Facebook Rolls out Feature to Add Photos in Comments

Facebook is the number one social network on the planet. Like it or loathe it, you cannot keep it out of news. They recently added the video feature to Instagram and slowly Facebook has bought another change which has pretty much gone un noticed. Facebook has evolved over a the past few years and you really have to hand it over to the team behind the site for bringing some real cool add ons. While everyone has not yet received the graphical search, looks like the ability to add images to comments is already a feature being rolled out to all it’s users. Finally some uniformity.


Now when you are about to comment on any status or post, you will see a small Camera sort of icon at the bottom right where you can attach the image from the browser. You can carry on writing the comment like you normally would and the image would be shown on the left hand side of the comment. There is still no way to incorporate image from a URL which is kind of disappointing.

Facebook comments photos

The upload procedure in itself is slow and as a result we had to give the image a couple of tries before uploading it. We hope this is not the final version and Facebook brings maybe even an upload bar which shows the exact progress of the upload.


Top 10 Dreams Of A Professional Blogger

Professional blogging is a phase when an individual leaves all his other works (9 to 6 day job) and start his own career as a blogger. This is a very critical phase for any blogger because source of money for a blogger is his own blog. Any professional blogger always try to enhance his work by various approach. Ultimately he needs traffic on his blog so that he convert the traffic into maximum revenue. Here are the top 10 dreams of any professional blogger:


Image Credit: Margolove

1) 100 comments on every article

Its a dream, every comment raise a hope in the mind, every blogger needs discussion on his blog. He wants that people treat his blog like a forum where people post any problem and they get a solution by another user. Reaching at this level needs lots of hard work, a well focused content and target audience.

2) More than 100 Retweets for each article

This is a relatively newer concept. Every blogger implementing Rt button on his blog. This is a nice way to spread the article. If any post get more than 100 retweets then imagine an amount of traffic came to blog.

3) Digg front page

It is undoubted that digg front page brings a surge in a traffic. People try very  hard to get at the top position on the digg just because they want a heavy target audiences who can boost the readership of the blog.

4) Article Tweeted by Top twitter users

This is my own personal dream that my post get retweeted by power Twitter users such as Problogger, Daniel Scooco, Zaibatsu, Guykawasaki etc. They are highly trusted people on Twitter and their tweet spread virally by other Twitter users.

5) Under 10K alexa rank

People often says that Alexa rank is irrelevant and not according to traffic stat. But every blogger need to reach at the top because still Alexa is one of the measure of trust. Reaching under 10k rank is the dream of each blogger.

6) Page rank greater than 4

Page rank is another measure of trust. People can easily trust those blogs which has a Google page rank of greater than or equal to 4. It doesn’t mean that blogs whose page rank is less than 4 is not trustable but it is one of the dream of any blogger to achieve page rank 4 landmark as sooner as possible.

7) Get dollars in the form of review post

Review post is a great source of income. Experts says that one or two review post a month is suitable for any blog. Company pay high amount for writing a review of the product. Bloggers want to grab the review of nice products in the market.

8 ) Networking with all the great bloggers of niche

Networking is a great way to be in a contact with bloggers of the niche. Networking brings lots of trust and exposure. People generally recommend your websites or give a back link if you have a great networking. Each blogger try to make a network with a top bloggers of a niche to get immediate exposure.

9) Make more than 2000$ per months

Money is a great reason for anyone to blog. Bloggers want to generate as much revenue as possible. 2000$ per month is a nice income and every blogger wants to touch this height by his hard work, dedication and proper strategy.

10) Own blogging company (own startup)

This is a dream of many  professional blogger to start his own company and make lots of blogs and websites to generate quick revenue through killer internet marketing. Bloggers want to work in a team to increase the range of work. It is also one of the toughest work to make a great team.

Apart from these dreams many blogger wants to learn different skills like internet marketing, social networking, designing of blogs, WordPress theme customization and lots of more things. Do you have your own blogging dreams and goals, feel free to share with readers in the comment section.

