Nokia Hints at the Announcement of Android Phone with MWC Invite

It is the worst kept secret in the world that Nokia is indeed working on an Android smartphone. All this after pretty much every Nokia enthusiast including us had given up the hope of them doing just the same. However, reports are emerging now that with the internal political scenes cleared up, it may be rather soon that we will see the device. The device, otherwise termed the Normandy could actually be called the Nokia X. That if true, is actually a pretty slick name for a smartphone.

Nokia Invite

The invite obviously does not say what would be on the show but signs point towards a major announcement of a mid tier device on 24th of February at 8:30 AM in Barcelona. The device is said to run a forked Android version just like the Kindle Fire series of devices,  with hints from both the Lumia series and the Asha series. , it is believed that the phone would also support applications from the Google Play Store.

It is pretty obvious Nokia is hurrying up to get the device in the market before the Microsoft acquisition starts to kick in. It just may be the last perfect gift that Nokia wants to give it’s enthusiasts and we are certainly not complaining.

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Download your Favourite Android Games with Mobogenie

Android games can be addictive as well as challenging. Some of the most popular titles are very simple games that are easy to play and difficult to master.


However, many of these games launched on the playstore encounter some issues due to large fragmentation in the ecosystem and thousands of devices running different hardwares. Therefore, the developers need to constantly launch bug fixing updates. At other times, the updates bring new levels and features to the desk. So when an update is launched, one is tempted to download the latest version but with the high mobile carrier charges it is not practical to update a game everytime using mobile data.

Mobogenie is a PC Suite for all android smartphone running Android 2.1+ that lets you use your PC’s broadband connection to download games and apps to your smartphone. All you have to do is download Mobogenie and run it on your PC. Connect your smartphone with USB debugging enabled and Mobogenie does the rest.

To download your favourite games, click the games tab on top bar of Mobogenie’s interface. The games are arranged categorically. Click install on the game you wish to install.

The game will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone without any interaction of the user with the device. Once downloaded and installed you can simply pull out the USB cable and enjoy your favourite games you recently downloaded.

First Leaked Screenshots of Android 4.4 KitKat Surface

If the news that actually an Android version is going to be named Kitkat has sunk deep in, and that we may have even sillier ones to come in the days ahead has you all prepared, then it’s time to move on from the initial shock. Getting to the business end of things, the first screenshots of a device supposedly running Android version 4.4 have surfaced. Although, not much can be made out from the screenshot in terms of what features could be added to Android 4.4, we definitely can tell that there will be a new dialer and a new messaging application.

Android 4.4 Screenshot

From the screenshot you see that the Notification bar is now transparent and takes up the color of the application. The new messaging app is perhaps even more Holo’esque while the new dialer app has darker colors in form of deep blue and a rounded calling button instead of the flat rectangular one. This most definitely points towards the fact that there may well be a brand new caller’s screen as well on Android KitKat version 4.4.

The Nexus 5 is supposed to be the very first device to bring Android version 4.4 to the market and we expect the same to happen sometime in October, just in time for the holiday season.

Via: BGR/9to5Mac

BlackBerry Confirms BBM for Android and iOS coming this weekend

After plenty of leaks, unconfirmed stories and long long wait, Blackberry has finally confirmed the BBM for both Android and iOS will go live this weekend. The Android version of the popular messaging app is expected to be released on September 21st and the iOS version would hit the app store on September 22nd.

BBM for Android

This is a major step for Blackberry as all the tech experts believe that this may well be the very last card in the pack of once a giant enterprise solution company as they aim to bring the once most popular IM service across two most popular Mobile OS version. Windows Phone users seem to be missing this boat, at least to start of with as there would be no WP edition of the app when the app launches for Android and iOS.

It is also interesting that there have been a few reports in the market saying that the Android and iOS version of the application may well be stripped down from the one that is available for folks on Blackberry devices. The missing features may well be added in future, but at least all the major features are expected to feature right from the get set go.


Mobogenie houses one of the best Collection for Wallpapers for Android Devices

We love personalizing our devices. In a way it reflects our personality and our choice in design, taste in colors etc. Android seriously hits a home run when it comes to giving users multiple options to customizing your device your way. You can set up themes, play around with launchers or just put on a custom ROM to style your device. However, the easiest way of doing the customizations on device is by selecting a wallpaper. People tend to change their wallpapers every so often and thus crash into a bit of a wall when it comes to having enough options of the right wallpapers.

Mobogenie Wallpapers

Mobogenie is a refreshing change here. We reviewed the app here.

Although the app is primarily a PC Suite for your Android device, the application has a surprisingly large collection of wallpapers. You can download wallpapers of various different categories. There are landscape, celebrities, architecture etc. Not just a high volume but the quality is pretty solid too. You simply have to connect your Android device to PC and make sure debugging mode is on.

There is a wallpaper tab on top from where you can download virtually unlimited wallpapers for free and install them straight into your phone since the debugging mode is on. The only gripe we have with the app is that it does not allow us to chose what resolution the wallpaper would be, so you have to be a little careful based on your device when you pick the wallpaper.

Go ahead and download Mobogenie from here and try your hand at all the awesome wallpapers collection.

Nokia takes a wild shot at iPhone in its latest Commercial

It has become sort of a trend in the tech industry now to demean another device to show how good certain features on your device are. Samsung started this when they started to mock the iPhone and sadly looks like Nokia is joining the brigade too. It is obvious, who the market trend setter is, if you see that Apple continues to come up with subtle, simple yet engaging commercials while the likes of Nokia and Samsung feel the need to pull down what obviously they feel the threat is in the market to push the advert of their product.

Lumia 925

This obviously leaks of desperation and honestly makes you question if creativity is so dead in some of these top smart phone OEMs that they cannot come up with ad films about their products which revolve around what is just theirs. The ad starts with a jibe at the Apple ad that although more pictures are taken on an iPhone everyday, at Nokia they prefer quality over quantity. This is in stark contrast to a company that has been boasting about all of the 41 MP on the recently announced Lumia 1020.

As an enthusiastic Nokia follower, it is difficult for me to see the Finnish giants to stoop to such tactics, as an OEM, Nokia has a charm like no other, and we sincerely hope they can get back to creating great stuff themselves like the Lumia ad series than poking cheap shots.

Here is the ad of Lumia 925 that we have been talking about: