Microsoft Makes a Special Keyboard for Excel on Android Tablets

One of the best things about an Android device is the customisations that it offers. And thanks to a very active developers community the things that come out from the closet codes are absolutely jaw-dropping at times and you feel suddenly the universe makes so much more sense. One such moment came in last evening when Microsoft announced a new keyboard that was specially designed for those who are addicted to Excel.

Excel Keyboard

As a numbers person, I use Excel a lot, be it on the computer or on the phone, barely a day goes by when I have not seen the vertical columns and horizontal rows come face to face. And since Excel is all about numbers, having a keyboard that is primarily alphabets makes little sense. This is why Microsoft has come up with a keyboard with number keys placed right next to the alphabets for easy entry. The keyboard has a very material design like feel with a grey background and has slightly diminutive alphabet keys to accommodate the full-sized keyboard with numbers.

Obviously the keyboard works with any other application other than Excel too, so you will not be limited to just that. You can use the keyboard like you would use any third party keyboard, which is by downloading, activating and then selecting it. The only drawback is that the keyboard is available only for tablets, so for those with Android phones, can look away.

Download the keyboard from Google Play here

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Which is the Perfect tablet for you?

We live in an era where we spend more time on our Tablets and Smartphones than an perhaps interacting with real people around us. Just look around yourself, and I bet if there are people around you, they must be interacting with some sort of mobile device. With the year 2013 coming to a close, we are sure, being the techy you are, you have your shopping cart out and are set to pick gadgets this holiday season. However, give the plethora of choices, the decision can be difficult to make.

Just like smartphone world, the tablet category too has some very interesting choices. From various form factors to OS, the tablet market has definitely exploded and become one of those devices that you simply must have. To make this choice a little easy, we have found an interesting infographic for you via Mashable which would help solve or answer some of the queries you might have while picking up that perfect tablet for you.

So, check this out and make the right and intelligent choice and hey, do not forget to tell us about the tablet that you chose.


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Has Nexus 8 been Spotted into the Wild?

Now, either Google is doing all this very innocently without realizing what products are on the show when its promotions or they are on a crusade to push a line up of the greatest internet trolls ever. Yes, we had spotted the Nexus 5 during the promotions of Android 4.4 Kitkat where an employee was capturing the big KitKat mascot with his Nexus 5. And looks like, now the Nexus 8, a new tablet has been spotted out in the promotions of KitKat on the new Android site.

Nexus 8- speculation

The picture of the tablet appears in the Apps and Entertainment section of the site here. The tablet so far has not been seen at all, and looks to have taken a lot of design cues from the iPad Mini with rounded edges and slightly bigger form factor as compared to the Nexus 7. Maybe, this is the beginning of the leaks of the Nexus 8 which would be the alternate offering from Google in the tablets category.

For those who remember, Google had a Nexus 10 last year and this year so far, there are no sugggestions that Google will be persisting with the same line of thought and given the market is diminishing for large tablets the second offering maybe an 8 inch device. There is no clue about the manufacturer of the Nexus 8 but a good guess would be it would be one of Samsung or Asus.

Would you be interesting in picking an 8 inch Nexus device? Let us know.

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Exclusive: We wish you a #HappierDiwali- Nexus 7 Giveaway (Winner Declared)

Someone rightly said, a blog is known by how dedicated it’s readers are. We have always been very proud and thankful to have an audience that has always engaged intelligently with us and given us plenty of support and love. Hence, we thought this festive season, we at Blogtechnika would like to say a Thank you in our own unique way. We plan to make your this Diwali not just a Happy Diwali but a Happier Diwali. How we are doing that? Here is it:


We are giving away a brand new Nexus 7 to one lucky reader of our blog. Yes, you read that right, that there is a brand new, sealed Nexus 7 up for grabs for one of our smart readers. As you are well aware, the Nexus 7 has been one of the best devices on the market in it’s class competing very strongly against its rivals and boasting of very good sales numbers as Android continues to build a strong name and provide tough competition to the iOS counterparts.

