Sony Announces the Xperia E1 and E1 Duo in India

Sony has announced a new budget smartphone for India today. The news comes days after Sony unveiled their new flagship at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, which was the Xperia Z2. Sony also recently announced the Xperia Z1 Compact in India recently. Looks like Sony is aiming at pretty much every price segment in 2014 unlike just focussing on high end smartphones like in the year gone by. The Xperia E1 is primarily a music smartphone and promises the best music experience for any Android phone.


These claims are backed by presence of a 100 dB loudspeaker which is present at the rear of the device as well as a dedicated walkman which, on being long pressed will trigger the music app. You can also simply shake the device to shuffle music tracks.

On the specs front, the device is fairly modest. It packs a 4 inch WVGA display and is powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Qualcomm MSM8210 SoC with 512 MB of RAM. There is only 4 GB of internal memory in the device but there is an external Micro SD slot. The device has similar rounded edge design like the Xperia Z1. There is a 3 MP rear camera on the device and no front facing camera.

The Xperia E1 will be available starting March 10 for Rs. 9,490 while the E1 Duo, the dual core variant will be available starting March 25th for Rs 10,490. The phone will be available in white, black and purple color choices.

Is this the Sony Xperia Z1 successor?

It finally feels like 2014 is here. New device leaks are coming thick and fast, and obviously most of the major OEMs would now have their flagship devices out as refreshes. Several of these happen around MWC and it would not be a major shock to see the trend continue this year like previously. Recently we talked about the successor of the HTC One and today here is the opportunity to look at what may well be the flagship or successor to yet another vastly successful smartphone last year. Yes, we are talking about the Sony Xperia Z1’s alleged successor this year.

Sony announced the Z1 compact at the CES 2014 and promised it has big plans coming up. For a vast majority of the tech world, the Z1 compact was the perfect smartphone as it came in a form factor that was not just pretty but also very handy and comfortable to use. The alleged leaks of the Z1’s successor though is based on similar design language that Sony adapted with the Z1. The images found in the XDA forums, show a rather few interesting add ons to the design that was widely appreciated last year.


The phone has three speaker holes towards the bottom with the headset jack. The micro USB lives on the left of the phone just above the SIM tray. The other buttons such as the power, volume and the camera shutter button retain their positions like that on the Z1. However, there is a chance that the phone may just be a very refined version of a prototype being manufactured. According to the leaks, the phone may well have a 20 MP sensor alongside Android 4.3 which would be upgraded to 4.4. If this indeed is the real deal, then, you certainly can see where Sony is going with their devices and with more and more emphasis now on good build quality, the successor of the Z1 certainly fits the billing.

Sony Announces Xperia T2 Ultra and T2 Ultra Dual Sim

Sony definitely announced that was back in the game with the Xperia Z1 widely accepted as one of the best smartphones of the year 2013. However, Sony also clearly indicated its intentions of beating the trend by making smartphones bigger than anyone even dare think with their Xperia Z Ultra. It was a mammoth device that definitely would fall into the category of a tablet more than a phone. And looks like that trend is here to stay.


Sony announced the Xperia T2 and T2 Dual Sim for India today. The two devices feature a 6 inch 720P Triluminous HD display. the phone is powered by 1.4 Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon SoC and comes with Android 4.3 out of the box, which is obviously disappointing given that we have already moved to Kitkat.

Both the phones pack a 13 MP rear camera with an LED Flash as well as a front facing camera that measures 1.1 MP with Sony Exmor R sensor. The device features extremely thin bezels and the design comes straight from the drawing board of the Xperia Z1. The dual Sim mode of the device features two sims as the name suggests. Both the sims are active at the same time, which is obviously a bonus. The phone is available in black, white and purple variants. There is no official word on the pricing yet.

