Dot SmartWatch is Specifically Aimed at Visually Impaired Individuals

While the smartwatch revolution has well and truly begun, we are yet to come across a product that will set the standard for the industry. The Apple watch was supposed to do this, but with rather declining sales as the days go by, the Apple Watch has struggled to make the dent in the universe that it was expected to make. Android Wear still seems to lack the winning formula and the search for the one goes on. While the digital world is gradually taking over, one aspect that a lot of us seem to be neglecting is the wonderful world of touchscreen and OS and Wearables is strictly restricted if you have the perfect vision.


Dot is trying to change that.

Dot is a smartwatch that is specifically aimed at those who have less than perfect eyesight. It is aimed at visually impaired individuals as instead of a regular touchscreen with colors or e-paper display, the watch brings a braille display. The display basically consists of dull pins which raise and fall in order to communicate time, notifications, navigational directions and more just like any smartwatch would do.

The display also allows you to set up the refresh speed so that you can set how fast or slow are you able to follow braille and change the refresh rates accordingly. The watch can also double up as an E-Readers for the visually impaired and can be connected to your smartphone with Bluetooth 4.0 technology. the watch has a battery life of about 10 hours currently and will go on sale for less than $300. For any early adopters, you will be able to pick up the watch around the December period.


Motorola Moto 360 with Steel Band Launched in India

It is only fair to say that the Motorola Moto 360 has been the star performer when it comes to Android Wear devices so far. Largely due to the round dial with a metallic finish, the 360 is possibly the only Wearable device that actually looks like a watch that you would like to wear on say a personal engagement. The watch was announced in India with a leather band in two colors, but to give you a little bit more freedom with style and ability to have your personal taste reflecting on the watch, the Moto 360 is now available with steel bands.

Moto 360

This gives the watch a feel of a more run off the mill analogue watch, a bit like the Tissots of the world, and will be available on Flipkart exclusively just like the Moto 360. The watch has been priced at Rs 19,999 which is about INR 2K above the original Moto 360 with leather bands.

The watch comes in two variants, that is silver and black stainless steel, though all the other specifications including the 1.5 inch 320 P display remain exactly the same as that of the old leather Moto 360. There is good new if you own an SBI debit or credit card as Motorola is offering 10% discount to you on the watch untill April 28th.

LG G Watch R Launches in Korea Next Week Before a Global Rollout

Android Wear got off to a lukewarm reception among the enthusiasts mainly because of complains about poor display and battery life on the watches that were first released. The likes of LG G watch and Samsung Gear Live were not the run away hits also due to a squarish design while people preferred a more circular display. This is why, Moto 360 was able to correct a lot of damage that was done, but Android Wear remains a bit of a debating point among the fans of wearables market.


One watch that has offered more hope and will emulate the success of the MOto 360 is LG’s LG G Watch R. As you can guess, the R in the title stands for Round, and therefore the watch is a round version of the LG G watch that we have seen. The watch was on display at IFA and those who did get some time with the watch, called it the best Android Wear product yet. Despite the stainless teel build, the watch has a sporty look, rather than the more classy look given by the Aluminum metal chassis of the Moto 360. It has a 1.3 inch round display with a 320×320 display and is powered by a Snapdragon 400 SoC with 512 MB of RAM.

At that time, no release information of the watch was given out, but looks like the G Watch R is all set for a rollout beginning next week in Korea. The global rollout of the same is expected post that. The watch will cost 352,000 won which is roughly about Rs 19,500 in Indian Currency and will start shipping on October 16th in Korea.

LG G Watch to be released in June for Euros 199

When Android announced the SDK for its Android Wear, you could not help but feel extremely enthusiastic about the direction in which Google’s wearables were going. With Google Glass still very much in testing phase, the Android smartwatch is perhaps the next best thing your average Joe who wants to dive into the whole wearable hype can pick.


Yet when LG gave us few peeks at the G Watch, there were concerns that the device may well be too expensive and out of reach for most of the common people. However, according to the report in Wearablesarena, LG has made an official announcement about its plans of bringing the G Watch to the world sometime in June for Euros 199, which certainly is an affordable price for a smartwatch at least now, when the whole concept is just about to take off and new.

The watch will have a 280 x 280 LCD display which would be always on and also bring features such as always listening to help you interact with your device and generate information. The device would also be water and dust resistant and come with 512 MB of RAM as well as 4 GB of internal storage. Not really sure why LG has decided to go with 4 GB of storage, but that is what the rumors are. The watch will be available in two colors, stealth black and champagne gold.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets a Price Cut to Rs. 14,999 in India

The ground reality is that Samsung’s first foray into the world of wearable technologies has been anything but a success story. The thought that an early mover gets the advantage of a nascent market, certainly did not work in the favor of Samsung as the Galaxy Gear did not meet the expectations when it came to the sales numbers.


Half baked product along with the high pricing of the Galaxy Gear meant that the sales target have not been achieved. This is a rare case of failure for Samsung as so far pretty much everything they have thrown at the wall has stuck. However, addressing this issue Samsung has decided to revise the rate of the Galaxy Gear to Rs. 14,999 which is almost Rs 8,000 from the original price at which it was released.


