Microsoft Gives in Depth Information on How it Designed Ms Office for iPad

Microsoft announced Ms Office Suite for iPad soon after Mr Satya Nadella was announced the new CEO. It was the beginning of the new Microsoft and you could feel that in the air. since then plenty has happened. What this move also did was it reiterated that there are apps or services that are popular enough to withstand any test of time and it was no wonder that all three apps consistently featured among the top free apps for weeks after the initial release.


The experience of using Powerpoint, Word or Excel on iPad has been tailored specifically from ground up and you actually feel it when you use the applications. One of the ways that you realise this is when you use Ms Excel. There were no miniscule buttons or need to zoom into the application, everything was big and bold enough for you to navigate around using your fingers and experience the suite like it should be. In fact, the Ms Excel app has replaced both the Google Docs as well numbers app on our iPad and if you just need to study or read sheets without the need of composing one, the free version of Excel is fantastic.

So, what exactly went into designing these apps for iPad? How did Microsoft go about what surely was one of their most challenging projects? Thankfull, Microsoft has published a report on the entire process and we highly recommend reading it. Microsoft wrote:

From its inception, the Office for iPad project has been a blend of imagination and passion. When we had our first tantalizing glimpse of the iPad, we were intrigued by the huge opportunity ahead: enabling Office customers—over 1 billion around the globe—to rediscover the power of mobile productivity in new and exciting ways.

You can read the entire design approach and what went into making the project a success here

Front panel of the iPad Air 2 Leaked Online?

It is that time of the year almost where we start seeing leaks about the upcoming Apple refreshes during the year. Apple has predominantly become a second half company with most of the updates to their devices coming around the holiday season. Recently the timeline and product update map of Apple products for the calendar year 2014 was leaked out. It was clear from the timeline that there would be an update to the iPad Air this year, but the update is not expected to be anything major. The new iPad Air 2 is expected to bring Touch ID to iPad and a newer and more powerful A8 chip and apart from that, the rest of the things are expected to be the same.


A Dutch website, One More Thing has caught hold of the image which they claim to be of the front panel of the iPad Air 2. The image shows an integrated assembly of the display and display panel, a change that has been rumored to be in works for a while now for iPads as it is currently in use for iPhones. This move would most definitely make the display of the iPad a bit thinner and perhaps even make the next gen of iPads even lighter.


This could mean that the next iPad could have enough space for perhaps even a larger battery or maybe even NFC. From the outside though, the panel looks exactly the same as that of the iPad Air with very similar bezel size. It is certainly interesting to see whether this is the real deal, and if Apple would finally bring integrated display on board.

This is how iPad was conceived to be in 2004

Every once in a few years comes a product that dares to define an entire product category. The original Macintosh I did for personal computers, iPod did that for portable music players, the examples are a plenty. However, one company that has been synonymous with coming up with category defining products has been Apple and they certainly did so with the iPad, a product or a category of super portable touchscreen devices that many thought had absolutely no place nor the demand in the market.

iPad concept

Fast forward a few years, you have tablets just about everywhere today and people are talking about them potentially replacing desktop PC. While obviously there is time for that, it is interesting to see that long before the iPad became a reality, someone had produced the accurate render of the device with the exact name.

The image produced by Pauliwoll may not well be the  most accurate render of the iPad, but it is certainly interesting that even in 2004 when iPad was very much in conceptualising and designing phase the fan was able to accurately predict the name of the device. We certainly wonder if he had some internal knowledge about the device or maybe Apple once again proved that, “Good artists copy, while great ones steal”!


Hangouts for iOS Updated with support for iOS and new features

Hangouts has been the choice of IM for plenty of people. Personally, it has been just behind Whatsapp as the most used application when it comes to communicating and connecting to friends and relatives. Given the cross platform nature of the application as well as a UI that is neat, you can see why Hangouts has been successful. The application was recently updated for Android which allowed it to integrate SMS with chats on Hangouts. However, today Google also released a new version of the application which is the version 2.0 for iOS 7. This update brings plenty of cool features.


The first one being, that the application integrates well with the whole iOS 7 design language which is more minimalistic and flat. The application also brings to the table animated stickers which are like gifs. It may not be a big deal, but it is one of those features that apps like WeChat are sold upon. Also, there is an ability to send a quick 10 second video to your contacts, which is a very nice little neat feature.

Above all, the version of the application is a lot more stable in the version 2.0 and hangs and crashes out a lot less when compared to the previous version. You can get the app update for free in the App Store, or simply go to iTunes and install it for free here

The Latest Patent Indicates that Apple wants you to Attach your Accessories to their Device

The magnetic or smart covers that Apple has made in the past few years have been a hit. They are easy to apply and above all long lasting. The concept of magnetizing your cover has since been adapted by several other accessory makers and let’s just say that nobody has managed to do it as well as Apple has. Looks like though, that this year, Apple wants to take things a level above. We have heard from Tim Cook more than once that Apple are looking to explore newer markets and product categories this year and accessories for iPads/ iPhones beyond the cover and dock could be one such thing.


This point is being validated by one of the sketches obtained from a patent that Apple had filed where we clearly see magnetic strips being added to the covers. the only explanation for this could be that Apple is planning to make available certain accessories that you might want to attach to your device.

