Xiaomi’s MIUI to get an Update to MIUI 7 in August 2015?

A major hook to people buying Xiaomi phones, other than extremely competitive pricing and fantastic specifications was the fact that their phones always were up to date with the latest and greatest features as well as Android versions. This was very much true till about Android Kitkat release, post which it has been almost a year that Xiaomi has not updated its product line with a newer Android version. We have seen all the major OEMs embrace the Android l update at least on their flagship products if not on the entire line which means that Xiaomi has lagged behind in the version game.


To their justification, Xiaomi has always maintained that most of the lollipop features are already a part of MIUI 6 so they have taken their own sweet time with the update rolling. However, with Android M already official and set for a public release in the coming months, the pressure has been fairly intense on the team of Mi to release Android l for their devices.

The wish is just about set to be granted with MIUI 7 just around the corner. The latest iteration to MIUI is set to be built upon Android Lollipop 5.1 which would bring some of the missing features like colored status bars, animations and general smoothness of Android 5.1. According to a report in MyDrivers it has been reported that on August 16th will be the date when the update will be announced. There is no clear indication on whether the update will start rolling out on the same day, but in most likely circumstances that will not happen. It is also interesting to note that it was on August 16th 2014 when Xiaomi had announced the MIUI 6 update which pretty much points out towards an annual release cycle for software updates.

It is not clear what will be the features of MIUI 7 or whether it will indeed be that big an update, as barely any screenshots of the same have made it online yet. It is not clear whether the update will be rolled out for all the devices in the current lineup or not. Guess, we will have to wait till the middle of August to find that out.

Xiaomi Mi4i Goes for General Sale in India

It was only last month that Xiaomi was putting up artwork on their social media sites claiming to have sold x number of Mi4i devices in y number of seconds, like it has become a practise for most of the brands that are pursuing the flash sale model. However, it looks like even incredible specs at a real good price point have not been enough to convince the people of the Mi4i, which is a slightly downgraded version of the original Mi4. As a result combined with the new launch on the horizon, Xiaomi has decided to bring the Mi4i out of the flash sale and make it available at any time, over on Flipkart, Amazon and its own site.


There have also been rumours doing rounds that the device will also ditch its present configuration which sees the Snapdragon 615 at the heart of it for a more able Snapdragon 808. The reason for the change has been the inability of Sandragon 615 to stand up and deliver quality performance when it comes to gaming and other intensive tasks. Although to make up for it, Xiaomi did introduce an update which helped things strut along better, it is being guessed that they are looking for a more permanent solution.

It would be interesting to see whether the general sale specifically has been put up out there to get rid of the older 615 models, and if Xiaomi does go back to flash sales in case a 808 version is launched.

Motorola Moto X Second Generation Available on Flipkart for Rs 21,999

Motorola Moto X Secon Generation, the latest flagship device from Motorola has been given a major price cut, even though it may be for a very short duration of time. The device, which was launched at Rs 29,999 for the 16 GB variant is now available for Rs 21,999 which is Rs 8,000 lesser than the original cost at the time of the launch. It is interesting that not just the 16 GB of the device has got a price cut but the axe has fallen on the 32 GB version as well.

Moto X

The 32 GB version will be available for Rs 24,999 which once again is a fantastic deal given the configuration of the device. Not just this, if you own an Axis Bank card, you are entitled to another 10% discount which would effectively bring down the value of the Moto X 16 GB to be around Rs 20,000 which is equal to the price of a 16 GB OnePlus One.

In terms of specifications, the Moto X Second comes with 5.2 inch Full HD display, is powered by Snapdragon 801 SoC and packs with it 2 GB of RAM and 13 MP camera on the back with 2 MP on the front. The battery is a non-removable 23,000 mAh. All the variants of the Moto X Second Gen including the leather variants have gone on sale for limited time.

LG Announces the LG G4 Stylus and LG G4c

Following the strategy of last year, where they announced a couple of scaled-down models of their flagship smartphones, LG has announced that their latest flagship that is the G4 is set to undergo the same treatment so as to offer a wider range of products in the market. This is exactly where the LG G4 Stylus and LG G4c which were announced yesterday fit in.