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Blog Comment Strategy- Why Comment Is Necessary To Build Strong Networking

Commenting is a nice strategy to attract visitors to our blog. Some people leave comment on a blog very smartly to get immediate attention. And the technique generally works. Yesterday I left a comment on Problogger (I was a third commentator on that post) and I get a huge traffic (More than 60 visits) on my blog. So the lesson is, always try to be first commentator on a high traffic blog. It will surely work to bring some nice traffic on your blog.

fishes (1)

Second thing I want to tell is never leave spam comments or the comments like “Nice post” or “Great Article”. It will only ruin your reputation and you will not attract any traffic from such comments. So what is the correct method to comment on any blogs? Always try to comment something valuable that adds value to the post. It is necessary to build a strong relationship with the blog owner.

Relationship! Yes from commenting on blog, you can easily impress the owner of the blog or the writer of the article and you can build a decent relationship with him(Strong relationship is necessary for networking). But this doesn’t happen overnight. This is a step by step process. You need to be very clear on your goal. Your goal is to add value to the blog post by some genuine comment and make a healthy relationship with the blog owner to increase your network.

Spam Commenting

I daily receives lots of comments telling “Nice article”, “What a great post”. I generally accept these comments but never go to their blog to see about the commentator (Curiosity dies).

Some bloggers are far away from that. They write a comment on the notepad and just copy paste the same comment on several blogs to increase the back links of the blog. This is the perfect example of comment spam. Bloggers forget that they might lose their online reputation by doing this type of cheap activities.

There are following points you should take care about comments:

1) Comment on High traffic blog.

2) Be the first commentator.

3) Build relationship.

4) Don’t spam.

5) Comment Brings Traffic.

6) Comment bring back links.

7) Don’t comment “Nice post” or “Great article”.

8 ) Comment daily.

9) Add value to the post through your comment.

10) Comments are a source of networking.

Sometimes commenting first on the blog do not work. This is an obvious phenomenon. Don’t lose your heart if you are not getting traffic from a high traffic blog after commenting first. This might happen because you left something natural. Every good blogger want their readers to say something through comment so they left some space for readers to say about the topic. Try to grab the point and add a value from the comment.

Always  remember that don’t comment on other blogs by only thinking that you are increasing back link or you will get traffic on your blog. Always think in your mind that you are contributing something on the blog and add value to the article. This is a long term aspects of comment and it will give a long term result.

I made some fantastic friends through commenting on other blogs. It really works but it take time. So start commenting on others blog without expectation of traffic and back link. Start networking with bloggers of those blogs and see the result.

What is your comment strategy? Are you agree with the above mentioned points? Feel free to share your views in a comment section. And remember don’t leave comments such as “Nice post” or “I like your post” 🙂

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Blogtechnika Completed 1000 Comments-Achievements And Goals

With an immense pleasure I am announcing that yesterday Blogtechnika has completed 1000 comment landmark. I want to thanks all the people who are loyal readers of this blog who actively participated in reading the contents and comment on this blog. I launched this blog on August and I get a huge response in the starting days of this blog. The main attraction of this blog is its unique content. I want to share some of its content which helps Blogtechnika to achieve this landmark.


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Blogging Goals of Blogtechnika

Blogtechnika is a weblog which delivers unique content on Blogging , WordPress and Social media. The main aim behind delivering these articles is to help those bloggers who are new in blogosphere community. Also I want to develop a  strong community and I want to rank Blogtechnika top among the blogs of its niche.

There are many aims I want to achieve in the coming 6 months:

1. To make Blogtechnika one of the most recognized blog of World.

2. To get 1000 subscribers (currently having 141 subscribers).

3. To get alexa rank under 30K (currently 89K).

4. To bring 1500 daily unique visitors (currently 400+).

5. Generate 500$+  from this blog. (Currently 150$ from Adsense and Freelance work).

6. Getting 4000+ comments (Currently 1020).

These are some prime goals of Blogtechnika for the next six months. I really need your support to achieve all these goals. Feel free to share your views, send message to me at Twitter @techim if you have any queries. You can also send me mail on admin[at]blogtechnika[dot]com for any queries and doubts. I will definitely reply all your queries. If you like this article then subscribe to feeds for upcoming free updates on your feed reader.