Rdio Files for Bankruptcy; Will Wind Down the Business in Coming Days

Rdio, the popular music streaming service is shutting down. The news comes as a shock to plenty of us as the company had very recently written a welcome note for Apple Music as it set its foot in the world of music streaming. Call it the tough challenge that music streaming has proved to be, but Rdio has been one of the bigger players in the game and seeing their state gives a bit of a perspective on where we are heading towards. It was around last year only when Rdio had announced the acquisition of Dhingana, another of the music streaming services in India and looks like that acquisition did little favors too.


The existing technologies and talents of Rdio will be taken over by Pandora, another music streaming service for $75 million in the coming days. The exact details of the deal were stated on the Rdio blog stating:

We’d like to update the entire Rdio community regarding today’s announcement that Pandora plans to acquire Rdio’s innovative technology and critically-acclaimed design. Pandora has been a pioneer in music streaming for the last decade and shares our passion for delivering the best service possible to music fans everywhere. We’re very excited to continue our tradition of delivering beautiful and powerful music experiences to an even larger audience.

Rdio’s service will not be interrupted today. We will have more updates in the coming weeks on what this process means for your Rdio account, but for the time being the service continues unchanged.

We couldn’t be more proud of the entire Rdio team and the product we have built. We’re honored to have connected so many listeners around the world with the music they love. We thank you for your continued support over the years and look forward to bringing you even better music experiences in the future as part of the Pandora team.


Apple Music is Live in India with iOS 8.4

Apple announced the update to iOS 8.4 last night at around 8:30 PM in India. It is an incremental update and one that has generated a lot of interest among people. While you have the regular list of bug fixes that have come along, it is the introduction of Apple Music that has made the update so news worthy. Apple Music is Apple’s way of competing with the likes of Spotify and other online music streaming services.

Apple Music

Apple Music revamps the Music app on iOS and you have a new icon and a completely redone interface to put emphasis on users using the streaming service. And we are really glad that all of it has been brought under the Music app instead of keeping two different applications. When you log in for the first time, you can sign up for a free trial for 3 months,  under any one of the two plans, which is Rs 120/ month for one user or Rs 190/ month for family sharing which includes 6 Apple IDs. You can turn off auto-renewal of the subscription in case you do not wish to use the service beyond, but we really don’t see why you would not want to.

Post you picking the plan, you can select the music, genres or artists that you like, so that the app will play music that you like when you choose to play curated music under the ‘For You’ tab. You can also connect with the artists as well as play radio channels plus your existing music on the system right from the app. While we have used the app only for about 4 hours now, we are mighty impressed with the collection as well as the playback and interface of the application. It would not take you too long to really like Apple Music as well.

Apple Confirms Intentions of Buying Beats Electronics for $3billion

In one of the most discussed news in the tech world, Apple has finally confirmed that it would be acquiring the music streaming and headphone manufacturing giants Beats Electronics for a deal that would cost Apple $3 billion. This makes the Beats acquisition the highest in the history of the company which bought about 27 companies, albeit of a much smaller size last year.


Apple and Beats will continue to exist as separate brands though Beats will now be reporting to Apple as expected. The deal will be closed in the fourth quarter of this year with Apple paying $2.6 billion in cash and the remaining $400 million in stocks. The founding members of Beats, Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine will take positions in Apple as a part of the deal.

Beats will continue to offer its streaming services to both Android and Windows Phone platform despite the deal. Apple is said to be especially interested in helping Beats fully realise the potential of the streaming service to take on the likes of Spotify and Google Play Music.

Speaking about the acquisition, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “Music is such an important part of all of our lives and holds a special place within our hearts at Apple. That’s why we have kept investing in music and are bringing together these extraordinary teams so we can continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world.”

Not only is Apple looking at the headphone and streaming services of Beats but also would be working closely with the team from Beats into entering new verticals, most notable the likes of wearables. It certainly would be interesting to see how the entire deal pans out and how much of a profit can this multi billion dollar deal can turn for Apple.

