Now SMS brings Cards like Messaging UI to your Android Phone

It seems that the card like UI is the flavor of the season as far as Android apps are concerned. More and more apps are adapting this UI which makes things to be incredibly minimalistic and clean. We had apps like Google Now and the likes which started the trends and more and more apps are picking the trend.


One such app that has incorporated this UI is Now SMS, which basically allows a very simple interface alternative to the default SMS app for your Android device. Remember the days when apps like Handcent and Go SMS were considered to be the best apps when it came to UI for texting, it seems like they all just slipped under the radar as the default messaging apps improved considerably.

Now SMS2

The app is available for free and requires you to be running Android 2.3 and up, which is good news as those stuck on Gingerbread can also enjoy some Holo-esque apps. Some of the features of the apps are:

  • Pure Google like UI, very similar to Google+ and Google Now apps.
  • In built translator for messages.
  • Popups for quick message response.
  • Ability to customize message threads.
  • Customized reminder feature so that you do not forget replying back to an important text message.

You too can try the application by downloading it from here

Google Unifies Google Drive, Gmail and Google + Photos Storage: Every user gets 15 GB Free

Google Drive is one of the most popular Cloud Storage service out there. However, so far only 5 GB was available to users for free and you had to pay for more storage space. There was also 10 GB of space available to anyone who signed up for Gmail. But now Google has decided to unify both the services and is offering the users a cool and handsome 15 GB across it’s Google services, meaning you can store a lot more data in your Drive for free. This 15 GB also combines the space on Google+ for images, so in case you are a power G+ user and upload loads of images there, you have loads of space available.

Google Drive

So realistically speaking, if you are a light Gmail user, you will no more have to cringe the 8 to 9 GB of space that you are using as that space can be used to make important backups using Google Drive or even taken up to upload images on Google+. However, with every good news, there is a little bad news and this time it is that the cheapest upgrade from this 15 GB space is directly to 100 GB which will set you back by about $4.99, a month. That means the 25 GB plan for $2.99 per month is already gone.

Although even $4.99 per month is half the price what Dropbox demands, it was always cool to have another option for those who may not require 100 GB of space. Google did confirm though that existing users on the 25 GB per month plan will be allowed to continue on it unless they make a change or cancel the subscription. The new changes will start rolling out over the next few weeks as stated by Google themselves.

Via: The Verge

Is Google Plus Already Doomed A Failure? (An Infographic)

Google Plus at its launch was branded as the main competitor to Facebook which has enjoyed the monopoly of Social networking. Facebook has been the King of the world, and Google Plus was the upcoming thing that people thought would dethrone FB.However, it has not quite turned out that way and Facebook has continued to dominate the Social Networking world, in fact have gone a step ahead with the whole announcement regarding listing itself on the Stock Exchange. Google Plus despite all the improvements hasn’t quite made the cut to be what it is. It recently was stocked with the Events feature which did not bring the excitement that Google thought it would at the I/O. However, here is an extremely interesting infographic that shows the current status of Google Plus, is it already a failure? Find out yourself:

(Infographic via: Visual)

Share your Posts from Google+ to other Social Networking Sites Using Extended Share

Google+ is gaining momentum by becoming more popular among social media buffs. Extended Share is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that allows users to share posts on Google+ to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. This extension is available presently only for the Chrome browser.

share on

Once installed the extension can access your data from Google+ and also your browsing activity. The extension then opens a window where you can select the sites to which you would like the extension to place the link on the Google+ webpage.

share on2

All the extension does is add an option to the posts on your Google+ webpage called “share on” which when click opens up the various sites that you had selected when you installed the extension. When you click on the Share on button, you can select any of the social networking sites and the extension will share that particular post on that website. So you will never lose track of any of the sites that you have not logged on to.

You can just login to Google+ and whatever comments you post there, you can share that post to any of the other social networking sites. So in a way, you will never have to leave Google+ again!

Download Extended Share for Google+.

