DayDream for Chrome Lets you Focus on your Five Most Important Tasks

We all make our daily list of tasks that we need to accomplish. It is a totally different thing, half of this stuff ends up being procrastinated to the next day, but we all do make a list. And one of the reasons why half the work we plan is not accomplished is because we are too caught up surfing the web for things that are not productive like cat videos. DayDream is a lifesaver in this situation.


This extension for Chrome basically replaces the default screen when you open a new tab on Chrome. Here, you have to enter five tasks that you wish to accomplish that day. This is helpful as you always have in front of you the things that are pending for the day, warning you before you spend that one precious hour on Reddit away. The extension also allows you to edit the tasks or even delete them so that you can fit in even more than five tasks. Once the task is complete you can click on the finish button on the tab to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

There is also a focus mode here that basically allows you to enter just one major task so that it is always in front of your eyes every time you open a new tab on your Chrome Browser. The extension is available for free from the Chrome Webstore and there are not too many settings that you can fiddle around with. The extension is simple and easy way to boost your productivity.

Download DayDream for Chrome here

This App Automatically Put Your Mobile on Silent Mode When you are in Meeting

In today hurried world we have so many things to attend to. It is so much better if there is someone or something which can take care of all our schedules and timings, without any need for us to keep filling the slots. Also, notifications are one thing which is important as well as annoying at the same time. Without notifications we may miss many things but what if they beep at the wrong time? Imagine yourself sitting in a meeting, you forgot to put your phone on silent mode and your phone rings or beeps with an alert or notification. Embarrassing right? Silence for Android helps you off this embarrassing situation.


Silence is one application which will help you manage your phone’s ringer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and profiles as per your schedules. It automatically toggles with the settings and sets them up according to the schedule you provide to the app. It can work as an alarm as well as a scheduler. Working along the weekdays, weekends and internal Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings, Silence manages to turn these modes on and off according to the time and place. If you are in a meeting for an hour, Silence for Android will turn off your notifications and alerts as per your chosen choices, and turn on again after an hour that is when your meeting gets over. This is a very smart utility application you can use for your convenience and forget about turning your ringer on and off before and after every meeting. You also do not miss any calls or important alerts as it turns the toggles on as soon as you are done with that particular time. Also, another benefit of this amazing application is that it helps you keep a track of time. If you are running behind time, you will know it with Silence around.

Try this application from the Play Store and enjoy the following features which the developers promise to provide:

– Simple, intuitive Holo-themed interface
– Schedule events that occur once, or repeat on certain days of the week
– Change your ringer to silent, vibrate, or normal mode
– Turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and airplane mode on and off
– Change your settings back automatically when the scheduled event ends

Do let us know about your experience with this application in the comments section below.

Check out Silence on Google Play Store.

WeWorked: Create Online TimeSheet to Track Your Work

Almost all the big organizations use timesheet to track the work of employees. In this sheet, employees fill the number of hours they work and submit it for approvals. This happens at the end of every week. This way company can easily track about the number of hours of work done by employees.

If you are small organization or freelancer then you can make use of online timesheet generator service known as WeWorked. This is easy to use site where you can fill your data and update it every week. All you need to do is sign up for your  account and start using this service.


There is option to create your company profile add users. Other users can login in the service and fill their timesheet and send for final approvals. It also sends automatic reminders to users so that they do not miss filling time sheet.

This is a perfect tool for auditing purpose also. It gives you detailed reports of users. You can easily track number of hours of work performed by employees. This tool is free to use.

Check out WeWorked.


Find Best Online Deals Using Honey

Black Friday is here and on the Internet there are plenty of deals available right now. But finding a good Internet deal is not an easy task. You need to do some good research to find the best deals on the Internet. It is time consuming and chances are high that you wouldn’t end up your shopping with the best deal. A Google Chrome extension called Honey solves your problem.

This extension generates “Find Savings” button on a checkout page and when you click on it, it automatically finds the best deal for your selected items and apply best deals online. This extension saves you the time and money and you don’t need to do any work to find the suitable deals. It is just a “click of a button” game.