Via: FoneArena

Sony Rolling out Android 4.3 Update for Xperia Z Ultra and Z1

In the days when we are talking about how tasty and chocolaty the KitKat is, the owners  of Xperia Z ultra or Z1 are frantically pressing the Check Updates menu on their devices to taste some more Jellybeans. Yes, there was a lot of sweetness in our opening line, but sorry you simply cannot help it.

xperia z1

Sony has started to roll out the update to Android version 4.3 to it’s two flagship devices, the Xperia Z ultra and Xperia Z1 today. The update comes at a time when most of the users must be expecting the update to a more recent version 4.4, but given the track record of Sony when it comes to Android updates, this is good news in itself. There are indications that the device may soon receive the update to Kitkat, as early as January next year which definitely will add to the sweetness factor.

With Android 4.3 on board, the Xperia Z ultra or Z1 should receive a major bump in the performance thanks to Project Butter as well as other optimizations and goodness of Android 4.3. Sony’s new social camera is also part of the update. There is an updated music and video app as well on board. In case you have not received the update yet, worry not, like any other Android update this is in patches too, and we are sure the update will hit your devices soon.

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Sony Announces Xperia Z1 while Samsung Releases Note III and Gear

In what was a rather busy day at IFA in Germany yesterday, we have now with us first batch of really groundbreaking products which promise great innovation in the world of Tech. So let’s quickly jump in and find out what we know now about these three gadgets which made a lot of noise over in IFA.

Sony Xperia Z1 is what we Expected

It had been one of the worst kept secrets of the tech industry that Sony had been planning the launch of Xperia Z1 at IFA. The device is one of the best looking Android phones out there and the USP of the phone is without a doubt the 20.1 MP Camera and beautifully crafted single blog metallic body. The device codenamed, Honami features Sony’s G Lens with f2.0 aperture. Needless to say the device focuses mainly on photography with phones, but the general specs of the phone are pretty neat as well. The display on the Xperia Z1 is a 1080 P 5 inch one.

Xperia Z1

The handset runs Android 4.2, with update to 4.3 impeding upon a chipset with quad core CPUs clocked at 2.2 Ghz. The SoC is Snapdragon 800 which coupled with 2 GB RAM on board and 16 GB RAM make sure you can just not have enough of apps on this device. There is also 3000 mAh battery which is non removable. The phone is waterproof and although the design looks very similar to Xperia Z, Sony have said that the device has evolved from Xperia Z. Not just this, there were also announcements of QX10 and QX100 which are phone lenses that attach to your smartphones wirelessly.

Samsung Gear is not the smartwatch you hoped for

Without a doubt the Samsung Gear was the one device that everyone was looking forward to as it was the device that would mark the beginning of a new segment of wearable technologies in the world of consumer tech. However, despite a pretty sweet design, the watch lacks a lot of features of a simple watch. Yes, it is a smartwatch but it does lack a lot of things you would expect first and foremost from a watch.

Galaxy Gear

The watch syncs to your smartphone and allows for smart answering of text messages as well as phone calls without having to reach for your phone. The screen of tthe watch is 1.63 inches measured diagonally and has a 1.9 MP Camera embedded into the strap making sure you are stuck with the strap you buy the gear with. The watch has some interesting gestures built in and the use of gyro is interesting too as simply lifting the watch to your ear will help you answer calls. The Gear is expected to launch worldwide in the coming month. The watch has 512 MB of RAM and 800 Mhz single core processor under the hood.

The Note III is the true successor of Galaxy Note II

The third big launch of the day belonged to Samsung as they unveiled what they hoped for will be the next king of the Phablet world, the Galaxy Note III. The device is the successor to the hugely successful Note II and a considerable improvement. The device is slimmed down and the glossy plastic of the Note II has been replaced by a more matte like premium plastic on the Note III. The bezels have also been slimmed down and as a result the Note III has a screen size of 5.7 inches, a .2 inches increment over Note II.


The device will come in six colors including pink and orange and has a full HD 1080 P display. the Note III has improved bands for 4G LTE and the 13 MP rear camera can record in 4K or 1080 P. The much revered S-Pen has been updated too with a new menu now which pops up everywhere the pen makes a contact. The device will mainly ship with the Snapdragon 800 SoC which features a quad core CPU clocked at 2.2 Ghz. The device will ship with Android 4.3 out of the box.