Twitter Announces a Fabric App to Keep Android Developers up to Date With Data Metrices

If you are an application developer, you sure must be going through sleepless nights thinking how is your application performing on the store. You are dead sure thinking what are the active users and if they are engaging with the application just the way you wanted them to or are they just not bothered? So far, to get this information you had to log on to your main machine and fire up Fabric, which is the company’s mobile development platform. 

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Instacurate Turns your Twitter Timeline into Newsfeed

Unless you have been living under a rock, there is no way, you are not aware of what Twitter does and is capable of. Twitter has not only emerged as an excellent microblogging platform for you to communicate with your friends and family, but also has been an excellent platform for discovery. Virtually every possible news channel or outlet today is present on Twitter and not just this, if someone sees something, Twitter is a nice quick way of communicating to the world. However, the drop-down list type view of the default Twitter app sometimes does not do the news justice as the images are not displayed inline.


Overcoming this, is a tool call instacurate which basically turns your Twitter app on the web to a news curated grid sort of a structure so that you can immediately catch what’s most important for you. To use Instacurate, simply go to the tool on the URL here and log in using your Twitter account. Almost immediately your feed will be displayed. Only the tweets that have links to a read more sort of a thing will be visible, and you can only read using Instacurate. Even basic actions such as Retweet, Favorite or Reply are not available. Instacurate also works for Reddit so that you can see all your news stories in one single place.

Twitter Rolls out a Feature Which will show you Highlights of what happened when you were Away

Twitter, the famous microblogging website has been iterating its services to make it more interesting and fun to browse. Recently we saw the platform introduce the ability to embed soundtracks into the link as well as the ability to directly shop with an interesting integration with Amazon. Now, Twitter is enabling a feature called, ‘While you were Away’ to selective users whereby, if you do not browse the application or timeline on the web for a while, you will see a curated list of tweets which will give you a quick snap of everything important that transpired on the timeline.


This feature is very similar to the News Feed that we have seen on the likes of Facebook already as only selected tweets from select users will be shown and not all. It is still not clear what will propel the selection of the highlights on your timeline, but you would believe it would be the tweets with maximum engagement of the users you interact the most with, which would feature.

Twitter has only rolled the feature out to select few users for now and it is expected the same would be out in the form of an app update as well as for the users who browse Twitter on the web soon.

Twitter opens its Analytics Dashboard to everyone

Are you always looking for the data of how much interaction do your tweets generate, or the exact number of impressions or reach that your tweet has? So far, the best way was to utilise third party analytics which used API of Twitter for such results, be it Topsy or Radian 6 or any other tool. But things are a lot easier now as everybody can check their twitter analytics, thanks to the Google Analytics dashboard being open to everybody.

Twitter analytics

You can simply, log in to your Twitter account and go to the URL here to access your personal dashboard. You need to make sure that you do not have an adblocker or a similar plugin before you can access the dashboard. The dashboard at the moment is fairly simple. You can check the dashboard for your follower count as well as tweet impressions.

You get a dashboard of number of impressions that you have earned in the past 28 days along with bar chart of the impressions per day. Not just this, you also get an engagement rate and the number of engaged accounts which basically is the number of accounts who clicked on the tweet. Not just your tweets, you also get similar stats for your replies giving an indication of how many people are engaging with your account. You also have a followers tab that basically maps the rise or fall of your Twitter followers, their region from which they come, top common accounts as well as their interests to primarily give you an idea of what you tweet about. You can also monitor your promoted tweets and ads from the dashboard as available to all those who had enrolled into the inventory plan earlier.

Twitter Acquires Cover: A Lockscreen Replacement App for Android

The best thing about Android is the ability to customize the entire interface according to your taste. You can change the application icons as well as fonts and homescreen unlike iOS. However, one area that remains relatively unexploited on Android is the Lockscreen. Although since the jellybean update, we have had the ability to add widgets and customize the lockscreen to a degree, but it is barely enough for the Android enthusiasts. Most of them in such a case have to go to a third party application like maybe Widget Locker.


However, Cover is an interesting application that adds contextually relevant stuff to your lockscreen making it a bit more useful than being an interface to unlock your smartphone. We had seen Facebook introduce Home to take over the lockscreen of your device with FB and Instagram updates, but that certainly did not work out in the long term. Now, Twitter has purchased Cover in perhaps an attempt to do something similar with your Twitter feed. It is not exactly clear how Twitter plan to use Cover after this acquisition as it was made clear that Cover for the time being will remain a standalone app on Google Play. No financial details of the takeover were revealed either. Here is the entire press release regarding the take over:

We started Cover a year ago because we believed in two things: 1) the untapped potential of the supercomputers we carry in our pockets, and 2) the amazing power of Android. We built a replacement for Android’s default lockscreen that makes our phones easier to use by adapting to our context — providing fast access to the right apps at the right time.

Since launching Cover in October, we’ve had the privilege of reaching hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve improved Cover with their help and feedback, and demonstrated how Android can help make people’s lives easier.

It’s been an incredible journey, a journey that we’re excited to announce is taking a turn today as we bring the Cover team to Twitter to take these ideas even further.

Twitter, like Cover, believes in the incredible potential of Android. They share our vision that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual — and together we’re going to make that happen. We’ll be building upon a lot of what makes Cover great, and we’re thrilled to create something even better at Twitter.

