Is this Leaked Nexus Prime?

In the past few weeks, we have seen a number of fake videos and fake photos of Nexus Prime but yesterday we encountered another video of Nexus prime. This one is clear and it’s very difficult to say if it’s fake. It doesn’t seem to be fake and also looks pretty okay. Rumors are this is possibly Nexus Prime.


The video shows us that Nexus Prime running Android’s latest flagship Ice-cream Sandwich and it has no physical buttons or capacitive touch buttons and has software buttons just like Honeycomb. Some people will love it and some of us might hate it. The UI is pretty much Honeycomb including the launcher. The launcher dock on the bottom also looks customizable. New animations are seen while switching between screen and apps. Most of the part is blue, just like Honeycomb and it really looks like Google has combined Tablet and Smartphone OS.

The lock screen is also inspired from Honeycomb ‘ring style’. You can either drag it to the left to launch the camera or to the right to unlock the phone. The camera apps also seem to be a bit tweaked. The search bar is still on top of the screen, so not everything about the OS is Honeycomb..

Now, all these rumors have come at a time when Google and Samsung have decided to delay the event. The rumored video might be true and might not be true, but its definitely adding to the excitement of people. What do you think? Is this Nexus Prime and Ice Cream sandwich?

Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich Delayed

If you haven’t got over iPhone 4S you probably should. Nexus prime is all over the place and we have a good and a bad news. The bad news is that Google and Samsung have delayed the launch of Android ICS and Nexus prime. This is what was said in a joint statement:

“Samsung and Google decide to postpone the new product announcement at CTIA Fall.

We agree that it is just not the right time to announce a new product. New date and venue will be shortly announced.”


Neither Google nor Samsung have given the reason for the delay but it is believed that this decision could well be made to pay respect to Steve jobs who passed this week.

Although there could be other reasons too for the delay, maybe Android Ice cream sandwich is not just ready to be displayed in public or maybe there’s some issue with Nexus prime. Since the companies have planned out a joint event, they would want both ICS and Nexus prime to feature in the event.

With no nexus prime and Android Ice cream sandwich, unpacked event will certainly lose on followers. New dates are expected to be announced soon, and the date of release of products won’t be affected as the delay is just in the announcement.

We still don’t know what causes the delay, but it jut adds up to the heat. People are eagerly waiting for Nexus prime and they can’t get wait to get a glimpse of it. Google’s delay card could go either way, add to the excitement or end up losing the momentum.

Nexus Prime Leaked Specification and Details


Yes, something big is coming and the rumors have started to flow smoothly into the market. With less then a week left in the launch of Google and Samsung’s Nexus Prime, BGR has claimed that it has full details of the spec sheet of Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime.

According to the blog, Nexus prime will feature Android Ice cream, sandwich along with a 4.65 inch Curved glass screen boasting a Super AMOLED Plus HD (1280×720). The device will also support 1080p HD video recording via its 5MP rear camera, something which was missing in Android vanilla.

Nexus Prime will have a 1.2 GHz TI OMAP 4460 dual-core Cortex A9 processor, with 1 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage. It will also be supporting LTE/HSPA depending on the carrier, although the news is that Nexus Prime will be exclusively on Verizon in the US. The 1750 mAh battery seems to be enough to run the phone for the whole day.

Nexus Prime fans will be hoping to see a bump in the camera since even the iPhone now offers an 8MP camera. The camera is currently rumored to be 5 MP which is the only bad part in the rumor spec sheet. Rest all seems to be pretty amazing, including the processor and screen.

Nexus prime will supposedly be stock Android and won’t feature Samsung’s TouchWiz UI. You can also monitor the usage of each app in Ice cream sandwich just like your computer. All these rumors and news will come to life on Tuesday when Google and Samsung unveil this little monster. If these rumors are true, then iPhone 4S has a tough road ahead.

What will you buy? Nexus Prime or iPhone 4S?

Nexus Prime Could Be The First Ice Cream Device

Rumors are what we in the tech world live by. Most of them are baseless but the keep us going. According a report at CNET, it is widely reported that Samsung has come together with Google once again for the manufacturing of the flagship device codenamed the Nexus Prime.


Nexus Prime would also be the very first Ice Cream Sandwich device, which is the next big leap by Google when it comes to Android OS which hopes to integrate the tablet and mobile world by bringing the greatest of both Honeycomb and Gingerbread. The rumored specs of the device are absolutely mouth-watering. The device is expected to be a dual core one and run 1.5 GHz processor on each core with a RAM of minimum 1GB. The camera is supposedly kept at 5 MP but with a better sensor for shooting at night time as well as ability to shoot HD videos.

Keeping in line with the stock Android feel, the Prime is expected to run the vanilla version of the new Android without any customization or any sort of extended Apps. The phone is supposedly sporting a mammoth 4.5 inches capacitive touch screen which so far has been only seen practically in the Infuse and the Titan. There is also expected support for 4G LTE and the phone is expected to be not carrier locked.

Vanilla Android with Ice cream Sandwich is probably just about any developers dream and with it combining with some absolutely fantastic hardware specs, this phone is without a doubt one of the most keenly awaited devices out there. So keep an eye here as we would do all we can to bring you latest from the world of Nexus Prime.

Nexus Prime could be the 1st phone to Serve Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Google is planning to roll out Android 4.0 to compete with Apple’s Iphone-5 and it seems like Google is in a bit of a rush. Source say that Google is planning to launch an ICS powered phone in October and Nexus 3 or Nexus Prime could be the 1st phone to serve Ice Cream Sandwich.

Rumors are The Nexus Prime is will  feature a 4.5-inch touch screen display, (or, if previous rumors are to be believed, an even bigger one at 4.65-inch), 1,280 x 720 resolution, and Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich, Google’s latest mobile platform expected to unify smartphone and tablet OS experience in the Android universe.

According to a report in Korea’s Electronic Times, the insiders are pointing out an October launch for the Samsung handset. It will apparently rock a 4.5-inch HD AMOLED display and a 1.5GHz dual core processor, which squares mighty nicely with previous reports.


Samsung has scheduled a special unpacked event for September 1, at IFA 2011,

If Samsung is making the Nexus 3 or Nexus Prime and if Google I planning to roll out ICS in the coming months then we might see the Nexus Prime in this special media event.

All this is being done to make sure that ICS is out in the market in October and is able to compete with Apple’s much awaited Iphone 5 which is rumored to be launching in October too.

It is also being said that Nexus prime is spotted by Verizon’s officials but there are no leaked images this time.

If all this is true then we can expect clash of the titans in October itself.

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