How to Convert PUB Files To PDF Files Easily

Microsoft PUB files is not so well known file format because very less people use Microsoft publisher tool to create nice looking posters, professional documents,  and layouts, complete with formatted text and images. Suppose if you create any file in Microsoft publisher tool and you want to share it with your friends, then your friend might face a problem to open that file because chances are low that Microsoft publisher is installed on your friend’s computer.

The solution of this problem is to convert PUB files into PDF because almost everyone has Adobe reader installed on their PC. To convert PUB files into PDF, there is a online tool known as It’s a website where you can load PUB files and convert it to PDF instantly without any hassle.


Using this tool is simple. No sign up is required. Also this tool is absolutely free to use. After conversion, it emails you a link to download the converted PDF files. These links are available for 24 hours.

Go to

Read PDF files in 3D With Soda PDF Reader

Soda PDF Reader is an application that allows users to view PDF files in a 3D format in which you can read files like you read a book with features like flipping pages and bookmarking etc. There are many applications on the internet other than the default Adobe reader that allows users to view their PDF files. We usually want to avoid the Adobe PDF reader mainly because of its limitations. Soda PDF Reader comes with a host of new features that will tempt users to download it.

soda pdf

Soda PDF has a number of features that we will discuss here. But the feature that immediately catches the eye is the 3D view feature. Using this feature, users can read their PDF files like they are reading a book.  Use the scroll button on your mouse to turn the pages and Soda PDF Reader will flip the pages like you are flipping them in real life. This feature is fun and really does give you a new dimension when it comes to reading long PDF files.

Some of the other features that Soda PDF Reader has are:

1. Create your PDF files from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other format easily directly from this software. But to do this, you will have to register and activate your account on the Soda PDF website which is for free.

2. View pages in different views like the above mentioned 3D view, single page, continuous, facing and facing continuous modes.

3. View PDF files in full screen so you are not distracted by anything else on your desktop.

4. Even read digital comic books in 3D mode.

5. Zoom in and zoom out easily even in 3D mode.

Soda PDF Reader gives a new dimension to reading PDF files and is highly recommended for users.

Download Soda PDF Reader.

How to Remove Password Protection From PDF Files

Very often we password protect our important PDF files to prevent it from misuse or this is a very good solution. If you are using a public computer and you don’t want others to read your documents. But if you have a large collection of such file, it is not convenient to type the password separately for each file.

BeCyPDFMetaEdit. is a free software available that can remove the password from from your Pdf files without changing the content of the file so that you don’t have to enter the password repeatedly. Here is the procedure to remove password protection from the PDF file:

1) Download the software.

2) After download is completed, install the software and launch the executable file.


3) When the software window opens, it will ask for you to select the Pdf file. Before doing so, select the option “Complete Rewrite”.

4) Now select the Pdf file and click on Open.

5) After you open the file, go to the Security tab and select the option “no encryption” from the drop down menu.


6) Save the file. This will remove the password from your PDF files without affecting the contents of the file. Also the application is very small in size and installs in no time.

Apart from removing password protection, it also has options to edit metadata about author, title, subject and keywords of the document.

Download BeCyPDFMetaEdit.

How To Read PDF Books in Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is amazing e-book reader by Amazon. One missing feature in this device is it doesn’t support PDF e-book format. If you want to read PDF books in Amazon kindle then you have to download a converter that converts PDF into Kindle supported format (.mobi). Auto Kindle is a free software that converts PDF into .mobi format. Download and install it on your computer. It is available for Windows OS only.

On first run you have to configure it. You can choose the default location as the input file location or any other folder you want. Check the box next to “Process PDF Images” to enable PDF image support. Hit the “Save” button.


After you click on the Save button a windows explorer will open which asks you to choose the PDF, HTML, PDF or CHM file to convert it to .mobi Kindle format. Select the e-book file and click the “Open” button.


It will start convert the file into .mobi format and it will take few seconds to perform its action.


That’s it. Now transfer the book on your Amazon Kindle and enjoy it.

