Freedom 251: World’s Most Affordable 3G Phone Launched at Rs 251

What can Rs 251 buy for you? For our international readers, we are talking about just a shade under $4. Well, let’s see. A latte at your favorite coffee shop? Maybe some chocolates or a low-end deodorant? Or a smartphone? Yes, you read that right, you can pick up a 3G phone in India now starting at an earth shattering price of Rs 251 or $4. The dream has been made possible by a Noda based phone manufacturer called, Ringing Bells. 

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Apple Releases the First Beta Version of iOS 9.3

Apple has been letting those interested test out their new iOS releases well before they are made public in an interesting Beta Program. The latest advantage of having enrolled yourself into the Beta program is that you can enjoy iOS 9.3 update, which is perhaps the most feature-filled update on iOS 9 so far. Phil Schiller tweeted out saying that iOS 9.3 has been seeded out to those who are a part of the Beta testing circle which primarily includes the developers and it has some terrific new features.

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OnePlus to Make an Announcement Today

OnePlus, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer has been making quite some waves in the market these days, thanks to its policy of providing flagship level hardware and software on device, that is fraction of cost of the latest flagships. The only drawback is that the devices are not available for everyone and you would require an invite from the company or someone who has purchased the phone to be able to buy the phone.

OnePlus has come out and announced on its Social Media channel, Twitter that it has a major announcement lined up for later today. The post on Twitter implies that starting from now, anything can happen and has the image of a mail with a paper coming out. While it is easy to assume this may well be something about the OnePlus Two which is slated to be the next flagship from the company, it was recently reported that the next OnePlus phone would not be out until the second half of this year at the very least.

So what could the announcement be? Well, if we were to guess it could be that OnePlus has got the stocks of OnePlus One in abundance now and, therefore is doing away with the invite system, largely guessing that based on the graphics shared on Social Media. Whatever it is, you are sure to find out more about the announcement by following OnePlus on their Social Media channel.

Xiaomi Announces that it has sold over 1 Million Phones in India

Xiaomi, popularly known as the Apple of China has announced that it recently achieved the milestone of having sold 1 million smartphones in India. Despite its flash sale model and standing tiff with the High Courts in India, Xiaomi has largely made a very positive impact on the phone market. With its competitive pricing, Xiaomi has forced some of the bigger OEMs to look and revise their pricing. No wonder that because of extremely affordable prices of devices, Xiaomi has been able to hit the 1 million number with an age of just about 6 months in India.

Xiaomi Mi 3

Manu Jain, the Head of Operations of Xiaomi in India tweeted that the milestone was crossed in December and also thanked everyone for the courtesy sake.

Xiaomi entered Indian market in July and since then has launched three devices in India, which includes the Mi3, RedMi Note and the Redmi 1s. The devices have been kept exclusive to Flipkart and repeatedly have been sold out. Recently, after the High Court ban was uplifted from Xiaomi, the RedMi Note with Snapdragon 400 SoC had gone on sale and 50,000 devices were sold out in minutes. Despite a rather destructive model of creating demand in excess with limited supply, Xiaomi has become one of the most popular mobile brands in India, which is a massive testament to its products.

LG set to announce the G3 on May 27th

The last major Android flagship of the year 2014 is all set to be rolled out towards the end of May in 2014. The highly anticipated LG G3 will be launched in a simultaneous event that is set to be hosted in New York, San Francisco and London on may 27th this year. After massive success that LG has tasted with the LG G2 and the Nexus 5, the world would certainly be watching in great anticipation as the next edition of the device hits the stage. The event has been sent out to the global media already and we for one, cannot wait.

LG G3 Invite

Based on the leaks about the device, we already know a fair share about the smartphone. LG is set to revamp its Optimus UI to a more flatter and colorful entity with the LG G3. The device will be running Android 4.4.2 right out of the box and that promises to be the latest offerings from Android unless Google has some plans up its sleeve in the time from now to May 27th.

The G3 would also be the first major flagship, if you discount the Oppo Find 7, to bring a 2K Ultra HD display on board. Another leak from one of the major case makers has revealed that the device will persist with volume buttons as well as power buttons at the back, though the design would be slightly different. No information about the pricing of the phone is known yet, but it surely is coming in a gold variant!

Moto Moto X is Coming to India within Weeks

The Moto G has been perhaps the most popular smartphone in India since it’s launch on February 5th. Motorola took to MWC to even announce that the diminutive device has been it’s most successful device in terms of generating numbers for now Lenovo owned company. Coupled with very reasonable specs and an opportunistic price point, the Moto G has been in a way become the second favorite device of everybody. Buoyed by the success of Moto G in India, Motorola has announced that it plans to bring the device to India sometime within the next few weeks. It also said that the device will come in Australia simultaneously while markets such as Mexico will have to wait till Q2 for Moto X.

