Download Latest Google Free SEO Starter Guide

Google recently introduced Search Engine Optimization starter guide for webmasters to enhance their website’s search engine ranking. It is better than previously introduced SEO starter guide (released two years ago).


This 32 page SEO book contains all the basics of SEO with glossary, images, and clear wording for better readability. You can also see methods to optimize your site for mobile devices.

This book contains total 6 chapters and each chapter is divided into various parts. Throughout the book you’ll find Google bot (robot) explaining all the terms.

google bot

If you wonder why Google always give you SEO advice time to time, you can check this video by Matt Cutts to find the answer.

Download Google SEO starter Guide [via Webmaster Central Blog].

8 Killer Tips For Increasing Page views Of Your Blog

Blogging is a process of writing articles on blog. Whenever you write a new article, new article pushes back an old article. If your blog has large number of post then it is not possible to keep all the posts on front page. Old blog posts take position of second page, third page, fourth page and so on.

It is very difficult to expose those blog post which are not visible in the front page or which don’t have any organic visitors. To expose these pages or increase the page views of blog you need to follow some basic tips to get some great visibility.


Use related post plugin

Use WordPress Yet another related post plugin to show your related post. This plugin automatically check keywords from another post and display the title of the posts at the end on an article. This is very effective plugin for improving SEO and visibility of blog.

Use SEO Smart Link plugin

SEO Smart Link plugin is an effective plugin for generate auto links on blog. This plugin select the keywords inside the post and automatically hyperlink those keywords to the previous post or tag. This is another cool plugin for improving SEO and visibility of site.

Manual linking

Manual linking means creating hyperlink by own. This means you can relate any keyword with your own by some previous post. This is good for SEO as well as exploring any important previous post.

Display Random Post Widget in sidebar

Displaying random post on the sidebar is a good decision for increasing visibility of your previous posts. This can be done with the help of WordPress Random post plugin. You would get an option for displaying random post in a form of widget.

Explore Previous Post

Write a single post in which you can describe all the previous you had written on your blog. Give the title of every post in a single blog post and hyperlink each title with the original post.

Tweet Your Previous Post

Twitter is a good marketing tool. You can tweet your previous post in a regular time interval. Don’t forget to put a hash tags (#) on your tweet to explore it fully among Twitter audience. Request others to retweet your post.

Share On Facebook

Try to put a Facebook share button on your blog so that anyone can share your post on Facebook. Facebook is also a great marketing tool like Twitter so try to full make use of this service.

Write Series Of Articles

Writing series of article is a nice idea. Try to write on a particular topic. If you are writing on How to make a WordPress blog then write all the post one by one and give reference of your previous post to guide visitors who want to know more about the topic.

These are some great way to explore your older post and increasing page views of your blog. Do you know some more techniques ? Try to share some more tips with our readers in the comment section.

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5 Tips For Using Blog Post Title Effectively

Title of blog post is an attention grabber. Anyone who visit your post, first look at the title of post. Title is not only important for reader perspective, but it also important for SEO perspective, so be specific while choosing a correct title for your post. Don’t do mistakes by writing title for search engines only. There are lot lot more other things than emphasizing on search engines. Don’t ignore Social media which is a good source of visitors or traffic on your blog. Social media visitors generally come from killer titles. There are various methods for selecting a killer title for blog post.


Image: Dailyblogtips Archives

1. Don’t use long Title

People generally use very long title for the post. They want to give every information in the title. This is a wrong way to write a title. The correct way is to make your title as simple as possible. Don’t try to make it so long. Title of up to 50 letters is considered as a good title.

2. Don’t make it too short

Short title is also not considered good. Try to tell about your article in sufficient words. But don’t try to minimize the title. Short title sometimes lose visitors attention. So try to make it good to read and attractive. Instead of using “Blogging tools” you can use “25 killer blogging tools for bloggers”.

3. Insert numbers

It is my personal experience that titles having number perform well in social media. If you are writing list post then try to give a number in a title. For example: 25 killer WordPress tips, 100 great WordPress plugins for Bloggers instead of using Great WordPress plugins for bloggers.

4. Use “How to” and “Guide” in Title

There is a heavy demand of “How to” articles on internet. People generally search information on Google. Their search starts from  “How to”. So if you are writing any tutorial then start your title from “How to”. Ex. How to install WordPress Manually.

5. Use Keywords In Title

Titles play a crucial role in SEO. So using keywords in a title of any post is a good practice for SEO. Try to use keyword in the starting of a title. It is probable that any visitors who search with the keyword will land out at your page through search engines.

