Kick Ass is a Fun Way To Destroy Any Webpage

Destroy any webpage? No, I am not talking about hacking any website or removing html pages from the host servers. I am talking about a bookmark that makes your browsing experience full of fun. This bookmarks is known as Kick Ass. And yes its functionality proves its name.

To use this bookmark, you have to go to a developers website, drag a bookmark to your bookmark bar. After that, visit any webpage and hit the bookmark. That’s it. You’ll see the magic.


Now visit any webpage, and click on the bookmark. A triangle will appear on the top left. Now you can move it with the help of arrow keys. In the next step you have to destroy the webpage. For this you have to trigger the fire function with the help of space key of your keyboard. You can destroy logo, articles, icons, widgets etc.


Note: In actual it doesn’t destroy the webpage. You can press “Esc” key and then “F5” to bring back the original page.

The plugin is developed by 18 years old, Erik Rothoff Andersson, a high school graduate from Sweden. Also there is Kick Ass iPhone app developed by Erik’s twin brother.

Check out Kick Ass [via Mashable].

Bipole is a Very Addictive Computer Game [Saturday Fun]

Bipole is extremely addictive game just like previously mentioned Rotate and Roll and HTML Games. This game consists of two balls having colors blue and red. The goal is to meet the two balls. As they touch each other, the stage clears.

To start with the game press the start button. You can rotate the setup with the help of left and right arrow key. “R” resets the game and after completing the stage press space to move to the other stage.


As you move to higher level, difficulty level of game increases. You’ll get magnets, color  (polarity) changers, prickles and other obstacles which prevent the balls to meet each other. In many levels you’ll get more than two balls.


The game tests your presence of mind to solve the difficulties. For example in the above given screenshot, there is a cart continuously moving in a circle having blue ball resting on it.  You have to turn ON the switch to release the red ball and as the blue ball released down, it should meet the blue ball otherwise it will touch the prickles and the game will be over.

If you stuck in a particular level then don’t be panic. Just press the switch given on the top right. It will show you all the levels. Press any level to switch immediately to it. Similarly you can press the button given on the bottom left to turn off music, sound and change the display quality of the game.

Check out Bipole [Thanks Amit Banerjee for the tip].

How To Make Other’s Fool: Ultimate April Fool Video

While browsing through YouTube I found a very interesting video in which a team is demonstrating various ways of making other’s fool. I remember how Harsh Agrawal sold his blog Shoutmeloud and Hotelicopter made everyone fool last year. So be aware of such pranks.

Hope you will enjoy this video and celebrate the great day with lots of fun, love and enthusiasm in your life. Have fun.


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