iOS 9.3 Public Beta is Now Available

We recently wrote about how sweet is the iOS 9.3 update, which brings features like Night Shift Mode and Lock to the Notes app. The update in itself was a bit of a surprise as it dropped on to us, like a bomb with absolutely nobody expecting it. Nevertheless, the update allows Apple’s developers or those who are registered under the Developer program to get their apps ready and running after testing it under iOS 9.3 and see if they have anything interesting to contribute back.

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Now You can Share your Live Photos on Facebook

Apple introduced Live Photos with iPhone 6s. Even though they were not the first ones to bring a concept like Live Photos as both, HTC and Lumia devices had done something very similar, you always knew that the entire thing will get commercialised and popular once Apple decided to bring it. A lot of people are wrongly crediting Apple for inventing Live Photos when in reality they just made it the most popular new jing bang in the world of technology.

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Boomerang is an Interesting new app from Instagram that allows you to create One Second Gifs

At the recent F8 conference facebook stressed the need of becoming a platform for other apps to run on to. they encouraged developers to build apps on top of the platform rather than bundling features within one app alone. It looks like a similar approach is being followed by Instagram, which is now a Fecebook product. Instead of bundling all the features into one application, Instagram has been rolling out new applications like Hyperlapse and Layout. An addition to that list now is Boomerang, which is the new application that lets you record one second GIFs.


The application in itself is extrmely simple in the sense you really have just two controls. You have the control to switch the cameras on your device and simply start and stop recording. The one second clip will then be shared either on across on either Facebook or Instagram itself. Make note that there is no explorer for users to see the GIFs in the app itself. The moment you fire the application up, you are required to record the GIF and then simply share it.

In fact Boomerang is one of the very few apps that at release itself is available both on Android and iOS for download right at the launch.

Download Boomerang for Android

Download Boomerang for iOS

Apple Releases iOS 9.0.1 for its Devices

Apple only released iOS 9 on 16th of September. But, looks like they have made it a bit of a habit of not getting their software updates right. We saw with iOS 8 too that Apple had a couple of major bugs in there which needed pretty much immediate fix via an OTA update, the Apple OS 2 was in fact delayed almost an entire week because of last minute glitches and bugs, so what has happened with iOS 9?


Looks like, there is nothing major issue resolving this time around and is more of a bug fix, at least that is what Apple is admitting in the release notes, so there might be a security patch that Apple wants to put, against something that is atleast not out in the media yet.

For those of you who really want to know what iOS 9.0.1 brings, here are the changes directly from Apple:

This update contains bug fixes including:

Fixes an issue where some users could not complete setup assistant after updating
Fixes an issue where sometimes alarms and timers could fail to play
Fixes an issue in Safari and Photos where pausing video could cause the paused frame to appear distorted
Fixes an issue where some users with a custom APN setup via a profile would lose cellular data

For information on the security content of this update, please visit this website:

You can go to the Software Updates in Settings > General on your iPhone or iPad to be able to download iOS 9.0.1.

Youtube for iOS Devices Brings Support for Vertical Playback and Notifications

The official Youtube app for iOS is still the perfect app to go to when it comes to viewing videos form Youtube. While the likes of jasmine did interest us for a while, we always ended up going back to the official app primarily because of the stability that it provided. However, one of the major fall backs of the official Youtube app on iOS and Android a while ago was the fact that it did not play the vertical videos very well. the videos that were shot in portrait mode ran in a box like format which lead to a bad user experience. Youtube had fixed this issue on Android very recently and finally the same has been done for iOS application as well.

New Youtube App Update

After you have installed the update you will be able to run the Youtube application on your iPhone 6 and be able to see the videos on the app play perfectly full screen if they have been shot in the portrait mode, given the device is in portrait mode too. The videos will still play in the box format when it comes to the playback in landscape mode. Not just this minor upgrade, the new update also brings with it ability to send you notifications from your favourite channel creators as and when their videos go up, just like it has been on Android for a good while. No more will you miss out on videos on youtube anymore.

This feature is also automatically triggered when you subscribe yourself to a new video. The update for Youtube app is available OTA so you just need to go to the App Store on your device and click on the update to get all these new features. A similar OTA is available for Android for you to play videos in portrait mode, full screen on Android.

