WordPress for Android Receives Material Design in the Latest Update

Blogging from Android phones and tablets is going to be a little more fun than it was now, that the WordPress application has finally received the much-awaited update with the Material Design. The update sees major UI overhaul in the application which blends in beautifully with the entire Android 5.0 Lollipop update that is beginning to hit the devices now.

Material Design WP

WordPress was recently updated for the desktop too and includes some really useful features especially for the insertion of Media into post. The same feature has also been added to the application for easy resizing of the images on WordPress. This would really be handy for the app as it is next to almost impossible to have the image of the exact right size when working on a limited screen space. The application includes obvious bug fixes. There is also a new grid layout for media files for the tablet version of the application as well as the ability to mention an author/ writer of the blog in the comments section.

The update is available directly in the form of an OTA so you can connect to the internet and update the app, and inc ase you do nothave WordPress, you can download the same from the Google Play Store right here.

Reduce Images Size in Your WordPress Blog Using Optimus

This is no hidden secret that Google gives preference to those pages which opens fast on browser. Site load speed depends on many factors and image size is one of them. If size of image is too much then your blog’s page load speed is also low which directly impacts your blog’s search engine result.

To solve this problem, there is a WordPress plugin known as Optimus which automatically compresses images of your blog to 50% without decreasing its quality. The main feature of this plugin is that it doesn’t need any effort in reducing the image size. It does everything automatically. All you need to do is install this plugin on your WordPress blog and that’s it.

Once installed, when you load any image on your WordPress bog, it sends that image into its own server and then processes it and send it back to WordPress blog. All this process takes place in very minimum amount of time.

Download Optimus.


WordPress 3.3 Update: Better Responsiveness, Neater interface

WordPress has released a new version of their popular tool dubbed “Sonny” after Jazz Saxophonist Sonny Stitt. Worpress 3.3 boasts of a neater,cleaner interface,less flash, better responsiveness and a host of many other features that allows for adaptation of WordPress admin to smaller screens.

To get the latest version, head over to the WordPress website to download the latest version or you can simply update the one you are using through the dashboard.

The new WordPress comes built in with a load of new and improved features to help create a more productive experience for users. Experienced users will appreciate the new drag and drop feature for uploading images, hover menus for easy navigation, a new toolbar and a Tumblr importer. This time, WordPress has concentrated on how they can improve the experience for new users and have added simple things like pointer tips and a welcome message for all those new users.

The new image uploader is easy to use and has impressed well with its drag and drop support for all kinds of media files.

What impressed us about the new look of WordPress is the slicker and cleaner interface lift that they have given. Hover over menus to view their contents sliding out making almost all features of this tool just a single click away.

WordPress is continuously striving to make the experience of the user easier and more interactive and this update is one step forward in that direction.

How To Backup Your WordPress Blog (Scheduled Online Backup)

By doing continuous hard work, research and writing on your blog for day, months and years, you create an asset which you don’t want to lose at any cost. As all the blog data stores inside the secure servers, many times bloggers face nightmares. This issue occurs because of time to time hacking attempts by hackers.

Even several top blogs of the earth such as Techcrunch and Makeuseof also didn’t save themselves from being hacked. So you have to be concerned about your blog’s security. Choosing strong passwords and changing them time to time is not the only solution. You should backup your blog so that if you face any such issue in future, you can instantly get back your whole data with the help of backup.

There are several awesome WordPress backup services available online and unfortunately many of them are not free. After digging into many backup services I found Online backup for Wordrpess plugin to be most promising. First of all it is free to use and second it is easy to setup. Also it takes backup at regular interval and save inside a secure online vault. You can always download the latest version of backup by visiting the vault.

How to install and configure the plugin

Installation of this plugin is easy. You can download it from the official site or from inside the WordPress dashboard. Click on “Add New” under plugin section and then type online backup for WordPress in the search box. Install and activate the Online Backup for WordPress plugin.

Go to activated plugins and click on “View status” link given below the plugin page. You’ll get a page as shown in the screenshot below. There are two sections: Overview and Perform a manual backup.

After downloading the plugin, create an online account which gives you 50MB of free space to store the backup file. Register your account here.


Overview section

This is the most important section as you can change the settings, change backup schedule, decrypt a backup. Click on Change settings button to change the default settings. Here you can select which table to get backed up. The core WordPress tables such as wp_comments, wp_links, wp_options, wp_postmeta, wp_posts, etc. always get backed up. Also you can choose the encryption technology (ex. AES 128) and encryption key to keep your backup data safe.

You can schedule the backup according to hours, day, weeks or month. Also you can set it to email the schedule backups to you automatically. Sending backup to online vault is optional. You can uncheck the option if you don’t want a copy of backup.


Perform a manual backup

You can anytime perform a manual backup within the wp dashboard. Check the option box next to “Download to your computer”, “Send to the online backup vault” and click on the “Start manual backup” button to start the backup process.