Now you can Discover Real Time Top Tracks on Shazam on iOS Devices

Shazam alongside SoundHound is one of the most used applications for track discovery. How many times have you been in a restaurant and heard a song play without having a clue what it is. Shazam helps you discover that by listening to it and listing the track details for you. However, so far Shazam was pretty much limited to just simply listening and tagging the music you are listening to your Facebook profile. However, with the latest update to Shazam available across iOS devices adds a nifty little feature to the app.


Now the application has a new feature called pulse which allows you to look at top trending music in the world of Shazam users. We are guessing it works on a simple algo of tracking the song that is being recognised the most. The new update also brings with it a totally new tool bar at the bottom. The release notes say, not just this, but more features have been added to the application as well:

” New on iPhone in 6.1:

? Shazam Pulse – Find fresh new music and preview from the trending real time charts
? Friends – Smoother loading
? New look tab bar:
-Settings is now located on the top left of the home screen
-When a Friend tags, they appear in the tab bar
-Chart updates are displayed in the tab bar

New on iPad in 6.1:
? Easier to delete tags from Favorites, tap edit then select tags
? Improved stability in Friends feed

New on iPhone and iPad in 6.1:
? Shazam Pulse – Discover new music by sampling of what’s being tagged right now. To find it on your iPad, swipe right on the home screen. To find it on your iPhone swipe right in Discover.”

We did check out the Android version and there was no Pulse option on it despite having the latest version of the app. We can only hope that the feature is rolled out on Android soon now that iOS devices already have it and we can see the utility of having such a feature.

via: Cult of Mac

Twitter Announces #Music Service

Seems like yet another rumor that we believed strongly in has come true. It was one of the worst kept secrets in the tech world that Twitter was working on a music service. If you look across your TL on Twitter, you would notice lots of people tweet about the songs they are listening to or like, and this is exactly what the new #music service from twitter takes advantage of.

Twitter Music

#Music has a web app as well as a dedicated iOS application currently but no word is out about an Android, BB or WP 8 application, however, we do expect the service to be released on these platforms oon too. Basically what the service does is that it collects information of the music that people you are following on twitter are tweeting about using the hash tag #NowPlaying.

So this way you will be able to discover new music  as well be linked to the profile of the artist of the music if they are on twitter. The previews are currently via iTunes while users with accounts on Spotify and Rdio will be able to listen to full tracks. So, it is a great way to discover new basic entirely based on your social network. However, the service is currently not available worldwide, only in US, UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. You can visit the web app however, here

Search For Songs of Your Favorite Singer While Browsing Internet

It happens many times that while browsing internet, you see many celebrities’ names on websites. If you want to listen to song of that celebrity instantly there is a Chrome application available that does exactly the same. You can right click on celebrity name and search for songs by that celebrity. This extension gives you option to listen to songs on Grooveshark and YouTube instantly. This extension is known as Music Plow for Chrome.


To use this extension, go to Chrome extension page and install this extension on your browser. Now, while browsing any site, if you see the name of any celebrity, just select the celebrity name and right click on it. Now, you’ll see option, “Find music matching for celebrity”. Click on it. It will give you four icons. First icon is for Grooveshark. Click on this icon and you’ll be redirected to Grooveshark website. Second icon is for YouTube, you can watch video on YouTube just by clicking this icon. Third and fourth icon is for Amazon and iTunes stores, in case if you want to purchase the song.

Overall, it’s a nice application to listen to music and watching video of your favorite celebrity instantly. It is free to use and no sign up is required.

Check out Music Plow for Chrome.

Makes a playlist of Songs From Different Artists and Play it in Your Browser

If you like to listen to your favorite band or artist online then AllSongsBy is an online tool that makes a playlist of all songs by a single artist of your choice and plays them all in your browser for free.


It allows users to listen to music created by their favorite artists by automatically making a playlist of all songs from that artist and plays them in browser. To get started, simply select the artist whose music you wish to listen. If the artist’s name is not mentioned, just search for the name and you will most likely find it.

Once you have selected the artist, the website will organize all songs from that artist and make a playlist for you listing all songs that the artist has made. Select a song that you want to listen to or just play all of them. You can even choose to create playlists from a specific album. The website also displays popular videos by the artist for viewing and also can make video playlists for you.

Check out AllSongsBy.