G4 Stylus

The LG G4 Stylus, as the name suggests is very similar to utility ink of a Note 4, and comes with a 5.7 inch display while the LG G4c where c stands for compact comes with a smaller 5 inch screen, when compared to the 5.5 inch display of the LG G4.

In terms of specs, both the devices come with 1.2 Ghz Quad Core SoC with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB internal storage. The camera configuration of the LG G4 Stylus is 13 MP+5 MP while the LG G4c comes with 8 MP+5 MP camera configuration. The battery to on the Stylus is higher at 3,000 mAh while the G4c comes with 2540 mAh unit. Both the devices though are running LG’s skin and, therefore will bring several of LG’s proprietary software tweaks including Gesture Shot / Glance View / Knock Code. The G4 Stylus will be available both in 3G and 4G variant in Korea and America while the G4c is strictly a 3G device. The prices and exact availability of the device have not been mentioned yet.

Yu YUreka Receives the Lollipop Update

Just a couple of days after the CyanogenMod 12 update hit the shores of the OnePlus  One here in India, the Yu Yureka, another device powered by CyanogenMod OS has been updated with the goodness of Lollipop. Yu had been teasing the update for a while now on Social Media and looks like it was the certification signing which held up the release for CM 12 here in India. Yu clearly mentioned in their press release that the rollout will be in the form of phases which would see all the devices receive the update in the next three days.

yu yureka

The update will take the Yu Yureka to Android version 5.0.2, which by the way is not the latest Android build, with it being Android 5.1, though there has been no significant news on whether Android 5.1 would be released at all for the devices that are running CyanogenMod ROMs.

The update is obviously OTA so you will need to check for the same under Settings and About device where you can look for the update. Once it is available you will have to accept that you are in and the update will be downloaded. You get all the goodness of Android L on your device, though in addition you also get the new CyanogenMod E-Mail as well as a new Theming app from Cyanogen when you update to CM 12.

CyanogenMod 12 Update for OnePlus One Rolls Out: ROM Link and Flashing Instructions Included

One of the most keenly awaited Android 5.0 updates, the OnePlus One has finally started receiving the update to CyanogenMod 12 starting today morning here in India. It was reported earlier during the weekend that the certifications had come by and as a result you would be able to download the update OTA pretty soon. Not many guessed that it would be starting today only. The update will take your OnePlus One device to Android 5.0.2 and it is expected that the Lollipop update for the YuYureka, the other device with CyanogenMod ROM will be getting the update very soon too.


The Indian users too are reporting the updates hitting their phones, though if you have not received the update yet, you can download the ROM for the update from Android Police right here.

Once that is done, you will need to follow the instructions given below to flash it. These instructions are from the OnePlus forum and we have also included a link at the bottom of the post so that you can go ahead and catch up on the discussions and look up any confusion if you may have.

1.Copy the downloaded zip to your phone (not inside any folder, just inside internal storage.)

2. Now power off phone then try to press power button and volume down together.

3. It will automatically go inside something called CM recovery, in that second or third option will be “APPLY UPDATE”, select it.

4. Now press “from internal storage” now it will show 3 options select ” 0 ” now it is inside your internal storage just like file manager, now find this zip in that list(it will surely be there)

5. Select it and press “Yes” if it prompts else no need, it will start updating and come back to main menu.

6.Now press “restart”–>first option… That’s it, Done!!

Source: OnePlus Forum

The LG G4 Has Omnious Amount of Leather on the Back

LG G4 is set to launch globally on April 28th. And closer we get to the deadline day, the clearer what is on the cards seems to be. In fact, it looks like we will have the entire picture of what exactly the device will pack in already. It was just last week when a case manufacturer by mistake and more leaks have now appeared which shows the device in full glory.



Based on the invite that the media had received, we were pretty sure that the device would come with an option of leather back, but were not really in the know of how it would look.


