LG Fx0 is the first Transparent Smartphone running Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Firefox OS so far has tasted only low-end hardware devices in the budget category. Despite being in nascent stages of development, Firefox OS has major potential given the pre-established developer community. The OS has been only installed on phones that have retailed in the region of Rs 5,000 and once could argue that Mozilla hasn’t gone full out with the launch. The first instance where you could argue that Mozilla is going full on with the launch of the OS is with a transparent smartphone called the LG Fx0.


The device will be a Japan exclusive to start of with and will retail for a price of about 50,000 Yen which is about Rs 26,000. The device will be available in limited stocks from now, though it will be available widely from the first week of January. The device is made keeping the developer community in mind and is completely transparent which is an interesting design concept.

The LG Fx0 has a 4.7 inch display and is powered by Snapdragon 400 SoCwith 1.5 GB of RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB and packs 2370 mAh battery which can be seen from the back of the device. the rear of the device also embosses Firefox logo on the back. The device will be the first major release from Firefox and would be interesting to see how the device is received given decent specifications.

How To Watch Mobile World Congress 2013 Live Telecast

Mobile World Congress is currently being held in Barcelona. It is the largest Consumer Electronics show in the world which show cases the mobile devices for the coming year. Mobile World Congress is one of the most eagerly anticipated event in the calenders of any tech enthusiast. However, some of the people who have not been able to make it to Barcelona for whatever reason, apart from waiting for news feed from sites to come in, there are quite a few ways they can follow the happenings and the launches at Mobile World Congress.


1) The easiest way to stay updated and know the happenings live is to follow the event on its official stream on Mobile World Congress Site here. This live TV stream brings lots of interviews and events as they unfold in Barcelona. The feed goes on as long as the event is active and you can listen to lots of interesting debates as well as exclusive interviews with CEO’s and CTO’s of various companies. You can also watch the keynotes and get a great insight to what goes on at Mobile World Congress in case you wish to attend one next year or are just generally curious.

2) The second way to follow the Mobile World Congress is to follow sites such at The Verge or CNET for a live feed and most of the big companies do have a live stream for their keynotes on official sites or a site dedicated to Mobile World Congress. This method does require some research but we found to our surprise that streams from official companies work better and have more clarity as compared to the MWC live stream.

So, we hope these two methods would help you to follow Mobile World Congress live in Barcelona and you do not miss all the technology action as it unfolds. You can follow us on Twitter at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp to know more about Mobile World Congress and the events happening there.

Edit: The event has ended so the links have been unlinked.


Mozilla Wants to Develop Web Apps to Compete with Mobile Apps

What names comes to your mind when you hear the word Apps, I think Apple or Google. This is because Apple and Google are the front runners when it comes to the mobile world. While the smartphone industry is growing significantly, it has made sure that native apps are re-born.

However, Mozilla is hoping that soon Web-apps will provide a comparable experience to the users. According to Mozilla:

We are aiming at providing all the necessary APIs to build a basic HTML5 phone experience within the next 3-6 months

Well, Chrome OS is not the only Browser based OS which is entering the web-apps space. Mozilla says that developers can use their WebAPI to build an HTML 5 Phone and it will be compatible across all operating systems.

Mozilla is planning to make the API interact with phone’s contact list, camera, and dialer so that you can access them directly from your device’s browser.

The WebAPI project certainly isn’t trying to create a full-blown operating system. However Mozilla’s Boot to Geeko project could be a possible alternative to Google’s Chrome OS.

It looks like Mozilla is seriously looking forward to challenge Google’s Chrome OS and they will soon be hiring full time developers to make sure that the basics are done and out by February next year.

We invite our community to work with our newly formed WebAPI team on closing the device API gap that exists today between the open Web platform and native APIs,” Mozilla’s Jonas Sicking said.

We have seen a lot of developer avoiding the app store by launching browser based web apps for iPad and other mobile devices. This makes sure that the developers don’t have t share profits, don’t need to agree to terms and conditions of the app store and can provide update anytime they feel like. I think the work Mozilla and Google are doing might have a big impact on the way apps are used on our devices.

[via ZDnet].

Step By Step Guide To Setting up Gmail in Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a desktop client by Mozilla, the same company which developed Firefox. If you prefer to work in desktop client mail environment then Thunderbird might be a good choice. Setting Gmail in it is quiet easy. This guide provides you the step by step method to setup your Gmail account inside Thunderbird.

First login to your Gmail account. Go to Settings –> Forwarding and POP/IMAP –> IMAP Access –> Enable IMAP. You can also use POP settings for your emails but IMAP is preferred over POP and one good thing is that Gmail doesn’t charge anything for this feature (Yahoo charges $19.99/year and IMAP is not available in Hotmail).

Download and install Thunderbird mail client. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Click on Tools –> Account Settings.


On left, click on Account actions drop down. Select Add mail account.


Now enter your name, email ID and password in the box given.


Thunderbird will automatically detect all the settings. Check the green icon next to incoming and outgoing links. It means everything is fine. Click “Create Account” button.


That’s it. Your account is created. Click on the Read messages to check your emails. Thunderbird will start downloading all the mails to your computer. It means you can also access them offline.


Now you don’t need to go to Gmail.com to check your mails. Just open the Thunderbird to check all the mails. Now you can compose new mail, star mails, assign labels and do many other things with your mail client.

Update Firefox Plugins Using Plugin Check

Plugin powers videos, animations and games you play inside the browsers. For example if you want to watch video on YouTube then you should install flash plug-in by visiting Adobe site. Similarly there are plugin to play Divx videos, Windows media videos etc.

You should update plugin time to time because not not every plug-in update by itself in the browser (The exception is flash plug-in which updated itself in the Chrome browser). If you use old plugin then your computer might be vulnerable to attack by malware, viruses and other security threats. Also plugins can save your time by giving you uninterrupted browsing experience.

Mozilla Plugin check

Mozilla made a nice “Plugin Check” page which tells you about all the plugins of your Firefox browser. It tells you which plugin requires update and which is up-to-date. If it needs any update then a download link of plugin page is provided by this tool.


In the screenshot above, you can see that Silverlight Plug-in needs update as the yellow button is flashed next to it on which “Update” is written. Similarly DivX player and Java are up to date because green “Up to Date” button is displayed next to it.

Click on the Update button to quickly update the vulnerable plugin. You’ll be instantly redirected to the manufacturer of the plugin page. While you click on the update button, you’ll be redirected to the manufacturer’s website on the same tab which is annoying. The new page should open in the new tab.

Check out Mozilla Plugin Check to quickly update your Firefox browser’s plugins.