You Can Now Record Games on your Android Phones if you are in the US or UK

Youtube announced the Youtube Gaming a while ago which basically allows users to upload their gaming videos online and either boast or seek help from the others when playing games online. However, so far you were able to only record games that were being played on the desktops, consoles or laptops and upload their gameplay directly to Youtube gaming. However, it was a little difficult recording games on the mobile unless you really knew of Youtube Gaming and its mobile app.

Record games

Owing to this, Google has now started rolling out The Play Games app which would allow you to enable recording gameplay when you are playing on your Android phones. You can record the gameplay in 480 or 720 P so far once you have the application. The catch here is that the application is available and mostly likely to stay exclusive for a while only to the US and UK. The procedure to record the game is really simple, all you need to do is go to the Play Games app, find the game that you wish to record and click on the Record button. You can also record yourself from the front-facing camera and microphone and would be automatically fitted into the video at the left far corner. Once you are done playing the game there is a basic editor inbuilt in the app too, which would allow you to edit the video and put everything together.

via: Android Police

Stick Hero is an Addictive Mobile Game that you Must Play

We have had our fair share of games that we have been addictive to in the past. From the likes of Angry Birds to the most recent Flappy Birds, mobile games have been the best way to kill time when it comes to being unproductive. Every quarter, one game comes along which is supremely simple and easy to play and yet you have no idea why you are so addicted to it for literally hours. One game we feel could be the next such thing, is Stick Hero.

Stick Hero

Stick Hero as the name suggests is all about sticks. The game play is ridiculously simple, yet challenging. You need to build bridges with the help of sticks that can grow in size when you tap the screen. The challenge is that you can only resize the sticks in vertical direction and after letting the resizing go, the stick should fall within the perimeter of the next support to complete a bridge. Falling short or over extending the bridge will ensure that your hero falls off.

The game is available for both iOS and Android and has a free version although accompanied with Ads. The graphics are minimal and the game is very much in the category of Flappy Birds when it comes to simplifying everything. You definitely must try the game out and post your high scores in the comment section below.

Download Stick Hero for Android

Download Stick Hero for iOS

Flappy Birds is Coming Back in August

The sensational Android and iOS game, Flappy Bird is set to make a comeback to the mobile venues sometime in August. The game was the undoubted number 1 for several months both on Android and iOS before it was mysteriously brought down from both the stores. the reason for this was that the developer of the game felt that the people were wasting way too much time playing the game and not concentrating on their work and especially for the young kids.

Flappy Bird

This is why Dong Nguyen despite earning in millions decided to bring the game down. however, it has not lasted for too long with the developer breaking the news that he is ready to bring the game back up this August, without specifying the exact date. Nguyen confirmed the news on a CNBC Prime Time show. He also confirmed that the new Flappy Bird game will be lesser addictive and also feature in a new Multi Player game most probably via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi by which you can play the game with your friends

We are not entirely sure how keen would the audience be to see the game come in August as there would be plenty of opportunities to move to newer pastures.


Flappy Bird Coming to Windows Phone Soon

If you came across a Facebook status or a tweet along the lines of, “I am unable to work, thanks to flappy bird” then you are living in the right world. Yes, the game is the new sensation on iOS and Android. Just like Angry Birds, Temple Run and several others before them, Flappy Birds is the flavor of the month. Make no mistake that Flappy Bird is an incredibly easy game to play but equally engaging and challenging too.


However, so far, only people on Android and iOS were able to enjoy it. But, no for long as the game would be releasing on Windows Phone 8 in perhaps as little as ten days. If the tweet by the developer is to go by, the game has already been approved by Microsoft and just the final touches are left. This is great news for Windows Phone users especially they always have had to wait for the popular releases to be available on the platform.

The game just like Android and iOS is expected to be available absolutely free. Now that flappy bird has gone cross platform, it would be interesting what the next jump would be for the developers. Given the popularity of the games, it would certainly not be a surprise to see some new variant of the same game, maybe even introduction of stages. We are speculating of course!