Downloading this extension is too easy. Just go to the site and click on the “Install For Chrome” button. It will automatically install on your browser. Now, when you do any shopping online, let’s say, you will automatically see “Find Savings” button on your page. Just click it and the extension will do the rest.

To use this button no sign up is required and this extension is completely free to use. With simple to use feature, this extension is a must have for every online users who spend some quality money in online shopping.

Check out Honey Extension for Google Chrome.

Fastest Chrome Opens Next Page of a Website/Blog Automatically

Fastest Chrome is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that opens the next page on a website as soon as you reach the end of a page. It increases your productivity and reduce the number of clicks that you have to perform. This extension has been one of the most widely used addons on Firefox and now, it is available for Chrome.

fastest chrome1

To start using this extension, install it from the link given below and restart your browser. Now, whenever you are reading through a webpage and have reached the end of that page and would like to move on to the next page, you end up looking for the Next button on the webpage and sometimes end up getting lost on the page. This extension can help you there. Just when you finish reading a page, the extension automatically loads the next page below the one you are reading. So you will not have to struggle through the website and go on clicking the next button to keep changing the pages. This extension will do it for you. This will also increase the users productivity and also reduce the number of clicks that the user performs in each session as well as improve the searches performed on the browser.

There are many other functions that this extension performs like:

1. Hover over a link to see how popular it is on Facebook and Twitter.

2. To open searches in a new tab, click the middle button on your mouse.

3. Look up definitions instantly by simply highlighting a word from a webpage.

fastest chrome

You can configure the settings for this extension by going to the Tools menu on your browser. Configure settings like adding articles to Wikipedia, enabling or disabling endless webpages etc.

Download Fastest Chrome.

Work Flowy: An Online Tool to Help You Get Organized

If your goals in life seem too far away for you to reach them, then Work Flowy can help you get a little bit closer to that. Work Flowy is an online based to-do list that helps you generate lists and ideas to help you achieve goals that you would normally find hard to do by organizing your tasks and making your chores easier to remember. Work Flowy is a handy tool if you have a long day ahead of you and it can really make your life easier by helping you recall the right task to do at the right time.

work flowywork flowy chores

Once you open the website, there are video demonstrations that help you understand the website better and make you comfortable with the process of creating an organized list of chores that you would like to do on the day.

All you need to do is follow each step from each video and keep on clicking Next to further simplify or breakdown your tasks to ease up the hassle of remembering each task which is impossible considering the stress you must be in!!

Work Flowy allows you to give titles and subtitles to your tasks or chores and you can just perform each task and check the ones you have completed.

Work Flowy comes with a number of interesting and creative options like zooming into your titles which then makes it a subtitle and you can go on adding items into that specific tab; or the hide completed items option, which hides the task which you have completed so you don’t end up doing the same task again!!

Work Flowy is an online tool. So there is no installation required and it can really help make your life a little easier.

Visit Work Flowy.

Manage your Everyday Tasks with Lazymeter

Lazymeter is an online tool that allows users to create to-do lists for a single day so as to help them handle tasks easily in an organized manner. On this website, users can set tasks for themselves but will have to complete them on that particular day. As the day ends, the tasks will be deleted and users will have to create a new task list for the next day.

This will help people to finish their tasks when they should be done and also gives them ample amount of time to complete them as they have the whole day to do it.

lazymeter task

Lazymeter is a simple online tool to help users create to-do lists for a day. You can register to the website by using your Facebook account or you can create a separate account on the website. Once this is done, you will see a window where you can type in the tasks that you want to set for yourself. Simply finish the task as you go about your day and keep crossing them off the list.

On the left side of the window, you will find four boxes:

1. The Playlist, which shows what you need to concentrate on today.

2. The Pause list, showing what you’ve planned for the future.

3. The Stop list shows items that you haven’t scheduled yet.

4. The Done view gives you insights into your productivity and the accuracy of your planning  with which you complete your tasks.

lazymeter productivitylazymeter planning accuracy

Lazymeter is a really nice tool to use if you really want to get things done and if you don’t like those snazzy, gadget like, over complicated to-do lists where instead of completing your tasks, you are playing around with the tool!

