How to Delete All Your Browsers Traces At One Click

When you browse the web you leave traces in the form of cookies, cache, history, downloads etc. It means any other person who can access your computer can easily know about the sites you visited or the preferences you stored inside your browser cookies. One nice way to overcome this problem is using Incognito mode or private browsing or disable browsing history feature in your browser. But still user prefer normal browsing mode and hence all the important browser data save inside the computer locally. Most of the browsers provide option to delete browsing history but you can’t delete the history of all the browsers present on your computer at one time.

There is a nice utility in Windows by which you can delete all the browser data of your computer at one click. The tool is known as Web Browser Traces Eraser. It automatically scans all the available browsers and check all the traces. All you need to do is click on the “Clean” button and the tool will clean all the traces from your computer.


Currently it supports all the popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, Flock etc. Apart from browser traces it can also scan and delete basic Windows traces such as clipboard cache, DNS logs, Recycle Bin items, paint history, recent folders, wordpad history etc.

Click on Settings button given on the right to access some more options. For example you can create system restore point before deleting traces, reduce memory usage during cleaning process, save selected traces to INI file, minimize the program tray, set it to start with Windows. You can also schedule deletion process (delete all the traces while windows starts or shut down).

The tool is available in installer as well as portable version. Note: Before using this tool think once that do you really need to delete the cache, cookies or history data of your browser. If you  as they can help you if you browse the web next time.

Download Web Browsers Traces Eraser.

Delete Cache & Cookie of Particular Domain in Internet Explorer 9

New IE 9 is a feature rich browser. Deleting cache, cookies and browsing history at a time is easy but IE 9 also provides you option to delete cache and cookie of a particular site. Here’s how you can do that.

Go to IE9 browser, and click on the settings icon given at the top right. Select F12 developer tools.


A developer tool will appear on the bottom of the browse. It comes with a lots of menu. Click on Cache to expand the options.


Under cache, you’ll see “Clear browser cache for this domain” and “Clear cookies for domain”. Select the given options to delete the cache or cookie.


It will ask you for the confirmation. Click ‘Yes’ button.


That’s all. In this way you can delete browser cookie or cache of a particular domain in IE9.

How To Delete Cookies Stored By Flash In Your Computer

Do you know that when you delete cookies stored inside your computer, it is not necessary that all the cookies information is deleted. There are some websites that set cookies by Flash. And it can’t be deleted using traditional method.

Important Note: You might know about Incognito mode in Google Chrome where any data (browsing history, cookies) can’t be stored. But it is not always true. As you can’t disable plugins in the private mode, there are chances that Flash might store the data about sites you access in this mode.

To watch the cookies stored in Flash, you can visit Abobe Settings Manager page. It will show you all the websites that are using Flash to store cookies on your PC.

According to Adobe

In this panel, you can change storage settings for a website or delete the website so that, if you visit it again, it will use your global settings instead of any individual settings you may have set. You can also delete all sites, which erases any information that may have already been stored on your computer.


How to delete individual cookies

To delete the individual cookie, click on the name of website in the box given. Now click on the “Delete website” button.

cookies delete

A pop up will appear, click on the “confirm” button.


How to delete all the cookies

To delete all the cookies information, click on the “Delete all sites” button.


A pop up appears. Click on “Confirm” button to delete all the cookies information stored inside your computer by the websites.


All done. All the cookies information is deleted. You can visit the Adobe setting manager page to delete the cookies time to time.

How to prohibit websites from storing any information

Go to Global Storage Settings panel. Now set the slider at left most position. It will assure that Adobe will get no disk space to store the information on your computer.


Also uncheck the box next to “Allow third party Flash content to store data on your computer”.

Note: According to Adobe: If you prohibit websites from storing information, the website might or might not function as intended.

How To Disable Cookies In Firefox Browser

Cookies are a small file that can be allowed to stored locally on your computer. Cookies looks for many functions like identifying users, storing preferences and lot more. It maintains a record of the user and available the data next time you browse any website.

When you visit any shopping website like Amazon, it automatically tells you your shopping preferences. That is possible with the help of cookies. Though cookies has some good use, it can be used for a bad purposes. Advertisers can track the ads you visit and target those ads to you again and again to get more profit.

There is a method in the Firefox browser to disable the cookies . Click on Tools –> Options.


In the option panel, go to the privacy tab. Click on the history dropdown and select the option “Use custom setting for history”.

firefox settings

Uncheck the box next to “Accept cookies from sites”. Now Firefox will not accept cookies from any site. If you want to accept or block cookies from any specific site then check the option “Accept cookies from site” and click on the “Exceptions” button.


Enter the address of the websites you want to allow or block cookies. You can add as many sites you want. There is an option to remove the sites later.


To customize the way the cookie will store on your computer, check the box “Accept cookies from sites” and then click on the “keep until” dropdown and change the option from “they expire” to “I close Firefox”. It will erase all the cookies when you close the Firefox browser.


That’s how you can disable cookies in Firefox browser and customize it according to your requirement.