BlackBerry Agrees a $4.7 Billion Buyout

BlackBerry has been sold. Yes, let the I told you so comments flow in, but finally BlackBerry has agreed to a $4.7 Billion buyout offer from Canadian company Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. The offer on table was too good to go by or perhaps the position of BlackBerry too desperate, but that’s Nokia and BlackBerry both gone within a span of two weeks. A sad moment for all those who knew mobile technology well before it became a common man’s everyday toy.

BlackBerry Q10

Fairfax had already about 10% stake in BlackBerry but now has agreed to pay about $9 for each share of the company encompassing the whole takeover to be around $4.7 Billion. The shares were said to be trading in the region of $8.16 to $8.60. Although, most experts believe it is the right step for BlackBerry to be privately owned as now they can go back to drawing board and start over again rather than being in the public market which can be so unforgiving.

What are Fairfax’s plans of BlackBerry in the future are unknown, but Prem Watsa, the CEO of Fairfax did say:

We believe this transaction will open an exciting new private chapter for BlackBerry, its customers, carriers and employees. We can deliver immediate value to shareholders, while we continue the execution of a long-term strategy in a private company with a focus on delivering superior and secure enterprise solutions to BlackBerry customers around the world

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Watch BlackBerry Z10 Vs iPhone 5 Comparison On Video

Blackberry OS 10 has generated more curiosity than pretty much any other OS or gadget we can remember for a very long time. In fact maybe it was iPhone 4 which was a totally redesigned product by Apple following the success of iPhone 3Gs. The leaks seem to be coming thick and fast as we near to the magical date that is January 30th, the day when OS 10 would finally open to the World. In the mean time, there have been pictures and lots of walk through of what is surely the most anticipated device at this moment in time. In fact, here is a list of our initial impressions that we derived from all the video leaks and pictures of the Blackberry OS 10.

The first question obviously that would be on anybody’s mind when these OS 10 devices do come out would be how they would fair when stacked up against the leaders of the market. Few people would disagree that one of these leaders of the market is the iPhone 5. So here is an interesting video comparing the iPhone 5 to the Blackberry Z 10 which is expected to be the first BB 10 device out of the blocks and perhaps the most powerful one too:

What are your initial impressions of the BB 10? And how do you think it would stand against the likes of iPhone 5? Do let us know in the section below or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

The Uncertain Future Of RIM (An Infographic)

RIM or Research in Motion is probably going to be the first massive giant to fall off the Mobile Radar if the current trends are to stay. Owning a Blackberry once upon a time was a massive status symbol, one as big as probably owning an iPhone is today. The BBM, e-mails, instant messaging everything worked really well and people loved their Blackberry’s. But then in came Android and iPhones and everything really changed. Blackberry to their credit did try and keep the pace with the two super pacey ones but never really succeeded. Why exactly BlackBerry failed is a very difficult question to answer, and our Editor Bharat Sharma wrote a very interesting piece here outlining every possible reason for the failure of BB. However, everything is not gloom for BlackBerry and their ardent fans like me earnestly hope that the upcoming BB 10 or the L-Series devices really live up to the amazing potential they do have. Nobody likes to see a giant die, and Balckberry definitely is  agiant when it comes to Mobile Consumer Electronics.

However, everything is not set n stone and there are plenty of uncertainties still looming large on the head of RIM. The shares are sliding down and consumers are reporting problem after problem, so what lies ahead? This is best explained by this wonderful bit of infographic. You must check out if you are an RIM user or fan.

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The Growth Of Mobile Malware (An Infographic)

Android despite having it’s advantage by being an open source has various disadvantages too. And the one disadvantage that is bought up time and again is the presence of large number of bogus applications and the amount of malware they bring in. And one source of this malware is probably the large number of unauthorized ads that these applications run. A lot of ant virus and scans have been developed to try and control this sort of malware and make sure that your device is safe, but it does seem like occasionally these malwares may even by pass such applications. And once you are stuck with these, the only option you have is formatting your entire device and cleaning your SD card which inevitably leads to the loss of entire data that you have stored. So in that case it is important to know which are these malwares and how you can prevent these from entering your device. Here is an informative infographic to help you know all about the malwares that target Android smart phones. And it is not just Android that has been stuck by these malwares, even the likes of RIM and Windows Phone are suffering, have a look:


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RIM Announces Standard Resolution For BB 10 Devices

If you have been following our site you would have known that we are extremely excited about the launch of BB 10. Blackberry has always been a corporate favorite of ours and we still believe nobody handles mails and Instant Messages as well as a BB does. However, it is a reality that BB 10 is probably the last throw of the dice for RIM if they want to be known as one of the leading players of the Mobile world.

In turn of events recently we also told you that the first BB 10 device is most likely to be a touchscreen phone instead of the regular qwerty form factor that we have come to expect from Blackberry. However Blackberry have all but  confirmed that all their new devices will have a standard set of resolution. This is set to be 720×720 for qwerty devices and 1280×720 for the touchscreen ones. However, the first device that we will see from RIM will have a resolution of 1280×728, so those who will pick it will definitely have a rare collectable device.

What are your views on BB 10? Do let us know in the section below.

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Is This How Blackberry 10 Facebook App Would Look Like?

We are all extremely excited about the launch of Blackberry OS 10. It is probably the last hope in keeping Blackberry afloat and preventing it from being nothing more than history. A lot of leaks have been coming our way which probably points to the fact that RIM is very serious about getting the OS out in the market before the end of the year as it promised. We recently saw the call screen as well as few new gestures and also the contacts application of the OS 10. The latest in the long line of leaked images is the Facebook app.

We have been impressed with the way current Blackberry OS that is OS 7 handles social feeds. In fact even on an old Bold 3 running OS 5, social feeds is something we have enjoyed on BB. The notification system and the general layout have been good and well made. So it is obvious that we are curious how this would change for only the better as the OS 10 comes out. Here is the leaked images which may be showing how the FB application would look like:

These may well be older leaks and maybe RIM will make more changes to the application but we really like how the UI is done. It seems spacious and also neat. What this also shows is that we can be fairly certain now that Blackberry will be ditching its qwerty physical keyboard which we have come to associate with Blackberry for a long time. Only time could tell if this is the real thing, but we would have absolutely no qualms if it really is this.

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A Look At Flow,Peak And Glance Features Of Blackberry OS 10

Blackberry OS 10 is without a doubt an OS we cannot wait to get our hands on. the initial reactions seem that it would very much be based on the Blackberry Tablet OS and be scaled down to be used on a smart phone. The OS 10 devices are largely expected to be based on a lot of gestures which would in a way justify the absence of a physical button on the device. It makes the device look elegant and also using it lot less cumbersome and lot more geeky.

There are three main actions as a result of gestures that are the talk of BB OS 10 called, Peak, Glance and Flow. What they do? Here is the best explanation by an on screen tester at Crackberry:

Flow describes the ability of the user to seamlessly traverse between application experiences on the device (as opposed to the more common open / close paradigmn of iOS).

Glance is the gesture that allows you to preview notifications easily within BlackBerry 10, by swiping up at an angle from the bottom right corner of the display. This pulls in the vertical notification bar from the right. Continuing the glance gesture to the left hooks you into the unified inbox. So from anywhere on the OS — no matter what app you are in — you are never more than a quick gesture away from jumping into messages.

Peek is the in-app gesture that allows you to view multiple layers of an app at once. The classic demonstration provided of this is when viewing an attachment such as a .pdf within the email app. By peeking back, you can view the attachment, the email and the inbox all at once to quickly flow to wherever you want to go.”

However, if you are not satisfied with just words, here is the video preview of all these three features:

Do these features make a difference to you in the BB OS 10? What other features are you looking forward to? Do let us know in the section below.

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State Of Mobile Apps: A Head To Head (Infographic)

We all spend majority of our time on our smartphones either using an application or just generally downloading and searching for stuff. And these very applications are what has propelled the likes of Android and iOS over the established giants that Symbian was. They have quickly become a massive selling point of a phone just like it is for PC. However, what exactly is the state of these applications? And which OS has better ones and what exactly are these numbers seeing the progress of the industry. Here is an interesting infographic that would help you gauge an idea.

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Is This How The First QWERTY Blackberry OS10 Device Would Look Like?

We recently told you that the very first Blackberry OS 10 running device is most likely to be an entire touch slab and ditch the famous qwerty form factor that we have come to associate with the Blackberry manufactured smart phones.  However the folks at Crackberry who are usually spot on with their information have designed or rendered the images using the information and very calculative guesses how the first BB 10 device sporting a qwerty keyboard look like. This is what they believe would be the device:

The image above has been rendered by John Anastasiadis who explains his creation here:

Above is my vision for the next full keyboard BB10 phone. In white just for you, Kevin!

I designed around the 9900 keyboard and kept to the most likely scenario regarding height, width and depth of the device. BlackBerry’s have traditionally been organic with soft edges but I believe the new BB10 devices will be more angular with crisp surface transitions. This will allow RIM to break from the past and reinvent the brand with a new aesthetic. Think P’9981 crossed with 9900.

You will notice that the front and side profiles are slightly tapered toward the bottom. This allows the keyboard area to be a comfortable gripping size while maximizing screen size. Also, the black rubberized sides help the user hold and grip the device securely. The reflection of the side view on the back of the device shows how thin it really is.

It’s important to note that this concept is an attempt to capture what the next phone will most likely be. A realistic approach in the sense that it could be introduced today.”

What are your views on the device and BB10 in general? Do let us know.

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Roundup From Blackberry World 2012

Research In Motion CEO  Thorsten Heins took center stage in Orlando today at the Blackberry World 2012. He made it absolutely clear that despite a lot being written about Blackberry and its future, he absolutely believes in the company, its future and was proud to be the one center stage. He made sure to tell all the representatives who were from about 150 countries that RIM loved them all. A lot of time was spent making the existing customers feel good about their association with Blackberry. He especially stressed on how Blackberry prides itself on satisfying the Social needs of its customers.

The highlight of the evening though came with the launch of BB10, the new Blackberry OS based on QNX. Blackberry seems to have totally revamped its OS for the launch of BB10 and the alpha version is now available with the developers. The first device running the BB10 is widely expected and rumored to be ready for a launch somewhere in October later this year. The operating system showed off few widgets such as a clock widget, temperature etc and a completely new multitasking window. The onscreen keyboard seems to have been given a lot of attention and it actually looked as effective as the physical keyboard on the older Blackberrys. In a lot of ways it looks like BB10 is an extended version of  WEBOS which was a great thing to see.

It is worth noticing that the BB10 not only will support smart phones and tablets but also various other devices such as Car based players. The feedback from the developers seems positive and it probably is RIM’s one of the last throw of dices to save itself. As a BB messenger and push Email fan, i hope the new developments work out for RIM.

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