Top 20 Websites to Listen and Download DJ Songs

The genre of Electronica, Trance, House and Techno music is becoming more and more popular. This genre is more appealing to the newer generation of people who want heart pumping excitement throughout the entire song. Trance and techno music help achieve that. There are many websites that allows users to explore DJ song. Here are some websites which you can visit and get a feel of what this music is like.

1. Ego Thieves: This website is a place where Artists having an interest in becoming DJ’s post their mash ups and mixes for the people. Here, users can check out the mixes created by artists and listen to them and if they like it, can even download the tracks. The website is designed quite well and users will like the way it looks when they visit for the first time. Watch videos, listen to music and download your favorite music directly from the website. One of the best DJ Song website.


2. The mixing bowl: The mixing bowl is a forum for DJ song lovers. Here users post their own mash ups or mixes in the form of torrents. You will be required to register to the website to start browsing through the forums. Once you have registered, you can browse through various categories that users have created and download tracks and albums that they recommend or that they themselves have created. This is a nice place to sit back and explore the world of Trance and Electronica.

mixing bowl

3. Livesets.us: This website hosts links to download the most popular albums created by the most popular DJ’s in the world. The latest albums released by the most sought after DJ’s like David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto etc. can all be found here. This is probably the best place from all of the ones listed to stay updated with what’s the latest in this genre.


4. Techno.org: Techno.org is unique in its design and in the way that users interact with it. The website is a complete guide into the world of Electronic and trance music. Choose a category that you are interested in and you can read a description on what that category is about and how it started. If you have just started listening to this genre of music, then this place is just what you need. Learn more about the genre and even listen to the best tracks and mixes available in that category.


5. Mugasha: If trance and electronic music is what you are mainly interested in, then this is the place to be. Mugasha is a website that offers users to listen to the latest and greatest in this vast world of electrifying music that will force you to move your feet. Browse through the collections of tracks released by popular DJ’s or even create your own mix and post them on the website to gain popularity and make a name in this field.


6. Shuffler.fm: Shuffler.fm is a website where users can listen to their favorite tracks from their favorite genre of music. The website has a large collection of electronic music and plays the best tracks automatically. Or, users can choose a track and listen to that. This website has a neat interface and users will be forced to come back again and again as the site is updated regularly. So, if you want to find the latest in your favorite genre, this place will most probably have it.


7. ccMixter: This website posts featured DJ song posted by some of their users. So, if you are experienced in this genre and are looking to explore through this genre a little more, then you will find this site to be interesting. Listen to featured tracks and mixes created by DJ’s and recommend them to others.


8. Discover trance: DiscoverTrance offers users the opportunity to listen to the latest DJ song released in this genre for free through internet radio. The website allows users to listen to the very best in Trance music airing from radio across the globe.


9. Hard Trance: Hard Trance is a website dedicated to the genre of electronic and trance  music and DJ song. The site is updated daily and the latest additions are posted on the website. Users can listen to music for free and if they like it, they can buy albums directly from the website.


10. The DJ list: The DJ list categorizes the most popular DJ’s by name and users can browse through collections of their favorite DJ’s ,listen to their latest tracks or watch live performances of DJ’s on the website. The website even posts a ranking of the most popular DJ’s and DJ song at the moment and users can listen to mash ups and mixes from these artists on the website.

dj list

11. Beat Port: Beat Port has collections of the latest  tracks from the most popular DJ’s and users can listen to the songs from the website. If you like a song, you can buy it from the website for a reasonable price.


12. Juno Download: This is another website where users can listen to their favorite tracks from their favorite DJ’s but you will have to pay cash to download tracks on to your computer.


13. House-mixes: If you are into Progressive trance and PRogressive PsyTrance, then this website will be perfect for you. You can listen and download tracks from the website, but you will have to register to the website first to start downloading tracks.


14. Di.fm: Digitally Imported is a very popular application on the iPhone. The website offers users the opportunity to listen to the best collections and mash ups in trance and progressive genre. Digitally Imported streams the best music in this genre and users can listen to the radio online for free. They have a great collection of DJ song and is worth a listen.


15. Radio Tuna: Radio Tuna is another website that allows users to listen to radio based on genre and streams the best tracks in that genre from various radio stations across the globe. Listen to DJ song in singles or even to entire albums on the website for free.


