See How Accurate is the Heart Rate Monitor on the Apple Watch

Apple Watch has been pretty much the talk of the town as far as the wearables go. The Watch has had relatively higher success than any Android Wear device in the first few weeks of it being released. The comparisons between Apple Watch and Android Wear are pretty much warranted given that they offer largely similar sort of features and capabilities. Though one thing that the initial reviews of the Apple watch have established so far is the fact that the Apple Watches are much more accurate at their game as far as the sensors and their readings are concerned. We had pretty eccentric time with both the Heart rate and step counting on Android Wear but according to a report Apple Watch is as accurate a Heart rate monitor as any.

Mio Alpha vs Apple Watch

Brad Larson – the founder of SonoPlot, has been putting his Apple Watch through the paces and shared an interesting graph of how close to the exact heart rate readings do the Apple Watch produce when compared to Mio Alpha which is possibly the most accurate heart monitor out there. Larson has said that he, “extracted the raw Apple Watch HealthKit heartrate samples after a run and compared it to an HR monitor I had on”. He went on to add that, “aside from the Apple Watch capturing heartrate once per 5 s, and the Mio Alpha every 3 s, the readings are nearly identical. Impressed”

You can find the graphical comparison in the readings above.

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Xiaomi set to bring the Mi Band in India

Xiaomi after launching four successful phone in India namely the Mi3, RedMi Note, RedMi 1s and Mi4 and its range of powerbanks, Xiaomi is set to enter the wearables market in India. It was planned that other than the market of phones and tablets, Xiaomi would also enter into the accessories and wearables space, though so far that has not happened on a very large scale.

However, it looks like the Mi Band, Xiaomi’s answer to wearable trackers is set to be rolled out in India. The device has been available on Ebay unofficially for about Rs 2,000 which is a solid INR 5K or so less than what most of the competitors are offering out there.


The plans for the same were confirmed by the Xiaomi Product Manager in the reply to one of the Mi Forum post, saying:

We’re currently testing Mi Band and plan to sell it in India as soon as we complete the update to MIUI 6 for our devices.  Mi Band requires Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) which is supported by Android versions 4.3+. The MIUI 5 build on the Note 3G and Redmi 1S is on Android 4.2.2, so we want to get those devices updated to MIUI 6 before we launch the Mi Band.

MIUI 6 is in the process of rolling out for Note 4G and Mi 3 right now and we plan to update the Note 3G and Redmi 1S by late March/April. That means that you should see Mi Band launch in March/April.

With the date expected to be sometime in March or April, you would expect the final price of the device to be lower than what it is on Ebay and therefore you must wait before picking up the tracker right now, if you can wait.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear Gets a Price Cut to Rs. 14,999 in India

The ground reality is that Samsung’s first foray into the world of wearable technologies has been anything but a success story. The thought that an early mover gets the advantage of a nascent market, certainly did not work in the favor of Samsung as the Galaxy Gear did not meet the expectations when it came to the sales numbers.


Half baked product along with the high pricing of the Galaxy Gear meant that the sales target have not been achieved. This is a rare case of failure for Samsung as so far pretty much everything they have thrown at the wall has stuck. However, addressing this issue Samsung has decided to revise the rate of the Galaxy Gear to Rs. 14,999 which is almost Rs 8,000 from the original price at which it was released.


This clearly indicates that the device has failed to gain the sort of traction everyone expected it to. Although bundling the device with the Note III seemed like a fine idea at first, it did not work out how Samsung had anticipated. Also, with news that maybe the Galaxy Gear 2 may be around the corner at the IFA event, it makes little to zero sense for anybody to pick the Galaxy Gear even at the reduced price.

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