[Infographic] Cell Phone Ettiquates Around the World

Very often there is a debate raging along on social networking platforms such as Facebook or Twitter as to what cell phone etiquettes are. The saying that as phones are getting smarter, people are getting dumber is very true. People seem to be getting totally oblivious to what is going on in their surroundings when they are surfing on their phones and this is not just rude but downright disrespecting. However, if you are a traveler or generally want to know what are some good etiquettes of using smart phones in various countries then we have a very interesting infographic for you today.


I is indeed interesting to see how things vary at various points in the globe when it comes to what is an acceptable behavior when using a cellphone. So, its obvious that if you are in Italy you are governed by a different rule as compared to that when you are in the United States. Though, what is pretty perfectly acceptable is to put the phone down whenever you are on the road, in whatever part of the worl. No matter how interesting the image may look for an Instagram update, safety is one foremost importance.

Do let us know if you follow these etiquettes and if you have some more to add on to them, by commenting in the section below.

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HTC One Max Spotted in the wild

Last time we wrote about the LG Optimus G Pro leaking out, we warned you against a phablet storm developing and coming soon, and guess what we were not really wrong. The clouds are dark and the devices in the form of rain drops are coming down. The latest in the list of leaks is the HTC One Max, a phablet device from the Taiwanese company which boasts of having made the HTC One, already the top notch choice when it comes to Android devices.

HTC One Max

The HTC One Max takes design cues from the HTC One and looks like just a little maximized version of the HTC One and grand old father of the HTC One Mini. The device measures 5.9 inches in size and dare we say, is that not small given that most of the phablets are going now north of 6 inches? Yes, that is the sort of time we live in where a 5.9 inch phone is not the largest already.

The device is codenamed T6 and has full HD display just like the HTC One and runs on Snapdragon 800 SoC with 2 GB of RAM. It is believed that the phone will come in 32 GB and 64 GB variant and have the same Sense 5.0 running as the HTC One. Also, it is worth noting that the device will not come with stylus, but will have a super sensitive display like the Xperia Z to help you use objects from the real world as stylus in case you want to.

The device is expected to be in the market around September, when we will have another famous phablet, Note III competing against it.

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How to Run Google Glass on your Android Smart Phone

We all are well aware that you can mod your Android device to suit your mood or preference. You can actually change around how your device looks like entirely by installing a couple of files here and there on your Android devices. Using mods or installing launchers can totally give your Android device that makeover to look like a brand new device. In the recent days, one gadget though that has been making all the headlines is Google Glass. People all over the internet are writing about it, wearing it to shower, posting images from it and generally loving the device. So, for me and you who do not have the Glass yet, would it not be cool to get a peak in the world of Glass and experience the same interface like glass on your Android device?


So, if you are up for a little experiment and have some time on your side, in a very simple couple of steps you can enjoy a little sneak preview in the world of Google Glass and how things are there. One of the developers actually pulled out the system dump files from Androidpolice and compiled them into an APK which you can install on your Android device.

To get the Glass experience, all you have to do is head over to this page and download the four APK files from there. You have to transfer these files to your Android device and simply install them like any other application. You will get the Glass Home Launcher which like any other launcher can be accessed by clicking on the Home button and selecting Glass Home. Although, the experience is fairly minimal and there is not too much you can do apart from order the Glass to take an image or show map, it is a step into the fascinating world of Google Glass. You can easily uninstall these apps by going to Setting, and in applications finding them and removing them away like any other app.

Image Credits: CNET


Check out the Story behind the Design and Construction of HTC One

Now that both the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S IV have landed into the hands of expert reviewers and no matter which of the two devices you take sides with, one thing we can all agree on is the fact that the HTC One is a beautiful specimen of modern manufacturing engineering. The all metal design of the device shouts quality and according to the founder of Technobuffalo, Jon Rettinger, it is the best smart phone he has ever held. And we pretty much trust his words since we have not had a chance to play with the One yet.

HTC One making

So what is the story behind the all metal design and the beautiful craftsmanship of what is probably the most popular smart phone in the market currently? Here in a video, HTC has attempted to explain everyone the secrets behind the design and the make of the HTC One. You must check out. And if you are an engineer just like us, you will definitely be impressed with this.

