Apple Announces new iMacs at $1099; On Sale in the US Already

Apple’s All-in-one-Desktop computer, the iMac has been a bit of a forgotten child lately for the giants in Cupertino. The late time, it was updated was back in 2012 and since then there have been numerous events where an update was expected but did not happen. However, today, Apple has very quietly gone ahead and brought a new iMac. It is not the retina iMac that everyone has been expecting for a while. Instead, Apple has decided to make the iMac more affordable than ever and made the new model available for $1099.


This makes the new iMac $200 lower than the lowest selling iMac till today. The new iMac will have a slower Dual Core i5 processor, 8 GB of memory and 500 GB of HDD in built. The screen remains at 21.5 inches like the $1299 model. The cost cutting is understandable, and unless you really require a lot of power for memory intensive work, the new iMacs will surely interest you.

There have been rumors that Apple is working on a Retina version of iMac for a release later this year. This lower priced iMac is in sync with the recent Apple strategy, where they also dropped the pricing of the base model of the Macbook Air by $100 last month. If you are in the US, you can order the new iMac and will be shipped within the next 24 hours.

Kuuva for Mac is a Fantastic Wallpaper collection App for your Mac

Wallpapers are like a personal identity of your computer. We are sure, you put a lot of thought into what your wallpaper would be for the next few days and end up changing them sooner than you anticipated. It could simply be a picture of your loved ones, a moment you wish to cherish or a beautiful picture, the bottom line remains that your wallpaper is special.

Kuuva for Mac

However, there comes a situation where you want a new wallpaper, want to refresh the things but are not exactly sure of what you want. This is where apps like Kuuva are extremely useful. Kuuva is an app for your Mac and iOS devices that gives you a large variety of wallpaper options. Right from abstract art to some cool landscapes, Kuuva has you covered. You can set your preferences in the application and have the wallpapers of your taste delivered without fail. There are some inbuilt streams such as Popular Images, Newest added images or the favorites which you may use.

Everyday of the week, your Mac or iPhone would be treated to a new picture without any effort of yours. Every week a new set of images is added as a result, your desktop stays daisy fresh. So, go ahead and download Kuuva from the Apple Mac Store for just $2.99.

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New Mac Pro Finally Releases Tomorrow: To go on Sale for $2999

When Apple announced the iOS 7, it also gave us a sneak peak into something they were working on. Something beautiful, strikingly resembling a cylinder, the device packed power like no other. It was so beautifully designed that it took us a second or two to realise it indeed was a computer. We were staring at the future Mac Pro, the all powerful Macintosh that had received it’s big design upgrade.

Mac Pro

The Mac Pro was showed off once again at the event recently that saw the announcement of the new iPads. The details were a bit more clearer and also Apple gave us the release date, that the powerful system would be available in the markets this December. Finally the date has come, and Mac Pro will go on Sale in the US for $2,999. There is no release date in India yet, but seeing the scene, we do feel it wont be before January next year that we will see it here.

The specs of the Mac Pro go well with it’s cutting edge design. The computer packs a healthy 3.7GHz quad-core Intel Xeon E5 processor, 12GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. Not just this, there is a six-core Intel Xeon E5 option with dual AMD FirePro D500 GPUs, a 256GB hard drive and 16GB of RAM. The Mac Pro is easily upgradable and the users can add up to about 64 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD.

Are you excited about the Mac Pro? Do you by any chance plan to pick one? Let us know.

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How to Disable Dashboard and Notification Center in Mac OSX

Mavericks has bought plenty of good stuff to Mac OSX. Some of the features we really like are the new calender app as well as the ability to open tabs in finder and add tags. However, the basic layout remains pretty much like that of OSX 10.8. And if you are familiar with that, you know that a simple four finger pinch opens the Dashboard as well as the desktop preview of the apps running on your Mac. Similarly when you are on your Desktop a simple click on the list like icon from MenuBar opens the Notification Center.


