Twitter to allow Android users to test apps in Alpha Phase

We all love to get our noses ahead and check out what new features would be added to a particular app or OS well before it is released. No wonder the Beta programmes tend to attract so much interest. Recently, Twitter had opened a group on Google which allowed users to check out the Beta version of the Twitter apps. This gave a great insight as to what Twitter was bringing new to the users. And although it helped to kill the curiosity there was very little you could contribute.


However, now, if that was not enough, you can test out the early features of the Twitter App for Android in Alpha phase and go on and give your suggestions too to help come up with top class app add ons. For now, you need to be a member of the Beta programme to be able to register yourself for Alpha programme, however, if you do not mind an app crashing a few times and being not very smooth and love Android development, this is the sort of stuff you will dig.

You can become part of the Beta Testing group of Google here. What are your views regarding this move? Would you like to see more app developers opening the channels to Beta and Alpha testing for a better experience? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Tech Crunch