Do let us know your views about the HTC One and if you prefer it over its other rivals such as the Galaxy S IV or the iPhone 5 or even the Blackberry Z10 in the section below. You can also tweet in your response at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

Five Bad Smartphone Habits You Should Get Rid Of

We live in a world where smart phones have become our best friends, if we get angry or upset we turn to our soul mate Siri to vent out our anger or our frustration. However, just like anything else in life, there are a few things we should be careful about with our smart phones. No we are not talking about things such as not dropping the device or covering it in a proper cover and stuff like that, we are talking about some habits that you must avoid while using your phones to keep your life sane and also make sure you use your device how it is meant to be.

bad smartphone habits

1) Avoid Drunk calls, texts, tweets or updates: We all like a drink or two, and sometimes maybe even more. However, these moments are meant to be lived privately and with friends. Your entire twitter feed or a friend not around you does not need to know the number of Vodka shots you are down or the bottles of Old Monk you entertained. Make sure if you are drunk you stay away from your phone, you could end up writing or speaking things that you would regret later on. And always remember, not everybody likes pitch drunk people, so live your moment of glory, but leave your phone away.

2) Aggressive Whining on your Phone: Remember everybody is fighting a battle of their own. you are not the only one. Dont take it to your phone to change your status or tweet things that trouble you. Whining 24 x 7 leaves a negative impression, and anyway winning about your personal problems on Twitter or Whatsapp status or Facebook Status would only make you a butt of jokes, so might as well sort the problem out than take it out on your phone to let the whole world know.

3) Enjoy the music concert, pictures can wait: This is another bad habit that people have developed over the years. In the years gone by people would go to music concerts or plays and sit and enjoy the show. Today thanks to the inbuilt camera on our devices we would much rather spend all the time to sit and record the concert or take pictures rather than enjoy the show. So avoid that, enjoy the show, pictures can always wait, you wont get another chance to make memories though.

4) Texting while Driving/ Walking: Just don’t ever do this. Human brain is wired to do one thing at a time. When you are behind the wheel, not just your life you are responsible for lives of people on the road and those travelling with you. If a call or text is very urgent, park the car and attend it. Most phones today have a car mode and Bluetooth, use the technology safely and correctly. Same while walking, watch the road and those ahead of you while walking, if you text and walk, you could cause some serious accidents and hurt yourself or others.

5) Forever Using the Phone: All our minds need some time to relax, time to let those creative juices flow. But if every free second you get you are going to spend watching your phone or following on Twitter then where do you have time for yourself? Do yourself the favor, your phone might be the love of your life, but keep it down and enjoy the small peaceful moments of life. They are wonderful, trust us.

We hope you would implement these five habits and use your phone effectively and yet not miss out on things in life due to it. Let us know if you have more such bad habits in the section below, or tweet in to us at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

What is An IP Rating Of A Smart Phone?

Every now and then we come across a term that even surprises the most ardent of Tech geeks among us. We have all seen smart phones given plenty of ratings concerning if they are safe to be used through various FCC tests which make sure there are no harmful emissions from the smart phone. Similarly there are various other ratings for a phone. One such interesting rating we have been hearing quite a lot of rate is the IP Rating of a smart phone. You could be forgiven if you thought that IP rating of a phone had something to do with the capability of your phone to browse web or something along those lines. But that is as far from fact as Earth is from the Sun. So what exactly is an IP Rating?

We have seen plenty of phones today that are able to resist massive drops or even resist when lots of water is splurged on them. these phones usually have a higher IP Rating. That should have given you the clue. yes, IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection. It is basically a standard for rating suitability of the device to protect the inside parts from various agents such as dust, rain, moisture etc. The first digit of an IP Rating of your device tells the ability of your device to protect against solids. This is usually rated from 1 to 6 with 6 being the best. The second digit refers to the ability of your device to stay protected against liquid. It is rated from 1 to 8 with 8 being the best against immersion. Here is an interesting chart that would help you to trace the IP Rating of your smart phone:



So what are the IP ratings of your smart phone? Do let us know in the section below or by tweeting us into at @Blogtechnika or @Techverarp.

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Dell Officially Quits The Smart Phone market

You could well be forgiven if you actually took a moment to think back at exactly which phones did Dell produce in the first place to announce the fact that they have quit the smart phone business. But we’ll help you recall. Remember that massive 5 inch tablet looking smart phone called Dell Streak which was so big that it looked pretty awkward and worked slower than the slowest tortoise in hibernation? Or even the forever non responsive XCD range of devices? Then there was Dell Aero which went away as fast as it came. Not just theses, Dell also produced the Venue Pro which was one of the first Windows 7 devices in the market. As pretty evident from all the above examples, Dell did not strike gold with any of the smart phones it produced. So it comes as no surprise that Dell has finally decided to hang up the boots as far as smart phone market is concerned at least for now.


Jeff Clarke, the head of Consumer Business stated that Dell is pretty much out of the game because “It needs a lot of investments to really be successful “. Dell would continue to work on the Windows 8 Notebooks and it’s other PC ventures. He further went on to add “It’s a content play with Android. Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search. So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android, It doesn’t mean we’re not looking at Android. You should come and see what’s in our labs”.