However, it is not necessary that everyone uses these two features of Mac OSX. In fact to a very large extent they do nothing apart from hog precious resources from your device. it is indeed possible to disable both the dashboard as well as the Notification Center. All you need to do is type in the following codes into the Terminal Window and Finder will restart on it’s own to reveal the changes. So, here is what you need to type to be able to hide Dashboard and Notification Center.

To Hide Dashboard the following should be typed in Terminal without Quotes:

“defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES killall Dock”

To re-enable dashboard type the following without Quotes:

“defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO killall Dock”

To Hide Notification Center, type the following without Quotes:

“launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/” “killall NotificationCenter”

To enable Notification Center, type the following without Quotes:

“launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/”

We hope these little tricks would help your Mac perform tasks a bit more efficiently.

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Adium Is the Best Multi Account Chat Client for Mac OSX

Today, we would much rather IM that call, text or simply meet people. We like it that way, talks never get awkward, you have excuses of saying stuff like you were busy and did not check etc. But, what is also true is that we have a million and a half IM accounts too. For those working, they always have a work IM to go with personal one and more. This is where you need a multi platform, all in one sort of a solution.


For those on Mac OSX, the best solution bar any is Adium. Yes, I know there is Jabber which does the same job, but jabber has always been very hit and miss for me. It skips notifications and things like adding friends is always an issue. Adium, being free and highly customizable is a fantastic thing to fall back on. You can pretty much control unlimited accounts using it from Gmail to Yahoo to Facebook to even AIM.

You have the options of playing around with the notification types, the chat bubbles, fonts, windows etc. Basically, everything in the app is extremely customizable, and above all, all this and so much more for a free and open sourced app so you can always think, a lot more will be added to the application. I have been using the app personally for a solid while now and another thing that has really impressed me is the fact that it is extremely easy on the memory. So, if you are looking for an all in one messenger app, Adium is surely your best best for Mac OSX.

You can download the app from here.

Pop Shot Allows you to take Screenshots easily for Mac

There are several moments when you just wish the screen on your computer froze and you could capture that moment forever. It could be an amazing picture that you cannot save, simply a detail that is too good to miss out on, or if you are a techie maybe while writing steps of a DIY tutorial. There is a pretty simple way of capturing your screen on a Mac by pressing Cmd+Shift+3/4 depending upon the type of the shot you are looking at. However, what if you want a few more options and customisations? This is where Pop Shot comes in really handy and is probably the go to tool for any sort of screen shots that you wish to capture.


Pop Shot is available for free and it adds a cool shortcut to your Menu bar for very quick access. The application is extremely easy to use and really forgiving on the memory which is an important parameter for testing any application. Pop Shot gives you several options to take screenshots, for example, rectangular section, entire screen or even the current window. The application allows you to name your screenshots well before you shoot them which is neat.

The screenshot output could be in the form of URL or a normal PNG shot. The screenshots are automatically saved to the desktop and you can also set up to run the application at the boot up or not. Otherwise you can simply run the application from the application menu.

You can download the application for free from here.

Digg’s Google Reader Replacement Coming on June 26th

If you are a religious tech follower then perhaps you would be dreading July 1st much more than the world did on December 21st last year. It is the day, Google finally locks the gates of Google Reader forever. It is time you migrate your feeds from Google Reader to a viable alternative. If you are on a Mac or iOS device then Reeder is perhaps as good an option as you can ask for. However, apart from that there is Feedly and Flipboard which although really fancy with a unique UI/UX, do not come close to replicating the professional looks of Google Reader.


Adding to the list of alternatives to Google Reader is Digg, as they look to announce their own solution. The Reader would be available only for iOS devices to begin with but we are sure that an Android version would soon follow. This is what Digg said announcing the launch:

“Over the last 90 days, the Digg engineering team — all 5 of them — has been heads-down building an updated take on the RSS reader. For our first public release, in time to (just) beat the shutdown of Google Reader, our aim has been to nail the basics: a web and mobile reading experience that is clean, simple, functional, and fast. We’re also introducing a tool that allows users to elevate the most important stories to the top.