These are some basic ideas of selecting a topic for blog post. Do you use these techniques to select a good title.

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Blogtechnika Got Sitelinks: A Perfect Gift For Christmas

From an immense pleasure I want to inform all the readers of this blog that Blogtechnika got Sitelinks. I came to know this morning about Sitelinks when my friend Vamsi of informed me about this.  This Sitelink is a perfect gift for me by Santa Claus and Google this Christmas. Here is a screen-shot of Sitelink send by Vamsi to me:


There are total three Sitelinks. About, Contact and SEO. Google show sitelinks for those results when they  think the result will be useful to the user.

What is Sitelink

If you don’t know about Sitelinks then I want to tell you something about Sitelinks: According to Google

The links shown below some sites in our search results, called Sitelinks, are meant to help users navigate your site. Our systems analyze the link structure of your site to find shortcuts that will save users time and allow them to quickly find the information they’re looking for.”

Also minimum number of sitelinks displayed by Google is three. If you want to block any non-relevant sitelinks then we can do this with the help of Google webmaster tools.


How to Block unwanted Sitelinks

  1. 1) Go to Webmaster Tools
  2. 2) Select the site you want to edit.
  3. 3) Under Site configuration, click Sitelinks.
  4. 4) Click Block next to the sitelink you want to remove.

Your sitelink will be blocked by Google after some time. The minimum number of sitelinks displayed by Google is three. So if you have only three sitelinks and you will block any one of them then your all the three sitelinks will be gone. So be careful before blocking your sitelinks.

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High Frequency Blogging with Short Post Or Low Frequency Blogging With Long Post

Articles are a backbone of any blog. Traffic of any blog depends upon articles you are writing. There are different perception of writing articles among bloggers. Some bloggers write too much articles daily and there articles consist of 200-250 words. Some bloggers like to write one or two articles daily but their post length is generally very high, i.e. about 600 to 100 words.


My Strategy of Writing Articles

I generally like to write one or two articles daily. My most of the articles are list post because people love to read that post. List articles are also very  helpful in terms of visibility. I generally notice that when I write list post then my blog get more number of visitors in comparison to writing a short article.

Writing More Articles

There are many blogs which are writing more than 4 articles daily but they write short post which contains not more than 250 words. This is a cool strategy for a blogger to rank their blog high in search engines. Search engines love those blogs which are updated frequently.


SEO understanding

It is very difficult to understand search engine algorithm. No body knows what the search engines like very much: more number of articles with less words or less number of articles with more words. But, figures tells very clearly that blogs which updated at a good frequency get more visitors in comparison to blogs which updated at very less frequency.

Do we start writing small post

If blog having less frequency doesn’t get benefit with search engine then it will great to write short and more number of articles on any blog. But there is one other factor which comes here and this factor is know as Social Media. Figures tell that Social media loves long and descriptive articles. On Twitter an article 100 great plugins for WordPress is far greater than All in one SEO plugin for SEO .

Disadvantages of short post

Short post are generally don’t  get too much exposure in Social Media. Short post generally don’t tell all the facts about the topic. It is generally a descriptive part of the topic itself. Also too much post reduce the discussion on your blog as newer post get down position too frequently.  But there are few techniques through which we can write powerful short post.

Advantages Of High Post frequency

One of the greatest advantage of high post frequency is it brings lots of organic visitors on your blog. High post frequency always a big risk for losing feed subscriber as they get annoyed by too much articles in a short span of time but the biggest advantage of high post frequency is that your blog ranks higher in different search engines as well as your Alexa rank and Technorati rank improves too fast.


The overall conclusion is Low frequency blogs have less organic traffic than high frequency blogs. But also short post get less Social media exposure than long and listed post. So it is better to write long and listed post if post frequency of your blog is less. Otherwise if your blog has a high frequency blog try to give all the necessary information in a single short post.

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5 Killer And Efficient Domain Name Selecting Tools

Selecting a domain name is an initial and most important step in blogging. There are lots of thing which should keep in mind while selecting a proper domain name. Example: you should choose a domain name with a keyword, short domain name or you can take care of extensions. These factors are very important for SEO perspective. There are various domain name selecting tools which are very efficient while selecting a domain name. They come with different features, you should try anyone of these while selecting a proper domain name:

1) Bust a name : Bust a Name is a tool to help you find domains and manage them. You can type different words and the service will automatically give various results containing the suggested keywords.


