Delay the Loading of Link in New Tab untill You Switch to it using Silent Tab on Firefox

Most of us are in a habit of having at least 30 tabs open at the same time. I find it next to impossible to recall when was the last time, when I had less than 20 tabs open. While, barely half of these tabs are for any productive work, given the massive dive into the world of Social Media means, at least 6/7 tabs are dedicated to this purpose. However, if you are on a slow-ish internet, having tabs open in the background when you have clicked to open them can really slow the work down.


This is where an interesting extension from Firefox called Silent Tab comes in. The extension is available for absolutely free. It works without a glitch and basically does not load up a website unless and until you open the tab and make it your active tab. This essentially means that you can Simply open a new link in the new tab, and while the tab will open, the link will only load up if the tab is activated. To do this, you will see the moment you install the extension a new option is added to your right click menu within Firefox.

Simply right click on the link and select the option of opening the new tab in Silent Tab. You can open as many silent tabs as you wish to as there are no limits set by the extension. The extension will only show the URL of the new tab and not the site name, which easily allows you to distinguish which is a silent tab and which one is not, making the whole process really simple. While the extension may not have too many switches to play around, but the extension does its job silently without causing any fuss.

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Destroy Any Website by Playing Game With This Chrome Extension

Some websites on the internet can seem really frustrating for some and users would just like to see it being destroyed and blown to bits. Destroy the Web is a cool extension for both Google Chrome and Firefox which makes destroying a website into a game where you have to destroy elements on a page as quickly as you can within the allotted time.

destroy the web

Simply install the extension onto your browser and whenever you want to start playing the game, open a website that you don’t like, click on the Destroy the Web icon and you can start playing. Click on the various elements on the webpage to destroy them and you have to do this in the least amount of time and destroy as many elements as possible within the allotted time. This is a really fun way to kill some time if you’re feeling bored just sitting around with the internet on but have nothing to do.

destroy the web1

You can submit your score and view and compare your score with other users who are playing the game. The app also plays sounds while you are shooting elements on a page to make it feel more competitive so you’ll keep going again and again to try and improve your score.

Download Destroy the Web for Chrome and Firefox.

Saavn: Listen to Indian Music on Chrome Browser

Saavn is an extremely popular app for Android and iPhone that you can use to listen to Bollywood music for free on mobile and is a neat app because of its speed and extremely large database consisting of all kinds of Bollywood songs from the 60’s and 70’s to the current era of music.


It allows users to listen to Bollywood music for free on the internet. The app has become extremely popular on smartphones due to the speed and reliability. The app can play songs continuously without any stoppage due to buffering. Saavn brings to Chrome the largest database of Asian, bhangra, bhajans, ghazals and many more genres from the Bollywood world. The easy to use interface makes it for a really good experience to keep this app as an extension for your Chrome browser.

The homepage opens with a list of songs that are at the top of the charts at the moment and also the most popular tracks that people are listening to. As an extension, just click on the icon at the top right of your browser once it is installed and a new tab will open from where you can access the power of Saavn while browsing freely. It should be noted that the Saavn app will not, in any way affect the speed of your browsing if it is running on the browser.

You can even create your own playlist on the app so that you can later come back and listen to the songs you want to listen to .

Download Saavn here

ezAutoCorrect Automatically Corrects Errors While Writing Mails in Gmail

Everyone makes mistake while typing an email. To correct the problem you need to proof read your mail and correct those silly mistakes while sending an mail. People will always make errors but will not always realize that they have made them. Microsoft Word has its own auto correct feature and now Google Chrome has an extension for Gmail.


The Auto correct feature in this extension comes with a whole bunch of words and the errors we normally make while typing them. Like for example, if you type in the, then the tool automatically changes it to The. So you will not have to right click on words or go back to a paragraph and delete them. The extension will do all that for you.

ezcorrect letter substitution

The extension comes with more than a 1000 words and their errors. You can even add your own word and error so that the next time you type that error, the app will correct it for you.

To add new words to ezAuto Correct, go to Tools -> Extensions and click on options under the installed ezAutoCorrect icon. From here you can configure your auto correct features however you want. On the options page, you can turn on the option to automatically insert a full stop when you leave 2 consecutive spaces.

Check out ezAutoCorrect for GMail.

Wikipedia Companion is a Hassle Free Option to Access Wikipedia

Wikipedia, being one of the most visited websites on the internet with over 19 million articles in over 250 languages has to be something that is available instantly. For those who use Wikipedia frequently, the Wikipedia companion extension for Google Chrome can come as a blessing in disguise.


Once installed, you’ll get a small icon on the extension bar of your Chrome browser. When you click on it, a Wikipedia search appears as a pop-up. You can enter your search term in the search bar present on top of the pop-up and once you are satisfied with your search results, you can open the search in a new tab. You can even navigate through the pages by going back or forward using the buttons provided on the extension.


The user can even set the primary language for the search using the options tab on the extension. There are two default sizes, normal and wide, between which the pop-up window can be altered. The font size can also be changed from normal to large. There is also an option which allows you to view the days featured article once the window is opened.

While the Wikipedia Companion extension allows users to access the wiki without actually opening the page, another handy extension, the WikiPreview helps users after they have opened the Wikipedia page in a tab.