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Download your Favourite Android Games with Mobogenie

Android games can be addictive as well as challenging. Some of the most popular titles are very simple games that are easy to play and difficult to master.


However, many of these games launched on the playstore encounter some issues due to large fragmentation in the ecosystem and thousands of devices running different hardwares. Therefore, the developers need to constantly launch bug fixing updates. At other times, the updates bring new levels and features to the desk. So when an update is launched, one is tempted to download the latest version but with the high mobile carrier charges it is not practical to update a game everytime using mobile data.

Mobogenie is a PC Suite for all android smartphone running Android 2.1+ that lets you use your PC’s broadband connection to download games and apps to your smartphone. All you have to do is download Mobogenie and run it on your PC. Connect your smartphone with USB debugging enabled and Mobogenie does the rest.

To download your favourite games, click the games tab on top bar of Mobogenie’s interface. The games are arranged categorically. Click install on the game you wish to install.

The game will be downloaded and installed on your smartphone without any interaction of the user with the device. Once downloaded and installed you can simply pull out the USB cable and enjoy your favourite games you recently downloaded.

Google Set To Bring Massive Update to Gaming Experience on Android

Games have always been a big feature when it comes to mobile applications. Not only people look for the number of utility or social apps that are available when deciding whether to go with iOS or Android or even WP devices, they want to make sure that their favorite games such as Angry Birds or Temple Run or Assasin’s Creed work or not. However, gaming experience on iOS so far has been better than Android and one of the reasons behind that has been Game Center which allows you to post your high score and challenge your friends to beat you at a particular game. The best bit is, just about every game is supported in Game Center and therefore provides a nice platform for you to share all your gaming prowess with friends. Android are building something very similar called Google Games if the rumors are to be believed.


According to Android Police the next version of Play Services will include a huge update to the way games are played on Android devices. Now you will be able to send your high scores to the people in your G+ list, or send them directly to your friends or even sync your high scores in cloud so you can continue where you left off on another device. It basically will help you make gaming a lot more Social.

The launch of the new services is not very clear but we do believe it to be one of the major talking point when Google I/O kicks off from 15th May onwards. This move will certainly attract hardcore games to Android which as of now are more inclined towards iOS counterparts. Maybe this move will also encourage developers to develop more Android games since the number in quality games is much lower as compared to iOS.


Rack Your Brain With Flow Free for Android

In the Smartphone world, games are our life. We simply cannot imagine travelling or passing through our boredom without a game or two in our amazing devices. Play Store is full of various games and puzzles. There are so many games with different genres. I personally prefer playing puzzles and brain-rackers. They are one challenge one loves to take up and the bliss you get after solving the puzzle is grave! One such game is Flow Free for Android users.


Flow Free by the Big Duck Games LLC is one addictive puzzle you cannot get enough of. Connecting dots never seemed so interesting. There are multi-colored dots in this puzzle which you need to connect to its respective pair. But the catch here is that you cannot override the other connections made previously. That means you cannot bridge the lines. The snapshots here will help you explain this. Simply tap the dot and drag the through the empty block towards its corresponding colored dot. It won’t connect to any other colored dot. You can only connect to the matching colors. You start with a block puzzle of 5×5 and move gradually, clearing each level, to the 9×9 board. There are also other bonus packs available along with 8×8 and 9×9 board manias to crack. More to this, you can also time your game from 30 seconds to 4 minutes on the board size of your preference.

The interface of the game is really good. It also gives you a little feel of Windows Phone 8 with those small arrows and refresh buttons on the screen. To start with it, simply download Flow Free for Android from the Play Store and create a flow by matching the respective colored dot pair. Beware! This game is highly addictive and you cannot rest till you finish the board. Do get back to us with your experience with the challenges.

Be The Ultimate Winner With 2 Player Reactor Challenge

Do challenges intrigue you? But competing with your own self over and over again on the games and making a high score is not always so much fun. I’m not saying it’s not fun but sometimes, it gets monotonous and you simply lose interest. How about playing a game with your friends and challenging them to outwit you on the very same device at the same time? There is this one witty game which you can play with a partner and be the ultimate winner, the 2 Player Reactor.