To be a part of the giveaway, all you need to do is to enter in answers to some very simple questions asked at the end of this post. You must make sure you are following us on our Social networking portals too and build up a maximum possible score. Make sure to bring your friends along too, cause we are sure you would like to share this good news with them too. So, without taking any more time, go ahead and enter and you just may win a brand new Nexus 7 and make this Diwali a Happier Diwali.
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Edit: The winner of the giveaway is Apoorv Singh. Congratulations!!

Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet releasing in Mid November?

Several news rumors have pointed towards a release of a Nokia powered tablets. Despite selling off the mobile division to Microsoft, Nokia would roll out the products under its own brand name till until the deal kicks in. We believe that it would not be till the next year that Nokia as a branding on smart phones would be a thing of the past.

Nokia- Tablet

Nokia has always been one of the trend setters at least when it comes to designing their products, right from their E- Series to N- Series and to the more recent Lumia devices have all been fantastically designed devices. And looks like they are set to enter a new product category just as they are about to bow out. The Nokia tablet is slated for a release in the mid of next month i.e. mid of November. The device would be available in several colors including Cyan, White, Black and Red.


The device would sport a 10.1 inch display and cost about $499 and run Windows RT. There is rumored to be 32 GB of space on the device as well as micro SD slot for expansion. The device will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 SoC and sport a 6.7 MP Camera with carl Zeiss Lens.

Not entirely sure if even a Nokia made Windows RT tablet would take off given that Surface failed miserable, but we will see once the tablet releases.

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iPad Mini 2 Shown Off in a Video: Expected to be Launched in Q4 2013

ipad Mini has quickly gone on to become one of the all time favorite tablets of several users myself included. With Apple’s Ecosystem and a handy form factor which is neither too big nor too small, iPad Mini is without a doubt the first choice tablet of most. However, every year Apple looks to refresh the line of its products and it seems like this year the refresh will come in the Q4 when iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5 will be released with A7X processors and Retina Display. There are also rumors that a budget iPad Mini 2 could be released in the first quarter of 2013 which would feature older A6 processor and no retina display.

iPad mini vs iPad Mini 2

The iPad Mini 2 which is not expected till Q4 was recently shown off in an exclusive video which cimpared the old iPad Mini to the new one. It must be said that simply by looking at them it is impossible to know which is the iPad Mini and which one is the newer version as things are pretty similar on the outside. However, we do expect a prety steep spec bump on the iPad Mini 2 mainly because the competition has really intensified thanks to next gen Nexus 7..

You can check the video out of alleged iPad Mini 2 here:


How to Access Featured Apps For Tablets Page on Google Play

Android operating system is not only limited to mobile phones. Every Android device manufacturer are focusing on tablets devices because tablets are considered as future of computing. App developers are working hard to deliver tablet optimized apps for tablet users.

In a great move, Google has created a custom page for apps which focuses only on tablet users. This page is called “Featured Android Apps for Tablets” page. By this strategy it is clear that Google wants developers to build apps y keeping tablets in mind. Also one thing is to be noted that all the Android apps which work on mobile phones also works on tablets. But Google provides some UI elements which can be used to take advantage of bog screens.


This is well known fact that Android is behind Apple and Amazon in tablet industry. Google clearly wants to compete with these two big players by the use of advanced apps designed for tablets.

If you look into Featured Android Apps for Tablets page on Google play, you’ll find 120 apps on that page. We’ll definitely going to see increased number in future.

Check out Featured Android Apps for Tablets on Google Play.


10 Inch Tablets vs 7 Inch Tablets: Does Size Matter?

The best thing about technology is that it always gives us options. One such thing thing usually debated is what is the perfect size for a Tablet screen. While Apple’s iPad has enjoyed major monopoly in the tablet market with its massive 10 inch display, it is beginning to face some good competition from the likes of Google Nexus 7 and Amazon powered Kindle Fire. However, it is still up to every user individually as to what size he would prefer. So let us look into details what are the pros and cons of each of these form factor tablets.