Check out Lazymeter.

Use Shortcuts to Increase your Typing Speed in Chrome with PopChrom

PopChrom is a nifty extension for Google Chrome that allows users to set predefined shortcuts for specific words that are used frequently to help increase the typing speed on the browser. It requires a simple install from the Chrome web store and then you can configure the words that you use often while typing on Chrome.

For example, if you type in ty, then press Ctrl+Space, PopChrom automatically detects the abbreviation you have set and types in the complete word i.e thank you. Simliarly, when you type in dept. and hit Ctrl+Space, then PopChrom types in department for you. So you will never have to type in the entire word every time. Just use the abbreviation and PopChrom will do the rest.

popchrom options

After installing the extension, go to tools-extensions on your browser. From here you can view all your installed extensions. Now under PopChrom, go to options and from there you can configure the words and their abbreviations. Add all the abbreviations you will need and save it. From then on, all you need to type is the shortcut that you have set and PopChrom will type in the complete word.

popchrom settings

Under the settings tab, you can configure various options for PopChrom like hiding the icon, enabling animations, sounds etc. You can change the shortcut used for substituting the word. The default command set is Ctrl+Space.

You can even configure the tool to type in the day’s date by just typing in date. For help with the shortcuts you can always refer to the help menu under options.

Download Popchrom.

Never Miss Out Your Important Email With Snooze Your Email

Lets say you got an email. You checked it and mark it as unread or starred or assigned a label to check it later. Sometime you forget to check those mail later and missed the important task to complete. To get rid of this kind of situation you should get Snooze Your Email. It is a powerful Chrome extension that reminds you about your important emails. All you need to do is to install the extension on your browser.

In option panel you’ll get many options like desktop notifications, notification sounds, mark snoozed emails as unread etc.


To send your email in snoozed mode, you have to click on a Snooze dropdown button. Now select the time you want to recheck a particular mail. If you select 5 min then after 5 minutes a desktop notification will appear along with sound which reminds you to check your email.


Here is the screenshot of desktop notification. Looks similar to Gmail’s default desktop notification.


This extension is safe to use as it doesn’t monitor your email data in your browser. If you are productive and get plenty of emails then this extension is a must have for you.

Download Snooze Your Email Google Chrome Extension [via Lifehacker].

Access Entire Windows 7 Settings via This Magical Tool

We told you about GodMode in Windows 7 to access all the settings of Windows 7 from single folder. If you are looking forward for some other tool to perform the task in some better manner then check out Windows 7 in a box. As the name implies you can access your entire computer using a single box (program’s interface). This tool is a perfect Control panel and God Mode alternative.


Download a zip file on your computer. Extract theWindows 7 in a Box.exe file. You don’t need to install this application on your PC. Just double click on the extracted file to run it.

On first run you’ll see a menu bar containing functions, folders, internet settings, programs, tools and settings. Click on each menu to explore all the options. Click on Functions menu and you can logoff, restart, shutdown, hibernate your PC directly from the program’s interface. Also you can browse power options, system options, remove hardware, access stored usernames and passwords, and many more things.


Clicking on Folders menu will give you options to access almost all the important locations of your PC. You can jump to desktop, favorites, windows, system folders, recycle bin, windows temporary files, my documents, application data, recent documents, folder options and many other folder locations.


Tools menu give you options to access Windows 7 inbuilt tools such as disk cleanup, task manager, registry editor, resource monitor, windows defender, and many other functions.


Clicking on Program’s menu gives you option to access all the installed program directly from the interface. Similarly internet settings menu will give you access to internet related options.

Instead of GodMode, this tool is another option to quickly access all the important settings of your Windows 7 PC without going to Control Panel.

Download Windows 7 in a Box.