The backup will start and automatically get downloads on your computer. The downloaded file will be a zipped and encrypted  (WPOnlineBackup_03-09-2010-04-45-06.bak.gz.enc). You can decrypt it with the help of decrypt tool available in the overview section. .


This is a nice tool to backup your WordPress blog. Remember that if you are not using any backup service to backup your blog then you might be doing a big mistake. Use this plugin and backup your blog now to avoid horrible situations in future.

Download Online backup for Wordrpess plugin.

Know Everything About WordPress With The Help Of InfoGraphic

WordPress is the most useful and most fruitful blogging platform till date. Due to wide availability of plugins, wide developers  community and easy to use interface. Guys at Page.ly made an incredible WordPress info graphic which gives all the basic information about WordPress.

The info graphic is divided in two columns. Left column describes the development phases of WordPress and right column describes all the features of WordPress. By this info graphic I came to know that people are downloading WordPress software at the rate of 2/second. Cool, isn’t it. Check out the info graphic to know some more fact about it.


Page.ly [via Maguay].

How To Convert Your WordPress Blog Into Book

Your blog is a collection of information which you collect after day to day research. If you update your blog one or two times a day and write for several months without break then it will result in a great collection of data at the single place. It would be fun to convert your blog into book and distribute it to your friends, make it available for sale, embed the downloadable link on your site ( provide it either free of cost or you can charge some money for it).

A WordPress plugin known as Anthologize make it possible. You can generate either printable books or digital book, it’s totally your choice. Using this plugin is simple. Just download it from the official website and upload it to the plugin directory via FTP client.


This plugin works in three step. First of all it pull content from the blog, in the second step you have to decide on the organization and layout of the book and in the third step generate your book & publish in print & digital formats.

You don’t need to write a book as Gina Trapani of “Lifehacker” did. She wrote a book “Upgrade Your Life” which reflects all her previous work on Lifehacker. If you have an awesome blog an want to distribute your work among larger audience then go for it. It might be a killer tool for you.

Check out Anthologize to convert your WordPress blog into printable or digital book.

Top 50 List Post of My Blog:Power List 2009

Today is the last day of 2009. The new year is knocking the door . On this occasion  I collect all the list post of Blogtechnika which I wrote this year. These are highly researched post and very useful to any newbie as well as  established blogger. I started this blog on the month of August and started serious blogging from October. In these 3 months this blog had achieved lots of milestones. Few of them are more than 2000 comments and 55K Alexa rank. Hope I will give some more cool articles in the upcoming year 2010 and make Blogtechnika one of the finest blog of the World.


1. 8 Killer Tips For Increasing Page views Of Your Blog

2. 5 Tips For Using Blog Post Title Effectively

3. 10 Important Points To Make A Good Social Media Profile

4. 5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog Without Showing Any Ads

5. 6 Impressive Ways You Can Use Your Blog

6. 6 Basic Things You Should Know About Blog

7. 6 Important Points To Remember Before Making A Unique Blog

8. 25 Great And Useful Features Of WordPress.org

9. 7 Tips to Make A Community Near Your Blog And Increasing Conversation

10. 5 Unique ways To Add Value To Twitter

11.5 Killer And Efficient Domain Name Selecting Tools

12. Top 10 Dreams Of A Professional Blogger

13. Top 8 Tips To Make A Strong Social Media Profile

14.5 Blogging Strategy To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

15. 4 Famous steps in the installation of WordPress

16. 10 Reasons To Get Distracted From Your Blog

17. 10 Unique Tips To Write An Attractive Article For Visitors

18.7 Simple Ideas To Associate Your Blog With Readers

19. 15 Incredible And Unmatched Qualities Of Professional Bloggers

20. 40 Great Twitter Tips For Twitter Users

21. 25 Creative Ways To Battle With Writer’s block

22. 5 Ways To Approach Bloggers for Making A Contact

23. 8 Stages Of Blogging Journey Of A Common Little Blogger

24. 20 Most Popular Technical and Professional Bloggers of India: 2009 Power List

25. 6 must Follow Blogging tips For Professional Bloggers

26. Top 10 Political Blog which are ready to take place of Print Media

27. Top 10 greatest advantages of Blogging

28. 10 reasons why people use internet

29. Top 10 Social News Aggregators for new content ideas

30. 7 Useful and must have Portable Applications for every Bloggers

31. 5 reasons why WordPress plugins can cause major harm to your blog

32. 8 necessary and important criteria for professional blogging

33. 8 Greatest advantages of WordPress

34. 10 killer tips to get more comments on every blog post

35. 22 steps in a daily life of a professional blogger

36. 7 Factual ways of making online money

37. 7 best resources on blog comments strategy

38. 25 Killer Blogging tools for Bloggers

39. How to market your post effectively in 10 easy ways

40. 10 reasons why today is the best time to start a blog

45. Top 10 Weblogs I follow to learn Blogging

46. 8 things not to do on Twitter

47. 8 must watch video for effective SEO of a blog

48.7 Facebook tips for status update on Facebook wall

49.Top 10 SEO tips for WordPress bloggers

50.10 ways to kill your blog

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8 Killer Tips For Increasing Page views Of Your Blog

Blogging is a process of writing articles on blog. Whenever you write a new article, new article pushes back an old article. If your blog has large number of post then it is not possible to keep all the posts on front page. Old blog posts take position of second page, third page, fourth page and so on.