7 Inch tablets: Best Options: Blackberry Playbook, Google Asus Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Tab 7.1

These range of tablets are extremely handy for travelling and carrying out. Some of the Samsung variants also have a calling features which are definitely a bonus. The 7 inch tablets though are not the most powerful and graphically mesmerizing. No matter what is written in press the iPad 2 and new iPad have screens to dote on. The 7 inch tablets do lack some of the features so they may not always be the able to do simple things like a Google Nexus 7 cannot change the orientation. They also are usually running some sort of skinned version of Android so you may not enjoy the whole experience. However, these tablets are a lot more value for money. For example you can pick a Google Nexus 7 for about Rs. 16K which is great price. If you are a new entrant into the tablet world, you can very easily pick a tablet with just about all the features, very good battery back ups and really handy form factor for a relatively low price. So you do not have to spend a whole lot of money and can easily pick all the important features of a tablet.

10 Inch Tablets: Best Options: iPad 2/ New iPad, Motorola Xoom 2, Samsung Tab 10.1, Acer Iconia Tab, Asus Transformer Prime

If you are an extended gamer and use your device for plenty of multimedia then a 7 Inch screen may not fulfill your inner desires. you have to go for the 10 inch ones. they are slightly big as compared to 7 inch ones and cannot be operated with one hand like the smaller tabs. All the options listed above have gorgeous screens so they are a delight to work on. They have a lot more powerful GPU’s and processors and have better battery back up too. The 10.1 inch tablets make great readers and you can easily read e-books on them which is a great utilization of them. They do not come with calling features, so that maybe a little disappointing unless you are willing to go for a Samsung powered tab which is fighting all sorts of court battles. Most of these tablets run a very vanilla version of Android or iOS in case of iPads and as a result you always have a full world experience that the OS have to offer. On the down side they are fairly expensive and you have to shell out about Rs. 25K upwards for a tablet which has these world class facilities.

So eventually it is down to the end user and his reasons for picking a tablet. For somebody who is just buying a device to use as a browsing machine, a 7 inch device is a great pick, but if you are serious about using it for much more then perhaps you will have to go for a 10 inch one.

What is your tablet of choice? Let us know in the section below.

How Do People Really Use Their Phones? (An Infographic)

We are slowly being ushered into the Post PC era. It is all about Mobile and Tablets now. PC’s gradually seem to be taking a step backwards as these devices are what we use more and more everyday to stay connected. Our dependece on phones and Tablets has become so much that we at times shudder to think what would it be to go a day without them. It is still possible funnily enough to stay without your computer. so how exactly are the phones used, they are no more merely the calling and texting devices. They are used for music and playing games etc, i short they have also become the entertainment hub. here is an interesting infographic to tell you how exactly does the world use their smart phones.

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Apple Has 61.5% share in Tablet Market

Earlier this month we had reports that Samsung has the biggest share in Smartphone market and has sold 300 million units of mobile phone this year, but when it comes to tablets there is no denying the fact that Apple and its iPad rule the market. Apple has complete control over the tablet market as it shipped 11.1 million units of iPad in the third quarter as compared to the 9.3 million units in second. According to reports based on third quarter, Apple currently has a whopping 61.5% share in the global tablet market, it’s a slight drop from the 68.3% share in the second quarter but it’s almost 11 times the market share of Arch rival and next best ‘Samsung’ which only has 5.6% market share.


The overall tablet market 264.5% increase from third quarter of 2010 as 18.1 million units have been shipped this quarter. In terms of OS, Android is doing a decent job as Android OS has 33.2% of market share which is likely to go up to 40.3% in the next quarter. A lot of analysts are backing up Android’s latest kit i.e. Ice-cream Sandwich to pose some threat to Apple’s supremacy but Morgan Stanley feels that Apple will have an upper hand as it could sell 90 million iPads in 2012.

This is what Jennifer Song, research analyst, Worldwide Trackers said:

“Apple’s larger portfolio of tablet-specific apps, upcoming iPad versions, and growing physical store presence in key emerging markets like Asia/Pacific will help maintain its global leadership. However, an improving Android OS experience and lower competitor pricing in an environment with worldwide economic concerns should help Android to increase its market share”

With the launch of Tegra 3 tablets powered by Android 4.0, it will be interesting to see how the market shapes up. Also, in the year 2012 we will also see Tablets running Microsoft’s windows 8.

[via 9to5Mac].