2) Instant domain Search: Instant Domain Search is a fastest search engine to find a domain name availability. It is powered by Ajax technology and it provide search result within a second. It is very effective domain name check tool.


3) Domain Tools: Domain Tools is a set of domain name searchtool which provide all the information about a certain domain . They also provide information about who buy the registered domain name. Also it provide suggestion to select a new similar domain name.


4) Domainr: There’s a whole world of domains out there—hundreds at the top-level and even more beyond. Whether you want a short URL or something big, Domainr helps you explore them all. Some of our favorites,


5) Domize: Domize is a domain name search engine. Simply put, this means in addition to checking whether a domain name has been previously registered or not (the limit of other domain name look-up tools), Domize will check whether unavailable domain names can be bought on the secondary market or whether they’re soon expiring.


These are some effective domain name selecting tool. You can try these to find a killer domain name.

Also read: 12 Excellent Tools for Picking a Domain Name

Which tool you have used to find your favourite domain name. Suggest any unknown tool in the comment section.

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10 Unique Tips To Write An Attractive Article For Visitors

Are your post attractive enough to attract the attention of your blog visitors. Are you using those old format to write the post which is sufficient to repel you blog visitors from your blog. Here I am going to discuss some crucial factors about writing post on which your article beauty depends:


1. Topic of the post

Select a topic belongs to your niche, never select any random topic. Always do some great research before writing any post. Here research means go to some great blogs in your niche and find what they are writing about. You can easily find some great blog in your niche by visiting Alltop.

2. Post Title

Now Title is most important thing in terms of marketing and SEO. Always select attractive title, which brings lots of visitors. Here I want to give you example of my article in which I select an unattractive topic. My topic was Blogging tools where I wrote about blogging 25 blogging tools which are essential for blogging. Later I realized my mistake that I could make the title more attractive by giving it a title 25 killer and Must Use Blogging tools By Bloggers.

3. First Paragraph

First paragraph decides the intention of writer. First paragraph should tell the story of the article. Whatever you want to express you should talk about it in your first paragraph. This is a correct way to tell people what you are going to express in your rest of the article.

4. Hyper linking Text

Hyper linking text is a nice practice for SEO. Google love links, links may be outbound or inbound link, it increase the authority of article. Make a habit to hyper linking your keywords. These links are also known as Anchor text. Use WordPress Auto link plugin or

SEO Smart Links which can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.

5. Insert Image

Always use image in an article. Picture tells everything, pictures boost the performance of article by 100%. Use some attractive photographs on your post which can able to tell the story you want to tell the readers. There are some great resources to find free licensed photographs for your blog.

6. Length of Article

Always keep the length of article short and explanative. 500-700 words article is sufficient to tell your readers everything. Try to write list post with heading on each point. Sometimes reader is in hurry so that he can’t able to read your entire post. If you are a live writer user you can easily check the word count in the footer of the editor.

7. End paragraph

End paragraph is also as important as starting paragraph, Always try to write the conclusion of your article in end paragraph, do not forget to ask questions from readers, you can also give your subscribe to feed link and your twitter profile link at the end of your article.

8. Checking errors

Error checking is the crucial check points before publishing any article. I use Microsoft Word Review feature and Grammar checking tool to check my all the spelling, punctuation and Grammar mistakes.

9. SEO setting

Some people generally publish the post from Windows Livewriter by using Publish button. This is not a nice habit. Always use post draft to blog feature of  Live Writer which automatically send your article to WordPress draft. Now go to WordPress setting for editing post and make sure all the data for you all in one SEO setting is filled by you in a proper manner. Never leave the post description area blank.

10. Now what

You have written a beautiful post, corrected all your mistakes and published the post finally. Now what you have to do is go to some killer marketing strategies to market your post very effectively so that it could attract lots and lots of visitors to see your post.

These are some great strategies I use on my blog before publishing any content. Do you use any of the above mention points on your blog to write an attractive an efficient post? Do you have your own strategies? Please share your strategies in comment section so that every would get benefitted. If you like this post Subscribe to feed and also you can follow me on Twitter @techim .

Step By Step Process Of Making Money With Your Blog

Blogging is an ultimate source of money. One can make a decent amount of money in a short period of Blogging. People usually ask questions that how can we make money in a shortest possible moment?

There is no shortcut exist on the earth. There are lots of hard work involve behind making online money. People need quick results in a short span of time. There is no magic exist in the World which can make your blog a money generating machine.