But thanks to the latest leak, it can be pretty much-confirmed everything there is to know about the G4. The leak shows the device completely and is from the live webpage of the device which went live before being taken off. The phone will have two variants of back according to the image, including one leather panel in several colors as well as a plastic one with the site reading:

Inspired by artisanal precision, the [G4]’s premium back covers come in metallic gray, ceramic white, shiny gold, and genuine leather. The chic colored versions sport a textural hammered-array pattern while the classic leather option is available in five distinct colors and features an exquisite threaded stitch.


The device will have a slight curve to the front too a bit like the Galaxy Nexus, though a lot of placeholders seem to be on the site which make us believe that perhaps there could be a fair few things here and there that may change which is why we are not including the specs here.

HTC One M8 Google Play Edition Receives Android 5.1 Update

While there is nothing official or a press note to confirm, there have been several notifications across the web on Reddit and XDA Forums that the Google Play Edition of the HTC One M8 has started receiving the Android 5.1 update. The Google Play Edition device is essentially an HTC One M8 which is running the software at heart of the Nexus 6 or stock Google Android the way they would want it.


The device may not  be sold out in large quantities, but if you have used an RUU to convert your HTC M8 Sense version to the HTC M8 Google Play Edition, chances are you would be getting a notification for the update very shortly. The update is about 250 odd MB in size and brings whole set of Android 5.1 changes which includes stability, changes in interaction while interrupted notifications as well as cosmetic and animation changes here and there. There is no word on when the update will be released for the Sense variant of the HTC One M8, though you would think that another month or so would be a good time if one were to guess about the arrival estimated time.

If you own an HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, do let us know in the comments section below if you have been hit by the update yet.

Spigen Cases for LG G4 Gives us a Full Look at the Device

LG is expected to announce their latest flagship device that the LG G4 is, on April 28th this month. The device would be following the likes of LG G3 and the Nexus 5 as the next most anticipated smartphone in the market. While the LG G3 was a stellar device, it failed to really reach the level that the LG G2 had achieved, where last to last year, it was hands down the best Android device one could pick up. Make no mistake, LG had really good devices in this period with the LG G Flex coming out too, which people were really excited about.


This is why it would be brilliant if LG combined all of this and brought it under one roof like it is expected to in the LG G4. Spigen, one of the premier case makers has had a product image leaked out to the web which give us some interesting peek into what the G4 would be like. The image shows that the LG will have a shimmery metallic look, very similar to the LG G3 and a convex sort of a back panel like in the G Flex. Whether the G4 will really flex or not is not very sure yet.

The image also shows the back of the device will be where the power button as well as the place where the volume rocker will be. The device will also have a laser focus light, a bit like what we have seen in the LG G3.

Samsung Announces the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge in India

Samsung in a press event here in New Delhi announced the latest two devices in its ever expanding catalogue of products. The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have finally been unveiled here in India at a price point of Rs 49,900 for the 32 GB version and Rs 58,900 for the 32 GB version respectively. The devices will go on sale in the market starting April 10th with pre-booking open right now.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Launch India

The device was announced at MWC in Barcelona last month, though the unveiling of the product in India happened today. The Galaxy S6 Edge as expected will make all the headlines for its innovative and interesting design language with a couple of curved displays on the side of the phone, though we were just as impressed with the Galaxy S6 in our brief time with the smartphone.

On the specifications front, both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature a 2K resolution on a 5.1 inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass. The Galaxy S6 Edge, of course has a couple of displays on the sides as well. Both the phones run Android 5.0.2 out of the box and are powered by the Exynos 7420 OctaCore SoC produced in-house by Samsung with TouchWiz on the top of it. The phones will be available in three variants, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB and come with 3 GB of RAM. The rear camera is a 16 MP unit while the front facing unit is a 5 MP one . You have the usual range of connectivities including Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC and more. Another subtle difference between the S6 and the S6 Edge is the battery capacity. While the S6 comes with a non-removable 2550 mAh battery, the S6 Edge has 2600 mAh out of the box.

There was a lot of emphasis on the enterprise and security side of the story as well as revelation that Samsung will begin to manufacture the Galaxy S6 in India, which drew massive applause from the crowd.