Moto E Second Generation Launching on March 10th in India

Motorola changed the game with the announcement of the Motorola Moto E when it was announced last year. What followed was an avalanche of devices in the lower budget price segment which has since given a tremendous value to the customers, in general. Now second time around, with the Motorola Moto E making its way to India, the game is slightly trickier with a lot of players to take on. The likes of Xiaomi with their 1s and Lenovo with their A600, as well as the entire Android One lineup are some of the competitors that have kind of stolen the thunder from Moto a little bit.

Moto E Press Invite

Motorola will have the chance to earn the mojo back when the Motorola Moto E is announced in India on March 3rd. Motorola has already begun sending out the invites for the launch and it looks like both the LTE as well as the 3G variant of the device will be made available. Both the phones, like any other Motorola device will remain Flipkart exclusive only.

It is being speculated that the 3G variant of the device will sell for somewhere in the region of Rs 7,000 while the LTE version would be about Rs 1,000 on the plus side. The Moto E second generation features a larger screen, larger battery, larger internal storage and a faster processor on the LTE version.

Motorola Moto E Second Gen Announced

Motorola has taken the wraps off the second generation of the Motorola Moto E. It was initially expected that the device will be announced somewhere in MWC but that hasn’t been the case. The first generation of Motorola Moto E had lead the wave of budget friendly smartphones in India and the world generally. It was the device that prompted devices like Micromax Unite 2, RedMi 1s and several others which forged their way in the sub Rs 7,000 category.


The new Moto E is as expected an iterative design rather than a brand new design from ground up. There are heavy cues from the existing MotoE, though a few specifications have changed. The device will comein an LTE variant which will be powered by Snapdragon 410 SoC with each of the four cores clocked at 1.2 GHz. A 3G variant will also be made available which will be powered by Snapdragon 200 SoC. The screen size has moved to a 4.5 inch one, though the resolution remains same at 960 x 540 pixels.

The internal memory has doubled to 8 GB from 4 GB and you do have expansion via Micro SD slot still. The rear camera is a 5 MP unit and the front facing camera remains the VGA unit. The Moto E 2nd generation will be running Android 5.0 out of the box and come with 2390 mAh battery. The price of the 3G variant is US$119.99 and the LTE version will set you back by US$149.99. The device is expected soon in India on Flipkart.

Motorola Moto E Receives a Price Cut in India

In what could be the first sign of it being phased out, Motorola Moto E has received a fairly heavy price cut in India. The device is now available for a full INR 1,000 less at INR 5,999 for those who pick it from Flipkart, the channel partners for Motorola in India. The device has been one of the major devices which has brought the limelight to the lower budget segment resulting in plenty of options for the people to pick up a good device in the price region that before the Moto E was largely untouched.

Moto E

The device is expected to have its successor announced at MWC in Barcelona in March and therefore it just may well be the first signs that Motorola is looking to phase the phone out. In fact, Motorola has a history of doing that in the recent past and we have seen devices like Motorola Moto X as well the first generation of Moto G receive a substantial price cut when their successors were on the horizon.

Interestingly while the devices, both the white and black variant have received the price cut, the accessories have remained round about the same price as they were selling. At Rs 5,999, the Motorola Moto E makes for a terrific choice, even though some of its deficiencies such as a less than perfect display are pretty well known.

First Images of the Moto E Second Gen Show Up

Motorola Moto E is due an upgrade this year. After relative success of the Moto E in its earlier days, the device succumbed to the competition provided by the likes of Mi 1s as well as the Android One devices which in a way played on the strengths of the Moto E and bettered it for the same price point.

Motorola Moto E-2-Renders

However, looks like Motorola will come back in the game and stronger than ever with an interesting Upgrade to the Moto E. The surfaced leaks show a shape that is strikingly similar to the previous generation of the Motorola Moto E, however it is the internals and few add-ons which have caught our attention. It is expected to come with an Autofocus camera than a Fixed Focus one. Clear to see, the device runs Android 5.0 Lollipop.

If the renders are to be correct, the next gen Moto E will not have any front facing speakers, the rear camera will have no flash but a secondary microphone for perhaps noise cancellation and voice recording for videos. The screen size is expected to be 4.5 inches and the device will be powered by a Snapdragon 400 SoC which currently is the engine for the Moto G. We also observed a rubber like edges for extra gripping on the edges, which may not be a part of the body but be available as a shell.

Since the renders are out, we expect the Moto E to be out in the market fairly soon now.

Motorola Confirms Android 5.0 Lollipop Update for Moto X, Moto G and Moto E

When Motorola announced the Motorola Moto E in India, it had categorically announced intentions to support the device for next two major Android updates. After Google confirmed that Android L is out of Beta and set to hit the Nexus and GPE edition devices later this month, Motorola became the first OEM to come out and lay out in open its plan to bring the update to their devices.