16. Dance Radio Global: Dance Radio Global has built-in players for every genre and users can listen to genre specific music by clicking on a  player on the website.The website provides players with varied bitrate support for different types of internet connections so your music will play without interruptions.


17. Pure.fm:

Pure.fm allows users to download trance and progressive tracks and albums from the website for free. Right click on a link to download and play them on your media player on your desktop.


18. Fresh Remix: On this website users can browse through their collections of trance and DJ song  remixes and download them from the website for free. The latest mash ups and mixes are displayed on the homepage and users can download these tracks and albums for free from the website.


19. Expendance: Here users can find collections of original dance, trance, techno, progressive and other tracks released by DJ’s across the world. Links are provided for downloading the tracks which you like and users can even download videos where available.


20. Trance Downloader: This website allows users to download DJ song album released by DJ’s for free. Browse through their collection of music from the genre of dance, trance, techno and progressive  trance and download the ones you like on to your computer for free.


Hope these website are what you are looking for. If you know any other websites that might be related to this post, then please feel free to leave links to those websites under the comments section.

Listen and Share Music Online with Earbits

Earbits is an online application that allows users to listen to the latest music that is hitting the shelves at  that very moment and even allows users to share their favorite music with other around the web. This website is a cool new way of getting familiar with what’s hot at the moment and staying updated with the latest gossip in the world of music.


Earbits allows users to listen to the most popular tracks through streaming radio. To get started with Earbits, simply direct the website to the genre of music that you would like to listen to and the website will play a continuous stream of great tracks on that genre for you. It even displays the name of the song and the artist, so that if you like the song, you can download it from other sources.

Users can sign up to the website and chat with other music enthusiasts who share the same tastes as you do. Registration is free and will not take up much of your time considering what all you can do. you can share your favorite tracks with your friends on Facebook or Twitter and give a thumbs up or down to tracks which you like or dislike respectively.

Earbits is a nice way to pass your time and even discover new tastes in music.

Visit the Earbits website.

30 Best Free Music Streaming Sites on The Internet

Looking for a good place to just hangout and listen to music? There are many websites that allows users to stream free music on the internet. Here are some of the best sites that you can switch to, sit back and listen to the latest and greatest music out there.

[Image Credit: Getthisripped]

1. Grooveshark: One of the most popular sites to stream free music today with a large collection of music and even comes with a forum where you can discuss your tastes with other people.

2. Last.fm: Last.fm keeps track of what kind of music you listen to on any player and then recommends music similar to your tastes to you regularly. A nice way to stay updated with the latest music everyday.

3. YouTube Disco: YouTube has its own free music streaming feature which allows users to create playlists of their favorite artists and tracks and play them on the browser. YouTube disco comes with a neat interface and everybody knows how large the YouTube database is and YouTube is probably the best place to find your music easily.

4. Spotify: Not available in all countries, but Spotify is the most popular website for streaming free music. The only downside about this website is its limitation in availability in some countries. Otherwise, the website has almost everything that comes under music that you may be looking for. Head over to the website to check if it is available in your country.

5. Jamendo: Jamendo is a free music streaming website that not many people may be aware of. But the website has a considerably large collection of music and even comes with its own “Top 100 tracks” list that is updated regularly. So discover the power of free music by heading over to the website by clicking on the link above.

6. Bandcamp: Bandcamp is a popular place where all artists. popular and unpopular ones post their newest tracks for users to listen to. Users can then post their comments and opinions on the song. Some artists call this place their second home. Bandcamp is a place that helps both the users as well as the artists posting their tracks. Users can support the artists that they like through the website as well discover new music.

7. Blip.fm: Blip.fm requires users to create an account on their website. Once this is done, users gain access to millions of free songs, their own internet radio station, an audience of music enthusiasts and can even share their favorite music with their friends. One of the best place to listen free music.

8. The sixty one: The sixty one has a unique interface when compared to other websites that allow users to stream music for free. You cannot browse through lists and listen to music that you want. But the interface plays free music for you. Even then, you will be forced to keep coming back and check what is new on their playlists.

9. City Sounds: City Sounds is a nice city-based music exploration tool for streaming music on your browser. Everyday listeners can post their own music on the website and create their own mash ups.