So with that in mind, this beta release centers on these core elements of the product:

Easy migration and onboarding from Google Reader.

A clean reading experience that gets out of the way and puts the focus squarely on the articles, posts, images, and videos themselves.

Useful mobile apps that sync with the web experience.

Support for key actions like subscribing, sharing, saving and organizing.”

What is your favorite alternative to Google reader? Let us know in the section below.

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Caffeine is a Handy App to Prevent your Mac from Sleeping

One of the best things about owning a Mac is that you have several small programmes that you can run which are incredibly useful. You call them utility apps or anything, they are incredibly light on the memory, small in size and really do a good job. It is a nice alternative to running a script in the Mac terminal once in a while. How many times, it has been a case with you that you left your device on, and gone and grabbed a cup of coffee or can of beer, and come back to find your Mac already asleep? You have to then wake the beauty up, re-enter your login passwords and it’s just a long boring process that you would rather not go through.

Caffeine for mac

(Image Via: Apple Mac App Store)

If you have faced the above problem, Caffeine will be your new best friend. No, not the real caffeine but a small programme called Caffeine which is available to download for free from the Apple Mac Store. The programme is incredibly simple to use. Once you download and install the app, it will add a coffee cup like icon to your menu bar. In case you want to activate Caffeine, all you have to do is click on the menu of Caffeine, it will fill the cup with some coffee and make sure the device would not turn to sleep in case of an inactivity. You can similarly click the icon again to empty the coffee cup and the Mac will go back to it’s default settings and sleep in the time you have specified in your Settings.

An incredibly easy and simple programme to run, caffeine can certainly save you plenty of minutes and the ‘aaarrrggghhh’ moments. Turns out, not all caffeine is harmful for life.

Download Caffeine from Mac App Store for free here

PixelPumper is a Free Alternate to Windows Live Writer for Mac OSX

If you have been a diligent blogger on a Windows Machine, chances are you would definitely have used the Windows Live Writer to update your blogs. It’s simplicity, plus the added versatility of not being Online to just jot down important content makes Live Writer a very popular tool for those stuck on Windows Machine.

But what if, you recently bought out that shiny new Macbook and want to have a solution similar to the Windows Live writer but on a Mac? Suffice to say, Live Writer does not exist for a Mac, but you can always use an alternative right? The best alternative we could find is PixelPumper for OSX.


PixelPumper, just like Live writer helps you update your Word Press blogs easily while still being inside your desktop environment and not opening the browser. The app is available for free in the Mac OSX App store and measures only about 4.8 MB in size.

Setting up the PixelPumper is incredibly easy and fast. The app asks for your Blog URL and your login credentials and you are good to go well within 30 seconds. All your posts, categories are seamlessly bought to the table as well. You also get important options such as to add pictures to the post, change the alignment, add in hyperlinks or enter bullet points. Overall, a complete experience and dare I say, much smoother than it was ever on Live Writer, maybe it could be a Windows thing. The formats are intact even as you export the post as a draft to your blog, so you do not have much to worry about it screwing the styling.

So, if you do have a Mac and would like an alternative to Live Writer, you can definitely not go wrong with Pixel Pumper.

Download Link : Mac OSX Store for PixelPumper

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto Removes Duplicate Photos in iPhoto

In your Mac computer, iPhoto is a very cool program that helps you arranging photos in your computer. But there are some shortcomings of this program such as it is unable to find duplicate photo on your system and displays along with other photo. These duplicate photos consumes hard disk space of your computer. Also it helps in making your iPhoto clutter free and looking good.

There is an app in Mac app store known as Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto that automatically finds these duplicate images and deletes them instantly. It is a completely free utility which you can easily download on your Mac computer.

Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

To use this app, run it in your computer by clicking on “Scan iPhoto Duplicates” button. It scans all your photos and shows all the duplicate images.It displays number of duplicate images and space consuming by those images. It will delete all the duplicate photos automatically after that.

Check out Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto