Sony Pulls the Plug on the Iconic Xperia Z Series; There Will be no Xperia Z6

Sony has decided to kill one of the most iconic series in Android smartphones. With reports of a failing business and plans to perhaps fold away from the mobile business altogether, Sony has decided to do away with the Xperia Z series. The series that has seen several iconic phones like the Xperia Z1, Z3, Z5 and the Z3 Compact will no longer be updated as Sony has decided to pull the plug from the series. As a result, it is clear that there would be no Xperia Z6.

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Sony to Announce the Xperia Z5 in India on October 21st

Sony announced the Xperia Z5 last month making it the first Sony smartphone to come bundled with a fingerprint scanner. Not just this, along with the Xperia Z5, Sony announced the Xperia Z5 Premium which is the first smartphone out there with a 4K display. Both these devices are now being brought to India as Sony has started rolling out invites for the media for the same. Both the Z5 and Z5 Ultra though, are going to be Dual SIM phones in India given how high the demand is for Dual SIM phones here.

Sony Invite Z5

How well the two phones will do in India will solely depend upon the pricing that Sony sets for the devices. Historically, Sony has been known to price the devices really high and that has kind of impacted its Xperia Z series sale so far.

In terms of specifications, both the phones come with 5.5 inch display, the one on the Z5 Premium is a 4K one, while that on the Z5 is true HD. Both the phones are powered by Snapdragon 810 SoC and come with 3 GB RAM. The USP is without a doubt the 23 MP camera and the all new fingerprint scanner that is located on the right flank of the device. The Xperia Z5 would be available in several color options including white, black, gold etc.

Sony Announces the World’s First 4K Phone in the Form of Xperia Z5 Premium along with the Z5 and Z5 Compact at IFA 2015

It was widespread knowledge that Sony had planned to refresh its flagship lineup at IFA 2015. While the leaks were omnipresent and the information strong, you are never really 100% sure until you see the device being launched. As expected, Sony announced the Xperia Z5 lineup of devices, which is its new flagship last night. Sony announced three phones in the lineup, called the Xperia Z5, Xperia Z5 Compact and the Z5 Premium. The difference between the devices is not a lot, other than the size and a few specs here and there.

Xperia Z5

The Xperia Z5 comes with a 5.2 inch FHD display with Triluminous display for mobile. The phone is powered by a Snapdragon 810 SoC and will come with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. There is a slot for memory expansion which supports up to 200 GB card. The main camera of the phone is a 23 MP Sony Exmor RS sensor with hybrid focus. The front camera of the device is a 5 MP sensor with a wide angle lens of 25 mm. Xperia Z5 is a waterproof and dust tight device rated at IP65 and IP68 and weighs a pretty sweet 154 grams. The battery is a non removable 2900 mAh. It will be available in four colors namely: Graphite Black, White, Gold and Green. The only drawback is that the Z5 is a single SIM phone with a single nano SIM support with LTE. For the first time, Sony has also found space on the right flank of the device for a finger print scanner. This is a new implementation of finger print scanner on a phone with pretty much everyone preferring to go on either the front or back of the device.

The Z5 compact on the other hand comes with a 4.6 inch 720 P display, 2700 mAh battery and 2 GB of RAM while keeping rest of the specifications same. It is a tad bit lighter at 138 grams and smaller than the Xperia Z5 but possibly is the most powerful 4.6 inch smartphone out there. The Z5 Premium on the other hand is the world’s first 4K device and comes with 3430 mAh battery. Everything else remains the same, even though the device will be available in only Chrome, Black and Gold variants.

No prices have been specified for the devices, but it is expected all three phones will see a global launch with a Dual SIM variant also coming in the Z5 Premium and the normal Z5 device.

Sony Xperia Z5 To Release in September 2015?

‘What? Sony already released the Xperia Z4 that we are hearing about the Z5?’

If the above was your reaction to the story that is already talking about the successor of the highly convoluted Sony Xperia Z4, then you are definitely not the only one. We were just as surprised to learn about the possibility of a Z5 when it has not been absolutely clear whether Sony ever brought the Z4 to the party. For the most people, the Xperia Z4 was the Xperia Z3 Plus the way it was announced in India. It was a minor upgrade and one you saw Sony release very half-heartedly, barely pumping any meat behind the release of the device.


It is now being rumored that Sony will release the Xperia Z5, the successor to the Z4 in September this year, and at least on paper or through the rumors everything sounds a little old and not really up to the pace. In the world of the Galaxy S6s and Quad HD display, the Xperia Z5 is slated to just bring to table a Full HD display with a 5.5 inch screen which is about .3 inches taller than what we had seen on the Xperia Z4.

