Facebook Working on a News App To Send Broadcast Alerts

Facebook in its newest avatar is building an ecosystem of applications that basically use your Facebook profile to deliver different services. In order to take this services initiative further, Facebook looks set to be launching a news application that would basically send you alerts for your selected subjects. The application is still very much in Alpha stage and is being tested and developed. The application will have character limits very similar to the way things are done on Twitter so that you are not served huge gamuts of data just via broadcast.


For the start, the application will sees elected publishers tie up, which will result in broadcast update being pushed on to the screens of everyone who is subscribed to the particular channel. The publisher can choose the call to action on the same as well as if he is pushing the broadcast only to the subscribers to the genre of subscribers too. The call to action primarily would be taking the user to his website, though the publisher can obviously change this and maybe redirect to a Youtube video of the story.

There is no other action that the user can perform other than either dismissing the broadcast or simply clicking on the call to action button. With no cross talks or comments, it would be interesting to see how well the application functions and what are the features that get added on. It is a possibility that somewhere down the line, the app could bring the likes of pages on board who will also be able to broadcast messages.


Adidas Acquires Fitness App Maker Runtastic

Adidas has acquired Runtastic in a deal that is said to be worth more than 220 Euros. Both Adidas and Runtastic come from similar backgrounds where sports are the bread and butter for them. While Adidas has been actively sponsoring the goods and apparels of sportsmen, Runtastic is a nifty little application that runs on your Android or iOS device and tells you details of your run. It gives you the distance you covered, location mapping as well as your average speed and time you took in order to cover the distance. You can then go on and share the same information with your friends and challenge them to outperform you.


Florian Gschwandtner, Runtastic CEO and Co-Founder was quoted saying:

Adidas is the perfect strategic partner for Runtastic and we are very eager to leverage our business in new and unique ways in the future. By bringing cutting-edge input from our leading position in the digital space to one of the great world leaders in the sports and fitness industry, I am personally looking forward to pleasing and surprising new and loyal users with the best products in the world. Together, we will make exceptional and unexpected things happen.

Given how big the wearable and fitness tracking market is, it makes a lot of sense for Adidas to use Runtastic which also helps you in making 6 pack abs as well as sleep better. Given Adidas’ presence in the sports space it would be a great chance for Runtastic to be able to power some of the fitness trackers that may well be in works. Adidas to their credit have worked with the likes of Sennheiser in the past to come up with an exclusive line of earphones which can be used during a run or gym session, and therefore have a good hang of the space. Joining hands with Runtastic could mean that the two brands come up with their line of wearables and fitness tracking equipments a bit like Fitbit, Mi Band, YuFit, NikeFuelBand and more.

Via: Android Central


Talk only in Yes or No? Try out Yes/No Messenger

There have been more than a few conversations that we have had with our dear ones where the only agenda was to get the person, on the other side to say a Yes or a No. These are usually monologues where one person does all the talking, which usually translates to throwing a lot of question while the guilty party either agrees or disagrees. And while we are obviously not short of any Instant Messengers, one could actually see the utility of a Yes/ No messenger which you could strictly use for the time when you are in no mood for taking any bullshit or beating around the bush.

Yes No App

The application is available for both Android and iOS and has an extremely uncluttered user interface. The entire experience of using the app was butter smooth and you could actually see a proper use case of the application unlike a lot of IM apps that do exactly the same sort of thing. You can set the expiry time of the question as well as sned the question to your friends via SMS.

You can involve just one person as per the way you want or even start a yes/ no conversation among a group of friends which would be an easy way of finding out the answer to a difficult question or coordinating among yourself for things like a dinner or even a movie plan. You can check out the working of the messenger right here.

Download Link: Android & iOS

Get Do Not Disturb Like Feature for your Windows Phone Device

Apple introduced Do Not Disturb back in iOS 6 and since then it has become one of the most used features. It helps you to conveniently put the phone into silent mode where no notifications can trouble you. This is especially useful when you are in an official meeting or just spending some time with no intention of hearing the beeps of incoming notifications. You can set a particular time when you want DND to be turned on and also make some of your favorite contacts as exceptions to the rule.

