Google Plans to Add a Layer of Social on Search

It what could well be one of the most interesting experiments to its Search functionality, Google plans to add a layer of Social on top of it. No, Google is not planning to integrate Google+ to Search but instead building a static layer, which would be non-interactive just on top of Search. To experiment this, Google is rolling out a feature where eminent personalities will be given their personal space to write or publish videos when someone searches for their name. Right now, Google is calling it Posts, though there could be a new name by the time this comes out.

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Google Search for Windows Phone Receives an Update

In an update that had been long due, Windows Phone Users who are using Google Search and not Bing will be relieved to see the Search has been bought somewhat to a level of Android and iOS compatriot. The Windows Phone users would now be able to use the Voice Search which has been present on other major platforms for what looks like ages. So, yes, cue up and and ask your Lumia device in all probability, “What’s the Temperature like outside” and you will receive a response from Google Now.


However, the response is all text right now and not voice like it is on Android. However, is a step in the right direction and hopefully we will be able to have voice results soon too. Not just that, this may well be beginning of some sort of cordial relationship between Google and Microsoft and we may see more developments such as a consolidated and better Youtube app for Windows Phone 8.

For now though, make sure if you have Search installed on your device that you update it, once you do that you will receive all the features of the new Google Search for WP. You can also now, sign into Google account and be able to save up things like your Web Search History, which we are sure you are not really interested in.

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Search for Images on Internet with Ease with Extreme Picture Finder

Extreme Picture Finder is a tool that searches for images through the internet and gives you a list of images extracted from the most popular search engines like Google and Bing. Extreme Picture Finder combines search results from all these popular search engines and displays them in a neat interface.

extreme picture downloader

The interface of Extreme Picture Finder is neat and very straight forward. but it might take some time to get used to for new users. There are 4 main panels:

1. The left hand side panel shows the topic of the search that the app is performing.

2. There are 2 center panels, one in which you can view thumbnails of the search results. Click on any one of the images to start downloading the full size image.

3. The second center panel shows the full size preview of the image. You can view the full size preview only if you have downloaded the image or if you have configure the app to download the full size image automatically.

4. The panel at the bottom shows the URL of the images being taken from. It even shows the size, download progress, current state of the file and the speed of the download.

This app is a trial version and you will have to purchase the full version. But if you are looking for something extremely specific and want a broader search area, then this app might come in handy for you.

Download Extreme Picture finder

Perform Word Specific Searches on Google with a Simple Setting Change

Whenever you perform a search on Google, the search engine usually tries to improve upon the search results to reduce your time spent on searches and to help give you exactly what you are looking for on the search engine. Here are some of the improvements Google makes:

1. Suggesting spelling corrections and alternative spellings.

2. Personalize your search by providing you with information such as the sites you have visited before.

3. Include synonyms of your search terms to find the related results.

4. Find results that match those in your query.

5. Search for words with the same “stem”, like searching for “running” when you type in the word “run”.

These are some of the major steps the Google search engine takes in order to help you get what you are looking for in the least amount of time. In other words, Google puts in its own ideas to your search results to help give you a more refined search.

But sometimes, you would like Google to just do what it is told. You will sometimes want to search for the websites with the exact words that you typed in the search bar. So if you don’t want Google to correct your spelling or change your search criteria completely, then you will find an option on the left side of the Google website window called “Verbatim”. In the search tools bar on the left side of the page, click on “more search tools”. Here you will find an option “verbatim”. Click on it.

more googleverbatim

Once you click on the Verbatim option, you can now perform word specific searches on Google. This means that Google will no longer interfere with your searches and will give you the results according to what you typed in the bar and will not try to use its own brains.

TinEye: Reverse Image Search Engine For Windows

TinEye is a tool that allows users to perform reverse image search by selecting an image and getting results similar to the image selected. This tool is quite popular on the internet. Now you can integrate this tool to your context menus for quick and easy searches.


A simple installation will add an option to the Windows context menu. So every time you right click an image file, you will find this option and can search for similar images online.


When installed, TinEye opens a window where you can either locate the image file on which you want to preform the search or you can simply paste the image on to the box given.

tinyeye shell

To enable Shell integration, i.e, to enable searches by right clicking on the image, select the Shell integration enable option from the TinEye client. From then onwards, you can perform your searches directly by right clicking on an image.

tinyeye biggest

The TinEye Client also offers the option of filtering the size or quality of the images to be displayed. You can sort the images from the biggest, smallest, best match to the worst matched image amongst the search results.

This is a nice tool to have on your computer if you prefer image searches to regular ones.

Download TinEye.

Find Files From Your Registry Easily With Regseeker

Finding files in the Windows registry can be quite a task sometimes. The default regedit app on Windows is not good enough for our needs. Regedit is a portable app that helps users to locate files from the Windows registry with ease. It has a search bar where you can type in the name of the reg file you are looking for and can even filter out certain registry folders where you don’t want to search.