10. Shoutcast: Shoutcast is basically a collection of internet radio stations. But it will not take much time for users to identify the station playing free music of their choice. Browse stations by genre and find the best music for your ears.

11. Rhapsody: Rhapsody is a pay only music service. But considering the features that are made available to users once you have created an account, it certainly deserves a mention on this list. If you don’t mind paying merely 10 bucks a month for your music, then this place is all you will need to find the latest in the world of music.

12. Musicovery: Musicovery is unique in a way that it allows users to listen to their favorite music according to their mood. There is a box on which, if you roll over your mouse towards the mood of music that you feel like listening to at the time, then the website will create a random playlist from its collection in accordance with the mood that you have chosen. Or you can simply search for your favorite music and play them through your browser.

13. Jango: Search for your music and play them through your browser or browse through genre of music and play them all together. This is a nice place to explore music easily.

14. Mtv Hive: the name must be enough for users to visit the website. Mtv is a popular name in the world of music and if it has a free music streaming service, then it is recommended that you visit the website. With the latest music displayed on the homepage, find what you are looking for easily using the search or browse through artists, genre and albums to find the best songs that will keep you humming their tunes throughout the day.

15. Mufin Player: If you have a large collection of music and end up listening only to a number of songs from that collection as it’s a tiring process to search for music through that pile, then Mufin Player might just be the solution for you. This player is free and is an application that analyzes and arranges your music according to the tune and mood of the tracks and recommends music that matches your collections. So this application is a great way to get started with creating your own collection of music.

16. Amazing Tunes: Listen to the latest and newest tracks released for free and create playlists of your favorite music and save it for later. Visit the blogs section to get recommendations on what’s happening in the world of music.

17. Digitally Imported: Digitally Imported has a large collection of electronic and techno music for enthusiasts of that kind. If you are into that genre of music, then this is definitely the place to be.

18. iLike: The homepage of this website contains all the latest music that the industry has to offer. Browse through their collections, listen to what you like, and even search for the music you want to listen to with ease.

19. Live365: Live365 is a internet radio network containing lists of the best radio stations out there on the internet. Users can listen to their favorite music by accessing these stations. Browse through genre or simply listen to tracks recommended by other users.

20. Mp3.com: Mp3.com has over a million songs that are all free to download for users. Listen to songs and download them if you like them. This is a great place to start creating playlists of your favorite songs and downloading them on to your computer.

21. Tunein: Tunein offers users the opportunity to listen to live radio stations from all over the world. Listen to radio that is being aired in the USA while sitting in front of a computer in India.

22. Streampad: Streampad is an application that can be installed on platforms like Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and many other like it. It then creates playlists for you and plays music for you while you work. Customize the skins and colors to make it look cool and play your favorite music straight from this app.

23. Slacker: Slacker allows users to listen to pre-built radio stations on the website and even allows users to create their own radio stations and upload them for others to listen to it.

24. Yahoo! Music: Yahoo! Music works only with Internet Explorer but streams free music that you choose and even plays your favorite radio stations.

25. MeeMix: Listen to your favorite songs by searching through the collection of free music that this website has to offer. Sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account and start exploring.

26. Spinjay: Spinjay offers users to create their own playlists and upload them on the website. Other users can vote for your playlist and make you a popular DJ. Or you can simply browse through other playlists on the website and start listening to them.

27. Jiwa: Use this website to search for your favorite free music and Jiwa will create playlists of similar tracks and from related artists and play them for you.

28. Songspin: Songspin allows users to browse and explore for music through genre and listen to their favorite music online.

29. Streamit: This is another website that allows users to listen to radio stations from over the world. Select the region and listen to live radio from that region for free.

30. Maestro.fm: Maestro.fm currently allows users only through invites. So, if you have a friend who is already using the app, then well and good. Otherwise, you will have to leave your details and wait for an invite from the website. Maestro is the complete solution for all your needs pertaining to music. Users can backup their music and store them to the cloud and even play music no their iPhone. The website has a large collection of music that you will never get tired of listening to.

So these are the top music websites for music lovers. The list is endless but we selected the best one for you. Add your comments if you wish to add few more sites in the list.