Instagram Bringing High Resolution Images Soon?

Instagram and Facebook have become the staple places for everyone to share images today. In fact, today we would much rather upload pictures on Instagram or Facebook in order to share them with the relatives or friends, rather than have an album made out or even send them the pictures personally. While both Facebook and Instagram are really good and easy ways to share image and more, the problem with the entire piece is the fact that both the services really shrink the quality of the images. You can neither zoom in and with Instagram you are stuck with a very low quality 640x square images which means any HQ image really loses the sheen.


It has been reported by The Verge which has observed a changing trend in the image URL of Instagram that they are planning to bring on board 1080 P wide angled images for embed which would mean that the compression of images when being uploaded would be drastically low. It has been reported that it is the move of Apple towards a higher resolution display is what has pushed Instagram into making sure that the embeds are higher quality.

While the move is not official just as yet, The Verge has the following tip for you to uncover your images in 1080 P:

To uncover your own 1080px photos, use a desktop browser like Chrome or Firefox to open up an Instagram photo page’s source HTML code, then search for “.jpg” within it. The first result should be the URL to the larger version of the picture.

In case you do not want all the hassle, you can obviously wait, till the move is made official, which should be very soon.

Huge update for Whatsapp on iPhone sees new wallpapers, ability to Archive chats and Photo Captions arrive

Could it be the companies preparing themselves for the iOS 8 release later in the day? It may look like it as Whatsapp has brought a pretty massive update to Whatsapp for iOS in the recent hours. The update is perhaps one of the most feature filled updates that we have seen in the recent past from Whatsapp. It adds up interesting features such ability to archive chats a bit like E-Mail or even send captions with pictures.

Whatsapp Update

You can also now edit a video and send only a clip of what you shot using the iPhone. For those using the iPhone 5s, you can now upload and send those slo mo, 120 FPS videos to your friends too via Whatsapp. These features are all available in an OTA update that would be hitting your device if you have auto download for updates on. If not, you can go to the app store and find the update. The latest version of Whatsapp with the update included is 2.11.9.

All the features as per the release notes are as follows:

– Added ability to archive chats and groups
– Add captions to photos and videos
– Added fast camera access button for capturing and sending photos
– You can now share slow-motion videos (iPhone 5s only)
– You can now trim videos before sharing them
– Share Location: add support for satellite and hybrid map views when sharing a location
– Share Location: drop and drag pin lets you share a precise location
– New media auto-download preferences: Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download
– New Wallpapers: Settings > Chat Settings > Chat Wallpapers > Wallpaper Library
– New Notification tones: Settings > Notifications
– You can now attach screenshots when reporting problems

Up Coffee for iPhone helps keep a track of your caffeine intake

As a generation,we are surviving on Caffeine. Be it in the form of coffee or Coke, just about everyone seems to consume plenty of Caffeine in our everyday life. A day without caffeine seems like not a day in fact. So what is going to control this obsession with caffeine when obviously our willpower will not?

Up Coffee

Step in Up Coffee, a newly launched application by Jawbone for iPhone. Jawbone has been well known player in the world of fitness tracker and it is no wonder that someone like them have come up with this useful application. The app is available for free to download from the iTune Store and we have added the link at the end of the post. Once you have downloaded the application and run it for the first time, you will have to punch in some personal details of yours for the app to calculate the caffeine effect in your body.

Once you have that setup, the application is all set to go. Every time you grab a cup of coffee or a drink that contains caffeine make sure to enter the details into the application, honestly. As long as you keep doing it, the app would be able to predict how long will caffeine remain in your system. If you have a Jawbone tracker, you would be able to receive interesting information such as the caffeine to sleep ratios which obviously will back the claim that higher the caffeine in your body, greater is your inability to sleep.

Download Up Coffee

Popular File Sharing App Mega Now Available on iPhone

In a very short span of it’s existance, Mega has grown to become one of the best known Cloud Hosting Apps in the world. Good speeds, capability to resume transfers and a very easy UI have been the main features of the desktop version of the app. We really liked the Android version of Mega when it released some five months ago. The app is super ease to use, has useful features such as ability to sync your Camera images based on your preference on normal Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi while device is charging.

