Several Nexus Device Users Complaining of Issues With Sync on Google Services Post November Security Update

Nexus phones are supposed to serve Android just the way Google cooked it. As a result, they have the least number of complications and are expected to work absolutely smoothly without much of a hiccup. However, in the last few days, it has been reported that several Nexus users are actually suffering from issues with syncing on their devices to Google services. As a result, push services like Gmail and Inbox have been affected and people are reporting that they have been receiving their E-Mails delayed by hours.

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How to check if your Gmail Password was one of the 5 Million that were Compromised?

It broke through late last night that as many as 5 million Gmail passwords were compromised, and as a result you must go back and change your passwords, once again. In the wake of Heartbleed and several other cases where passwords were compromised and the debacle of iCloud recently, your password must be really herculian to stand the test of these events. But the sad part is, eventually we have all ran out of the words and symbol combinations that we can use passwords. unless you use a service like 1Password, coming up with new password in the wake of every such disaster is impossible.

Gmail Hack

The password list, was apparently leaked out on the Russian BitCoin forum, but since has been taken down. But obviously, this means, there is somebody out there other than you who has access to your Gmail password.

Instead of sweating about it, you can check whether your password was one of the leaked ones, by going over to the log here and inputting your Gmail ID. The site will let you know if you are one of the unfortunate 5 million people whose passwords were taken for a ride and therefore can change it. In case it is not, we do recommend you change the password and just to be on the safe side, you can change the passwords and should make it a habit of doing so every month now given how insecure everything on the web is.

Google looks set to revamp the UI of Gmail for Web

Gmail is perhaps the most popular free E- Mail service out there. Several users rely on Google not only as their personal go to mail client but also for corporate communications. While it is possible to customise Gmail on the web using certain third party plugins and tools to make the who experience a little more immersive, it must be said that Gmail for the web at least has been pretty much how it was a few years ago with only minor changes here and there.

Gmail- Redesign- Leak

Looks like Google has decided that the time has come for a radical redesign of the service to bring it in line with the design language that Google has been pretty much pushing along on Android. The screenshots of a redesigned Gmail have been leaked out by which indicate a huge facelift.

Gmail for web would also bring a button like layout moving away from ugly side and top bars. The buttons would include the functions most used such as Compose, remind etc. This also indicates that maybe Google is set to integrate services like Google Keep into Gmail for web which is sweet. Not just that, Gmail for web would also bring in new mail categories such as Finance in addition to Updates, Social and Primary. You can also snooze mails and pin them. Star functionality looks like it is on its way out. Hangouts icon has been shifted to the top right and always showing contacts can be turned off.

It is worth mentioning that Google has rolled this change to a select few users only and it just may be a test of something greater that may come. In the past too Google has tested such redesigns and did not decide to take them live.

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How to Know the Exact Date you Created your Google Account?

E-mail accounts have become as much our identity as any other document like a passport. In case our account gets hacked or is compromised, it is equivalent to some sort of a nightmare. To recover your Gmail account though, you need to provide some standard information to Google such as the date you created your Gmail account, your last password etc. Most of us definitely do not recall when we created our account. So, just to be on the safe side, you need to keep a copy of when your account was created. To do this, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to In case you have not signed into your Google account, you will be required to log into it here.

Step 2: Find the Google+ Circle Option and click on Edit there, which would open a pop-down that says, “Transfer your Google+ connections to another account”.

Step 3: Once you have done that, you may be required to login once again to verify the password. After doing that, you would be taken to a screen and on the left side you could check when was the last time you logged into your E-Mail account and when you created it.

So, when did you create your Gmail account? Do let us know in the comments section below.

How to Set Vacation Responder in Gmail on Mobile?

It is indeed difficult to imagine life without our tech toys. But, every once in a while we all need a break and have to detach ourselves away from our online being. This is usually when we travel away on vacations or generally take some time out and do not want to hear the beeps of notifications of our E-mails. And since during vacations we do not want access to our PC, it becomes quite a a task setting up a vacation responder.


But with Gmail on Android, you can actually set up vacation responder right from your holiday spot and get done away with the whole chore of checking your inbox. To do this is extremely simple.


On your Android mobile device make sure you have the latest version of Gmail. Run the application and click on the menu icon to open the menu. There you will see the option of Settings. You will then have to select the account for which you want to set the vacation responder. once you do that, just after the signature option, you will see the option of setting the responder. You can set the text that you wish to after clicking there. Now, the moment a mail arrives, it will be automatically responded to and taken care of till you return from your holidays.

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How to get Latest Gmail v4.5 App for Android

Gmail recently has got a big update. We told you in one of the posts previously on how to get the latest Gmail on your desktop here. This introduced Gmail users to a brand new feature where Gmail now categorised your mails into different tabs or sections to help you keep your inbox more organised and clutter free. Tabs such as Social, Personal, Updates, etc exist and you can create your own too.

new gmail_2

The same design was slated to come on Android soon after the desktop version went live and it was yesterday that finally the people on Android devices started getting updates from the Play Store to get the new Gmail app. However, in case you have not, you can now manually get the APK file from the following link.