How to read Amazon Kindle e-books in your Windows PC

You can also read .mobi kindle books on your Windows PC with the help of tool provided by Amazon. This application is known as Kindle for PC. It is supported by Windows Vista, XP and Windows 7. You need to download and install on your computer. It is available free. But you need a valid Amazon account to use this tool.


Open the converted .mobi file using this tool. Now you can read the file in either the simple looking interface or the full screen. Click on the full screen icon given at the toolbar. There are other options available too to customize the look of the reader.


In full screen mode when you move your mouse slider some icons will pop up. Click on the text icon to get all the options related to text. You can adjust font size, define words per line and adjust brightness of the reader using sliders given in the options panel. Also you can choose the various color mode available such as Sepia or Black (white font and black background).


That’s all about using Amazon Kindle reader for your PC and convert PDF file into .mobi format. Download Kindle for PC.

How To Convert Any Webpage To PDF Format Easily

If you want to convert any webpage to PDF format for offline reading then there is a nice tool for this purpose. The tool is known as Web2PDF. It is easy to use and has a simple user interface. All you need to do is go to the website homepage, enter the URL of webpage which you want to convert into PDF format and hit the “Convert To PDF” button.


After few seconds the converted PDF file will available to download. You can also view the PDF file in Google Docs. The tool is collaborated with online file hosting service known as FileJumbo to upload and share your files with your friends online.


There are bookmarklets available for various browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera) to perform the web page conversion process quickly. All you need to do is drag and drop the bookmarklet on the browser’s bookmark bar (Hit the “Ctrl+B” or “Ctrl+Shift+B” buttons if bookmark bar is not visible). Now visit any web page and click the bookmarklet button to quickly convert the web page into PDF file.

The basic version of this tool is free but you can also purchase one year membership to access the full feature of this tool. Features include unlimited use of Web2PDF converter, no logo in converted PDF file, conversion statistics, personal support etc. You can get all these features in $9/year.

Check out Web2PDF to convert any web page to PDF file quickly and easily.

How To Merge And Split PDF Files Online

Let’s say you downloaded a PDF file from the internet and you want to split the files into various small chunks. Contrary you want to merge or join various PDF files into one. For both of these tasks there is a free online PDF merge and split tool available known as Ilovepdf. It is easy to use and free from any clutter. All you need to do is go to the website and upload your PDF files to perform any one of the required action (split or merge).


How to Split PDF files

In case of splitting files you need to upload the PDF file before performing the action. Click on the Split PDF button on the homepage and it will redirect you to the Split PDF page. Click on “Select PDF file” button and select the PDF file from your computer. You can decode the range of pages to split. For example if you want to split chapter 2 of PDF file which starts from page 15 and ends at page 20 then you have to fill the range 15 and 20 in the range boxes. Similarly you can split as many chapters you want.

Note: You can’t split file greater than 8 MB in size. Also after the tool will split the PDF into small parts, the downloaded file will available only for 15 minutes on Ilovepdf servers. After that it automatically vanishes and you won’t be able to download the file.


After selecting the range, hit the “Split PDF” button. The tool will process the file for few seconds and the split files will available to download in the form of zip format. After downloading the file, you can unzip the file with the help of software like Winzip or 7Zip. For example I split a file in three different parts and the output was three small PDF files.


How to Merge PDF files

Merging is same as splitting. All you need to do is to click on “Merge PDF files” link on the homepage. On the Merge page, click on “Select PDF files” button and select all the PDF files you want to merge. You can merge up to 10 PDF files at once but remember that size of each PFD files should be less than 8 MB.

After selecting all the PDF files, click on the “Merge PDFs” button. The tool will start merging all the files and the merged file will available for download after few second (it displays the merging process in the progress bar). Click on the download button to download the big merged file.


This tool is simple to use however the 8 MB restriction makes it bit limited. It can also split or merge password protected PDF files. But you need to provide the password at the time of conversion.

Check out Ilovepdf to merge and split PDF files.

How To Edit PDF Documents Online For Free

Yesterday I got a call from my friend, he was asking for a good software to edit PDF documents. Actually he wanted to edit it as soon as possible because of some urgency in the office. I could easily suggest him some nice and killer PDF editing software but it would take time to download and install it.