Mega for iOS

However, those on iOS had missed the fun of Mega until today, when Mega decided to land on the shores of millions of iPhone users. The app is compatible with devices running iOS 6 and above. You can register for a free account with 50 GB of storage from within the app or simply log into your existing account. You can also sign up for Premium services for $10.99 per month which gives you a storage space of 500 GB and a bandwidth of 1000 GB.

The app can play supported media as well as allows users to share a link to the file in their locker straight from within the app. Mega has been our favorite service when it comes to sharing large files and it is certainly great news that it has come to iOS now. An iPad version is due shortly too.

Download Mega for iPhone

XRec App Lets you Record iPhone Screen Without Needing Jailbreak

How often you have wanted you could record certain activity happening on your iPhone screen and later show it to your friend? It could be as simple as an amazing goal scored on Fifa 13 or just a set of tips or tricks you just uncovered. However, to be able to record screen you must have a jailbroken iPhone, something not every user is very comfortable doing. As a result, there seems to be finally solution where you can record the screen of your iPhone without having to jailbreak your device. This solution comes in the form of an application called XRec.

Xrec for iPhone

XRec is a paid app available for Rs. 110 in the App Store in India, abroad, you can get the app for about $1.99.

Download link

The application is fairly simple and easy to use and setup. You will need iOS 6 at least and an iPhone 3GS or beyond to use this application. However, what we are not entirely sure is how long will the application stay on the app store given that Apple surely would not want people recording their screens else there would have been an inbuilt tool for that.

So go ahead and grab the app before it mysteriously vanishes away from the store.

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Whatsapp hits a new high: Over 250 Million Active Users

Whatsapp has become the preferred mode of communication between people today. Today, people do not ask your numbers so that they can call you or text you. They do it so they can whatsapp you. The reason for the success of Whatsapp has been pretty simple.

Whatsapp image

To try and list them:

  • It is largely free with a fixed payment for an year.
  • Very reliable servers and hardly any down time.
  • Not just text messages but media can be exchanged too.
  • Pretty much instant delivery time unless your network goes bonkers.
  • Great cross platform integration.
  • Neat and easy User Interface.
  • Group communication is supported.
  • Ability to find if the message has been sent and delivered.

All these and more result in an app that is perhaps used by just about every smart phone user. And it comes as no surprise that Whatsapp now has hit a new record with more than 250 Million active users. This is an absolute staggering number. It is also worth noting that Whatsapp started back in 2009 and since then has spent absolutely nothing on marketing and has vowed to stay ad free for everybody. Such unprecedented success for the app shows that even in today’s market the value of a good product is massive and people reward you with their trust and even activation fees in the case of Whatsapp.

Via: Digital Trends

How to Save Instagram Photos to your iPhone Without Posting Them

Instagram is one of the most popular applications out there for iOS and Android. People today refuse to eat something or unbox a new gadget until they have put a picture of the same on Instagram. The simple UI of the application and filters that are extremely easy to apply in order to edit the images are a reason why Instagram has hit a terrific note with the users right from the word go. But what if you want to apply a filter to that special image of yours in the photo gallery but do not want to share it with everyone? Just want to keep the image privately in your photo gallery? In that case, here is a little trick that you can do in order to save the image without sharing them on Instagram.

Everybody knows that Instagram saves a copy of your image when you post a new image on the application, and this is the feature we take advantage of here.

Step 1) Set your iPhone in Airplane mode for a minute. Make sure you do not turn Wi-Fi on accidentally.


Step 2) Head over to Instagram and use the application like normal. Click on the camera button to take a new image or simply choose one from the gallery and apply the filter you wish to apply.

Step 3) Making sure all the connections are off, now simply click to upload the image.

Step 4) Obviously the upload will fail, but check in your Photo gallery, the image would have been saved with the filter.


So that’s a very simple way of saving Instagram images to your Photo gallery without having to share them. We hope this little tip was useful to you. Do let us know.

9GAG App For iPhone Is An Amazing Way To Pass Time

Not every moment in our lives is supposed to be taken seriously. This is why it is important to turn away from serious business and laugh a little. 9Gag is one of the websites for this. It is a collection of plenty of trolls and funny moments that make light of a tough situation. We see such Meme’s or trolls shared all over Facebook and like it or not some of them are pretty hilarious. And since, today most of our browsing is done by smart phones, 9Gag also has its own application for iPhone, and we can easily vouch that this is indeed one of the apps we use most on our iPhone.


