CyanogenMod 12.1 Update is Rolling out for Yu Yureka and Yu Yureka Plus

Yu, a sister company of Micromax had announced the Yu Yureka and Yu Yureka Plus last year as its first set of devices. The Yureka was the original curtain raiser for Yu Televentures and so far has been the most appreciated phone out of the lineup so far. However, when it comes to receiving the latest updates the device has been pretty poor, with the update to the latest CM 12.1, rolling out only now. The update will take the device to Android 5.1.1, though there is nothing certain about the much talked about Android Marshmallow update yet.

Yu Yureka

CyanogenMod 12.1 update was released for the likes of OnePlus One a while ago and the users of Yu Yureka and Yu Yureka Plus can definitely feel a little hard done by, because of the delay. Rahul Sharma, the CEO of Yu has gone on record apologizing the users for the delay in the update stating that he wanted to ensure that there are enough concrete increments in the update and that it was worth the wait. As a result, the update currently includes improvements to the launcher, a new thermal control, allowing for a cooler performance and several other features, which are listed below:

Redesigned Launcher: App Drawer and Folders have been redesigned for one-handed use.
Smarter Screen: LiveDisplay intelligently adjusts your screen based on environmental conditions.
Calendar Together with Email: Enjoy the latest Boxer powered experience where you can seamlessly share your availability and schedule appointments.
Fresh AudioFX: The user interface has been updated for consistency across all devices.
More Playback support: Substantially increased support of codecs for video and audio playback

If you have not got the update OTA, you can go ahead and download the same from here and manually flash it on your device.

OnePlus One Users Can Expect the Update to CM 12S Soon

OnePlus One users have been really patient for a while. First they had to wait ages for the Oxygen OS which is the first foray of OnePlus in the world of creating its own ROM. While OnePlus may say that it developed the ROM to ensure a larger vertical stability, which means a device which has both hardware and software controlled from bottom up, you would know the real reason has been less than amicable split from Cyanogenmod which set them back a couple of months easily when it comes to updates.

It was later announced that all those who are running CM 11s on their devices, will also get update to CM 12s, but that was delayed because of an issue with certifications. The certifications have finally come in, and if you do own the OnePlus One with CM 11, you can expect the update very soon. Carl Pei announced via his Twitter account that you can expect the update in coming days. When one of the followers asked if it could be done over the weekend, the response came in negative as apparently not everyone works on the weekend like the OnePlus team.

Those with the OnePlus One in India will receive the update too to CM 12 despite all  the controversies around, and if you cannot wait, you can go ahead and flash Oxygen ROM which is on Android 5.0.2 already.

CyanDelta Updater is an Android App you must have if you are running CyanogenMod

Staying on the topic of CyanogenMod, one thing that does get a little over the top when you have CM running on your Android phone is the updates. And downloading the entire ROM update every night can be a bit of a pain in a country like India where the internet connectivity is not a luxury that everyone has. However, what if you knew magically every file that has been changed by the CM team in the nightly update and only those are downloaded and updated on your Android phone running CM ROM and update is patched with the latest version?


In theory it sounds great, in practicality, it is even better. Up steps, an application called CyanDelta which as the name suggests, will only download the delta files when the ROM is being updated. The application will then go on to update your smartphone, ensuring you are always on the latest CM files and do not have to depend upon large bandwidth internet connections.

Main features of the application, as written down by the developers are as follows from Google Play, mind you CyanDelta is recommended by CyanogenMod themselves, though it is not directly produced or affiliated to them:

? Security: all downloaded data is digitally signed by us to prevent manomissions.
? Recovery zip install: it can automatically reboot to recovery, install the ROM zip and other additional zips (kernel, modem), wipe dalvik cache and reboot (requires root).
? Changelog: if you have a NIGHTLY build, when an update is available, CyanDelta will show you the list of changes between the ROM version you have installed and the new one.
? Update notification: when a ROM update is available, CyanDelta will notify you.
? High efficiency deltas: it uses the RFC3284 VCDIFF algorithm and some magic to produce really small deltas.
? Supports TWRP and CWM-based recovery, but NOT the closed-source ClockworkMod (the name is similar to CWM-based, but it’s a different thing!), since it’s locked down by its author to only work with ROM Manager. If you have an unsupported recovery you can just manually install the zips generated by CyanDelta.
? Supports all official CyanogenMod ROMs and devices listed in

Download the application from Google Play here.

First CyanogenMod Nightly Available for Motorola Moto X Second Generation

If you are into the sort of things like hacking, cracking or modding your Android phones, then you will absolutely certainly have heard about CyanogenMod ROMs. Alongside the MIUI, CyanogenMod is one of the most active communities when it comes to developing ROMs for Android smartphones. There are a fair few smartphones which are heavily supported, the likes of Samsung or HTC flagships which all get immediate support while others get it after a while.

moto x

One of the devices finally getting CyanogenMod support is the Motorola Moto X Second Generation, which is the current flagship device from Motorola. The first nightly for the device has been released so if you are interested in moving to CM on your Moto X, you can do that.

The device is officially called Victara and that is what you will need to search on the CyanogenMod download page to pick up the ROM and download it. The ROM is a nightly which means t may have some bugs here and there, though would be most likely a good to go as a daily driver. Usually the Nightly ROMs receive an update everyday from CyanogenMod, so even if there is a major issue, it is most likely to be resolved by the OTA. You will need to have a device with unlocked bootloader to be able to install CM 12, which is based on Lollipop on your Moto X.

CyanogenMod 12S for OnePlus One is in Final testing Stages

Despite all the standing controversies between CyanogeMod team and OnePlus team over the ownership of the ROM and its usage in India which ultimately lead to OnePlus team developing a brand new ROM from ground up called Oxygen given the prominence and importance of the element oxygen in the universe, the two of them seem pretty pally when it comes to the global moves.


CyanogenMod team tweeted earlier that they are in the final stages of testing the CM 12S version and will then sit together with partners for final approvals. For those who are not following the version numbers or are unsure of how CM names them, the current version on the devices is the CyanogenMod 11S which is basically the KitKat version of CM. The 12S on the other hand, is the Lollipop version of CM and will bring with it all the goodness of CyanogenMod as well as CyanogenMod in one package.

The device is expected to get an OTA with version Android 5.0.2 soon, though given the large number of partners involved, it is not clear when the final OTA will arrive. For those in India, this update will obviously not hit the device, though you will be able to enjoy the Lollipop goodness with Oxygen ROM when it finally rolls out of Alpha testing.

CyanogenMod Brings CM 11 for Android One Officially

Android One is Google’s initiative to reduce the lack of vertical integration in lower and mid-tier segment. Android One is commonly called as the affordable Nexus as Google has partnered with several major OEMs across South East Asia and given them the absolute minimum specifications list to build up from. These devices have unaltered Vanilla Android on them and come with Android 4.4 out of the box. It was expected that these phones will get Android 5.0 Lollipop update with the Nexus line but that has definitely not transpired.

CM- Boot

The good news for those who have bought into the Android One ecosystem is that the ever reliable, CyanogenMod has decided to release the official ROMs for Android One. The bad news though is that these CyanogenMod ROMs are only on Kitkat and not Lollipop 5.0.

CyanogenMod has announced that these ROMs will get a nightly release every week so you can count on them for constant support. The dayfor the release of the ROMs has been set for Sunday. The move is even more significant because of the fact that this is the first time CyanogenMod has officially supported a device that is powered by a MediaTek processor. CyanogenMod said, “MediaTek devices have been notoriously difficult for the developer community to complete fully functional bring-ups, and this marks a milestone in that effort.””

Would this be the dawn of the day that the MediaTek powered phone users have been waiting for? Possibly, we will have to wait and watch.

Yu Announces Yureka at Price Point of INR 8,999

Micromax’s sister company, Yu announced their first device, Yureka here in New Delhi for a storming price of Rs 8,999. The device will be powered by CyanogenMod and will run Android version 4.4. Rahul Sharma presented the device and explained that the entire Yu brand is built upon two pillars of customization and services.


The Yureka from a specifications point of view, is a terrific phone and packs a Snapdragon 615 Octa Core SoC with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, expandable using a Micro SD slot. The battery on the unit will be 2,500 mAh which is a removable Li-Polymer battery. The phone supports Dual SIM and is LTE enabled for India out of the box. The camera on the Yureka is a 13 MP rear shooter with a 5 MP front facing camera. The device will also feature the all new Cyanogen Theme store with themes that can change every aspect of your smartphone.