Moto X

It was widely expected that the device will remain a US exclusive, but the Design it according to your taste, Moto X is going to be hitting the Indian shores soon. The device has been selling for $399 in the US unlocked, and if the same price is kept, it would mean the device could be available for about Rs. 24,000 in India, add in a few taxes, and it may well cost under Rs 26,000 to own a Moto X in India which is still a very competitive price.

The Moto G features a 4.7 inch 720 P display with a 10 MP rear f/2.6 camera. The device is powered by a Motorola X8 SoC which is a dual core Chip with Krait CPU and Adreno 320 GPU. There is 2 GB RAM on board and 16 GB internal memory. The device is powered by a 2200 mAh battery and runs largely stock Android with some useful tweaks from Motorola. For a mid range device, these specs are by no means slouch and we do expect the device to make some decent inroads when it does release in India.

Could we see Wearable Tech devices at MWC from Acer and Asus?

Wearables were predicted to be the big thing of 2014 and we are only getting started. With Apple pretty much confirming they are entering the segment with their much hyped smart watch and already a strong existence from the likes of Samsung, Sony, Pebble and Qualcomm looks like we will see two new players joining them as early as MWC perhaps.


It is being reported that both Asus and Acer, the two most successful players in the PC business are lining up wearables from their engineering laboratories. While Asus pretty much confirmed they are working on a smart watch that would be groundbreaking, Acer has decided to play its cards close to chest.

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih, said the following while addressing the question of smartwatches:

We will put our entire design thought into it. There are actually many challenges in this area, and I don’t think products that lack special features will be useful. We’ll try to replace your watch by all means.

Acer executive Peter Shieh did not reveal what exact wearable was the company working on, but there have been rumors that some of the key executives at CES were shown the devices. He said the following:

The company is still developing certain types of wearable devices. We certainly aim to play a role in the new market.

It is a no brainer that more the number of players in the category, the better it would be for the consumers, but how long do we have to wait for this is still anybody’s guess. Are you excited about the number of players jumping on the wearable bandwagon? Let us know.

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iPhone 5s Users Tend to Consume More Data than Other Smartphone Users

There always seems to be one of these studies in the mobile sphere that totally seem to blow our minds away. These are absurd, sort of stuff you never really care about but they always seem to talk about a trend. A recent study at JDSU has been categorizing how much mobile data users tend to consume. It is a surprise that despite trailing in the volume of devices that Android has out there, it is indeed the iPhone 5s users who clocked the highest numbers in terms of data consumed.

Data usage tables

Not just the iPhone 5s, it is clear that users with Apple devices seem to consume a lion’s share of data more than those who are on Android smartphone or tablets. Six out of the top ten data hogging devices are actually Apple devices with the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4 all prominently featuring in there. Making up the numbers for Android in the study as proper data hoggers were the Samsung Galaxy S2, Galaxy S4, HTC Sensation and Sony Xperia SP. These results are indeed surprising given the popularity of devices such as the Galaxy S III and even the Nexus line of device, none of which feature in top 10.

So, there you have it, not only are the Apple users preferring to pay the big bucks for their devices, they are also using the data to the premium.


Google and Samsung Agree upon a Ten Year Patent Deal

Thanks to the long standing feud between Apple and Samsung, patents have become one of the most talked about topic in the world of consumer tech. However, if you like a bit of drama and thought that something similar might happen between Samsung and the other giant of the industry in Google, then well, sorry to disappoint, but that is not happening. Rumors have been adrift that not all is so well between Samsung and Google, but f the latest announcement, i.e. the two have decided to share their patents for the next years is to go by, it all looks like a happy rosy family. The deal includes sharing the patent portfolios that are already existing and may come in new in the next 10 years.


Allen Lo, the Deputy General Counsel for Patents at Google said:

We’re pleased to enter into a cross-license with our partner Samsung, by working together on agreements like this, companies can reduce the potential for litigation and focus instead on innovation.

Similar noises are coming from Samsung’s camp as their Head of Intellectual Property Center, Dr. Seungho Ahn said:

This agreement with Google is highly significant for the technology industry, Samsung and Google are showing the rest of the industry that there is more to gain from cooperating than engaging in unnecessary patent disputes

Looks like there indeed is a lesson for the other so called big names here to be taken as these court cases do very little to help the world of technology in marching forward. We hope several others take notice of the same and this is first of several such moves.

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Visualizing the iPhone Supply Chain

Last week marked the seventh anniversary of the iPhone. Yes, take a breath and read that again. Time has indeed flown by and we have come a long way as far as smartphones are concerned. but all those days ago, it was indeed the iPhone that had set the trend of big touch screen slabs which ended up bringing an internet browser, a telephone and a music player in one device. The iPhone of today looks drastically different, bigger and slimmer than that held up Steve Jobs those seven years ago. We all know that the iPhone 5s is assembled in a factory in China that is ashamed for working child labors, however where do the parts come from?

Here is an interesting infographic that details the parts of the iPhone and the various suppliers. So, if you do happen to own an iPhone, hold it tight, you just may well be holding a device that is an extraordinary aggregation of parts that come from across the globe.

The iPhone Supply Chain

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