This clearly indicates that the device has failed to gain the sort of traction everyone expected it to. Although bundling the device with the Note III seemed like a fine idea at first, it did not work out how Samsung had anticipated. Also, with news that maybe the Galaxy Gear 2 may be around the corner at the IFA event, it makes little to zero sense for anybody to pick the Galaxy Gear even at the reduced price.

Via: Manish Khatri

Has the Nokia Smartwatch been leaked?

The next big shift in the consumer tech world seems to be towards wearable gadgets. We had the likes of Fit Bits or Nike Fuel Bands which measure critical body functionality and then Google has the highly anticipated Google Glass coming soon to general public. But apart from these two, the one device that seems to be generating a lot of interest is a smartwatch.

nokia-watch-1 Nobody really knows what they want from a smartwatch. Some say they want just an extension of notifications on their watches, the other simply want a watch that does the basic things like play a bit of radio and maybe read notifications of their social accounts. However, one thing is for sure that not everyone is overly blown away by the very first smart watch which is the Gear done by Samsung. And there have been suggestions that Samsung would be looking to better the design and release a newer version of Gear as early as January next year.


However, looks like Nokia are all set to show off how they plan to do a smartwatch as the first leak of the Nokia powered watch has surfaced. A Chinese blog, CTech which in the past has leaked out pre-release hardware has shown off images of what could be the main body of the smartwatch made by Nokia. Although there is a Nokia branding on the front, not much else has been revealed. Although the holes on the watch where the straps go look unsymmetrical, which raises the doubt about the authenticity of the leak. The device looks to be made of same polycarbonate material as the other Lumia devices.

There is no information what the Nokia smartwatch would run, or if frankly it even exists. However, if it does come in the market, you can bet on the fact it would create huge waves.

Via: AppleInsider || CTech

Sony Announces Xperia Z1 while Samsung Releases Note III and Gear

In what was a rather busy day at IFA in Germany yesterday, we have now with us first batch of really groundbreaking products which promise great innovation in the world of Tech. So let’s quickly jump in and find out what we know now about these three gadgets which made a lot of noise over in IFA.

Sony Xperia Z1 is what we Expected

It had been one of the worst kept secrets of the tech industry that Sony had been planning the launch of Xperia Z1 at IFA. The device is one of the best looking Android phones out there and the USP of the phone is without a doubt the 20.1 MP Camera and beautifully crafted single blog metallic body. The device codenamed, Honami features Sony’s G Lens with f2.0 aperture. Needless to say the device focuses mainly on photography with phones, but the general specs of the phone are pretty neat as well. The display on the Xperia Z1 is a 1080 P 5 inch one.

Xperia Z1

The handset runs Android 4.2, with update to 4.3 impeding upon a chipset with quad core CPUs clocked at 2.2 Ghz. The SoC is Snapdragon 800 which coupled with 2 GB RAM on board and 16 GB RAM make sure you can just not have enough of apps on this device. There is also 3000 mAh battery which is non removable. The phone is waterproof and although the design looks very similar to Xperia Z, Sony have said that the device has evolved from Xperia Z. Not just this, there were also announcements of QX10 and QX100 which are phone lenses that attach to your smartphones wirelessly.

Samsung Gear is not the smartwatch you hoped for

Without a doubt the Samsung Gear was the one device that everyone was looking forward to as it was the device that would mark the beginning of a new segment of wearable technologies in the world of consumer tech. However, despite a pretty sweet design, the watch lacks a lot of features of a simple watch. Yes, it is a smartwatch but it does lack a lot of things you would expect first and foremost from a watch.

Galaxy Gear

The watch syncs to your smartphone and allows for smart answering of text messages as well as phone calls without having to reach for your phone. The screen of tthe watch is 1.63 inches measured diagonally and has a 1.9 MP Camera embedded into the strap making sure you are stuck with the strap you buy the gear with. The watch has some interesting gestures built in and the use of gyro is interesting too as simply lifting the watch to your ear will help you answer calls. The Gear is expected to launch worldwide in the coming month. The watch has 512 MB of RAM and 800 Mhz single core processor under the hood.

The Note III is the true successor of Galaxy Note II

The third big launch of the day belonged to Samsung as they unveiled what they hoped for will be the next king of the Phablet world, the Galaxy Note III. The device is the successor to the hugely successful Note II and a considerable improvement. The device is slimmed down and the glossy plastic of the Note II has been replaced by a more matte like premium plastic on the Note III. The bezels have also been slimmed down and as a result the Note III has a screen size of 5.7 inches, a .2 inches increment over Note II.


The device will come in six colors including pink and orange and has a full HD 1080 P display. the Note III has improved bands for 4G LTE and the 13 MP rear camera can record in 4K or 1080 P. The much revered S-Pen has been updated too with a new menu now which pops up everywhere the pen makes a contact. The device will mainly ship with the Snapdragon 800 SoC which features a quad core CPU clocked at 2.2 Ghz. The device will ship with Android 4.3 out of the box.