The example of this may well be a stylus which could suddenly throw the gates for a 12 inch iPad open. Other few accessories could well be a magnetic dock or maybe a payment technology that Apple could bring in, or maybe that’s where your iWatch could sit or two iPads could make an extended screen. The possibilities are endless including attaching a DSLR to your iPad, but this one little leak could certainly give us a peek into what Apple’s plans could be for 2014 and beyond.

Which is the Perfect tablet for you?

We live in an era where we spend more time on our Tablets and Smartphones than an perhaps interacting with real people around us. Just look around yourself, and I bet if there are people around you, they must be interacting with some sort of mobile device. With the year 2013 coming to a close, we are sure, being the techy you are, you have your shopping cart out and are set to pick gadgets this holiday season. However, give the plethora of choices, the decision can be difficult to make.

Just like smartphone world, the tablet category too has some very interesting choices. From various form factors to OS, the tablet market has definitely exploded and become one of those devices that you simply must have. To make this choice a little easy, we have found an interesting infographic for you via Mashable which would help solve or answer some of the queries you might have while picking up that perfect tablet for you.

So, check this out and make the right and intelligent choice and hey, do not forget to tell us about the tablet that you chose.


Via: Mashable

5 Interesting Gestures to help you Navigate your iPad Better on iOS 7

I have been critical of how iOS 7 works on iPad for a while. The OS for some reason looks like it has been blown up for larger screen of iPad rather than taking advantage of all that estate. However, take nothing away, iOS 7 does bring a couple of really cool features to table for the iPad as well. None more so than some gestures that really help getting around things a breeze. Here are five that you may actually find very useful when navigating around your iPad.


1) In Safari a simple swipe from left to right will take you to the previous page. This is very useful when you are Google searching for a particular topic. You can swipe from right to left to trigger forward commend. Obviously, if you do not have history of visiting page, these swipes will do nothing.

2) Double clicking the home button open the multi tasking bar. Here you can place your three fingers at the three apps and simply swipe the three fingers upwards. This will close all the three apps simultaneously.

3) When you are in Mail app, you can swipe from Right or Left to bring up options where you can either Delete, Archive or have an option of several other actions with mail.

4) You can also swipe from left or right when inside notification center to toggle between three panes which are Today, Missed and All.

5) A simple swipe down from the top of your springboard opens the spotlight search. This is a rather simple one, but one that plenty of people have not found about.

We hope these few gestures would help your experience smoother and save plenty of time. If you also have any special gestures you like, do let us know in the section below.

iPad Microphone Not Working? Here is the Fix

It has been noted that several iPads have faced an issue with the Microphone not responding. This could be extremely annoying especially as we depend on it for our Skype calls or odd Hangouts session. A simple restart of the application usually does the trick, but what if that doesnt work? What if there is more to the issue than what a restart of the application can resolve. In that case, here are a possible solutions that you may try out to make sure that Microphone on your iPad works well.


1: Blow the Microphone: It is surprising how often this works. Simply reach for the microphone at the top of the device and give it a good old blow so that in case there is some dust it would fly out.

2: Try a Vaccuum Cleaner if blowing doesnt help. This could be pretty useful in case there is a lose connection or something in the iPad.

3: A hardware reset could also be one of the things you would want to try. To do this, simply go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset All Settings.

4: In case none of these three methods work out, you want to take the iPad to a Genius Bar for an Apple specialist to look at what the issue is.

However, having faced the issue ourselves, we can pretty much vouch for the fact that it is very rare for things to come to the fourth solution as one of the first three always seem to work.

Image via: iGeeks Blog

Apple Reportedly Holding an Event on October 22

Right after revealing the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, just about everyone knew that this is not the last of Tim Cook on stage that we had seen for the year. There have been strong rumors about a Retina display on the new iPad Minis and the iPad is due for a renewal too. As a result was not a bad calculated guess that we would have an Apple event around the end of Q4 of the year.


Looks like the date to mark the calenders is October 22nd when we would have the new iPads as well as the latest Mac OS X Mavericks and the Mac Pro. The news of the date has been broken by All Things D who have in the past been pretty much spotless when predicting Apple launch event dates. For that matter, they were the first to report about the November 10th event which featured the high profile release of the new iPhones.

The most likely venues for the event are Apple’s Town Hall Auditorium in Cupertino and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Interesting to note that the date of October 22nd also coincides with Nokia’s Innovation Showcase as well as the launch of the Surface 2 in the US. But, dead sure, if Apple have an announcement to make, that is where all the eyes and ears will be focused.

Via: AllThingsD

iPad Mini 2 Shown Off in a Video: Expected to be Launched in Q4 2013

ipad Mini has quickly gone on to become one of the all time favorite tablets of several users myself included. With Apple’s Ecosystem and a handy form factor which is neither too big nor too small, iPad Mini is without a doubt the first choice tablet of most. However, every year Apple looks to refresh the line of its products and it seems like this year the refresh will come in the Q4 when iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 will be released with A7X processors and Retina Display. There are also rumors that a budget iPad Mini 2 could be released in the first quarter of 2013 which would feature older A6 processor and no retina display.

iPad mini vs iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 which is not expected till Q4 was recently shown off in an exclusive video which cimpared the old iPad Mini to the new one. It must be said that simply by looking at them it is impossible to know which is the iPad Mini and which one is the newer version as things are pretty similar on the outside. However, we do expect a prety steep spec bump on the iPad Mini 2 mainly because the competition has really intensified thanks to next gen Nexus 7..

You can check the video out of alleged iPad Mini 2 here: