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Samsung is all set to bring its next flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S V to India today. In an event that is to be held in New Delhi starting 11:45, Samsung is finally set to show off the device after it was launched at MWC in Barcelona. The phone has been one of the most eagerly awaited devices given some of the cool new features such as a Heart Rate Monitor, a Fingerprint scanner as well as a 16 MP rear Camera. It is not very clear whether we will get the Exynos device in India or the Snapdragon variant though. There is 2 GB RAM and 16/32 GB internal storage on the device with a removable back panel though. However, pricing of the device remains a massive mystery.

To be able to gauge the answers for more such question, you would sure want to tune into the live stream of the event right here on Blogtechnika starting at 11:45 AM:

Samsung announces the Galaxy S V with Finger Print Scanner

It has been called the most important smartphone of the year by several tech journalists, and Samsung made sure to press home the point by declaring that they have sold more than 200 million galaxy device already. So, evidently, the largest mobile seller has announced it’s flagship of the year, and this is going to be the device which will be measuring scale against several other devices.

Galaxy S V

The Galaxy S V in terms of design language is very similar to the Galaxy S IV. From the front infact, there is no way to make out any different. the device comes with USB 3.0 and the display slightly larger at 5.1 inch. It is still a 1080 P Super AMOLED full HD screen. At the back of the phone, there is an all new dimpled plastic back, very similar to the older Nexus 7. There is also a 16 MP rear camera which Samsung has called to be the fastest AF camera in the world. There is also a heartbeat sensor on the back right next to an LED flash on the device. Internally there is a 2.5 Quad Core SoC with 2 GB RAM. The fingerprint sensor on board needs you to swipe your finger across it to unlock the device.

Galaxy S V4

The software on the phone is again very similar to the S IV. There is KitKat on board and some nifty little features such as a personalized fitness coach. The icons in the notification pull down have been changed to a little more rounded ones, while rest of the things are very much how they were on the S IV. The device is expected to start selling in about 150 countries starting April 11th. There was no word on the pricing, and the Samsung Galaxy S V will be available in Black, White, Gold and Blue colors in 16 GB and 32 GB variants.

Samsung Galaxy SV to feature a Biometric Sensor and a Life Log App

Now that the leaks and news is filtering in quick, we can actually feel that 2014 is well and truly underway. Samsung usually is one of the very first major OEMs to release their flagship and looks like it would not be too long before we actually see the Samsung Galaxy S V. There had been rumors in the press earlier that the device will bring with it a biometric sensor a bit like you know which device. If Apple can do it, can Samsung be far behind? Nope. This is pretty much confirmed after @Evleaks got their hands on a leaked apk of an app called FingerPrintService which is supposed to to be a part of the device.


Also leaked out is an app called Life Times which is supposed to record the precious moments for your life. Based on the UI of the application it would collect data from various components of your device such as the camera, location services etc and form a whole sort of life story around it. You can connect the sources of the data which would pull information periodically in the application. These will be in the form of episodes and pretty much would be the highlights of your day all in your phone.

Indeed, if NSA was not enough, we have Samsung making things even creepier for us. Tell us how does the idea of a Life Log app sits with you in the section below.

Via: Android Police