F.lux Adjusts Screen Color of Your Computer According to Time

F.lux is an innovative software that automatically adjusts screen color of your computer according to the time of the day so that you don’t strain your eyes which will then help you to get a good night’s sleep. If you wake up in the morning and immediately switch on your computer screen, you will find it to be too bright for your eyes as they are still adjusting to the natural light from your surroundings. On top of that, if you are exposed to a bright computer screen first thing in the morning, it will only damage your eyesight and can cause other problems.


F.lux can help users to stay safe from causing damage to their eyes. Computer screens are designed to look like the sun during broad daylight to give you the feeling of working under bright light. But when you work at night, you probably shouldn’t be looking at the sun. F.lux makes your computer screen look like the room you’re in. It automatically adjusts the brightness and color of your computer screen according to the time of the day so as to provide comfort to your eyes.

Initially, when you install F.lux, indicate what kind of lighting you have around the area you live and also specify the area where you live in. Your work is done. After that, F.lux will do everything else according to the time of the day and adjust whatever it has to accordingly.

F.lux is particularly useful for users who work for long hours at night. This software is highly recommended as is can really help reduce strain to the eyes which will then increase the work rate and efficiency of the user.

Download F.lux.

Optimize your Computer’s Memory with Memory Optimizer Pro

You may have a beefed up system with high end products installed in it. But in the end, a Windows user will always experience crashes from time to time. Memory Optimizer Pro is an app that will increase your computer’s performance by 200%, thereby reducing almost 90% of crashes occurring on most systems.

mem optimize

To optimize your computer’s memory, just download the app and run the setup file. When you open memory optimizer, it automatically detects the amount of memory on your system and displays how much memory is being wasted by the system. To recover this free or available memory, just click on the “recover free memory” button. The app takes around 5 to 10 seconds to complete and will then show you how much of memory it can recover.

memory optimizer

The app cannot be customized or configured in any way. All it does is display the amount of memory on your computer and show you how much of it is actually being utilized and helps you to recover some of the free memory being wasted to a certain extent. You can then tweet your results directly from the app. The app runs in the background and monitors your activities and frees up the memory accordingly to help you achieve the most out of your system memory.

Download Memory optimizer pro.

Dell to stay with its PC Business

Dell has confirmed that they are in no mood to back down from its personal computing business unlike arch rival HP who did the same in August this year. Michael Dell in an interview to financial times assured the fans that the company will continue to provide PC experience to it users and has no plans like HP. It is no surprise that Dell would love to stay because now the road is sweet as sugar for them.

This is what Michael Dell said in an exclusive interview with Financial Times

We believe the devices and the hardware still matter as part of the complete, end-to-end solution.

Interestingly Dell is still not the largest vendor of PC’s in the world. HP who bid adieu to the PC market enjoys an 18.1 % share in the market where as Dell is number 2 with 12.9% of the total market share.

So HP’s decision to drop its PC business will turn out to be a perfect story for Dell and it could well be said that HP gifted the top spot to Dell without letting them fight for it. Dell has already started capitalizing on this opportunity and the company also has a firm grip on the Asian market including China and India.

So with Dell deciding to stay, all those who have a Dell PC can still keep the smiles on their face. Had HP stayed what would you have bought HP or Dell?

PwrDrain Tells You About Battery Usage

One thing every laptop user has to be extremely wary of is the battery consumption. Usually it happens that we are working on an extremely important document and the warning signs start to flash on our screen saying battery low, needless to say we try and save all the work ASAP and in this hurry often lose out on important documents

PwrDrain is a wonderful tool to come in handy in such situation. We have a lot of indicators which tell us about the amount of battery left , but PwrDrain actually takes this to another level. It tells us exactly how much battery is being consumed at the current point of time and it generates alert when the battery consumption increases.


It’s a Windows sidebar gadget that sits on your desktop and indicate the battery usage with the help of a power meter. This gadget is a great example of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is the sort of stuff that any geeky guy would be interested in and quickly try and shut off the applications which are overusing the battery especially in power scarce regions.

Just like any other widgets it can be moved along all over the desktop and is extremely light weight .

Download PwrDrain from Google Code.

NovaBench is Affective Benchmarking Tool For Your PC

Benchmarking a process of finding the performance of hardware and other components of PC so that you can compare your PC performance. You’ll get scores at the end of benchmarking process and you can compare that score with the standard score. It ultimately checks the performance level of your PC.

NovaBench is simple and easy to use benchmarking tool that test your PC performance. It is available free to download. Apart from Windows it is also available for Mac platform.

Download and install the application on your PC. Now run the program. Click on “Start Benchmark Test” button.

It will ask you to close all the running applications. Close all of them and click the “Proceed” button.