So it sounds pretty clear that we would not be seeing a Dell smart phone for a while now, and in case you are one of those in minority who do own a Dell smart phone, we would suggest you to go get rid of your device cause we doubt there would be much support from here on regarding updates and such.

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What Does Your Smartphone Say About You?

As people who breathe technology in and out, we have got into this very wrong habit of judging people with the technology or the consumer electronics product they use. Yes, before everyone jumps on it saying that is wrong to do, we are well aware of it. I mean it is perfectly possible that a pretty 23 year old tall girl could be using a Nokia 1100, but come on, would that not be a turn off seriously? You are lying if the answer is no, and yes Nokia 1100 is not even a smart phone. But I hope you get the drift that today smart phones have become a status symbol and as a result the phone you carry in the pocket speaks volumes about you. Long gone are the days when phones were luxuries and things that could make a call or drop a text. Today, if they are out dated or old and shabby, then well, be prepared for some odd looks. So, what really does your phone tell more about you. Let’s try and classify.

1) Android Phone (Version 4.0+): If you are rocking a smart phone which is any version about Android 4.0, then chances are you are well aware of the latest technology in the world. You have obviously sufficient money to spend and enjoy the freedom and customization.  On top of it, if your device is rooted and running some custom firmware, you are a proper Tech nerd and chances are you spend at least a couple of hours every week setting your phone up for that perfect look. You experiment with launchers and various kinds of browsers and the word that scares you the most is ‘bricked’.

2) Android Phone (Version 2.3 or below): If you are on a smart phone, that is Android and rocking a version 2.3 or below, then well the chances are you are already ancient. It is but obvious that your phone is not getting the support for ICS, so you are also behind technology. Obviously you are lazy and not daring enough to upgrade to ICS even if it is available via custom rooting. You surely don’t use too many applications and are a set that are content making phone calls and dropping an odd messages here and there, and use phone like it was meant to be. You are borderline case who feels he gels in the crowd with the name of Android, but in reality you are light years behind. Now come on, go ahead and pick that latest Android phone, you are missing out on so much more.

3) iPhone: If you own an iPhone, any iPhone, the first thing that strikes the mind is that you have money to burn. You are not necessarily very advanced technologically, unless you were in the Apple ecosystem much before the iPhone even came out. Hence you are just following a trend and not really interested in freedom and customization. You like your gadget to talk about you more than you can talk about it. You like things simple, easy and things that generally work. Chances are, your favorite game is Angry birds or temple run and you have little clue about big tech jargons like firmware version, cooked firmware etc.

4) iPhone And Android: Chances are if you own an iPhone and an Android device that you are a tech reviewer. You love your technology and understand that both sets of OS have their own merits. You like the best of both worlds and are the only set of people in the world who never look out for the judgement in the patent saga. You like elegance of iOS and customizations of Android, and in real life too you like to live on your own terms and conditions. Someone dictating to you is not acceptable, and you never fall into the rugged debate of Android vs iOS

5) Blackberry: If you own a Blackberry, either you are a teenager who is fascinated with BBM and love putting your own pictures clicked in the mirror as your Profile Picture; Your status messages have shorter expiry dates than a newly opened bottle of soda, or you are simply a corporate guy who lives in the inbox of his E-Mails. If you are anything but these two, then you are leading an extremely frustrated life with your phone and you fling it across the room at free will. You actively ask people if they can buy the phone off you so you can move to pastures green. And in case you love your BB, then let’s be honest, you have no clue how far ahead the technology has gone. You like to live your life in a bubble thinking it’s all about connecting with people and not really getting the most value for your money.

6) Windows Phone: If you own a Windows Phone device, chances are you know very well what you are doing. You have a taste that is different from the world, and love experimenting. You like simplicity in life and always are on the lookout for what’s latest in the world. You are happy in a limited world as long as it is functional. Chances are you are a Microsoft die hard and have been following technology for a really long time. You are classy yet down to earth.

7) Symbian Devices On Nokia: Chances are you either do not care at all about your device given the financial strains or you are a die hard Nokia romantic. If you are still rocking one of those unbreakable N-79 or N-81 or even E-71, then you simply are too old to be involved in the game of technology. You are laid back and enjoy the feel of your devices much more than really bothering about what it can do. You like your world when it works and are not really bothered about playing games and such things. Chances are you are still stuck up playing NFS Hot Pursuit on your Windows 98 PC.

I hope you got a fair idea of where you stand in this rapid moving world of Technology and reading this post you are more open to experimenting with different options available in the market today. Do let us know which phone you are rocking and if you are now planning to switch reading our post.