In terms of storage, the phone will pack 32 GB of internal memory as well as 3 GB of RAM to keep the things running smooth. It is rumored that the Xperia Z5 will come with the controversial Snapdragon 810 SoC on board and wrap in a 20.7 MP rear camera. It is expected that the Xperia Z5 will not be the only flagship launch this year by Sony and there is another device in the making which is expected to be the flagship hero as Sony looks to re-establish its position as one of the bigger players in the mobile market after a string of disappointing years recently.

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Sony Announces the Xperia Z4 in Japan

Sony has announced its latest flagship device, the Xperia Z4 in Japan. The device announcement was a non-event and there was no announcement of the device for the global media. The device brings the same Omni balance design which is basically a sandwich of glass with metallic frame that we have seen with the Z3 and other Xperia devices at least in the flagship segment.

Xperia Z4

The display is a 5.2 inch full HD display, with Sony not going for the Quad HD display which have become bit of a standard these days for flagships. It comes with a 20.1 MP rear camera and a 5.1 MP front-facing snapper. The Xperia Z4 is powered by Snapdragon 810 SoC with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal memory with expansion slot up to 128 GB. The battery on board is a 2,930mAh non-removable unit.

The phone weighs about 144 grams and has 6.9 inch thickness. The device is rated at IP 6X for dust and IP 5X and 8X for water. The Micro USB slot is not covered under and doors and the phone will come in White, Black, Copper and Aqua Green colors making the whole series very colorful. The phone comes with Android 5.0 with Sony’s skin on top of it. The prices of the device has not been announced yet.

Is this the Sony Xperia Z4?

Sony has strangely followed a bi-annual update cycle where it updates it flagship devices twice an year. It is a strange strategy as it always seeds in a doubt in the mind of the buyer how long will their device remain as the top end device from the company. It was barely a few months ago when Sony had announced the Xperia Z3, the current flagship and looks like if you purchased one thinking Sony will ditch the plan of two updates an year, you were wrong and your device is all set to get old.

Xperia Z4


The first set of images of the Sony Xperia Z4 have surfaced online and they point towards a narrower bezel and a slimmer profile, all of which will be unveiled at MWC in Barcelona in March.

The images of the front panel of the device have been leaked out by a user on Chinese website Weibo which clearly shows a fair few difference in the device when compared to the Z3. For a start you have a clear difference in the front facing camera and the ambient sensor fueling the rumors of a high end selfie camera which is expected at about 4.8 MP. The screen on the device is expected to be a 5.5 inch Quad HD display with 4 GB of RAM and Snapdragon 810 at the heart. The battery on the unit is expected to be around 3420 mAh and will bring IP 67 rating too.

Sony Xperia Z4 Image and Specification Details Surface

Information out of Sony’s offices seem to be leaking faster than nappies of a new born baby, they just do not seem to stop. The latest piece of leak has detailed out confidential information about the Sony Xperia Z4, the upcoming flagship device from Sony. The leak comes from an E-Mail that was sent by Sony Pictures’ CEO Michael Lynton as a part of the proposal for the product placement in the next Bond film. However, that mail has evidently leaked out giving out details of the device which is most likely set to release sometime towards March or November in 2015.

Xperia Z4

The Z4 is expected to bring subtle design and aesthetic changes from the Xperia Z3, but will carry forward the same design from a very broad perspective. It would feature a Quad HD display, which has become the flagship standard and would be powered by the powerful Snapdragon 805 SoC. The mail suggests there would be 4 GB of RAM and the same 20.7 MP rear facing camera on the unit with 4.8 MP front facing camera and 3420 mAh battery.

The phone will run Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box and may also be launched along with a fair few new wearable devices. Here is the entire leaked email in case you wish to read:

Sony Electronics is now combing the production request list and will shortly tell us what they can provide. Sony MOBILE has now provided us with the needed visuals of the new Z4 Phones. These phones are the planned phones for MAY/NOVEMBER of 2015. I’m attaching the visual for you to see.

Barbara has it and will be meeting with SAM/DANIEL shortly to discuss and to come back with their design for the phone. Mobile is fine and is waiting to hear from us.

Barbara wants to get a PLACEMENT FEE for putting the phone in. She understands that Sony is willing to commit to a marketing/advertising campaign of 18MM, but she wants an additional placement fee. In the past, Sony Electronics/Mobile has not paid a fee…but has paid the following:

• $18MM Above-the-Line Advertising commitment

• $ 5MM Production Budget/Cost including TV, Print, Digital, etc.