Motorola Android L Lineup

It is an excellent news that Motorola has decided to bring the update to all of its Moto range of devices, including the first and second generation of Moto X, G and the Moto E. This makes the lineup of devices, easily the most affordable Android L devices out there. While the timing of when these updates will be released is not exactly known, you would believe that given largely Vanilla Android feel of these devices the updates would not take a very long time to hit once they hit the Nexus smartphones.

All the updates would be available OTA, and you can follow the updates live on Motorola’s update page right here. The official communication from Motorola India also confirmed that the Nexus 6 would be available later this year in India, making us, one of the 28 countries where the device would be first announced in after the United States.

Motorola Removes the Annoying Carrier Name from Status bar by making it optional in Android 4.4.3 update

Motorola’s Moto range of smartphones have a strange feature whereby the carrier ID takes up space on your notification bar. this takes away plenty of space that could otherwise be used up by the incoming notifications. Add to it, not all of us are interested in having our carrier ID on top of the notification bar as their branding in most cases can be pretty irritating thanks to odd names.

Motorola Carrier ID

But with the latest Android 4.4.3 update that is hitting all the unlocked Motorola Moto devices, there would be an option to hide away the Carrier ID on top of your device. While the latest Android 4.4.3 update does not bring too many features on the surface of things, this is a rather important one. To disable the carrier ID, all you need to do is get into the Network Settings of your device and uncheck the box of ‘Show Mobile Network’ to hide the carrier ID.

If you still pull the notifications bar down, you will be able to see the carrier ID just like any other KitKat device. The news about this add on was made public by Punit Soni, who is the VP of Motorola on his G+ page. However, interestingly, the screenshot he posted was a 1080P however, interestingly none of Moto E, Moto G or Moto X have a 1080 P display. Maybe a 1080 P Motorola device is on the cards?



Motorola Announces the Motorola Moto E in India for Rs 6,999

The Moto revolution is definitely gathering pace and it may just well be alarm bells for some of the bigger players in the market. The strategy of Motorola has been perfect for a budget conscious market such as India and South America and it has kept their needs and mentality both in mind as it attempts to write its comeback into the industry which it once ruled.


Another step in the direction today was the launch of the Motorola Moto E in India. The device is mainly for those who are shy of spending out big bucks on a smartphone and would like to experience what the whole fuss is about Android or perhaps just wish to carry a backup smartphone in addition to their more high end devices. The Moto E is potentially a bad news for the likes of Nokia X who were trying to achieve something similar but it is obviously too early to judge and pass those remarks.

On specs front, the Moto E is rather good for the price bracket it lives in. The device comes with a 4.3 inch display with a qHD resolution. The SoC powering the device is a dual core 1.2 GHz chip and has 1 GB of RAM. While this RAM may sound a little on the lower side in this age of monstrous measures, you have to factor in that the device runs pretty much stock Android with KitKat 4.4 out of the box which is tailor made for such devices. The camera on the rear of the device is a 5 MP but we obviously do not expect too much out of it. Thanks to cost cutting the device will have no front facing camera.

Just like the previous Motorola smartphones, the Moto E will be available exclusively from Flipkart for Rs 6,999 and will come with an option of interchanging the covers starting tonight from Flipkart.

Image: GSM Arena

Motorola Holding an Event on May 13th to Bring its Latest Device

Ever since the takeover by Lenovo, a lot has been made out about how things would pan out in Motorola Mobility. While some believe the added benefit of working with a company with strong presence in the world of personal technology would be beneficial, the others have voiced a concern about how the relationship could be harmful if Lenovo tries to change the good work Motorola has done with the Moto G and Moto X.

Moto Invite

The answer to this could be available as early as May 13th when Motorola takes to stage to announce its latest smartphone. Rumors have been adrift for a while about potentially a low priced budget phone from Motorola that would be a successor to the Moto G.

The event is set to be held simultaneously in London and New Delhi on the 13th of May as Motorola has been handing the invites out. The copy on the invites clearly hint towards a phone for all, in other words a phone that would not burn a hole in your wallet. Given the event is being held in the UK and India, and not the US, it is an educated guess that there would be no Moto X+1 at least in the immediate future.


Motorola set to bring a budget smartphone in May?

Motorola has been tremendously successful with its Moto G and Moto X in the last year. Although the device may not have shattered any records in terms of numbers or volumes sold or shipped, but it has bought the company back on the radar in the smartphone world as most had already written them off. The devices since being sold in the US and UK iitially have been made available in countries like India, Australia and Mexico which are all price sensitive markets. So, it is no surprise that after relative success that Motorola may be planning to bring in another budget smartphone around May.


The device is expected to be called Motorola Moto E and is expected in the early weeks of may. The specs of the phone include a 4.3 inch display which could well be a qHD display, slightly worse off than the 720P HD one found on the Moto G. The phone would have 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory based on the leaked specifications. The SoC on device is expected to be a dual core chip with 1900 mAh battery on board and the device will come with Android 4.4 running right out of the box. The Motorola Moto E is expected to cost less than Rs 10,000 which definitely seems to be the price category of interest this year for all the major OEMs.