as you do not want the glare of the screen to kill your eyes. To convert to a dark background Note pad simply go ahead and paste the following URL in the new tab on your browser:


That is it, it is as easy as that to convert your Chrome browser into a note taking app.

Here’s How to Disable the new Tabbed Page when opening new tabs in Chrome

Chrome recently completed rolling out a new feature where if you opened a new tab in the browser you see a tabbed set of websites that you have used most often. This can be of a mild annoyance for two reasons. The first being that obviously the whole privacy issue where if someone is with you on your computer can peek through the sites you go to most often and the other being that most of us were very used to the whole experience where we could click on our Chrome apps the moment we click new tab.

However, as there is no option in Chrome settings to go back, here is a quick way how you can restore to the old setting and no more have to put up with the new tabbed Chrome page.

Chrome Tabbed browsing

Step 1: Open a New Tab on Chrome.

Step 2: Type this address in the address bar: chrome://flags/#enable-instant-extended-api and click on Enter.

Step 3: This would open the Flags page in Chrome, search for the setting name: ‘Instant Extended API’ and simply turn the setting off by clicking on Disable.

Step 4: Relaunch Chrome and if you have followed the steps correctly when you open a new tab, you will see the old setup back.


Fruumo Download Manager is the Perfect Chrome Download Manager

There is no doubting the credentials and power of Google Chrome when it comes to being the best desktop browser irrespective of if you are rocking a Windows or a Macbook. With unlimited customizations and plugins available thanks to a very strong development support, Chrome has given the users an alternative to anything they might not like in the default setup. If you do not like a particular thing about Chrome, you can always change it.

Fruumo Download Manager

The story is no different when it comes to the Download manager on Chrome. For many, the default system is not adequate and hence they move to a third party download manager primarily to integrate things like resume-able downloads or scheduling downloads and these work well with pretty much any browser via a plugin. However, if you do not like having too many programes installed on your hard drive then Fruumo Download Manager is the perfect plugin for Chrome to help you manage your Downloads.

Fruumo Download Manager1

The plugin comes with various features such as Pausing, Resuming and Canceling the downloads, setting download filters, desktop notifications, multi download feature from the same page, image previews as well as search bar to search through your downloads. The UI of the plugin is really cool too and looks a notch or two better than the plain and minimalistic feel of Chrome.

You must check out the plugin from the Chrome Store here

How to Change font for all websites within Google Chrome

As tech enthusiasts few things interest us as much as typography. We are always on the lookout for beautiful fonts and although we have had several discussions in house how Helvetica is the best looking thing ever, but that is for a different occasion. However, if you are also cautious of the font that is used on the website and would much rather see something familiar across all the sites you open in Chrome than a new font on every font, then we have a very simple solution for you.

Font change in Chrome

A Chrome Extension called Font Changer is really helpful, as it allows you to change the font of any website within Google Chrome. The extension is available for free and extremely simple and easy to use. There are well over 500 fonts that you can pick with this extension. All you really need to do is, click on the extension button and pick the font you like and you are good to go.

You can download Font Changer for free for Google Chrome here.

Not just this, you also have the option of picking up a particular font and it’s type and weight for few particular sites than all of them, so in case you do not like the font on Blogtechnika (which by the way, I am sure you love) you can make changes using Font Changer.

Do let us knwo in the section below, which font did you pick.

Explore Your Instagram Feed Directly From Chrome With This Useful Extension

Instagram is the new hot toy of the tech world. It lets users upload pictures in a square format, lets them add simple filters to edit them and share it across their Social Networking Feeds like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. However, if you do not have your Android or iOS device on hand and want to explore your feed then unless you want to use the desktop browser just browsing your feed can be a problem. So here is a useful Chrome extension that would help you explore, comment or like your Instagram feed just like you would on a mobile device.

Instagram for Chrome

Instagram For Chrome is a free extension that you can simply add to your Chrome browser and allow it permission to access your Instagram feed.

Instagram For Chrome has exactly the same interface for Chrome as it is for Android. You can change your profile info, or see your likes and explore different users just like on your device. The main drawback obviously is the fact that you can not add pictures to your Instagram feed via Chrome and can be used for just exploring purpose.

The extension opens a pop up window on the right side of the browser and you can scroll easily using the click wheel on your pointing device. You can also see popular posts and if you are one who wants to see things big then simply pop the window out by clicking on settings.

It is the simplest solution to follow your entire Instagram feed while browsing on Chrome. Do let us know how you found the extension in the section below or Tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Google Launches The $1300 Chromebook Pixel

Chromebooks in the past few months have gained traction as one of best portable devices which can be used as secondary cheap alternative to your main computer. No, it would not replace your existing machine since the Chromebook still has some major drawbacks such as no disk drive, relatively low specs and lack of full blown apps as you are closed by the web apps available on Chrome Store. However, if you are looking for a device for a rough and rugged use, then Chromebooks due to their price efficiency are a great buy. However, it seems like Google wants to have a premium product in their lineup of Chromebook, and it is no surprise that after months of rumors, Google announced the ‘Pixel’ which is a high end $1300 Chromebook.


The ‘Pixel’ has the best pixel density of any laptops out there cramming a very impressive 239 PPI in a 12.85 inch tall screen. The resolution on Pixel Chromebook is impressive 2560×1700 and the viewing angles and colors on the device are said to be the best in business. The body is entirely made out of anodized Aluminium with the touch pad made out of etched glass. The device also boasts a back-lit keyboard similar to a Macbook Pro. The device is powered by Intel’s i5 processor and has 32 GB of SSD on board for storage purpose. You also get 1TB of space in Google Drive to store your files in the cloud.

The Pixel Chromebook is available in both Wi-Fi and LTE version. The LTE version will set you back by $1450. However, it remains a question if the device is worth all the money, when you can easily pick a basic Chromebook for about $200 to $400. We have been using Chromebook as our back up device for over a month now, and would be extremely skeptical to spend $1300 on it, when there are options in market which are a lot more powerful and even cheaper. The device is already available to pick in the Play Stores in UK and US.

However, only time will tell if Chromebook Pixel would prove to be a hit among customers or would it be just another of those devices that were launched for an elite set of customers. You can check out the video of the device here:

Do let us know your views about Chromebook Pixel in the section below or tweet in to us @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Via: Chromespot