Rahul Sharma of Yu said, “The future is moving from an app driven experience to a services drive experience and YU in partnership with Cyanogen is a platform that is going to lead that transformation. We will work directly with developerscommunity and brands to build services right on the OS layer and offer a differentiated consumer experience. We are creating a global platform for Indian app developers to rise at the world stage. For YU, services will be the core focus which would be ably supported by hardware partners like Qualcomm to offer a seamless and customised experience through our devices and services. We are together committed to challenge the limits of possibility and create a new world.”

The device will initially be available only online as an Amazon exclusive with registration beginning on 19th December. There are no plans to bring the device offline right now and will only sell in moonstone finish with black accents.

After Xiaomi, Its OnePlus One’s Turn to get Banned from selling Phones in India

It is like bad news is raining on the Chinese  players in India. It was barely a week that Xiaomi was banned from importing and selling phones in India and another new Chinese player has been handed over the same fate. The reason here is different, but OnePus would not be allowed to import or sell its products in India till the ban is rescinded. However, the catch here is that unlike Xiaomi there is no immediate ban and OnePlus will be able to sell off its current stocks until they run out and only beyond that would not be allowed to market or sell their devices.


The reason for the ban is down to an appeal by Micromax which has secured an exclusive partnership with software producers, Cyanogenmod to power their YU line of devices in India. OnePlus One also uses CyanogenMod as their OS and thus a conflict of interest could possibly arise. there has been enough hoopla in the media after CyanogenMod made clear that they are pulling support away from OnePlus Ones sold in India post the current release, but looks like Micromax is out to block even that.

It is being reported that at some point in time, OnePlus even agreed to give up on the trademark in India which makes the whole thing extremely confusing. Nobody has a clue on how this three-way battle between Cyanogen, OnePlus and Micromax will end, but for now, there is just one loser in the battle and that is the consumer.

Micromax set to Announce the first YU Smartphone in India on December 18th

Micromax is all set to showcase the very first YU smartphone in India on December 18th. The device will mark the beginning of a new line of smartphones in India from Micromax. The line of devices will run parallel to the existing Micromax smartphones but will be managed independently. The USP of the line is the fact that it would run CyanogenMod as the Android skin out of the box. CyanogenMod is one of the oldest ROM building communities in the world and recently went independent. They powered the OnePlus One and recently and then created a massive controversy by declaring that they would be going independently and exclusively with Micromax for the YU line of devices.


The device is expected to be the first phone to bring a 64 bit Snapdragon processor for a lightening quick performance. However, it is not clear what other internal specifications of the phone or the cost of the device would be. We would expect the phone to be a mid range player with stiff competition to the likes of the OnePlus One and the likes.

With the hug community support that CyanogenMod enjoys, you can expect the YU line to be one of the first to get Android updates and it would not be a farfetched to expect the device to be launched with Lollipop.

Cyanogen does a Yu Turn: Says OnePlus One Brought In India Will not get OTA Updates

In what is nothing short of an obnoxious merry go round, Cyanogen has performed a 360 degree turn, going back to the original statement that the users who purchase the device officially in India, via Amazon will not receive any OTA updates beyond the firmware that the device comes with. This is an odd news as it was barely a few days ago that Cyanogen had released a statement clarifying its position explicitly stating that India would be a part of the global setup that would continue to receive all the support via OTA.


However, given the press coverage and what seemed like a much-needed initiative of commitment, Cyanogen has made a U-Turn stating that all device brought from channels that are not the official one, which means Amazon in India will continue to receive OTA updates. OnePlus has also stated in the past that irrespective of the fact that Cyanogen will be withdrawing the support, they will come up with their own OS by December and continue to support the device.

Cyanogen has released the following update, citing its commitment towards Yu brand, of Micromax in India:

OnePlus One Global Device Update

Since we clarified our support for OTA firmware updates for OnePlus One global devices, we’ve received a number of inquiries regarding OnePlus One devices sold in India.

As we had pledged to our users, OnePlus One global devices will receive our OTA firmware updates. If a user in India purchased a OnePlus One global device in channels outside of India, they will receive our OTA firmware updates. However, this excludes OnePlus One regional devices sold directly in India. We are committed to our exclusive partnership in India with Micromax, which will be launching its first Cyanogen OS device under their new YU brand.

Via: BGR