Remember that when a blogger starts his blog from the scratch there is no traffic on the blog, even every big blogger face the same situation, they also struggle with the traffic, few hundred traffic is enough to boost their confidence. They get very few comments in the starting phase of blog.

It is advisable to new bloggers whose blogs are only two to three months old didn’t get any expectation to make online money. It is highly recommended to bring some traffic on their blog first before thinking of making online money.

So before you know how to make money through your blog you should know how to bring traffic to your blog.

Blog Traffic is Directly Proportional To Blog Income

Imagine a blog without any traffic, do you ever imagine income from a blog without traffic. If you can imagine then you must not know the ways of making money online.

Blogging is a Process

Blogging is a step by step Process where you grow your blog through various methods. Don’t expect any first income through Google Adsense because earning through Adsense difficult is a very difficult process. In starting you should not expect very   large income. I experienced from my earlier blog post the traffic of more than thousand visitors is necessary to generate a decent Adsense income.

Improve your rank

Ranking is very necessary to define the credibility of blog. There are various ranking systems available for the blog. The most common ranking systems are Alexa Rank and Google Pagerank. Though there are lots of questions raised by bloggers on Alexa ranking system.


SEO is the most crucial part for any blog. If the blog SEO is perfect then you can get more than you actually do. There are lots of methods for improving site SEO. Making back links is one of the famous methods to improve SEO. Commenting is another way to make back links but remember not to spam other blogs through cheap marketing.

Guest Post and Subscriber

Guest post is another better way to attract visitors on your blog. The credibility of blog is decided from blog subscribers and guest posting is a nice way to enhance your blog subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is something very hard for any newbie. It requires lots of hard work and tactics. Affiliate marketing is possible only with a well established blog because people only trust on established blog. There are lots of techniques through which you can make your blog an affiliate earning engine. Here are few tips for affiliate marketing on blogs


It is almost impossible to earn money through your blog in starting phase but when you start earning it will be easier to you to gain income and subscriber. Never felt down with your early performance. Do hard work, try to increase blog visitors by commenting on others blog and guest posting. These are the best strategy to gain subscribers. You needapproximately six months to start earning decently only if you are regular and hard-working. Remember once again that there is no substitute of hard work.

What is Dofollow and Nofollow Blog?

Dofollow and nofollow are the important terms in the field of blogging. If you are a blogger you know the concept of commenting on Dofollow blogs to get  link juice from that blog. Here I want to clarify these two terms which are confusing amongst most of the newbie bloggers.

dofollow Image Credit

Nofollow Blogs

To know about Dofollow blogs you must know about the term Nofollow. Why the term nofollow introduced by anyone. For all of your kind information, Nofollow is introduced by Google in 2005. In the official statement of Google it was said that:

If you’re a blogger (or a blog reader), you’re painfully familiar with people who try to raise their own websites’ search engine rankings by submitting linked blog comments like “Visit my discount pharmaceuticals site.” This is called comment spam, we don’t like it either, and we’ve been testing a new tag that blocks it. From now on, when Google sees the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results. This isn’t a negative vote for the site where the comment was posted; it’s just a way to make sure that spammers get no benefit from abusing public areas like blog comments, trackbacks, and referrer lists.

Look at the two links:

1)     <a href=””>most useful medicines </a>

2)     <a href=””nofollow”>most useful medicines </a>

The first link is a normal link with no Nofollow attribute while the second one is a Nofollow link because it contains Nofollow attribute.

So, if we introduce a term “rel=nofollow” in any link then the link becomes nofollow.

You can make any link nofollow by the inbuilt editor of the WordPress. You can also nofollow any link from Windows live writer. By default all the links in the comment section are nofollow.

Dofollow Blogs

Dofollow blogs are those blogs which simply do not use nofollow attribute. So the link structure of the blog should be like

<a href=””>most useful medicines </a>

i.e. a normal link.

Dofollow are those links which pass value to the search  engines and it make its search engine ranking improve. There are many bloggers who think comment is a nice source of back link . For this purpose the dofollow all the links in the comment section. One can use any of the given WordPress Plugins Do Follow plugin, DoFollow and Nofollow Case by Case, Follow URL to remove nofollow attribute from the comment.

But these dofollow blogs are in constant touch of Webmasters and SEO personals and they don’t mind to spam the keywords through the blog comments. There are many dofollow blog from which you can start commenting. But remember not to spam the keywords.