• $ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE

• $ 1MM License Fee to EON for a limited edition Bone phone (which by the way…

Sony Mobile never recouped, but paid)

Today…Sony Electronics has so far budgeted the following:

• $18MM ATL Advertising commitment

• $ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE

• $ 5MM Production Budget

What if we take the Daniel Craig fee and convince Sony just to pay Barbara directly 4MM for a placement fee. NO Daniel this time. We walk from him. The remaining 1MM (or LESS!) of this budget can be used to hire “Q” instead? Her fee would have to include the right for Sony to use the 007 marks including the barrel, but no Daniel.


How to Boost the LED Brightness of your Sony Xperia Z1

The LED light on the back of our smartphones double up as a torch whenever we need to find our way around in the dark, especially places like theaters. However, some of the phones do not have very bright LED light output, most probably to ensure the high illumination should not burn out images when taken in pitch dark conditions. With the Sony Xperia Z1, the brightness of the LED is definitely not very bright but thankfully if you have a rooted device, you can do something about that.

Xperia Z1

In case, you are interested in increasing the brightness of the LED of your Sony Xperia Z1, you can simply head over to XDA- Developers forum and download a flashable zip that would enhance the brightness of the LED. The enhanced LED works when you turn the torch on using any torch app. Once you flash the zip file, you will feel the difference only in the torch application though, not in the general LED flash when the flash is turned on while taking pictures.

However, as a word of caution, make sure you turn the flashlight out quickly, because with the enhanced brightness, the phone does start to heat up pretty quickly and that can potentially damage the LED as well as the internals of the smartphone. You must go through the forum thread linked above to download the zip and read through more details in case you may have them.

Sony Announces Xperia T3 with Android 4.4 and 5.3 inch Display

Sony today announced the Xperia T3, which it claims to be the slimmest 5.3 inch smartphone. The device once again reiterates Sony’s stand on making beautiful smartphone. The Xperia T3 is a mid range smartphone, though it it is not related as a successor to the T2 Ultra in any form. The T3 has a 5.3 inch display with a 720 P display giving a PPI of 277.

Xperia T3 colors

As with most mid and high range Android phones by Sony, the T3 brings a Triluminos IPS display with Sony’s Mobile Bravia 2 Engine for better experience viewing the videos and pictures. The Xperia T2 is enclosed in a stainless steel frame and has a soft touch rubber back, giving the device good looks as well as making it rugged enough. The T3 is powered by a 1.4 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 400 processor. There is 1 GB RAM on board the device to keep things moving along well. The internal memory is 8 GB though you do have a Micro SD expansion slot in there.

The T3 will be powered by a 2500 mAh battery which is non removable. The rear camera on the phone is an 8 MP shooter with Exmor RS lens. There is a flashlight as well as a front facing camera for letting you take selfies and make skype calls.

“Xperia T3 has been crafted with attention to detail for those who know how to appreciate distinctive design in their everyday life.  The T3 is packed with the latest beautiful technology from Sony – including leading digital imaging expertise and a vivid HD display – all within a stylish, stainless steel frame. The combination of this beautiful technology and the premium design ensures the T3 immediately stands apart from the competition,” says Calum MacDougall, Director of Xperia Marketing at Sony Mobile Communications.

The price of the device is not known yet, though it will be available globally towards the end of July and will bring 4G support. The device will be available in three colors including black, white and purple.

Sony Bundles Smartband and a Cover with the Xperia Z2 for Rs 49,990

It was a general notion that the best device announced at the MWC 2014 was the Sony Xperia Z2. It was a bit of a shock in the first place that Sony announced a new flagship hardly six months after they had announced the Z1, but once they did, the device gained a lot of attention. To put things into perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S5 was announced at the MWC and to be generally called an overall better device against a phone that is expected to set the benchmark for Android phones in 2014 was a pretty sweet thing for Sony.

Xperia Z2

However, one thing that has always hurt Sony despite some very good phones has been their slackness in making them available. Yet, this time Sony is keen to make amends. As expected, the device was launched in India today for Rs 49,990. Sony Xperia Z2 will be available starting May 12th and will ship with a couple of freebies which includes a fitness tracker band called smartband and a flip cover. Not just this, Sony proved a full insurance against any accidental damage to your device within first six months.

The Xperia Z2 betters the Z1 in several aspects. It comes with a 5.2 inch True HD display with surround sound front speakers. There is a Snapdragon 801 SoC alongside 3 GB of RAM powering the phone which has 16 GB internal memory and a 20.7 MP rear camera with Sony’s Exmor RS sensor. The battery is a removable 3200 mAh one and the device will be available in all three colors which includes white, black and purple. Some of the stores offline have already started taking pre-booking for the device, so you might want to go ahead and try that out if you cannot wait!