Gmail v 4.5 from XDA

You have to simply download the .apk file and install it like any other application on your Android device. A fair few things have changed in the app, and the UI looks so much better. The inbox as expected is sub divided into categories just like that on desktop version. The mails also get a new look in the inbox as you get a bold letter of the first name of the sender and with multiple colours there, things kind of look very interesting. The pull down to refresh has also got a facelift and there is a full green bar which gets filled when you manually want to check for new mails.

new gmail_3

The fonts are slightly bigger and clearer and overall performance of the application looks a little smoother than the slight jerkiness that you fel in the previous application. You must try out yourself to know more about the application.

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How to Enable New Tabbed Inbox in Gmail

Gmail has started rolling out an all new inbox experience for its faithful users. The Inbox now has E-Mails that are segregated by categories in tabs. You have tabs such as Personal, Social, Forum, Promotions etc which which will help keep your inbox a little clutter free as well as  organised. The rollout began late Thursday evening but there could be a chance that you might not have received the update just as yet. In case that has happened, we have your back. Here is an easy way for you to get around and have the new tabbed experience on Gmail.

All you need to do is to click on the Setting icon in Gmail, which resembles a Gear. Once you click that, you will get a drop down menu, and from there just simply select ‘Configure Inbox’. You will get a pop up like shown below and you can deselect the tabs that may not be of importance to you.

Gmail Tabbed

Once you are done, you click save and that will be it. New Tabs will start appearing in your Inbox and you can easily move mails between the tabs and even add new tabs in case you want more tabs.

Gmail Tabbed_2

That’s all, you have the new Gmail experience. It really is that simple. Hopefully the new iOS as well as Android apps too will start rolling out soon with these tabs.

Images of Redesigned Gmail App for Android Leaked

Gmail is one of the most used apps on Android. The last major update of the Gmail app saw the app get a Holo like minimalistic theme keeping in line with the overall ICS/JellyBean look. However, since then the app has not had any major updates, at least in terms of UI refresh. That has not stopped the app from still being one of the best looking apps out there. There have been rumours though that better may   be just getting even better. The app is set to finally get a UI update which brings a few more interesting features to the table. The images were recently leaked online by TNW. So what’s changed? Let’s look at it.


The app as expected, retains the Holo Theme in line with other Google Mobile apps. But there are a few interesting changes. The new Gmail app brings new categories which help organize your mail better. These categories are: Primary, which will contain mails from your family and friends. Other categories include Social, for your social networking attention, Offers, which would contain mails from various Retailers,  Notifications and Forums.

All these categories have different colours assigned to them which helps keeping the inbox organised and brings an element of good looks as well. There is no news on when the new Gmail will be rolled out, but with screenshots appearing all over the web, you go to be lieve it would not be too long before the app comes to your iOS or Android device.

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Popular E-mail App Mailbox is now available for iPad

Mailbox has been one of the go to apps for iPhone users as an alternate to Gmail app, and until recently it had a reservation system. Mailbox was bought out by Dropbox and soon the app was available free of cost for iPhone without any reservation. However, the app remained an iPhone exclusive for a while, but finally the iPad version of the app is out now sporting the same simplicity and clean UI as found on the iPhone app.


Like mentioned, you do not have to wait anymore to get your Mailbox application, and you can simply go to the app store and directly download it. The app is very similar to how Gmail app is on iPad, sporting a two pane layout, where the left pane shows the Mail list while the right pane shows the contents of the mail that has been selected. The larger size of the iPad means that reading mails is a breeze. The gestures on mailbox on iPad are exactly the same as that on iPhone, so if you have used the app on iPhone, there is literally zero learning curve. You swipe right to archive the mail and swipe to the left to set it as a reminder.

The only downside of the app so far is the fact that it only supports Gmail accounts as of now, we do hope though that there would be an option to add more mail accounts other than Gmail in the near future though. You can download the app for free here.

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Google Unifies Google Drive, Gmail and Google + Photos Storage: Every user gets 15 GB Free

Google Drive is one of the most popular Cloud Storage service out there. However, so far only 5 GB was available to users for free and you had to pay for more storage space. There was also 10 GB of space available to anyone who signed up for Gmail. But now Google has decided to unify both the services and is offering the users a cool and handsome 15 GB across it’s Google services, meaning you can store a lot more data in your Drive for free. This 15 GB also combines the space on Google+ for images, so in case you are a power G+ user and upload loads of images there, you have loads of space available.

Google Drive

So realistically speaking, if you are a light Gmail user, you will no more have to cringe the 8 to 9 GB of space that you are using as that space can be used to make important backups using Google Drive or even taken up to upload images on Google+. However, with every good news, there is a little bad news and this time it is that the cheapest upgrade from this 15 GB space is directly to 100 GB which will set you back by about $4.99, a month. That means the 25 GB plan for $2.99 per month is already gone.

Although even $4.99 per month is half the price what Dropbox demands, it was always cool to have another option for those who may not require 100 GB of space. Google did confirm though that existing users on the 25 GB per month plan will be allowed to continue on it unless they make a change or cancel the subscription. The new changes will start rolling out over the next few weeks as stated by Google themselves.

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