Apple Makes Public Beta of iOS 9 and OSX El Capital Available

At WWDC, where Apple announced the latest updates to iOS and OSX in the form of iOS 9 and OSX El Capitan, it also introduced what was a very interesting Beta Program. We saw the Beta Program in part last year where Apple where few users who had registered for it were able to take part and download the beta version of the software. However, this number was limited and only open to the people who had registered. However, this year, Apple has taken things to a new level where the Beta Program is open to a larger set of public and as a result, users will be able to give better and more concrete feedback before the final version of the software is rolled out.

iOS 9

Last night, Apple made both the OSX as well as iOS available in Public Beta. For iOS, this is Beta 3 which was recently seeded to the developers. It is extremely easy to download the public beta on your device, all you need to do is head over to the public beta page of Apple and register in case you havent, here. Once you enroll, you will receive an E-Mail will instructions when the download is ready for your Apple ID and you can go to the corresponding link where instructions will be to download.

In case you are not happy with the update, you can connect your iPhone to your computer, put the device in DFU mode and restore in order to return to more stable iOS 8. In case you pursue iOS 9 or OSX El Capitan till the end, you will receive the update automatically OTA to take you to the final release.

Instagram Bringing High Resolution Images Soon?

Instagram and Facebook have become the staple places for everyone to share images today. In fact, today we would much rather upload pictures on Instagram or Facebook in order to share them with the relatives or friends, rather than have an album made out or even send them the pictures personally. While both Facebook and Instagram are really good and easy ways to share image and more, the problem with the entire piece is the fact that both the services really shrink the quality of the images. You can neither zoom in and with Instagram you are stuck with a very low quality 640x square images which means any HQ image really loses the sheen.


It has been reported by The Verge which has observed a changing trend in the image URL of Instagram that they are planning to bring on board 1080 P wide angled images for embed which would mean that the compression of images when being uploaded would be drastically low. It has been reported that it is the move of Apple towards a higher resolution display is what has pushed Instagram into making sure that the embeds are higher quality.

While the move is not official just as yet, The Verge has the following tip for you to uncover your images in 1080 P:

To uncover your own 1080px photos, use a desktop browser like Chrome or Firefox to open up an Instagram photo page’s source HTML code, then search for “.jpg” within it. The first result should be the URL to the larger version of the picture.

In case you do not want all the hassle, you can obviously wait, till the move is made official, which should be very soon.

Apple Announces iOS 9 at WWDC 2015

Of all the announcements that were made at the WWDC 2015, the one that really grabbed most attention and the most relevant one in terms of sheer following was the announcement of iOS 9. iOS 9 will succeed the current iOS 8 in fall but the public betas will be available right from July onwards for people to try out and give their feedback before the final version is rolled out. iOS 9 will require only a foot space of about 1.3 GB on your iPhone or iPad making sure your devices have more space for music, apps and games. The update also brings a better search, better privacy controls, enhanced battery life as well as a new power saver mode which will keep your phone up for longer.


iOS 9 will also bring in 2 step authentication as well as 6 digit passcode, which will ensure your devices will be more secure than ever. Searching from Spotlight has been enhanced too with results being contextually relevant based on your location and time of the day. Passbook has been renamed to Wallet in iOS 9 and while it still essentially stores your cards and boarding passes, you will also be able to store reward cards, loyalty cards and more. Oh and the interface looks slightly more vibrant.

Transit information has ben added to the maps, making the entire piece a little more robust. Photos app has been updated too with continuous scrolling of images in full screen so that you do not have to come back and forth. There was good news for iPad users too, as finally Apple has brought split screen-dual app multi tasking. Newstand too has been replaced with a new intuitive News app which will share with you news in a plain neat format, very much like Flipboard. Siri is smarter and the multi tasking window too has got a makeover for iPads.

Overall, iOS 9 has been a major update, and we have been pleasantly surprised with the things it has brought on table given relative secrecy around the entire WWDC keynote before it went live

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See How Accurate is the Heart Rate Monitor on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been pretty much the talk of the town as far as the wearables go. The Watch has had relatively higher success than any Android Wear device in the first few weeks of it being released. The comparisons between Apple Watch and Android Wear are pretty much warranted given that they offer largely similar sort of features and capabilities. Though one thing that the initial reviews of the Apple watch have established so far is the fact that the Apple Watches are much more accurate at their game as far as the sensors and their readings are concerned. We had pretty eccentric time with both the Heart rate and step counting on Android Wear but according to a report Apple Watch is as accurate a Heart rate monitor as any.

Mio Alpha vs Apple Watch

Brad Larson – the founder of SonoPlot, has been putting his Apple Watch through the paces and shared an interesting graph of how close to the exact heart rate readings do the Apple Watch produce when compared to Mio Alpha which is possibly the most accurate heart monitor out there. Larson has said that he, “extracted the raw Apple Watch HealthKit heartrate samples after a run and compared it to an HR monitor I had on”. He went on to add that, “aside from the Apple Watch capturing heartrate once per 5 s, and the Mio Alpha every 3 s, the readings are nearly identical. Impressed”

You can find the graphical comparison in the readings above.

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