LG K4 Could be the New Entry Level Android Phone from LG

LG has definitely done very well when it comes to flagship segment. The likes of LG G2, G3, Nexus 5, Nexus 5X and the LG G4 have pretty much, been runaway hits in their category irrespective of the launch time. However, what LG has struggled is with the sub Rs 20,000 category or the budget category where none of their devices have really competed against the established Chinese brands like Lenovo, OnePlus or even Oppo in the said segment. LG took the bold step of making their presence more prominent in the budget category when it announced the LG K7 and K10, in an all new K series at CES.

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LG G5 First Image Leak Shows Dual Camera Setup

LG is expected to announce the LG G5 early next year, round about the February timeframe. This is usually the period when the likes of MWC are on and we saw pretty much all the major announcements including the Galaxy S6 and HTC M9 happen around the same time. LG was a little late to the party, but it looks like this year, most of the major flagship phones will be coming in at the same time, early by the Q1 of the year 2016. LG is expected to bring the LG G5 in an all metallic design this time around and a few more interesting details of the phone were revealed.

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LG to Announce a new Budget Range Device Called LG Zero in Taiwan this week

LG is one of the very few brands other than Apple that has a strong hold in the flagship, high-end market without having any real penetration in the budget market space. You think of the likes of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, all the big players pretty much have a good hold in the budget space as it allows their consumers a wider range of products to pick from.

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LG G4 Announced with a 16 MP Rear Camera

The worst kept secret on the planet was announced yesterday as LG finally lifted the lid on the latest flagship from the company called the LG G4. The invites for the press event have been out, right since the beginning of the month and since then we have been treated to an avalanche of leaks and posts about the device, virtually giving up so much information that the event yesterday felt like a grand recap of the past rumors in the 15 days of LG G4.


The phone features exactly the things that were leaked out about it. You have an interesting leather back and a polycarbonate battery. It has a slightly curved chassis which makes for a good grip on the device as well as makes sure that the phone is sturdy. The navigation buttons of the phone including the power button are located at the back, just like the ones we have seen on the LG G2 and LG G3. You have your regular connectivity options as well as LTE on board. The G4 does run the latest Android Lollipop with LG’s own UI on top

The display is a 5.5 inch unit with a Quad HD resolution. The screen does have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The LG G4 is powered by a Snapdragon 808 hexacore SoC and 3 GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage you get 32 GB which can be further expanded using the Micro SD slot. The rear and front camera configuration sees a 16 MP and an 8 MP sensor. You do have a removable 3,000 mAh battery on board with fast charging capability which gives you 60% battery in 30 mins. The pricing of the device has not been announced yet, though the phone is most likely to hit the markets sometime in June.

Spigen Cases for LG G4 Gives us a Full Look at the Device

LG is expected to announce their latest flagship device that the LG G4 is, on April 28th this month. The device would be following the likes of LG G3 and the Nexus 5 as the next most anticipated smartphone in the market. While the LG G3 was a stellar device, it failed to really reach the level that the LG G2 had achieved, where last to last year, it was hands down the best Android device one could pick up. Make no mistake, LG had really good devices in this period with the LG G Flex coming out too, which people were really excited about.


This is why it would be brilliant if LG combined all of this and brought it under one roof like it is expected to in the LG G4. Spigen, one of the premier case makers has had a product image leaked out to the web which give us some interesting peek into what the G4 would be like. The image shows that the LG will have a shimmery metallic look, very similar to the LG G3 and a convex sort of a back panel like in the G Flex. Whether the G4 will really flex or not is not very sure yet.

The image also shows the back of the device will be where the power button as well as the place where the volume rocker will be. The device will also have a laser focus light, a bit like what we have seen in the LG G3.

LG Announces G Flex 2 at CES 2015

After somewhat taking us by surprise with the LG G Flex which was in the true sense the first smartphone that could bend and have a self-healing body, LG has decided to bring in its successor at the most glamorous tech event in CES. There had been several leaks as well as teasers in the form of posters and official artwork which kind of showed off the phone and what LG had in mind, but the phone was finally made public yesterday in LG’s press event in Las Vegas.

LG G Flex 2

The smartphone in every way is an upgrade over the LG G Flex both in terms of design and specifications. The LG G Flex 2 takes heavy design cues from the LG G3 in terms of a clean bezel-less display. The phone has an interesting new P-LED display with a 1080 P resolution, which is an improvement over the 720 P display from the original G Flex.

The screen size is now 5.5 inches when measured diagonally, which makes the phone a little more handy and pocketable. There is Gorilla Glass 3 on to ensure security of the display too. It is powered by Snapdragon 810 and has 2 GB of RAM and runs Android Lollipop out of the box. There is a 13 MP rear camera on the device with laser auto focus and OIS. There is a micro SD expansion along with 16 or 32 GB of internal storage. There is LTE on board along with all the other regular connectivities. The device will initially be available in Silver and Red variants and will go on sale first in South Korea followed by other countries.

Qualcomm Teases a Potential Successor to the LG G Flex for CES

CES is usually an event for all the odd looking and innovative products that may or may not go mainstream. Despite this, it is the first major technology showcase event of a calendar year and one that really sets the tone for how the year would progress and gives us a peek into what product strategies most of the participants will be through the year.

LG G Flex 2

Interestingly Qualcomm has teased a brand new device on its Social Media page on Twitter stating that a new device powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series is set to hit the stage at CES 2014. The device at the first look has plenty of resemblance from the design philosophy that LG has deployed, none more so than what looks like a rear rocker key on a mat like finish. The metal look on plastic is very remiscnet of what we have seen on the LG G3 and would make sense for LG to carry the same forward for the LG G Flex 2. There are also subtle curves on the sides of the image revealed, which gives us enough reason to believe that this is indeed the G Flex 2.

The G Flex while an innovative product was not a commercial hit given the pricing and the device and you would hope that LG would get it right this time around. The phone was initially expected to be launched in 2014, but looks like has been held back for the biggest Tech exhibition of the year.