How to Move all your photos on Facebook to Google+

Move your Photos is a an extension for Google Chrome that lets you move all your Facebook photos to Google+ with ease. Many users want to switch to Google+ permanently but they are not able to do so because most of their data is present on Facebook. If your photos are the main reason you are still using it, then this extension will help you switch to Google+ without any hassle.

move ur photos

Move your photos is an extension that takes not more than 5 seconds to install into your Chrome browser. You can configure the settings of your extensions by going to the tools menu.

move ur photos2

Once you have installed the app, it will notify you to login using your Facebook account. Just type in your username and password and the app will show you a window containing all of your Facebook photos. Just check the photos you want to upload to Google+. When this is done click on the upload button at the bottom of your screen. the app will take around 5 to 10 minutes to upload all your photos depending on the number of photos and the size of the photos. Then all your photos will be available to you on your Google+ account.

You can even use Picasa to upload your albums but that takes a lot of time to process. This is probably the best way to transfer your photos to your Google+ homepage.

Download Move your Photos.

The Minus in Google Plus


Enter your classroom or workspace ,and the new “ in thing “ is none other than the baby of Google, Google+. Every now and then you will hear awesome features of Google+ and you will see people debating about how it’s a strong competition to Facebook and the plethora of users who have joined Google+ since its inception can exceed the number of Facebook users in the near future. But have you ever pondered over the shortcomings of the new social network created by the mighty Google? Here are few

A Few Cracks


Though we all know that Google+ is still in its beta testing phase but many users have brought up a few security issues which can cause a hindrance in the smooth running of the service. To mention one, if you have blocked a person, this will prevent his updates from appearing on your stream but if you both share a mutual friend , and that friend of yours shares one of your posts ,then the blocked person will be able to see it. This really defeats the purpose of “blocking” someone.

The Need For Speed (Rush For Invites)

The spread of Google+ by word-of-mouth led to mass requests for invites from users that had not had the opportunity to join it. Google+ allowed its members to send invites . However it was not long before users found a way to join Google+ without an invite. Another security lapse.


Much Ado About Nothing

Everyone is very keen to join Google+. Requesting friends and colleagues and family members to send them invites so they can be in the “group”, talk about it and know about the features it has to offer, but speaking without any prejudice, there is really not much happening, the excitement is quite short lived. Google+ stream is more or less static as there are not many users as of now, those of you who are into gaming since a long time can compare this to the classic XBox in India where you didn’t have enough titles to put your hands on.

Server Overload

As the users discovered the security flaws and started to join without special invites, the number of users increases exponentially . The unexpected influx of new users had adverse effects on Google servers ,however, causing them to go over capacity and making the site inaccessible.


Such are the flaws which can really cease the growth of Google+ which none of us would really want. So all we can do is, wait and let the mighty minds behind Google find away to circumvent the hindrances, till then , we all have our beloved Facebook,which in my opinion is here to stay, kudos Mark Zuckerberg .

Google Minus Tells You Who Removes You From His Google Plus Circle

Google Plus, an amazing social media tool from Google, has noted a tremendous increase in its user base. I daily found lots of random persons adding me to their Google Plus circle. It definitely gives you a good feeling when someone adds you to their circle. The whole Circle system works like Twitter follow unfollow game. You can’t control who follows or who unfollow you on Google Plus, but you can now know who unfollow you or who removes you from his Google plus circle.

There is a Google Chrome extension which does exactly the same. It automatically makes a popup on your browser every time someone removes you from his circle. Cool, isn’t it. The name Google Minus is self explanatory. To get this extension all you need to do is go to the developers website and install the extension on your browser.


Before using this extension, I want to bring one thing under your notice that it can access your important data like data on websites, your physical location, browsing history, browsing activity, and other important data.


If you are someone who don’t mind leaking all these data then you definitely go for it, otherwise wait for some better extension.

Meanwhile, you can check Google Plus top users list by Social Statistics which is based on number of people added you on their circle.

Download Google Minus [via Ampercent].