It is very difficult to expose those blog post which are not visible in the front page or which don’t have any organic visitors. To expose these pages or increase the page views of blog you need to follow some basic tips to get some great visibility.


Use related post plugin

Use WordPress Yet another related post plugin to show your related post. This plugin automatically check keywords from another post and display the title of the posts at the end on an article. This is very effective plugin for improving SEO and visibility of blog.

Use SEO Smart Link plugin

SEO Smart Link plugin is an effective plugin for generate auto links on blog. This plugin select the keywords inside the post and automatically hyperlink those keywords to the previous post or tag. This is another cool plugin for improving SEO and visibility of site.

Manual linking

Manual linking means creating hyperlink by own. This means you can relate any keyword with your own by some previous post. This is good for SEO as well as exploring any important previous post.

Display Random Post Widget in sidebar

Displaying random post on the sidebar is a good decision for increasing visibility of your previous posts. This can be done with the help of WordPress Random post plugin. You would get an option for displaying random post in a form of widget.

Explore Previous Post

Write a single post in which you can describe all the previous you had written on your blog. Give the title of every post in a single blog post and hyperlink each title with the original post.

Tweet Your Previous Post

Twitter is a good marketing tool. You can tweet your previous post in a regular time interval. Don’t forget to put a hash tags (#) on your tweet to explore it fully among Twitter audience. Request others to retweet your post.

Share On Facebook

Try to put a Facebook share button on your blog so that anyone can share your post on Facebook. Facebook is also a great marketing tool like Twitter so try to full make use of this service.

Write Series Of Articles

Writing series of article is a nice idea. Try to write on a particular topic. If you are writing on How to make a WordPress blog then write all the post one by one and give reference of your previous post to guide visitors who want to know more about the topic.

These are some great way to explore your older post and increasing page views of your blog. Do you know some more techniques ? Try to share some more tips with our readers in the comment section.

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Check Your Blog Broken Links With WordPress Broken Link Checker Plugin

Broken links are those links which are mistakenly typed incomplete. These links are either not a link or a wrong link redirecting to error page. When I checked Broken links of my blogs I found several broken link on my blog and corrected it with the help of WordPress plugin known as Broken link checker.

This plugin automatically  find all the broken links on the blog and display it when requested.

broken link

You may see option panel in which it tells you about all the present links and broken links present in the blog.


You can edit all the broken links manually . It is very easy task.



  • 1) Monitors links in your posts, pages, the blogroll, and custom fields (optional).
  • 2) Detects links that don’t work and missing images.
  • 3) Notifies you on the Dashboard if any are found.
  • 4) Also detects redirected links.
  • 5) Makes broken links display differently in posts (optional).
  • 6) Link checking intervals can be configured.
  • 7) New/modified posts are checked ASAP.
  • 8) You view broken links, redirects, and a complete list of links used on your site, in the Tools -> Broken Links tab.
  • 9) Searching and filtering links by URL, anchor text and so on is also possible.
  • 10) Each link can be edited or unlinked directly via the plugin’s page, without manually editing each post.

So install this plugin immediately and check all the broken links of your blog. It will definitely a good step to help out your blog’s SEO.

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25 Great And Useful Features Of WordPress.org

WordPress is a great blogging platform which offers you lots of great features. Users can feel pleased by using these features. Blogging is so simple. One don’t require to know HTML, PHP or CSS to do blogging effectively. WordPress comes with amazing themes and plugins which makes all the work relatively easier.


Here are 25 great features of WordPress.org software:


1) Cost Of WordPress Free
2) Software Download Yes
3) Software Installation Yes
4) Themes installation Yes
5) Custom CSS Yes
6) Sidebar Widgets Yes
7) Multiauthor Support Yes
8 ) Forums Yes
9) Web Hosting Requirement Yes
10) Google mail integration Yes
11) Plugins installation Yes
12) Dashboard Yes
13) Blog Editor Yes
14) Access to codes Yes
15) RSS syndication Yes
16) Avatar Support Yes
17) Spam Protection Yes
18) Backup Support Yes
19) Import and Export Yes
20) Sitemap Support Yes
21) Inserting Video in Post Yes
22) Contact Form Support Yes
23) Putting Ads Yes
24) Social media compatibility Yes
25) Categories and Tags Yes

Apart from these 25 features WordPress offers lot more. You will just fall in love with this blogging platform after using this. Just have a try and experience the difference. If you are on different blog platform you can easily migrate from one blog platform to another.

Are you using WordPress as your blogging platform? How much you love WordPress. Express your view on comment section. Don’t forget to share this post via Retweet button.

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