Quiet Hourse

The same can now be done if you are a Windows Phone user using an application called Quiet Hours. Developed by Amaze Pictures, Quiet Hours is a pretty useful application that lets you add in Live tiles from where you can turn the buzz of all the incoming notifications off. If you are ready to buy the paid version of the application, you can also get a scheduler for the same. So, for example, you do not want to be disturbed from 12 AM to about 9 AM on a Sunday, you can input that.

However, as easy the application is to use, it does lack a few features such as the ability to make your favorite contacts exceptions to the rule of DND. It is pretty much a possibility that as the app picks up traction some of these new features could be added. Till then though, Quiet Hours remains to be a wonderful choice to put your Windows Phone in DND mode.

Download Quiet Hours for free here

Integrate Xbox to iPhone Using My Xbox LIVE App for iOS

It’s a surprise for iOS devices as Microsoft launched an Xbox LIVE application for iOS devices. Microsoft launched the app quietly without lot of talking. The Xbox LIVE companion was also released for the Windows Phone 7 devices which was pretty much expected. The app runs on devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. However there is a lot of difference between the iOS version and the windows phone version of the app.

My Xbox LIVE App is free and with it you can now customize your avatar features and all items with the avatar closet, you can now manage your friend list and even send and receive messages to your friends. With this app users can compare their score and achievements on the go with other friends and invite new friends.
In comparison to the My Xbox LIVE on window phone 7, the app for iOS devices is still not good. The app on iOS has limited functionality but the Xbox LIVE companion for windows phone devices brings you the ability to search for games, movies and music. It has a more integrated experience and you can view the second screen information while you’re using your console.

It’s bit surprising to see Microsoft didn’t come out with an Android version. Maybe its because Google maps don’t come with window phone 7.

Download My Xbox Live [via Winrumors].

Official Hotmail App for Android is Out

In what is a move that would surprise a lot of market enthusiasts Android market place has got its first release of the official Hotmail Application. So far there had been only the native Gmail application and to use all your other accounts you had to manually customize them in the native email client. However, Hotmail is one of the most popular email clients and it was just about imperative that they would have an official client and it’s finally out.


Now, no more of entering your details into the native application as you can directly use it. The official application lets you to sync multiple msn accounts, including Hotmail and live ones and also forward your emails to the pre created folders that you use. You can also use extensive search feature that is available in the native application for searching through your contacts and emails.


The UI is extremely good on the eye and in a lot of ways very similar to the native Gmail application without the priority inbox. Also there are lots of customizations present in the application so you can select the refresh rate and various things to make the application suit your needs. This can in fact be done for individual mail accounts too, so that is another awesome feature.

There is an awesome in built feature called Quiet hours, during this specified time, the client will not check for new mails, it’s a really intuitive thing, as one does not need their mobile device to fetch emails during the night times, hence all and all it’s a wonderful application and really easy to get around. If you have a Hotmail account and an android phone, it’s a must have, especially since its free.

Check out Hotmail for Android.

Call Announcer: Announces Calls and Reads SMS on Android Phone

It is in a lot of ways funny that smart phones are used for so many purposes these days like playing games, listening to music, syncing tasks, sending emails that at times we tend to forget that their main purpose is to make a phone call or send a short text. However a phone, no matter how well spec-d up is pretty useless if it cannot do these two things well. So today we have an application for you that would help you in these two essential functions of the Android smartphone.


The application in focus is Call Announcer. It is a very simple yet highly intuitive application that basically acts like an announcer when you get a phone call or text message. This is particularly handy when you are busy working and your phone keeps on beeping, instead of always going through the pain of taking the phone out and answering it you can always just hear the announcement and depending on it accept or just reject the call. The application is not the easiest to use, and that is because it has a plenty of customizations. From the type of voice to the language to the content of the announcement you can customize everything according to your need.


However, once you get the hang of it, it is a wonderful added feature to your already brilliant android phone and is pretty light on the RAM too and does not result in hanging up or any sort of problems during the call. It uses Google’s Text To Speech so is fantastically well integrated!

All and all, it’s a wonderful application that is really useful to all the users and in a lot of ways a must download. You can find the application here at:

Download Call Announcer.