RegSeeker is a portable app that helps to locate files in the Windows registry. The app makes the searching job much easier with its search filtering capabilities. You can omit registry folders in which you don’t want the app to search in and can specify the search to locate files similar to the ones you are searching for or exactly the one you want.

The app contains much more than just a simple registry file finder. This portable app also comes with a application uninstaller, startup editor and also shows your internet browsing history.

The app even comes with a registry cleaner which is as easy to use as any other registry cleaning tool. Just specify which registry folders you want to clean and the app will do the rest.

Regseeker also comes with a tweaking tool that you can use to fix certain glitches on Windows like smoothening fonts, improving the aero performance in Windows Vista and 7 etc. This is a handy tool to have if you like portable apps.

Download Regseeker.

Dropout : A Desktop Search Tool for your USB Drive

Consider a scenario where you have a USB drive containing a large amount of files, you are looking for a particular file but cannot find it in the heap of files and folders. You cannot use the built-in Windows search as the files have not been indexed yet. Now instead of waiting for Windows to index your files for searching, what you can do is carry a desktop search utility called Dropout in the USB disk itself that knows everything about your existing files. The best thing is that you can use the search as soon as you plug in the drive.

This is a portable Windows search tool that requires no configuration or installation. Just copy the Dropout.exe file to your USB disk’s root folder and it will enable you to instantly search all the files in the current directory and also inside sub-folders. While running Dropout for the first time, it indexes the files inside a hidden folder in the USB drive itself so you don’t have to index the files again when you plug in the USB drive in another computer. Also the search index updates itself in an incremental manner whenever you run Dropout so your new files are automatically included in the index.

The great thing about this software is that it lets you enter full file names to search as in the built-in windows search. This is a very user friendly software and saves you a lot of time.

Download Dropout.

File Query: Search for any File names, Music or Video Using Right Click

File query is an app that helps users to search for files on the internet by right clicking on the file. It adds itself to the system registry and you can search for any file on your computer by right clicking on it and selecting the “search online” option. This tool is particularly useful for searching for information on certain music or video files on the internet directly from your file directory.


Installation is required for File query which will install the tool as well as add itself to the registry so you don’t have to do any of the difficult  processes like adding the files to the registry manually. The installation process covers the whole thing.

There is a different search option for different types of files. If you are searching for any general file, it is done using Google. If you are searching for information regarding a movie file, then it is programmed to search in IMDb, the Internet Movie Database which is the largest database for movies and TV shows. If you are searching for music files and want information on that, then the search is done in

file query1

The websites can be changed to suit your needs by configuring them before installation. Please note that these changes can be made only before installation and not after that. To change the search options after installation, you will have to reinstall the app.

Download file query.

Search YouTube While Watching Videos using YT Background Search

Watching YouTube videos has definitely become a routine for most of us, some of us do it to learn new stuff, others do it hear songs and music and plenty do it purely out of boredom, when there is nothing to do. As a tech enthusiast, unboxing, reviews and rants are all I really look around on YouTube and there are times when I am hooked for what seems an age.

However, one thing that is just as common is the curiosity to watch another video while one is going on. Mentally we make a note that the next video we want to watch is this or that and often forget it. Hence searching for another video without missing the one playing is a big problem, how to get around this? Well, we have the perfect solution for our Google Chrome users.


The extension I am talking about is YT Background Search. It is actually a very unique extension. As mentioned, it lets you search YouTube videos while you are watching one, and saves you the hassles of opening a new tab and missing your favorite video. How it does is also pretty unique. It basically divides your screen into two halves. The lower half plays the video that you are watching while the upper half of the screen lets you to search the new video. You would get a bar type when you install this extension and all you have do is type the video name and click on ‘BG search’ and your screen would get divided


This is a really impressive extension, especially if you are a very heavy YouTube user which let’s face it, you most probably are if you happened to read this, so don’t wait, here is the link to get you started!

Check out YT Background Search Google Chrome Extension.

Search Internet Directly From Windows 7 Start Menu

Do you know that you can search internet using your Windows 7 Start menu search box? It can be possible by changing the settings in group policy editor. The main advantage of searching internet from Start menu search box is you don’t need to open browser to search for any term. Just click on Start button, type your query and click the “Search the internet”  link. This guide will show you how to activate this feature using gpedit.msc.

1. Click on Start button. Type gpedit.msc in the search box and press Enter.

2. Local Group Policy Editor will open. Now browse to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar. On the right side you’ll see the option “Add Search Internet link to Start Menu”. Right click on it and select “Edit”.

Now select “Enabled” option and then click the “OK” button. The feature will be enabled. Now close the Group Policy Editor window.


Now click on Start button and enter any keyword in the search box. You’ll see “Search the Internet” link with the icon of your default browser. Click on the link and it will redirect you to the search result page inside your default browser.


Here’s the look of search result appeared in Chrome browser. Note: It will show default search engine results.


When you search any term using Windows explorer search box then also you’ll find a Search the Internet link. Just click on it to visit the search result page quickly.


That’s how you can search internet using Windows 7 Start menu and Windows explorer search box and. Do let us know if you know any more tricks to integrate internet from Windows 7.

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