So what does this mean for the Cover app? For now, Cover will remain available in the Play Store while we focus our attention on our work at Twitter. If that changes down the road, we’ll provide another update here.

Thanks to all of you who beta tested our app, provided feedback, and helped us build Cover into what it is today. We’re excited for this next chapter and can’t wait for you all to try out what’s next.

Twitter Rolls out Real Time Notification on the Web

A very interesting comment on one of the social media platforms read, “Any update to the web version of Twitter is as useful as Ravi Shastri’s commentary to me given, that I always anyway access Twitter via the mobile app”. That is pretty much a sentiment echoed by so many of us. Given the number of free apps as well as paid ones that are available for Twitter with added features such as Tweetmarking, Muting, sharing etc, you can understand the reason why people would not use the bland and boring web version.

Twitter Web Notification

To change this and maybe attract more users to their Web service, Twitter has started rolling out some major changes. Apart from new profile design which features a very image centric interface with big typefont, Twitter has also added the feature where you can interact with notifications such as those that appear when you receive a mention, retweet or a favorite. These notifications are actually interactive, a bit like Facebook where you can reply to a Tweet or a DM directly from the received notification which is rather useful like we have seen in the notification received on Android smartphone.

You can obviously choose which notifications you wish to receive in the Settings page of the service. If you have not received the new profile design or notifications feature, just be patient as these are being rolled out in phases and will reach your profile soon.

(Image: TNW)

Twitter Testing a Massive Redesign with Photos at the Heart of it

Twitter has seen a massive growth in it’s user base in the past year or so. Thanks to the ease of usage, short learning curve and a plethora of diverse people, Twitter has gradually become the Social Network of choice of people who want quick sauce to stay on top of everything. Twitter of two years ago is vastly different from the Twitter of today and this is perhaps even more true for the Twitter app on Android and iOS. The desktop client recently got bit of a make over in terms of new colors being added by the the design b enlarge so far has remained constant.


However, it looks like that is set to change is Twitter is working on a massive redesign to it’s web services for the very first time. We cannot help but wonder if the inspiration behind the design is facebook given the vast similarities between the two. Not just that, there is also a strong indication that images will be the center of the story of this redesign and unlike the design right now where the images are shoved in one corner, the redesign will encourage the users to share more and more images.

It is not clear when this design will be released, but given that actually a fair few screenshots have been seen on the web, it may not be very long before we see the redeisgn live.

Via: Mashable

Twitter to allow Android users to test apps in Alpha Phase

We all love to get our noses ahead and check out what new features would be added to a particular app or OS well before it is released. No wonder the Beta programmes tend to attract so much interest. Recently, Twitter had opened a group on Google which allowed users to check out the Beta version of the Twitter apps. This gave a great insight as to what Twitter was bringing new to the users. And although it helped to kill the curiosity there was very little you could contribute.


However, now, if that was not enough, you can test out the early features of the Twitter App for Android in Alpha phase and go on and give your suggestions too to help come up with top class app add ons. For now, you need to be a member of the Beta programme to be able to register yourself for Alpha programme, however, if you do not mind an app crashing a few times and being not very smooth and love Android development, this is the sort of stuff you will dig.

You can become part of the Beta Testing group of Google here. What are your views regarding this move? Would you like to see more app developers opening the channels to Beta and Alpha testing for a better experience? Let us know in the section below.

Via: Tech Crunch

Check Out Which Mobile OS Dominates which Region on Twitter

It has always been a two way battle between Android and iOS for the mobile sphere supremacy. However, with so many facts and figures around, it has not always been a very clear indication as to which OS is popular where. One way to gauge this information though is by looking at the app usage via devices in different regions. And this is exactly what an interactive map at mapbox does.

interactive twitter maps

Twitter is one of the most used apps on mobile platforms so this interactive map of the world shows exactly the regions and the mobile OS which is most used at it. Pretty clear though that iPhone wins hands down in America while Android dominates parts of Asia and you barely will find the trace of BlackBerry. However, this resounding victory maybe down to the fact that most iPhone users do not really bother with switching with location settings where as Android users are mostly power users who are careful to turn these things off, perhaps to even save battery?

The likes of Windows Phone are barely visible too. You can simply click on one of the OS in the bar towards the left to make comparison or just see stand alone regions.

View the interactive map here

Is Twitter Testing an Official App for Google Glass?

Google Glass is one of those products that divide opinions even though it is not out for retail sale yet. Some people call it a mere gimmick while others, yes we are talking about Robert Scoble, cannot take their device off. Whatever is your opinion, one thing you cannot deny Glass is that it is the first step towards wearable computers and things will only go up from here. And seems like lot of people are ready to jump on the bandwagon of Google Glass.

Popular social network, Twitter is already reportedly testing out a dedicated Twitter app for Glass. Nobody is really sure how things would work here, but the popular guess is that you would be able to share the images that you take with your glass right to your Twitter account. Here is an image that was leaked out as a sample image, and it clearly states the tweet was sent via Glass. Also, the account has since been deleted which pretty obviously points out to the fact that something has leaked out, by mistake or intentionally.


A Twitter app from Glass still sounds a little odd as we are not exactly sure if you can run through your Timeline on Glass, but maybe it would support just your notifications or tell you when someone mentions you or follows you or other such activities. The little experiment for now sounds pretty interesting but we do expect more features available when or if Twitter does arrive on Glass.

Via: Android Central