The game is pretty simple to play yet the difficulty level is high. You only need to be logical and quick in order to win. You need to be perfectly timed. This application gives you a number of games to get your reactions and challenges each player to battle on reflexes along with sheer knowledge and wit. All you need to start with it is the game and a partner to play it with. A few of the games which the 2 Player Reactor puts you through challenge are:

  • Word matches color
  • Finding 5 different shapes
  • Mouse in maze
  • Countdown
  • Finding the Sad Smiley
  • Tap when white
  • Country and Right Capital
  • Find Pairs
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Positive vs Negative

If you are right your side of the panel will turn green and the other side will be red and vice-versa. A total of 10 challenges are put in front of you and you need to get through all of them and score higher than your partner. But beware what you tap, there are negative markings too. Also, there are two types of games, one is a Quick game and another one is a Custom game. With the Custom game, as the name suggests you can customize your options like the timing, choice of games and marking system. Yes, you can opt out of the negative marking if you wish to. This is one fun game you would never wish to skip on.

Go on and get this game and challenge your friends over it. If you wish to play with more people and challenge more than one at a time, there is a big daddy to this game called the 4 Player Reactor. The 4 Player Reactor is a paid and advanced version of the 2 Player Reactor. You need to upgrade to the former one. So what are you waiting for? Go grab it from the Play Storeand get going with the challenges. I’m sure you’ll soon be addicted to this “Best of it’s Kind” award winning game. Try this and get back to us with your feedback on the same in the comments section below.

Subway Surfers For Android is Amazing Running Game

Gaming freaks very well know about all the runner-style games that are available in the Play Store. They happen to be similar to each other in a way or another. More in the league there is this popular iOS game, which is now available for Android. Kiloo and Sybo games bring the Subway Surfers, which has got a bizarre world of fun and entertainment. Though it is a runner-style game it is different from the others in multiple ways.

The base theme of the game is to escape from a grumpy inspector. You play the role of a culpable kid named Jake and run from the inspector and his dog. Jump, grind and flip from track to track to rescue yourself from the grip of the inspector, avoid bumping into trains as they pass by. You should not get caught. While doing that you need to pick up coins along your path and other the trains. There is a hover board for your help too. In some levels you are aided with paint-powered jetpack. This is an amazing addition you will find while you play and enjoy your surfing through the run. The HD graphics mesmerize you completely and hold you to them. Let me tell you the game get totally addictive and you just cannot get yourself out of it.


The application is supported by Android version 2.3.3 and above. The size of the game is 23MB. Check out Subway Surfers at Play Store.

Something more for you, if you need tips and tricks to level up the game here is an app which will aid you through the same, Subway Surfer Play Tips & Tricks. Get in this fascinating world of the Subway Surfers and share your entertaining experiences with us too in our comments section below.

Which Apps Drain The Battery Fastest on Your Smart Phone?

Smart phones have come a long way in the past few years but one notable fall has been in the battery back up of these devices. Gone are the days when you had your phones easily lasting you a couple of days after a charge cycle. This is partly down to the fact that smart phones today can do so much more and due to new applications and games, we are using them a lot more than we used to. Also, the battery technology has not really kept pace with the increasing power of phones. So in such a circumstance it becomes imperative that we know which applications drain the battery out most from your phones.


Verizon Wireless, a leading Mobile Service Provider in US has published a list of applications both for Android and iOS that are the most battery hogging ones. This list is pretty interesting and the popular game Angry Birds seem to be the one featuring the most. Also notably present are Beautiful Widgets which is one of the most famous Widgets used on Android. Verizon have graded these apps for both tablets and mobiles, and other popular games such as Fruit Ninja, Asphalt and Doodle jump all ranking very highly. Also surprisingly apps such as Facebook Messenger are said to be potentially bad for the battery of your smart phone, much more than streaming apps like Pandora.

We find such lists to be really useful and you can check out the entire set here of the 13 apps that may not be best if you want your phone to last very long in terms of the battery back up.

Via: Gigaom