Therefore I searched for a web app to perform this task and I found a nice app known as PDFescape. It is a multi functional tool that lets you read and edit the PDF documents online easily and quickly in the three steps.


To get started with the tool, click on the “Start Now” link given at the top. Now you have two options, either you register with the service or start using unregistered. Registering process gives you some extra functionality such as your document will be secure and you can save the files online and edit it later anytime you want.


You can upload PDF file from your computer or load it from internet by giving the link of that file.

Note: This tool comes with the restriction that PDF files mustn’t be more that 2 MB size and greater than 50 pages.


Click on the “Choose file” button to select the file from your computer. If the file is password protected then you can enter the password in the box provided. Click on the “Upload” button.


After uploading the file you can make use of tools given on the left sidebar to insert text, sticky notes, links, arrows rectangle, circle and many more things. If you want to remove any text or image from the PDF, you can use “Whiteout” tool.


After editing, click on the save and download button given on the left. The edited PDF file will be saved online and the download will start immediately on your computer.

Overall this is nice, easy to use tool with a neat and hassle free interface. To use it effectively, don’t mind sign up with the service.

Check out PDF Escape to edit PDF documents online.

How To Download Flickr Album Of Any User in PDF Format

Flickr is a nice site for photo hosting. If you want to download and search Flickr photos to your computer then there are many tools available. But if you want to download photo into PDF format then you need to do some extra workout.

There is a tool available known as RSS 2 PDF for Flickr users which directly converts the Flickr albums into PDF format. To convert the photo, you can enter Flickr username, Flickr user email address, or Flickr ID.


After entering the required field, click on the “Search/Make PDF” button. It will take some time depends upon the size of album. By default, it downloads only latest album of the Flickr user. If you want to download other albums then type the name of album in the “Filter by Flickr tags” area.


After conversion, the PDF will open in your browser, having all the photos of the Flickr stream. You can download the PDF file by clicking on File –> Save page as. You can also press “Ctrl+S” button to download the PDF file on your computer.

Check out RSS 2 PDF for Flickr users [via Internet Techies]

Nitro PDF Reader: Free Alternative Of Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you use Adobe Acrobat reader then you might aware of its sluggish behavior. If you can’t update it time time then it might bring a serious risk to your computer. If you want a free alternative of it then Nitro PDF reader is probably the best reader available.

Nitro PDF reader is seriously an amazing PDF reader having lots of features. It allows you to open and read PDF files along with editing and creation of PDF’s using some advance tools.

It comes with all the basic function which can be required buy an expert to deal with PDF documents. Here are the main features:

  • Viewing and navigation
  • PDF creation
  • Content extraction
  • Comment, review and collaboration
  • PDF forms
  • Signatures.


PDF creation capabilities of this tool is amazing. Just drag the file over Nitro Reader desktop icon and it can convert it to PDF and open into the reader. Amazing isn’t it? It creates PDFs from over 300 different file without compromising with the quality.

Here’s a video which demonstrates few capabilities of Nitro Reader:


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Create an easily accessible group of shortcuts to the tools you use frequently using Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).
  • It offers navigation panes which includes pages, bookmarks, comments, output, signatures, and attachments to easily navigate larger documents.
  • Extended tooltips on hovering your mouse over it.
  • Search box lets you quickly and easily find the text in larger documents.
  • Zoom in and out capabilities using handy keyboard shortcuts or typical mouse-based controls.
  • Rotate any page by 90 degrees, to the right or left.
  • Full screen viewing.
  • Work with multiple PDF files at one time.
  • Undo and redo viewing history.
  • Preview PDF files inside your email.
  • Preview PDF file in Windows explorer,
  • Bookmark features.
  • Check document properties quickly.
  • Nitro Reader offers PDF creation from over three hundred formats.
  • Drag almost any file format onto the Nitro Reader desktop icon to create a PDF file, after conversion, it automatically opens it in the Reader.
  • You can specify document information (metadata), font embedding, page size, orientation, and quality, password security, and initial view settings.
  • Add virtual sticky notes anywhere within a document.
  • Highlight, cross-out, and underline text within PDF files.
  • With the “type text” tool, you can easily add text directly onto the pages of a PDF document.

Download Nitro PDF Reader.