It will start analyzing your computer. It displays remaining time on the program’s interface. You can stop test anytime you want by clicking the “Stop Test” button.

After few seconds it’ll show the result. You can see the NovaBench score, system RAM, CPU Tests, Graphic tests, hardware tests results. You can save the result on your PC (click the “Save” button). Also you can compare the result with “Compare These Results Online”.

On the Novabench site you can compare your PC score and system component results to other system scores.


Download Novabench.

How to Find Crappy Software Which Causes Blue Screen Of Death

Blue screen of death is a condition when your computer suddenly stop working and a blue screen appears on the screen having some text written on it. It happens because of either hardware failure or some crappy software. According to Wikipedia article

The Blue Screen Of Death (also known as BSoD or bluescreen), known officially as a Stop Error or a bug check is the error screen displayed by the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems upon encountering a critical error during system startup, of a non-recoverable nature, that causes the system to “crash.” The term is named after the color of the screen generated by the error.

In PC, most probable reason of rebooting of PC is either malfunctioning device drivers and kernel modules. Kernel modules error lets PC to reboot therefore mostly either drivers or software are responsible for BSoD. WhoCrashed is a free application that tells you exactly which software, or device driver is a reason for error. You can uninstall the software and update drivers after watching the report to overcome the problem.


For example in the above given screenshot, you can see that it shows the name of software as well as error and file path which causes the problem. According to makers of this tool, this software is not always 100% sure about the drivers responsible for the crash, but most of the time it gives the accurate result.

Download Whocrashed to know about bad software and drivers which causes error in your PC.

How Dust Affects Your PC And Method To Clean it

Dust is a very tiny particle which is not visible to our eyes but it is present everywhere in small or large amount. Due to its negligible weight, it easily flow in the air. Since, dust particles are charged therefore they easily get attracted by other charge particles.

Effects of dust particles

If you are someone who works in a dusty environment then your computer is more prone to attract dust. When time passes, your computer is accumulated by huge amount of dust particles that causes over heating in your computer.


Image credit : Miia Ranta

Dust can easily find place in the ball bearing of fans of computer (use for sinking the heat) and it result in failure of fan. If fan stops working then the processor got overheated and it might result in hardware failure.

Accumulation of dust on memory chip could built the static charge and results in failure of motherboard or RAM.

How to clean the dust of PC

If you own a desktop PC then first turn off your computer. Remove all the power sources, bring your PC in an open area (if there is a heavy dust in your computer then don’t do anything inside the room. Now open the screws of CPU cabinet, start the vacuum cleaner (use blower function to blow the dust). Use it until all the dust will come out of your PC. Now clean it with a cotton cloth and close the cabinet.

If you are a laptop user then I never advice you to open your laptop. It’s risky. Go to the customer service and ask them to clean your laptop. They will charge some money from you but it is worth for the long life of your laptop.

How To Know Your IP Address

IP address, in an average user language, is number allotted to the device for transfer of data in an internet communication. You might be surprised to know that your computer may have two different IP addresses. Internal IP address and External IP address. I am describing the differences between the two one by one.

Internal IP address

This is the IPv4 address of your computer in your home computer network. If you are using router then it is required during internet setup. You can check your internal IP address with the help of cmd command.

1. Click on “Start” button and type cmd in the search box. Press Enter.


2. In the cmd panel, type ipconfig and press enter.


3. It will display all the Windows IP configuration. Check the IPv6 and IPv4 addresses.


External IP address

This is the IP address assigned to you by your ISP (internet service provider). Finding external IP address is not so difficult. There are many online services for this purpose. I found WhatIsMyIPAddress.com a bit useful. It displays name of the ISP, connection type, city, region, country along with the IP address. It also displays your location in a map.


You can also use a What is my IP bookmarklet to know your IP address. Drag it to your bookmakr bar to use it.  Honeytechblog demonstrated its functionality pretty well.

How to Send Images From iPad To Computer Without Using Any App Or iTunes

There are numerous options to send files from iPad to computer. iTunes transfer and Dropbox are the well known method. Though Dropbox is the easiest method I found but if you don’t have Dropbox account then you can use the method I am going to explain.

1. Tap on the Photos icon given on the bottom of the iPad.


2. It will open the images on your iPad. Select the image you want to send. You will find no option when you browse through images. Just tap on the screen and options will appear.


3. Tap on “Send to” button given on the top right. Many options will appear. Click on the option “Email Photo”. By emailing the image, you can browse it through any computer.


4. Type the recipient’s email ID and subject of the mail in the field given.


4. After filling all the required areas, click on the “Send” button.


5. After few seconds a weird sound will come from your iPad, it means the mail has been sent from your iPad. Now go to your computer, open your email and download the image on your computer. There is one disadvantage of using this technique, if you need to send images in bulk then you can’t send it at once. It will consume more time.