This extension allows users to view a preview the contents of the hyperlinked articles on a page. A single page on Wikipedia has so many hyperlinks that once you enter a page, you click on another hyperlink, then another and as this goes on you end up somewhere completely different from what you were searching for and find it difficult to navigate back to your original page. The WikiPreview helps you to keep track of where you are navigating to on the website and makes browsing easier.

Download Wikipedia Companion for Google Chrome.

How To Access Greasemonkey Scripts on Android Phones

Greasemonkey scripts is a great way to tweak with your browser and web applications. You can install and use it on your Firefox and Chrome browser. But what about mobile phones? The answer is no. You can’t install Greasemokey scripts on your mobile phone browser. But if you are Android phone user then you can use the script with the help of an application known as Tampermonkey.

TamperMonkey is a simple web browser where you can install scripts and have fun with your browsing session. But, as the application is still in beta phase so don’t expect that it will run all the scripts properly (one main reason is scripts are made to work with full desktop version and you visit many pages in mobile version so the conflict occurs). Given below is a screenshot of Tampermonkey that runs a script that opens Google in https mode always.


Tampermonkey is also available in Chrome web store which provides enhanced userscript support (Chrome browser supprts userscripts without Greasemonkey add-on but some native features are missing which is provided by Tampermonkey extension).

Download Tampermonkey for Android and Chrome browser.

Never Miss Out Your Important Email With Snooze Your Email

Lets say you got an email. You checked it and mark it as unread or starred or assigned a label to check it later. Sometime you forget to check those mail later and missed the important task to complete. To get rid of this kind of situation you should get Snooze Your Email. It is a powerful Chrome extension that reminds you about your important emails. All you need to do is to install the extension on your browser.

In option panel you’ll get many options like desktop notifications, notification sounds, mark snoozed emails as unread etc.


To send your email in snoozed mode, you have to click on a Snooze dropdown button. Now select the time you want to recheck a particular mail. If you select 5 min then after 5 minutes a desktop notification will appear along with sound which reminds you to check your email.


Here is the screenshot of desktop notification. Looks similar to Gmail’s default desktop notification.


This extension is safe to use as it doesn’t monitor your email data in your browser. If you are productive and get plenty of emails then this extension is a must have for you.

Download Snooze Your Email Google Chrome Extension [via Lifehacker].

This Chrome Extension Tells Your Daily Horoscope

Are you someone who believes in horoscope. If yes, then there is a handy Google Chrome extension for you that tells your daily Horoscope in Google Chrome browser without leaving any webpage.

After you install this extension a small Tarot icon will appear on the Chrome extension bar. Click on it to check your horoscope. Before this you have to configure the extension by providing your date of birth so that it can know your sun sign and gives you exact information.

On the extension’s interface, on left there are other sin sign links given so that you can easily switch to one sun sign to other without closing the interface and changing any settings. Apart from daily horoscope there are some links given such as love horoscopes, daily tarot cards, daily number, daily hexagram etc. Clicking these links will redirect you to the website where you can know more about yourself.

Download Daily Horoscope Google Chrome Extension.

What is Difference Between Add-on and Plugin

Add-on and plug-ins are two widely used terms in browsers. Both the terms boost the performance of browser. In Firefox you install add-ons to add extra features as well as add plug-ins to add some missing functionalities. Despite of their matching properties, both the terms are not same.

Plug-in is a complete program and add-on is not a program. For example Flash is an plug-in which is a complete program. Flash player is required to play a video which is made by a company known as Adobe. Also Java is a plug-in made by Sun Microsystem which is used to run programs based on Java. Plug-in is not bounded for browsers only. Flash can be installed in computers to play flash files. Similarly Java can be installed to run Java files.

On the other hand add-on is not a complete program. It is used to add a particular functionality to a browser. If you suppose to install add-on on other work environment, say, your operating system, you can’t do it. It means, add-ons are limited to a certain boundary.

These days there are many browsers which comes with add-on features. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and the recently born RockMelt has add-on facility. In Chrome add-on is known as extension. There is no difference between add-on and extension. Both are the same terms used differently in different browsers.

How to Auto Refresh Google Chrome Tabs

In doing some online web auction, waiting for any important mail to arrive, watching cricket or football match score online, or watching live weather situation of your city, in all these condition you refresh the page time to time to know the current situation. You can do this by clicking the refresh button of your browser or pressing F5 key of your keyboard. The process is manual and hence require your effort.

There is a cool Google Chrome extension known as Auto Refresh Plus that automatically refresh the opened tab of your browser. You can set it to refresh multiple tabs or a single tab. After installing the extension a small icon will appear next to the Chrome address bar. Visit the web page which you set to refresh automatically. Now click on this icon to set the refresh time interval. Select the time interval and hit the “Start” button. That’s it. It will automatically refresh the page after set interval automatically.


If you leave the current tab then also your page will continue to refresh automatically. One nice thing about this extension is it won’t affect any other tabs which are nor set to auto refresh. You can continue your browsing session without facing any problem.

You can also add a content in the Content detect box and the page will not automatically refresh if the updated page will contain that content. It means for using this feature you need to know about the content which is about to update on the given page.

Download Auto Refresh Plus Extension for Google Chrome.