Samsung Posts Official hands on Video of Samsung Galaxy S V and Gear Fit

Samsung announced the Galaxy S V and a brand new Galaxy Gear and a new fitness tracker called the Galaxy Fit at MWC in Barcelona. Although all the devices divided opinions more than that of an average parliament session, the unveiling created a massive buzz. Just the fact that the S V was announced which would be the measuring scale against pretty much every major smartphone flagship this year was enough for everyone in the world to take not. However, not everyone has been lucky enough to check out the device with their own hands.

S5 Official Video

As a result, instead of relying on the views of your favorite tech bloggers, you can catch the official hands on video of the Samsung Galaxy S V and the Galaxy Fit, which was recently posted. The Galaxy S V video takes you around some of the newest features of the devices. From subtle hardware changes to the new heart sensor sensor and then to the iPhone 5s like finger print sensor, the video pretty much covers it all in great depth.

The Galaxy Fit and Gear video though is more fitness centric and how the two devices help you stay healthy and fit. there is a lot of attention in the video that has been given to the designing prowess of Samsung and how easy it is to handle and use the devices.

These videos are certainly helpful if you plan to purchase any of these devices and definitely would help you kill the curiosity until the devices hit the market floor in April.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets a Price Cut to Rs. 14,999 in India

The ground reality is that Samsung’s first foray into the world of wearable technologies has been anything but a success story. The thought that an early mover gets the advantage of a nascent market, certainly did not work in the favor of Samsung as the Galaxy Gear did not meet the expectations when it came to the sales numbers.


Half baked product along with the high pricing of the Galaxy Gear meant that the sales target have not been achieved. This is a rare case of failure for Samsung as so far pretty much everything they have thrown at the wall has stuck. However, addressing this issue Samsung has decided to revise the rate of the Galaxy Gear to Rs. 14,999 which is almost Rs 8,000 from the original price at which it was released.


This clearly indicates that the device has failed to gain the sort of traction everyone expected it to. Although bundling the device with the Note III seemed like a fine idea at first, it did not work out how Samsung had anticipated. Also, with news that maybe the Galaxy Gear 2 may be around the corner at the IFA event, it makes little to zero sense for anybody to pick the Galaxy Gear even at the reduced price.

Via: Manish Khatri