9Gag app is pretty simple and has a very clean UI for iOS devices. The app lets you browse the latest content on the website. You can also do basic things such as sharing, liking and commenting just like you can do on the website browser. Browsing the app is extremely handy especially if you have some time to kill and want to tickle the funny bone in your body. You can also log in to your 9Gag account on the iPhone and upload content to the site straight away in easy steps. The app makes sure that now you do not miss any funny moment and can share yours across the community. By clicking on the expand icon on top left of the screen in the app, you can check out even the trending trolls and also vote if you are feeling generous.


If you log into the site using Facebook which we feel is a great and simple way to log into the app, if you happen to vote for any troll it would reflect on your Timeline. However, you can change this in settings of the app. You also have a safe browsing option to keep the content Safe For Work. Overall, we loved our experience on the 9Gag application for iPhone and we recommend this to be a must have app.

You can download the application from here for free.

Pic Jointer For iPhone Lets You Join Images

Often it happens that we have a few images in our iPhone library and want to join them all in a nice framed work to make it in to one picture and share it with our friends. There are lots of applications available in the Apple store which allow you to do this. However, since we all crave for simplicity and applications that work without much efforts or complications, Pic Jointer is the one we highly recommend. It is a simple application that does the job and is available for free.

Pic jointer

Once you open Pic jointer you can select different aspect ratios of the image that you want to create. To be precise you can choose between 1:1, 4:3, 3:4 or 3:2 depending on your need and where you want to share. Once you do that, you can select the framework depending upon the number of images you have to place and if you want them to be horizontal or vertical. You can select from minimum 2 images to maximum of four.Even though we would have liked to have had a few more number of images to select but more often than not, we found four was more than sufficient. You can also re-size the frame with the help of the bar at bottom. Once you select the framework comes the challenging bit.

Now you have to select the images that you want to put in the framework. For this you will have to allow the application to access your image gallery. Once you have done that you can select the images one by one and add them to the particular frame that you wish to. You can pinch in or out to zoom in or out of the image and can also scroll the image inside the frame to make sure you get the perfect placement of the image. Once you choose all the four images or whatever number you have selected, you can edit the image or just directly share it.

The editing options are fairly minimum, but if you wanted to edit the image you could have just used an application like snapseed or Instagram. You can rotate the image or make a mirror image. There are also a pre-set of filters just like instagram that you can apply to individual images. These options are more than sufficient and you would really not need anything more if you just want a basic tool. After the editing bit you can share the images with your friends or or social networks. You can also just simply add the image to your photo gallery and use it later. Services such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are supported which is fantastic.

Overall, if you are looking for a very basic tool to join your images, then you will do well to find something better than Pic Jointer. So go ahead and download it for your iPhone from the link here.

Do let us know how you find the application by commenting in the section below or Tweeting in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Check Out The In And Out Details Of Apple App Store in 2012

As we are on the threshold of a brand new year in less than a few hours, it would be a good send off by looking at what all made this year all the more technologically advanced than any other year before it. Android came very close to catching Apple when it comes to number of applications produced but at least at the end of 2012 we can safely say that Apple just about edged and had a better selection of applications than Android. Surely y 2013 this choice would be slightly tougher, but for now, Apple can take the number 1 spot.

However, if you are the one who loves his numbers and stats, and would like to know the in depth analysis of how exactly did the Apple’s famed App store perform, then we have some very interesting data for you. A net total of Rewind 340,000 applications were published in the app store this year and about two third of those applications were absolutely free. As compared to last year this number is significantly larger too. Angry Birds was yet again the top game of the year, which makes us wonder how people have not got bored of it already. Perhaps the launch of Star Wars Edition did help Rovio keep the pole position. Draw Something too made a lot of noises this year and was seen to be the top free game in the Apple Store. In the utility App without question, the Google maps app really was a massive hit as it finally gave the mapping solutions to Apple customers which they could trust. Here is an interesting infographic that would give you more such information about how the year has been in the Apple’s mega famous app store.


Via: RedmondPie